Why I prefer the Tesla Model 3 over the S

  • Published on Apr 28, 2018
  • A video that compares the features between the Tesla Model S and the Tesla Model 3 from a perspective of a first-time Tesla Model 3 owner and why the Model 3 ultimately wins out over the Model S 100D.
    If you disagree with me and prefer the S/X over the 3, let me know in the comments! Decided you're getting a Tesla? Make sure you take advantage of Tesla's referral program to get yourself 1,000 miles of free supercharging credits. Feel free to use our referral code: ts.la/josh95038
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  • 6 Months Later Reviews
    6 Months Later Reviews  5 months ago +6

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  • Art Key
    Art Key Day ago +1

    The Model 3 is better than the S. And I'm a Model S owner. And I love the S. It's luxurious, spacious and still leaves impressions on the road here in Australia. Everything you say is true. The functional practicallity of the 3 and it's urban driveability is superior to the S'. Let's hope they address it with the new S.

  • 蒋韶华
    蒋韶华 7 days ago

    heads up display

  • Christopher Groleau
    Christopher Groleau 13 days ago

    correction on the model 3 its a reluctant motor not permanent magnet

  • Storm Saylor
    Storm Saylor 20 days ago

    You should review the newer model s version.

  • solarstacks
    solarstacks 25 days ago

    I love our 3 since it's smaller and fits in our garage. It's smaller and more efficient. I want a model C the compact when it comes out in 2023 or 4. EVen smaller and lower cost ,great for around town.

  • Eclogites
    Eclogites 26 days ago

    good thing im not an audio file

  • MSgtschwarry
    MSgtschwarry 26 days ago

    Get a REAL American muscle car.

  • Jackson Bangs
    Jackson Bangs Month ago

    Excellent video! What is your say on a used Tesla Modle S that cost $35,000?

    • 6 Months Later Reviews
      6 Months Later Reviews  Month ago +1

      Depends on what speed you get and how much storage space you need. Id still go for a 3 myself, since I’m guessing the S has high mileage.

    IL MOSTRO Month ago

    My Model 3 is the best car I’ve ever owned by far, and it’s my 8th car in my life. It’s also my first American car so I’m proud of that! People forget, Tesla is made is USA!

  • You Tube
    You Tube Month ago +4

    I will correct something about the sound system differences. I am speculating that the Model S was fairly new. I takes about 50 hours to break any new speaker in before it loosens up. I was disgusted about the so called premium sound system until I had actually applied my basic speaker system knowledge. Given time the speakers loosen up and they sound amazing.

    I agree with a lot of your observations. The minimalist interior look of the model 3 was my attraction. The sporty feel of the driving experience, etc. Thanks for the review.

  • Speed Drift
    Speed Drift Month ago

    I’ve never seen a review where someone talked so much about the way they felt as priority over the specs. By the way 50mph on a skateboard FEELS a lot faster than 50mph in a car.

  • Bob Owen
    Bob Owen Month ago

    Nuh-uh! Model S rules!

  • Sebastian Sefyu
    Sebastian Sefyu Month ago

    No dashboard. No thanks. Good luck when that main screen goes and it will go. Also view angle is not optimal for glance purpuses. Will lead to more crashes. Similar movement as txt and drive. Terrible mistake on Tesla design part.

  • Mike Montpetit
    Mike Montpetit Month ago

    Excellent summary. I'm in Raleigh as well. I had a loaner S for the day yesterday while they made some minor adjustments on my Model 3 at the service center. The storage capacity for moving large items is insane in the S, but the weight and agility of the 3 are superior for my daily driving experience. The technology of AP3 is so much better than the loaner AP1.

  • D Mac
    D Mac Month ago +10

    Your review comes off bias homie......ijs🤷🏾‍♂️

    • Mystic-PS
      Mystic-PS Month ago

      i see where you're coming from because obviously the guy likes the model 3 better. But if you were asking me if i'd rather have the model 3 performance, or a model s long range (not going to compare it to the p100d because the price range is way different). I would no doubt take the model 3, just from all the reviews i have watched.

  • Bravo Booty
    Bravo Booty Month ago

    neodynum magnets vs electromagnetic

  • Nikola Tesla
    Nikola Tesla Month ago

    in love with this car

  • Ra Li
    Ra Li Month ago

    U poor thats why

    MIKE GEORGES 2 months ago


  • just our everyday things
    just our everyday things 2 months ago +1

    Oh my lurdd!!!!
    No wind in my face comming from my steering wheel???

  • Backyard Pioneer
    Backyard Pioneer 2 months ago

    I have a Model 3 long range all wheel drive and it is by far the best vehicle I have ever driven! It And yes I too woke up to it being even better, faster and smarter once again last week! It is several levels of magnitude better than any other car i have ever been in. It has exceeded my expectations and even surprised me on several fronts. For example I had a false belief that it might be inconvenient to charge a car instead of stopping and getting gas at a "convenience" store. It is the opposite. It's so easy, saves me time, keeps me from spilling stinking, toxic gasoline on my clothes and hands and maybe most importantly I am taking money away from the industry that is pushing it's costs off on the health care industry not to mention the perennial subsides. I installed a solar array before I purchased the car and also installed a 240 volt outlet. It is so much easier and literally takes 5 seconds for 98 percent of my charges. The super charging network is also very good and the V3 super charger is going to once again change everything forever! I just, yet again took a group of old friends for a ride in it over the Easter Weekend and the "Tesla Smiles" are literally worth every penny! Oh did I mention I woke up last week and the car had 5% more peak power which is noticeably faster. The AWD is by far the best traction control system I have ever experienced 10,000 miles in I have had zero problems, no oil changes (which have taken completely out of my perennial To Do list) my garage smells way better even in way I never imagined possible. Too many upsides to list. It's not perfect but it is the closest to perfect vehicle I have ever driven hands down.

  • chowner
    chowner 2 months ago

    LMAO LMAO right buddy right. Lives in an apartment no way you could even dream of owning a S. Fucking clickbait idiot

  • Rui Ponte
    Rui Ponte 2 months ago +4

    So, for 7m30s you go on explaining all the details why you think the Model 3 is superior but, at the end of the video, you say that in the Model 3 you get 90% of a Model S.
    Question: if both costed the same, would you still prefer the Model 3???
    If not, then the video should be Model S is better, but the Model 3 is rational decision

  • corey ziolkowski
    corey ziolkowski 2 months ago

    Biased much?

  • Sir Plata
    Sir Plata 3 months ago

    I really dislike the DRL & overall headlight design on the model 3. Seems unimaginative, imo.

  • Eric Hale
    Eric Hale 3 months ago +2

    Agreed. Model S for luxury and comfort. Model 3 better design and much more sporty.

  • ziky yoo
    ziky yoo 3 months ago +18

    That's because u didn't have P100D...it feels way faster than model 3

    • 99cmhmarc
      99cmhmarc Month ago +1

      And way, way more expensive.

  • harry
    harry 3 months ago +2

    spot on. Regen; if you only have RWD in the Model 3, it's way less than with dual.

  • AI KEN
    AI KEN 3 months ago +4

    Even if i had enough money to buy the Model S
    I would still but the Model 3, Lets just be honest... The Model 3 looks way cooler...

    • AI KEN
      AI KEN 3 months ago

      Chao Li men! Youre lucky to have one.. I respect you mate! Just sharing my personal thought as same as yoy! Thanks for letting me know :)

    • Chao Li
      Chao Li 3 months ago

      and also let's be honest...model 3 is just a cheaper version of model S. Isn't it clear which one has more value?
      but I'm not saying the 3 is not good. It just depends on personal preference. Personally, I drive a S p100d and i like it much better than the 3 both how it looks and how it performs

    • Jared Traynor
      Jared Traynor 3 months ago +3


  • tomi832
    tomi832 3 months ago

    i have a question (and I ask it since it looks like you do comment and like comments here even now...great job!) about 3 v S (and actually maybe even about Tesla vehicles in general)
    doesnt it a bit scare you?
    I'm talking about this, lets say that you're on a highway and you're using the car's built in screen for navigating witth google maps. lets say that you check something on your screen, and it covers most of it or at least the important part - the map! doesnt it scare you a bit that you could miss an important turn because of that? or maybe that it will cover in the 3 your speed? I think that i would have been a bit nervous...IDK, maybe because I have a lisence for only a year now?
    I really like all the Tesla cars, how they look, perform, interior and gadgets, etc. but it kinda makes me nervous thinking that it would have happened to me if I drove one....so, what do you think?

    • tomi832
      tomi832 3 months ago

      @LuQbot so after a while, it shouldn't distact too much or even at all?

    • LuQbot
      LuQbot 3 months ago

      So, let me explain:
      When you start driving a new car, ESPACIALLY a Tesla, you have to accustom you to the car.
      And it's normal to be affraid or scared of something new.

  • Roni92pl
    Roni92pl 3 months ago +2

    What is mostly annoying is that there is no clear winner, 'ultimate', 'go-to' tesla car. Both have pros and cons :/ Cant wait for tesla with all benefits of both models. Updates model S maybe? ;

  • Darren Wood
    Darren Wood 3 months ago +4

    Cool, vid, I'm in Australia and have had a deposit down since March 2017, you vids keep me wanting :) keep them up

  • Scott
    Scott 3 months ago +1

    LOL you know that "bio-wepons defense mode" is simply just recirculate on any other car right? It doesn't clean or purify any air in any form. You can't possibly be that gullible.

    • Tristan Sholansky
      Tristan Sholansky Month ago

      No it’s not people used them in the fires in California because they already had air filtration systems

  • Toby and James Goldsmith
    Toby and James Goldsmith 3 months ago +6

    I would rather model s because it’s more clustered and feels warm

  • aliinvader1_
    aliinvader1_ 3 months ago +3

    All Tesla are great but a choices or opinions are for different people

  • I love KFC
    I love KFC 3 months ago

    Wow this was really biased

  • ITMI Consult
    ITMI Consult 3 months ago

    True, Model 3 looks simple and elegant.......I love it

  • Mr T
    Mr T 3 months ago

    is there a usb or sd card slot for your music access ? Iam not a fan of bluet. streaming at all

    • Mr T
      Mr T 3 months ago

      @6 Months Later Reviews many thanks ;D

    • 6 Months Later Reviews
      6 Months Later Reviews  3 months ago +1

      Yes, there are two USB A ports in the front you can plug a USB stick full of music into. In terms of your phone, the only way to play music off of it in the car is through Bluetooth.

  • Dane Rose
    Dane Rose 3 months ago

    Great assessment!

  • Nether Warrior
    Nether Warrior 3 months ago

    Are you high? The model s has a better interior with better materials and softer seats than the model 3. And yes i’ve been in both and driven both.

    • GoHerping
      GoHerping 3 months ago

      I prefer the 3's seats and interior. Smaller, cozier, more minimalist. Although the materials are definitely higher quality in the S and it all around feels more luxurious, since it is lol.

  • Fool cell sorry Fuel Cell Mirage

    Is the model 3 easier to get into than the model S? My Dad suffers from a sore back so would prefer the model 3 to be higher than the model S. Appreciate comments from any model 3 owners out there.

    • Fool cell sorry Fuel Cell Mirage
      Fool cell sorry Fuel Cell Mirage 3 months ago

      @riverwho1 thanks for the info

    • riverwho1
      riverwho1 3 months ago

      Don't own a model 3 but test drove one today. While I was there, ran into a friend who was trading in his Model 3 in for a model X because of his back. Salesman told us that the model S (because of its air suspension) can lift itself about 3 inches higher than the model 3 for easier entering/exiting if you are tall or have back issues. Hope that helps.

  • C Angel
    C Angel 3 months ago

    Where in Eastern NC did you film?

  • Luigi Ferrario
    Luigi Ferrario 3 months ago

    Tesla should be banned by law from circulating !!!
    I do not see why we are amendable with reason to drive using at the same time an I phone ... Danger mortal of the Highway Code
    and nothing is said about driving a Tesla by fiddling around in the menus of your television screen by trying the command for example to open the glove box? for the filler cushion ... and other bullshit like that!

  • Mark Brand
    Mark Brand 3 months ago

    The model s is such a pain to get in and out of

  • Peter Laskiewicz
    Peter Laskiewicz 3 months ago +2

    Model 3 should of been a hatch. Big no no

  • Diogo Fernandes
    Diogo Fernandes 3 months ago

    I am looking forward to have a Tesla jesus

    PIPERBOY WILLIAMS 3 months ago +1

    I’ve driven both and honestly I think this guy is crazy. The model S feels like a Rolls Royce and the model 3 feels like an Aveo

  • Vash9177
    Vash9177 3 months ago

    Great review!

  • Test
    Test 4 months ago

    Do you prefer the quality control issues. All the random creaks and build quality issues?

  • Kevin Chuang
    Kevin Chuang 4 months ago +1

    The model S still looks much better than the 3 from the outside imo. Model 3 screen might be sharper but the fact that it just kinda sticks out vs the S dual screen, the S just comes off as much more premium of a vehicle.

  • drmikemyers
    drmikemyers 4 months ago

    Can you get me a model 3 plss

  • Gabriel Braun
    Gabriel Braun 4 months ago +2

    I love the clutter free UX of my model 3. It is a generational transition. Kids have no interaction similar to the dials, switches and gauges of traditional cars. Some older people will struggle with this transition. Model 3 has truly next level UX, pointing to the future of "Transportation Devices".

  • Reevs Rosario
    Reevs Rosario 4 months ago

    Next video, why I prefer the iPhone XR over the XS

  • mrpmj00
    mrpmj00 4 months ago

    Model S hatchback is way more practical.
    Model S magnet motor is better.
    Model S center console looks nice.
    Model S has air suspension.
    Model S has a sunroof.
    Model S has cool motorized door handles.
    Model S looks wealthy
    Model 3 center console looks like someone slapped on my desktop monitor.
    Model 3 looks like a Dodge Neon.
    Model 3 makes my neck sore looking to the side.
    Model 3 looks like an econobox.

    • 6 Months Later Reviews
      6 Months Later Reviews  4 months ago

      I don’t see it on the config anymore. Perhaps you can still order it off menu for a bit, but it’s gone as an option for the main site.

    • mrpmj00
      mrpmj00 4 months ago

      @6 Months Later Reviews They do but only in the highest version of the S.

    • 6 Months Later Reviews
      6 Months Later Reviews  4 months ago

      No more sunroof for Model S 😞

  • Snake Bitten
    Snake Bitten 4 months ago

    A lot of the videos on TVclip have the same background music lol.

  • Marco
    Marco 4 months ago

    besides the car remembering your ride height on locations and setting it manually, is there a option that sets it depending on your speed? That would make the most sense to me, since on the highway the road is smooth and you benefit more from being lower to the ground. In the city you drive slower, don't need it as much and have more bumpy roads.

  • Björn Jonsson
    Björn Jonsson 4 months ago

    Very good info!

  • Hockey Ron
    Hockey Ron 4 months ago

    Most biased video ever

  • barebare
    barebare 4 months ago

    There is only one question you need to ask yourself, do you need a lot of space? Model s. If not, model 3.

  • Zachary Homrighaus
    Zachary Homrighaus 4 months ago

    Agree with most of what you said, but the glaring error was what you said about rear visibility. The Model 3 has absolutely horrible rear visibility. You have to rely on the camera to see anything behind you... the back / trunk of the car is so high, you can't see anything out the back when reversing. When you're driving and need to see cars behind you, it's OK but if you are backing out of a parking spot, you can see squat.

    • 6 Months Later Reviews
      6 Months Later Reviews  4 months ago

      Fair point, I should have made clear that I was including the camera in my statement there. Haven’t looked out the back mirror when backing up once. The camera is vital.

  • Nobby Barnes
    Nobby Barnes 4 months ago +1

    Model S front end looks way better.

  • Andrew Jeon
    Andrew Jeon 5 months ago

    What a biased review.. not very useful.. Model S is more expensive and more luxurious model, ridiculous claims.

  • Parrott Gaming
    Parrott Gaming 5 months ago

    Can you make a comparison between the model 3 and the model x?

  • Bryce
    Bryce 5 months ago

    I got a great compromise what about a 2015 used model S. You get it for $40k with auto pilot

  • Jim Beam
    Jim Beam 5 months ago

    "Overwhelmed"? The S has about 5 buttons.

  • Weed Wine Waves
    Weed Wine Waves 5 months ago +2

    Yeah and if you bought at the right time the model s was only 5000 more dollars for 75D. Also the warranty on the 3 is drastically worse. The reasons the model S is right for me is because I supercharge at least 35000 miles a year. I like to wake up to billon dollar views AKA (sleep in the back) the model s fits a queen mattress in the back or full sized front door. And my family just didn't fit well in the 3 we moved up from a Prius and the 3 felt the same size. We could have bought a model x I thought it was crazy ugly and mini van like.

  • Thomas Horsman
    Thomas Horsman 5 months ago +1

    It’s kinda like model 3 is iPhone XR, model S is iPhone XS and Model X is iPhone XS Max

    • 6 Months Later Reviews
      6 Months Later Reviews  5 months ago

      Except I’d argue the screen quality in the 3 is actually a bit better 😂. But overall, a good comparison.

  • Rubén Aguilar Portillo
    Rubén Aguilar Portillo 5 months ago +1

    Dude your videos/reviews are really good you really deserve more and I know you're gonna get more. Oh and btw Happy New Year!

  • Jim Johns
    Jim Johns 5 months ago

    I wish I was a gay boi and had problems

  • --
    -- 5 months ago

    Same opinion here. Thought I’d prefer the S, but after 2 months in model 3 there’s no way in hell I’d buy a model S! The 3 looks and feels wayy better than I thougt

  • Alpha and Omega Productions

    I like the Model 3 a lot. I ended up canceling my reservation and going with the Model S, but not because I didn't like the Model 3, but because I was able to get a Certified Pre Owned Model S from Tesla for the same price as a Model 3. The space of the Model S made a big difference for me and my family size (two kids). I do have to disagree with the second screen not being a bonus. It is a huge bonus in the Model S having important information directly behind the steering wheel. You get the best of both worlds with the S. I also liked the ride of the Model 3, but the air suspension in the S makes it a nicer ride. I guess if I was single or only had 1 kid or no kids, I would go with the Model 3, but I can't say that one is better than the other. The Model 3 cupholders are better, the viewing angles to the outside are better and that's about it.

  • Jake Bramhall
    Jake Bramhall 5 months ago

    They need voice control

  • IncognitoTorpedo
    IncognitoTorpedo 6 months ago

    I've heard conflicting reports about which car is noisier. You would have to have the same tires on both for a fair comparison, and no one who talks about the noise level ever mentions the tires. (The cool-looking large diameter low profile options are noisier, wildly expensive, and wear rapidly.)

  • Symon Says TV
    Symon Says TV 6 months ago

    Sorry Tesla but I ‘m not found of driving an iPad yet.

  • Esquire Life
    Esquire Life 6 months ago

    Thanks for this review. I concur

  • Phani G
    Phani G 6 months ago

    Aren't your reviews supposed to be 6 months later as the name of your channel suggests? lol. Nice video btw!

    • 6 Months Later Reviews
      6 Months Later Reviews  6 months ago

      Those are the main focus videos yes, but we do other things around the products leading up to the big 6 Months Later review.
      Still working on the 6 Months Later review of the Model 3, hoping to have it out by end of this weekend/early next week.

  • Andrew Merkes
    Andrew Merkes 6 months ago

    I test drove the S today I agree 3 just as good. Another feature is 3 tablet faster then S tablet! So hmm and I can get the same HP out of 3 as same for 100D top speed 155 at 0-69 3.3 but I can also do some tricks to get quicker. Lighter cars go faster. Lose stock rims and change wheel base performance and off you go. For 70K vs 100k easy choice!

  • dino omar
    dino omar 6 months ago

    What about model 3 performance??would that be a good buy?

    • Jahkyah Winston
      Jahkyah Winston 5 months ago

      thats just for going fast. since its not actually legal to go 155mph there isnt much point imo but if you have the money then why not? it would be good for showing off

  • JR Gb
    JR Gb 6 months ago +3

    S looks for more impressive.

  • Junio Martinez
    Junio Martinez 6 months ago +1

    You are full of it my men. This is not a real honest comparison. Like the other person commented here you are Bias.

  • PantsuMann
    PantsuMann 7 months ago +28

    Model S looks sweeter from the front though. But the Model 3 is slowly growing on me.

  • Raja Bhat
    Raja Bhat 7 months ago

    I've only driven the model 3. With gas powered cars, when you let go the gas pedal, the car cruises slowly whereas with electric it slows almost like brakes are applied. I find this tiring on my foot and leg. Time to use cruise control with auto steer even in town maybe....

  • Richard Jenkins
    Richard Jenkins 7 months ago +1

    TBH i'm going to try to get a pre-owned Model S. I saw a P85D for the same price as a model 3.

    • Richard Roberson
      Richard Roberson 3 months ago +1

      go for the last cars to have lifetime supercharging....honestly an x might be decent as it had AP 2.0 and lifetime supercharging transferrable which I do not think the S ever had.

  • Aldy P
    Aldy P 7 months ago +1

    So you don't have enough money to buy a model S.

  • Scott Sophia
    Scott Sophia 7 months ago +100

    This is the classic case of, I can’t afford X, so I bought Y, so now I need to justify in my mind why Y is better than X. Except in this case, it’s I can’t afford S, so I bought 3.
    They are both really nice cars. I would say model 3 is about 70 percent as good as model s, at about 57% of the price. The model 3 is definitely the better value. As you go up in features, you go down in value. You’ll find this true of just about anything. Laptops, high end speakers, SLR cameras. To get the top of the line, you pay a premium. And for some people it’s worth the premium, and others can’t justify the price.
    Not taking anything away from the model 3, but the model S accelerates faster, has longer range, better suspension, uses higher end materials, has more space and storage, includes free supercharging, and while subjective, I think most people would say it looks better.
    The model 3 is lighter, and thus handles better, has a minimalist interior that appeals to some, has good range, charges quickly, offers great interior and storage space for its class, is a great value, and it combines all of this in an attractive package. But don’t fool yourself into believing it’s a better car.

      ERIC LIGHT Day ago

      I don't think it is. I bought a 3 over an S for many of the reasons stated.

    • Joe M
      Joe M 15 days ago

      @rayhend100 Interesting post. Thanks. Now grab your mop and get back to work!!

    • hoi514
      hoi514 24 days ago

      It is all up to whoever define affordable. Anyone can buy anything as long as they are approved for a loan and make payment. I can afford to buy something with comfort only if I can pay all in cash. Anyways, spot on. Model S is better than model 3. There is a reason why model S is more expensive than model 3.

    • paul kieffer
      paul kieffer Month ago

      Scott Sophia exactly. S and X are better period.

    • Enigma McC
      Enigma McC 2 months ago

      Score Master / #ConTV x and y meaning variables not models

  • D. A.
    D. A. 7 months ago +1

    It's a 3 because Ford copyrighted Model E and Musk wanted the lineup to spell SEXY. Musk tweeted that if it were by numbers then the Model S would be named the Model 4.

  • M Jed
    M Jed 7 months ago +8

    This comparison...DOES NOT MAKE SENSE! You are talking about S being twice as expensive then 3 That’s Model 3 RWD and S P100D! These cars are NOT in the same league. You should compare Model 3 Performance (with all options available) to Model S 75D with no options selected. This would bring Model 3 to $72,500 and Model S to $77,000. At that price 3 is much faster than S - 3.2 seconds 0-60 mph 155 mph top speed. vs 4.2 seconds 140 mph in S; 3 gets track mode - S does not; 3 has 310 miles range - S 259 miles. 3 comes with premium exterior color selection (multi-coat red or pearl white at $500 discount) - S comes Black. Gets much nicer, upgraded white interior (looks nice but not very practical). At this price, S gets cloth. 3 has better audio system - 15 speakers - S gets 12 speakers. Now... S is much roomier than 3, has more storage including hatch in the back. S also wins in the "luxury department" with air suspension, power lift gate, heated steering wheel, nicer door handles (but you sit on…. cloth) Other options which come standard on S but are not available on 3 are: HEPA air filtration (Bioweapon Defense Mode), Dynamic LED Headlight (3 are LED but stationary), wiper blades defroster and washer nozzle heaters. One last thing, at $77,000 S does NOT get enhanced auto pilot which to me negates the purpose of buying TESLA. Adding that option brings S to $82,000 which is almost 10K more than 3. Note that 72.5K Model 3 gets free superchargers too. Now, ask yourself which car is more appealing to you. Model S “Base” or fully loaded Performance Model 3.

  • Andrew Doolittle
    Andrew Doolittle 7 months ago

    Cost of ownership is in fact far lower than half for the Model 3 once you include insurance, getting parts, repair bills, scheduled maintenance, etc. Model S is in need of some major upgrades next year...as is the Model X. Good video.

  • Ganesh Raju
    Ganesh Raju 8 months ago +1

    Model 3 performance for $70K or Model S 75D inventory for $77.5K ? Suggestions please. Drove both. Model 3 looks like more fun. Model S looks more luxurious. Of course space difference.

    • Jonathan Jong
      Jonathan Jong 6 months ago

      model s, frankly it's just a better car for similar price. yes model 3 you get around .7 seconds acceleration everything else is inferior

    • 6 Months Later Reviews
      6 Months Later Reviews  8 months ago

      Model 3 for sure. It’s going to be way faster and the interior space is pretty good for a car of its size. I am biased though 😂

  • Shut the Fuk up
    Shut the Fuk up 8 months ago

    I have a model 3 and mother fucker I can’t see the back from my mirror

  • sgtsnakeeyes11
    sgtsnakeeyes11 8 months ago

    yeah model 3 is clearly way better in most ways

  • Vlad  Aleksandrovich
    Vlad Aleksandrovich 8 months ago

    Cool!! Where are you from?

  • James Thurlby
    James Thurlby 8 months ago

    Why does no one want a model x ? It seems like everyone wants a 3 or an S?

  • Nicholas Gunter
    Nicholas Gunter 8 months ago +3

    You sound like Jeff Kaplan, the Blizzard games Overwatch director. Awesome.

    BOBU PUTHEECKAL 8 months ago

    You from GA?

  • ThirtyVirus
    ThirtyVirus 8 months ago

    For a second I thought I was watching an AntVenom video, seriously you guys sound almost exactly the same!

    • 6 Months Later Reviews
      6 Months Later Reviews  8 months ago

      Just starting watching one of his videos. I totally see the resemblance. Kinda freaked me out at first haha 😂

  • bimmer
    bimmer 9 months ago +1

    No one gives a sh***. Tesla 3 looks like a joke of car. More like a golf cart with an iPad.

    • HT N
      HT N 8 months ago

      @bimmer - "No one gives a sh***." - Consumers do! More Model 3 buyers in August than all BMW cars combined. Who gives a sh*** about Bimmer ? This is 21st century not 20th century!

  • Douglas Watt
    Douglas Watt 9 months ago

    The Model 2 Performance version is the best car in the world. I know that may seem like an extreme claim, but it's not. The Tesla Model 3 Performance Version is an affordable four-door Ferrari that gets the equivalent of 100+ miles per gallon.

  • Jim Shire
    Jim Shire 9 months ago +1

    I am starting to sense a lot more "buyer's remorse" from these overly biased Model 3 owners. They are literally posting stuff saying the 3 is better than the S just to get that validation from other 3 owners with buyer's remorse trying to Jedi mind trick (convince) themselves into believing they didn't make a mistake by not buying the S. My favorite OBVIOUSLY biased common claim is about the coil suspension. "I like the stiffer more responsive coil suspension" Oh yeah really? When 95% of your driving experience is relatively straight forward where those preferred "stiffer and more responsive" coils let you feel every shitty inch of these crappy dilapidated roads we are all subjected to everywhere in the Union. But please tell me more about how that superior 5% turning driving experience is so wonderful that you actually prefer the coil suspension over the unavailable air suspension.......That's honestly where I throw the "bullshit flag" down on the 50 yard line. Every time I hear that farce all I am actually hearing is "I'm trying to fool myself into thinking I made the right choice." and "No Ragrets." lolz...! Last but not least My second favorite overtly biased comment "I actually prefer having to turn my head or avert my gaze from the roadway and not subject myself to unnecessary risk in order to use my "ergonomically" placed center console when driving. I find having an instrument panel directly in front of me where just a quick downward glance allows me to monitor my speed, quickly select a phone number for a contact who has multiple, identify which song is playing next because I skipped the last one, see which lane I should be in or where my next turn will be on navigation to be unnecessary or excessive." I repeatedly read y'all bragging how financially savvy you from buying a car that costs half as much as the premium sedan and it's basically as good as or better based on "x, y, z" factors and many of us just aren't buying your bullshit LOLZ!!!! Peace Love and Chicken Grease! TESLA 4 LIFE!!!!

    • Jonathan Jong
      Jonathan Jong 6 months ago

      agreed, we're all tesla fans but if this guy wants to make it on youtube hope he becomes more unbiased in his viewpoints.

    • HT N
      HT N 7 months ago

      @@Jim Shire - "I am calling people out on their bullshit" ... "all the bullshit comments from Model 3 owners" - These statements show that you are a hater without any evidence. You don't have to like a Tesla car but there is no need to lie.

    • Jim Shire
      Jim Shire 7 months ago +1

      I'm not judging ANYONE. I am calling people out on their bullshit and NOT judging them for buying a smaller car. If you took the time to read all the bullshit comments from Model 3 owners trying to convince themselves that they made some savvy economical choice, based on their self delusion, which resulted in an equal or superior vehicle to the Model S. You really didn't read what I wrote and decided to make your comment prior to reading my rant in its entirety. I have personal experience with the Tesla coil vs air ride suspension and the later is in a category that coil suspension could never achieve. M3 owners are repeatedly regurgitating how amazing and responsive their M3 coil suspension is versus the UNAVAILABLE Model S's air suspension when taking sharp turns etc. I believe that they are 100% accurate and truthful with their handling claims. But here's the problem that I have with their assertion as they don't stop there but decide to insult the rest of the Model S owners with the typical follow up statement of "i'm so glad I decided to go with the M3 and basically got an equal if not superior car for half the price." The typical daily driving experience consists of 90+% straight line'ish type driving. For owners to place so much emphasis on the only thing the M3 truly outshines the MS on along with lying to themselves with how economically savvy they are compared to MS owners, because it handles better during that 10% of driving experience, is ridiculous. We all know that the roads are literally shit everywhere in the US and that we all have to endure a similar daily driving experience regardless of where we live. So when owners, who are reeling from buyer's remorse, chime in with "The M3's handling during the minuscule accumulative few minutes each day I spend negotiating sharp turns is so completely awesome that it truly overshadows the exponentially dominant amount of time of my commute where I feel every teeth rattling, coffee splashing pothole or bump in the road whilst driving straight" I am just sick of those owners lying to themselves and denying their buyer's remorse over their M3 purchase where that process in turn results in insulting the rest of us MS owners by insinuating they (magically) possess an equal or superior vehicle at half the cost. That's where I throw the bullshit flag down on the 50 yard line. Just stop already! Tesla made it quite clear that the M3 is not and will never be an equal to the more costly MS when there was a popular rumor/belief that a fully spec'd M3 will somehow be as good as the MS at a much lower price. No you didn't get a Tesla that is as good as the more expensive model. Stop trying to make Model S owners feel like foolish gullible idiots for paying twice as much for a vehicle that could have been obtained for 1/2 the sticker price because you are trying to distract yourselves from coming to terms with your buyer's remorse.........

    • HT N
      HT N 8 months ago

      @Jim Shire - ""buyer's remorse" from these overly biased Model 3 owners." - Some drivers prefer smaller/lighter car for its handling, other drivers prefer larger/heavier car for its ride. You are judging others for their choices with your own reference which is 100% WRONG.