Lindsey Graham defends Trump's 'lynching' tweet

  • Published on Oct 22, 2019
  • Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) defended President Trump's comparison of the impeachment inquiry to a "lynching."

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  • Bob Storm
    Bob Storm 17 hours ago

    Well Lindsey what are you going to do now. There was a quid pro quo no matter what you try to twist and say it's there always has been and you've been a man of complete denial hey. You want to save your party jump the fuk off that boat. You probably won't be re-elected I see that in the wind cuz the people live in real time you are a year behind you better keep up

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  • Woody
    Woody 2 days ago

    You guys love starting fires.

  • Laurie Bolles
    Laurie Bolles 10 days ago

    So it's okay for Trump to sexually abuse women and throw children into cages or take babies away from their breast feeding mothers. It's okay to throw our allies into the arms of their enemies, allies that fought and died beside our soldiers. Steal funding away from our military families to build that rediculous wall which will never be built but steals precious time away from truly neccessary projects. Other than giving tax breaks to the wealthy what has Trump really done for you and your community?
    New schools and hospitals, improved roads and highways, new dams and safe drinking water, improved airports, subway systems and railway systems? Come on trolls have at me.

  • Jim campbell
    Jim campbell 19 days ago

    Let's give him his wish.......rope please!

  • Emiliano Zapata
    Emiliano Zapata 22 days ago

    The Constitution is just full of phony and false clauses and amendments ... like the phony Emoluments Clause and the totally false Second Amendment

  • ChuckB
    ChuckB 23 days ago +1

    Biden thought Clinton's impeachment was a lynching...

  • Rodney Kent
    Rodney Kent 23 days ago

    There's alot of people who call these impeachment inquiries lynchings, and witch hunts. Who really gives a fuck.

  • Mr Ruhe
    Mr Ruhe 24 days ago +1

    Why are you making such a lie-stream scene out of this. 1998 it was perfectly fine and now because Trump said Lynching it's all shit?
    I'm sooo happy CNN isn't broadcasting in Europe.

  • MrNirom
    MrNirom 25 days ago

    It is the LEFT that are hypocrites!!! See what you racist have to say about this!!

  • Nick R
    Nick R 25 days ago

    Keep up the good work Lindsey, these fake journalists and anti American Democrats don't even remember they also used the word lynching lmao🤣. Yet idiots still believe them and act like it's such a horrible thing because fake news said it was.

  • Daniel Griffith
    Daniel Griffith 25 days ago +1

    Lynching was actually what they did to horse thieves...true story.

  • syn707
    syn707 25 days ago

    There’s a problem with PRESIDENT TRUMP using the word lynching? Really?? It only had one definition, one connotation? Biden used it when Clinton was in trouble? It’s used many ways. What a bunch of narrow minded pubes!

  • Michael Shane
    Michael Shane 25 days ago

    My GOD! you libtards are IGNORANT!!

  • Jewell Williams
    Jewell Williams 25 days ago

    No surprise a White Man from South Carolina favors the word associated with killing many African American people. Why are we still shocked by any vomit that comes from the Devils Spawn and his Minions? Why do we continue to speak of the Bull POOP that is thrown at the Constitution by this IGNORANT President? VOTE HIS STUPID ASS OUT in 2020 that will be our ONLY Salvation. Now I am going to go VOMIT again.

  • lala1 fogo
    lala1 fogo 25 days ago +1

    There are some words that are so associative with the atrocities of mankind that they demand removal from the common veracular. Holocaust, Genocide and Lynching should stand alone, never to be used to describe the avaris of one small man but only the barbarity of the many.

  • Michael Tarren Scott
    Michael Tarren Scott 25 days ago

    LOL. How did he violate the Constitution? Don’t worry I’ll wait… 🤔 Hold on a second! Didn’t Obama violate the Constitution with the whole DACA deal? Yet no one tried to impeach him… 🤷‍♂️

  • Whirlwind S
    Whirlwind S 25 days ago

    It is deployable to use the word "lynching" by a rich white man who has no understanding of the pain this word envokes for the black population who endured lynchings. Ther is no excuse, but of course this uninformed idiot has no understanding about how his limited words affect people. Presidential is not in his behavior and vocabulary.

  • Kat loves dogs
    Kat loves dogs 26 days ago

    Of course he did.

    JAMESqJOHNS 26 days ago

    This is America, where we proudly Lynch cattle rustlers.

  • leon divers
    leon divers 26 days ago

    Lindsay is a racist...

  • Punky Qster
    Punky Qster 26 days ago

    Hirono, do Hawaii a favor & somersault yourself into an active 🌋!

  • Punky Qster
    Punky Qster 26 days ago

    Jake, Stop lying everyday to your viewers & try something called 'journalism'. Ever heard of it??

  • Davey Badman
    Davey Badman 26 days ago

    Watch Marc Dice video. Tons of Dems have said this in the past, white Dems & black Dems. So fuck off CNN, being bias as usual.

  • maroom1
    maroom1 26 days ago

    CNN make big news because of a word ??? LOL.
    So what is wrong if someone say lynching ?? People are silly these days with small brains. There more important things than attacking people over some words. CNN hates Trump so much that they will attack him at every possible opportunity.

  • Lee Kress
    Lee Kress 26 days ago

    What was it that Lindsey sold out for that's a good question

  • Lee Kress
    Lee Kress 26 days ago

    stone wall

  • Lee Kress
    Lee Kress 26 days ago

    Store wall.....obstruct....fairly synonymous

  • ByzantineXCV_Linguist_Ancient_Historian_economist_

    Trump is a white nationalist devil!

  • John Villarreal
    John Villarreal 26 days ago

    Ms. Lindsey Graham is nothing but a two faced slimy WORM. I hope Sen. John McCain haunts the hell out of him.

  • Thunder Victor
    Thunder Victor 26 days ago

    Our people,our country should always come first before any party or person should never be put ahead of our constitution this government is for the people by the people !!

  • Debbie Rivero
    Debbie Rivero 26 days ago

    joe Biden, Nadler and others all have said the same thing...where is your story on them??? double-standard

  • ᗅᒙᗅღ
    ᗅᒙᗅღ 26 days ago

    Wow my mind is blown... it’s been blown this whole presidency

  • Cadre Deux
    Cadre Deux 26 days ago

    The funny part the Dems said the Clinton impeachment was a lynching. The Star report listed 11 felony charges. When you hang someone who is guilty it’s justice. The Mueller report listed no crimes. When you hang someone who hasn’t committed a crime, it’s a lynching.

    SPRINDYS 26 days ago +1

    "Shame on Lindsey Graham," Joe Walsh said, "There are so many Republicans in the House and the Senate who have sold their soul to this president. Lindsey is just one of them."

  • Sniperstyle69
    Sniperstyle69 26 days ago

    I wonder how all these idiots making comments bellow realize the Collusion was from the Democrats and they have Bern emotionally enslaved to cover their corruption...

  • Lawrence L Franklin
    Lawrence L Franklin 26 days ago

    Lindsey Graham is going to be shocked come 2020

  • Carlos Avila
    Carlos Avila 27 days ago

    Fuck you Lindsey!! Go to hell as well you dumb bitch!! We need to get rid of all the dumb people born into rich families holding positions that ruin millions of families while personally profiting!! Fuck corruption, it needs to die!

  • Joel Hundley
    Joel Hundley 27 days ago

    Lynching is an evil word for evil people.If you Google largest group of people lynched in the south you might surprise yourself.

  • Jude Nwajide
    Jude Nwajide 27 days ago

    Trump 2020. No going back. Democrats will go down finally......

  • Ginu Raju
    Ginu Raju 27 days ago

    FAKE JOB from CNN

  • Paw Paw
    Paw Paw 27 days ago

    Says it all.

  • John Messer
    John Messer 27 days ago

    Lyndsey hang the Traitor.

  • Axe Battler
    Axe Battler 27 days ago

    This is silly. The term lynching is a common term used by everyone. There's video of Democrats using the word lynching. This is pure silliness.

  • Twilly
    Twilly 27 days ago

    2:03 Really unamerican? This crawls my skin

  • kookie adaza
    kookie adaza 27 days ago

    LIe, steal and cheat ? You mean Quid pro joe and son HUNTER BIDEN ?

  • Kool
    Kool 27 days ago

    There is one thing that seems sure about the statement that Trump and the defending of it by Graham! Neither one of them have African Americans as close friends because if they did they would know that word is offensive to African Americans!

  • Faye Mccaig
    Faye Mccaig 27 days ago

    Lynching sounds good let’s do it .This is just another one of trumps distractions, blocked in the corner so starts shit slinging anything that reaches his mouth from his pretend brain.

  • MORE AR15's
    MORE AR15's 27 days ago

    It is a fucking lynching! Since day 1 the fucking Libtard's and CNN have been talking shit and spreading fucking fake news!!! Let's bring back lynching as a fall festivity and let's start with Don Lemon and then his fag co-worker Anderson Pooper etc. etc. etc.!!!!

  • Brian Pedersen
    Brian Pedersen 27 days ago

    Two pieces of shit in the big White Toilet Bowl.

  • Paddy Orourke
    Paddy Orourke 27 days ago

    Look up definition of "lynching". CNN, you're pathetic. Impeachment isn't going to sway the 2020 election one bit. Trump will be re-elected and by a landslide. Like Al Green said, "If we don't impeach him, he will be elected again". That's all you've got???? Where's your message for the future of America? Ahhhh.... YOU HAVE NONE. Desperate a bit? This impeachment inquiry is going to turn around and bite you right in your asses. Why all the secrecy? Uhmmm....Really sad with your propaganda nonsense. We are all sick of it, day after day, 24/7. Even other democrats are disgusted. Will never vote for a Democrat again, especially after the behavior I've seen in the past 3 years.

  • Diane Easterday
    Diane Easterday 27 days ago

    Only Republican black senator but the Republicans are not racist? Yea right.

  • alex johnson
    alex johnson 27 days ago


  • Bill Fletcher
    Bill Fletcher 27 days ago

    Top on my bucket list is pissing on Trump's monument. But I don't get this furor over the word "lynching". Maybe it means something different south of the former mason dixon but in the west it simply means a hanging execution by vigilantes. hanging by vigils=lynching and hanging by government=execution. Much ado about nothing imo

  • Kyle Raglin
    Kyle Raglin 27 days ago

    These f-heads had a fit when cages holding migrants were described as "concentration camps". They claimed such terminology could only be used in the context of 1930s Nazi Germany. It took Jews to "school them" about that...they ARE concentration camps. Now this President uses terminology he knows was used to describe the murder of thousands of black Americans, and the same f-heads claim it's perfectly fine to describe an impeachment inquiry as a "lynching, in every sense of the word." Where's the noose? Where's the "strange fruit hanging from them trees" (bodies hanged, burned, and dismembered)? These f-heads need to get there heads out of Trumps ass, and start supporting and defending the Constitution against all enemies, foreign AND domestic. Oh, wait a minute...are they, themselves enemies of the Constitution? F-heads.

  • verna foster
    verna foster 27 days ago

    Graham have a damn seat. Foolish man.

  • Steven Dx
    Steven Dx 27 days ago

    Impeachment is the political death of a President and you numb nuts are cheering it on like an angry mob not willing to see Republicans call witnesses and evidence that would expose how badly corrrupt the people (Democrats & Atlantic Council) writing those political campaign put us in front of the camera bribery checks?
    Pretty clear to us when venues have to have the same Democrat supporters bussed around the country because the locals do not fill them, rampant voter fraud put them in power?
    Get it right or go out of business, you embarrass the country?

  • Sancho Ditherson
    Sancho Ditherson 27 days ago

    Maybe President Trump is a much better leader/mentor/influence than no name McCain was for Graham. President Trump needs to keep an eye on him but maybe he'll turn out to be a white hat after all. I still get worried when I see him grinning though. Talk isn't going to be enough. Treasonous Pencil Neck must be investigated. I know Graham loves his buddies like the treasonous Herr Mueller and dirty Trash Heap Biden but he he can't dance this time. American's won't put up with these good ole boy tax money thieving deep state pigs any longer. Graham must side with our President or he's finished.

  • D Great One Maye
    D Great One Maye 27 days ago

    I don't know who's the dumbest No balls Lindsey gram or Moscow Mitch but we all know chump trump is the biggest idiot to ever occupy the Oval office