Film Theory: Disney Moana's SECRET Identity REVEALED! (Moana)

  • Published on Apr 11, 2017
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    MOANA, Disney's newest princess. A strong willed, independent woman, out on adventure. Or is she? There's a lot about Moana that doesn't quite add up. She controls the Sea. Visits the Land of Monsters. She isn't just some typical Polynesian adventurer, no. Moana is more than what she seems!
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  • shook boi
    shook boi 8 hours ago

    I also look like a pig. Pua, you ain't alone.

  • Ethan Abrahamse
    Ethan Abrahamse 9 hours ago

    Then who is toui

  • Oliver TWIST
    Oliver TWIST 18 hours ago +1

    1:25 Coco: *Am I a joke to you?*

    (Im mexican)

  • Roblox lover 0654
    Roblox lover 0654 23 hours ago

    Was it strange that i shipped them toghether?
    *oh sweet home Alabama*

  • Cami Nicole Pangelinan

    11:48 okay that comparison is just creepy 😂

  • Courtney Leong
    Courtney Leong Day ago


  • Matisse Brake
    Matisse Brake Day ago

    You said ton-gar it's pronounced tong-a

  • Art-IsMyThang
    Art-IsMyThang Day ago

    Mat pat, your hawaiian pronunciation. Just noooo whhyyy?????!!!

  • Kathy K
    Kathy K Day ago

    The beginning:
    Mat pat: "the pig is NOT Moanas brother"
    The end: PUA IS HER BROTHER!!!!
    Me: smh 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Gachaverse 123
    Gachaverse 123 Day ago

    Well we can tell trust Maui is the farther because of the hair which resembles the genetics of colour and style but also there god like powers but did moana’s mother have any powers if her own that no one new about?? I think you should do a film theory on this😎😎

  • sara kumar
    sara kumar Day ago

    8:15-8:44 great background music🎶

  • phacey facephones
    phacey facephones 2 days ago

    Ant man vs thanos

  • Andrew Aderholt
    Andrew Aderholt 2 days ago

    Wouldn't it be demi-godess?

  • Sleepless Slug
    Sleepless Slug 2 days ago

    On the right you have "BUNNY ON CRACK" and on the left, "NOT A CAR"!!!

  • Kingk
    Kingk 2 days ago

    Rangi is a god of the sky who's name means.
    Say it with me now
    (*rainbow appears*)


  • Kingk
    Kingk 2 days ago

    Game theory. Calm down, no need for explination

    Moana is Mosessa

  • *_ʟ ᴇ ᴍ ᴏ ɴ ᴄ ʜ ɪ ʟ ᴅ _*

    Moanaxmaui: aaand I'm a joke to you....

  • Eli Fakeman
    Eli Fakeman 2 days ago

    5:45 armpit sweat

  • Eli Fakeman
    Eli Fakeman 2 days ago

    1:21 uhhh

  • Ami Abu
    Ami Abu 2 days ago

    Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns please visit the plug-in settings and everybody in the video here it is a good time to Zubair Kaukab and everybody in the video here it is a good time to Zubair Kaukab and everybody in the video here it is a good time to Zubair Kaukab and everybody in the video here it is a good time to Zubair Kaukab and everybody in the video here it is a good time to Zubair Kaukab and everybody in the video here it is a good time to Zubair Kaukab and everybody in the video here it is a good time to Zubair Kaukab

  • Yousfi Islam
    Yousfi Islam 2 days ago

    Oh shit ur dam smart!Who know she cheated on him xd

  • Hey Eaglet
    Hey Eaglet 3 days ago

    Seems like no one is paying attention..

  • Bambino The Great
    Bambino The Great 3 days ago

    If you got to the point instead of adding pointless nonrelated imagery, you'd have a better station.

  • Death's Playhouse
    Death's Playhouse 3 days ago

    0:26 the rock had hair once?! OMG

  • Eli Sutton
    Eli Sutton 3 days ago

    How to train your dragen

  • Chloe Jones
    Chloe Jones 3 days ago

    MatPat: From the gorgeous visuals, to songs written by the guy who made musicals cool again, Lin Manuel Miranda.

    Me: *thinks of hamilton*

  • TYSEN _ 608 SUPER
    TYSEN _ 608 SUPER 3 days ago

    Its not peylee like how you said it its pele

  • Justin PageSlayer
    Justin PageSlayer 3 days ago

    Pele is one of my favourite gods

  • Lance
    Lance 3 days ago

    She could be a goddess, due to many hints of her being a god of water. Gods/Goddess's would be monsters in this realm probably. Water likes her, she can control it, she was in water.

  • Raze Racoltro
    Raze Racoltro 4 days ago

    At the start you said we are not going to say the pig is her brother and end of the video the pig is her brother

  • crazytaxi881
    crazytaxi881 4 days ago

    maui is from maori lengend and he had brothers what if the cheif is his brother try and make a theory how do i know this im from NZ

  • pider man
    pider man 4 days ago


  • luke fortune
    luke fortune 4 days ago

    hai hai means chicken i mario

  • Aydud
    Aydud 4 days ago

    What if her parents named her "Nutz"

  • jmcatmpjm
    jmcatmpjm 4 days ago

    Maui: No.. Moana... I A M Y O U R F A T H E R . . .
    Moana: o-o But everyone ships us somehow
    Pua: And I'm your brother!
    Moana: YOU CAN TALK?!

  • Black Crowgames
    Black Crowgames 4 days ago

    Welp.... There goes the porn xD sorry delete this if u want lol

  • Ambymon
    Ambymon 4 days ago

    I really want to say this is a stretched theory, but you've done so much research that I cant even. It makes so much sense but seems so fake. XD

  • The Question
    The Question 4 days ago


  • The Question
    The Question 4 days ago

    MatPat?! The god of FNAF?!

  • BossFinale
    BossFinale 5 days ago

    I really was hoping that the pig was Maui's mother's lost brother

  • Planet Games
    Planet Games 5 days ago

    Mat pat I gotta hate and love you for this

  • Origami Fox
    Origami Fox 5 days ago

    *rich has entered the chat...*
    *rich has left the chat*
    (Like is you get the reference 🇯🇵💊💻)

  • Idk what to write for my name

    1:46 tells it ain't that The theory won't be about the pig being her brother
    *many minutes later* Tells us that The pig is her brother

  • Jade161x Cox
    Jade161x Cox 5 days ago


  • Thijs
    Thijs 5 days ago

    1:34, 11:29

  • Alex Williams
    Alex Williams 5 days ago

    OK I actually enjoyed this one😊

  • Arifah Aziz
    Arifah Aziz 6 days ago +2

    Matpat: moana is a god
    Me: ...zilla

  • darnell parker
    darnell parker 6 days ago

    Ummm was he on an island for a 1000 years and the mother is human so that does fit but koool theory

  • Lucy Elizabeth
    Lucy Elizabeth 6 days ago

    Here's why Moana is able to survive falling into water from that height: the whole thing takes place in Minecraft lol

  • Green Machine
    Green Machine 6 days ago +1

    That’s it no one can tell me this is false this is now for me pure fact

  • Franklin Rodriguez
    Franklin Rodriguez 6 days ago

    Wow he wasn't joking the pig is Moana brother

  • Xx CJ Savage
    Xx CJ Savage 6 days ago


  • Luna's Youtube
    Luna's Youtube 7 days ago

    OMG You have blown my mind dude!! I cannot believe it! Especially the end, Moana's Brother is the Pig!

  • DRgachalady
    DRgachalady 7 days ago +1

    Heihei means chicken

  • Lucen Smith
    Lucen Smith 7 days ago

    He looks so weird with hair!

  • Katycat Vlogz
    Katycat Vlogz 7 days ago

    Skittles. Ya know for *Disney*

  • UltraHeart6560
    UltraHeart6560 7 days ago

    So we were right?

  • Nathaniel Cerro
    Nathaniel Cerro 8 days ago

    Daughter of possidon

  • Eric Woo
    Eric Woo 8 days ago

    wow how do you know

  • Phoebus Apollo
    Phoebus Apollo 8 days ago

    I got Ultra Shaggy

  • Jυsτ Zοrex
    Jυsτ Zοrex 8 days ago

    I mean 9:31

  • Jυsτ Zοrex
    Jυsτ Zοrex 8 days ago

    9:33 warn peeps of this famous meme xD 😂

  • Dilesha Mcwashington

    I love ur theories and that one just earned u a new subscriber

  • Christopher Kobata
    Christopher Kobata 9 days ago

    But multiple other people panthenon's explain that it's possible to possess mortals in a good way, and through them, have children.

  • Joseph Banks
    Joseph Banks 9 days ago

    How could Moana be the daughter of Maui and Sina if Maui was still exiled to the island? Sure Sina could've sailed to him, but how would she have known where to go? I don't think her mother would tell her where she can go to find him. Plus her island haven't sailed in decades so how could she sail there and back? Moana has the help of the ocean there

  • Sarah C.
    Sarah C. 9 days ago

    Did he forget that Moana's father was chosen to restore the heart of Tafiti too, but he failed? His friend died and that's why he doesn't want Moana out at sea. It's a family line thing, not JUST Moana.

  • The Madlet Crew
    The Madlet Crew 9 days ago

    Plus later on in the movie Mowie starts to act more fatherly Moana. And there are some similarities between the too like there both kinda Athletic and able to sail a boat and both want to help people

  • The Madlet Crew
    The Madlet Crew 9 days ago

    For good or Evil you say hmmmmmm maybe we'll get a sequel where we get a villan who speaks to evil spirits. P.S. My Grammie still remembers the Let it Go song from Frozen 😆

  • charlesthe gamer
    charlesthe gamer 9 days ago

    Now I think of it why moanas mother sent here off to her adventure I think that senah\moanas mother is like did(BYE YU LITTLE SHET)

  • Mihi Aston
    Mihi Aston 10 days ago

    You need to do your research buddy before posting your ridiculous theories, but you will never understand!!!