How This 13-Pound $600 Chocolate Egg Is Made | The Making Of

  • Published on Apr 18, 2019
  • Bettys is a 100-year-old chocolate shop in the UK. Every Easter the bakery celebrates by debuting a new chocolate egg creation. The eggs are decorated by hand, and they're definitely not cheap. Here's a look at how the company makes them.
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    How This 13-Pound $600 Chocolate Egg Is Made | The Making Of

Comments • 693

  • Itz_Courtney !
    Itz_Courtney ! Day ago

    Why is the egg $600 when it’s halo in the inside it should be $200

  • centigradz
    centigradz 8 days ago

    Much of it is just the shell. Not much inside.

  • Elizabeth Briar
    Elizabeth Briar 17 days ago

    -inserts unoriginal diabetes joke-

  • Princessjhope
    Princessjhope 22 days ago

    So erm, I don't think any of my family would pay 600 bucks on an easter egg for me.... 😭😢

  • XD_ Anastasis
    XD_ Anastasis Month ago

    You think I would pay 600 for something and gift it

  • Lavender playz
    Lavender playz Month ago

    *diabetes has entered the chat*

  • Tim Musoni
    Tim Musoni Month ago

    This is why im british

  • Rosalia Playz.
    Rosalia Playz. Month ago

    I think it’s important to share your egg with your family or friends, because eating it alone might hurt you..and also they’d get jealous..

  • Khorshid Alam
    Khorshid Alam Month ago +1


  • dokess Ezeaka
    dokess Ezeaka Month ago

    Now make it white chocolate and we're talking

  • lizzie mcguire
    lizzie mcguire Month ago

    how adorable!

  • S.K Naturegirl
    S.K Naturegirl Month ago

    I want one and chocolate now I live in Canada only in the uk ☀💧☔☁⛅🌈⛅☁☀💧☔🌂 :-( thanks again Canada

  • mam floyd
    mam floyd Month ago

    No wonder people are so dawm fat.

  • Maltbrew
    Maltbrew Month ago

    Terrible narrator.

  • Priceyknight
    Priceyknight Month ago

    faberge egg but edible

  • Mami H
    Mami H Month ago

    At least I know how to make a easy $600 now

  • Moonboon AJ
    Moonboon AJ Month ago +1

    If I eat that big chocolate egg I would be done with chocolate for life

  • Ayra Adnan
    Ayra Adnan Month ago

    I have never eaten a chocolate egg lol I don't celebrate easter(no one does in my country)

  • [MAJOR Maverick]
    [MAJOR Maverick] Month ago

    Now that Kids is diabetes

  • Joanna Zhang
    Joanna Zhang Month ago

    I would give this egg to myself if I can afford it but if I can’t I’ll just buy those 50c little chocolate

  • Sam J. B. Jacobs
    Sam J. B. Jacobs Month ago +1

    I would give this egg to my uncle that molested me as a thank you gift.

  • Nagham Alkhazzali
    Nagham Alkhazzali Month ago

    Ok how much is one small egg.

  • Nagham Alkhazzali
    Nagham Alkhazzali Month ago

    Skinny* eats one small egg* fat*

  • Jijiplayzz Xoxo
    Jijiplayzz Xoxo Month ago +3

    Me: I finished the whole egg! Dances*
    *Diabetes has entered the chat*
    *Heart-attack has entered the chat*
    Me: Victory dance time!
    Diabetes and heart-attack: *NOT TODAY YOUNG CHILD!!!*
    Me: I should be fine.
    Also me: drops onto the floor*

  • iM fUcKiNg InLoVe wIth Draco Malfoy!!!!

    Now everybody will make a joke about diabetes

  • NotLivelt 1
    NotLivelt 1 Month ago

    Pardon me your eggsellence is your egg tastier as it looks?

  • XGacha_KyrahX
    XGacha_KyrahX Month ago +1

    Is it heavy? What if you drop it.

  • only 1 subscriber with no videos

    I would give this egg to
    - me
    - also me
    - me again
    - oh hi, yeah, me
    - it's me, again
    -yep, you already know who it is, me
    - Obama

  • Vidal Cruz
    Vidal Cruz 2 months ago

    How do u even eat this

  • Sarah Ali
    Sarah Ali 2 months ago

    Yeah...I'd rather have a chocolate bar..😐

  • Robin Kemal Aldin Ebrahim 2B Hornslet Skole

    UK thing made by humans

    USA made by robots

  • Sadiah Ahmed
    Sadiah Ahmed 2 months ago

    I just eat kinder eggs

    (Shame Americans)

  • Miss T
    Miss T 2 months ago


    americans and grammar. smh

  • Naomi Zeilig
    Naomi Zeilig 2 months ago

    Wait what! The chocolates colour is pink? Holy crap I didn’t know that!

  • Charlotte
    Charlotte 2 months ago

    I’m proud to be from Yorkshire now lol

  • Leonie Coleman
    Leonie Coleman 2 months ago

    'who would you give this to?'
    Someone called betty

  • Kukung Deeka
    Kukung Deeka 2 months ago

    I wonder how to hide this egg

  • Niya’s World Period
    Niya’s World Period 2 months ago

    My mom

  • Anya G.
    Anya G. 2 months ago +1

    Just imagine the stomach ache after that... 😂

  • /Eilsia Skerrett
    /Eilsia Skerrett 2 months ago

    Who would you give this egg to
    No one I'm gonna eat it by myself

  • Rachel Fajardo
    Rachel Fajardo 2 months ago

    I’m still not buying a hollow egg.

  • Jasmine Angeles
    Jasmine Angeles 2 months ago

    Sugar paste = Fondant

  • Mr Migguns
    Mr Migguns 2 months ago +2

    Well, I guess you could say this video is...


  • CoboPops
    CoboPops 2 months ago

    Or melt down all the small ones you got

  • itsthefamoscrusty kisses

    Me myself and i

  • Jazzy Meep
    Jazzy Meep 2 months ago

    I would give this to my worst enemy because they would get fat and unhealthy 😏

  • Devilmaster 6x6
    Devilmaster 6x6 2 months ago

    1:23 before she said its color I thought it was strawberry -___-

  • Devilmaster 6x6
    Devilmaster 6x6 2 months ago

    The making of ??

  • the action director who is aaryan

    wait a minute....who suggested making a 600$ 13 pound egg again?

    • iAkmed
      iAkmed 2 months ago

      Can you sub to me

  • Midnight Howler
    Midnight Howler 2 months ago

    “Who’d you give this egg to?”
    *steals egg from video*
    *eats it in 1 second*
    I never said I’d give it to anyone but Myself

  • Gaming Lama
    Gaming Lama 2 months ago

    Holy diabetes

  • My One's Channel
    My One's Channel 2 months ago

    What a chocolate

  • Niji is not a meme
    Niji is not a meme 2 months ago

    I’d give the egg to myself, thank you

  • Blanca Carrilo
    Blanca Carrilo 2 months ago

    I will give it to my mouth

  • Thuy Duong
    Thuy Duong 2 months ago

    spill this comment with eggcellent jokes

  • lilycupcake11
    lilycupcake11 2 months ago

    Finally something cool I actually live near

  • Minty Wolf
    Minty Wolf 2 months ago

    Its too beautiful to eat

  • zebnemma
    zebnemma 2 months ago +2

    If I was rich and was about to get married I culd see myself getting one of these so all my guests culd feast on it. No way I wuld buy it to munch on alone WTF that's like 5 KG chocolate! XD

  • Regina Phalange
    Regina Phalange 2 months ago

    1:13 “this one is coloured pink”
    umm yeah no _shit_

  • Abstraz
    Abstraz 2 months ago

    Kids will eat these kinder eggs

  • B e t h
    B e t h 2 months ago +1

    My face duh.

  • Glenda Richardson
    Glenda Richardson 2 months ago

    I would give it to..... me!

  • Karnage
    Karnage 2 months ago +1

    Kakyoin did you lay this egg?

  • marhsmellowx fuffyx
    marhsmellowx fuffyx 2 months ago

    Omg yass I'm so lucky I live I England ha! Sucker's! Ok I'll stop

  • Hello
    Hello 2 months ago

    Imagine buying that and hot outside then it melts

  • Isabelle Abulencia
    Isabelle Abulencia 2 months ago

    I would give this egg to myself :3

  • Kidy - kids learning and playhouse

    Now i love EGG🤣🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤩

  • Shin246810
    Shin246810 2 months ago

    Me: *gives egg to girlfriend*
    Girlfriend: WHOS BETTY?!?

  • Jung Hoseok
    Jung Hoseok 2 months ago

    *your teeth has left the chat if you eat that*

  • Doofish The name
    Doofish The name 2 months ago

    Iz wouldz givez itz tooz myz stomachez