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  • marcoxtv
    marcoxtv 6 months ago

    ive had this shit for suck a long ass time

  • Shila Sujad
    Shila Sujad Year ago +1

    It won't let me update snapchat and is there another way????

  • Zach Wilson
    Zach Wilson Year ago +1

    Wet Dreams😀

  • Raymara Henley
    Raymara Henley Year ago

    What the hell is a Snapchat ++

  • TwoManly4this
    TwoManly4this Year ago

    didnt work :( but thanks :(

  • Isabel Bemrose
    Isabel Bemrose Year ago

    That was a wast of time

  • Ryan Koplien
    Ryan Koplien Year ago

    I like the new update

  • trends jaou
    trends jaou Year ago

    apps: Filters For SnapChat 2018 downloader hear

  • beebo! at the disco

    didnt work

  • Anasia Johnson
    Anasia Johnson Year ago

    I have the new Snapchat update but don’t have the font included what should I do

  • Little Chennys22
    Little Chennys22 Year ago

    Didn’t work

  • my wig flew
    my wig flew Year ago

    I have the old update... sorry to all who have the new one.

  • It’s me Lol
    It’s me Lol Year ago

    The app doesn't work for me

  • VilePlanet7
    VilePlanet7 Year ago +1

    Bro!! It work thx✌🏼🙏🏼

  • Mikayla Nebert
    Mikayla Nebert Year ago

    Thank u 💕😁

  • Flacko
    Flacko Year ago

    It works but when I disable the VPN it stops working...

  • Blitzツ
    Blitzツ Year ago

    This worked thank you

  • Naby Kafando
    Naby Kafando Year ago

    It doesn’t work with mine

  • Skskskdk Eoi
    Skskskdk Eoi Year ago

    It workedddddee

  • Mark Cavender
    Mark Cavender Year ago

    Actually works, thanks so much

  • Faye
    Faye Year ago


  • Amis Vosso
    Amis Vosso Year ago

    Thanks it worked

    • JoseTheMexican
      JoseTheMexican  Year ago

      Amis Vosso hope you like make sure you hit that sub button

  • khuseyn Ka
    khuseyn Ka Year ago


  • Razha sis
    Razha sis Year ago

    wow it actually wored usually i try stuff from youtube it never works

  • Emma Bell
    Emma Bell Year ago

    This didn’t work for me😔

  • Lukas Sakirgil
    Lukas Sakirgil Year ago

    This actually worked thank you so much

  • Youtube Challenges

    It worked for me thank you!

  • basicallyanisah
    basicallyanisah Year ago +1

    It works!

  • Charles Caver
    Charles Caver Year ago

    So iPhone 6 can’t get the update???

  • Daniela Torres
    Daniela Torres Year ago

    who the helll

  • SKY-911☆CS:GO☆

    Are you guys fucking dumb 😭😭😭😂😂😂😂

  • Khunedog 86
    Khunedog 86 Year ago

    wait why does the vpn have to be on

  • Akilah Janay
    Akilah Janay Year ago


  • Brittney
    Brittney Year ago

    Why would someone want that ugly update I hate it so much trust me save your time don’t do it

  • sister scarlett
    sister scarlett Year ago

    It didn’t work.

  • AwkwardTwilight Limes

    It’s not free anymore, you have to pay for Canada now

  • Leah Bruce
    Leah Bruce Year ago

    It’s not working 😭😭😭

  • Laura Šimić
    Laura Šimić Year ago +1

  • Colin English
    Colin English Year ago

    It worked!! Thanks bro

  • Nikita Mosley
    Nikita Mosley Year ago

    IT REALLY WORKED 🙌🏽 Thank you!!!

    • JoseTheMexican
      JoseTheMexican  Year ago

      Nikita Mosley snap?

    • JoseTheMexican
      JoseTheMexican  Year ago

      Nikita Mosley no keep it at Canada

    • Nikita Mosley
      Nikita Mosley Year ago

      JoseTheMexican Ok. Last question, does it have to be set to Canada or can I switch it back to USA and keep the update?

    • JoseTheMexican
      JoseTheMexican  Year ago

      Nikita Mosley lol sorry but you need the vpn

    • Nikita Mosley
      Nikita Mosley Year ago

      JoseTheMexican I subscribed 👌🏽 And could you please answer my questions? Lol

  • Agustina Mimnaugh

    Yo it worked, actually😂

  • Johnny Bravo.95
    Johnny Bravo.95 Year ago

    Doesn’t work

  • rhyoungboy
    rhyoungboy Year ago

    Don’t get it

  • Alex Roldan
    Alex Roldan Year ago

    Who would want to get the new update it sucks ass

  • Makayla Keen
    Makayla Keen Year ago

    Will this work the Samsung galaxy note 8

  • Jay Ventura
    Jay Ventura Year ago

    I can’t get it

  • Angel Vlogs
    Angel Vlogs Year ago +1

    Thanks it worked

  • supreme Boy
    supreme Boy Year ago

    It works but I got a question. If I delete vpn will the update disappear too

  • moonlightt mariå

    Thank you sooo much:) this actually worked

  • michael from State Farm

    Lemme fix the title “How to avoid the mistake I made”

  • Hayden Plum
    Hayden Plum Year ago +4

    You’ve got two different snaps

    • Akilah Janay
      Akilah Janay Year ago

      Hayden Plum it actually works I just did it like 3 minutes ago

    • JoseTheMexican
      JoseTheMexican  Year ago

      Hayden Plum I didnt use the Snapchat ++

  • trenchraine
    trenchraine Year ago +4

    What is the new snapchat update and why does everyone hate it. I haven't updated mine

    • Lyvia
      Lyvia Year ago

      mychemicalpilotsatthedisco 21 coz where u normally swipe to see stories, its just news now, the way you see your stories is to look beside each name and thats where there placed x

  • TheGalmo
    TheGalmo Year ago +1

    Next video: how to uninstall snapchat

  • Joe Weems
    Joe Weems Year ago

    Why would you want it. It’s donkey shit

  • Henrik B
    Henrik B Year ago


  • Damariannaaa
    Damariannaaa Year ago


  • mattie otts !
    mattie otts ! Year ago

    wait... how did this actually work i did it and then deleted the app and the update stayed in so confused

  • bhaddie
    bhaddie Year ago

    It worked thanks

  • lourdes lomeli
    lourdes lomeli Year ago

    OMG I GOT THE UPDATE YASSSSSSS everyone said this update sucked soo. but i made so many accounts to get the update and it worked but then the update disappeared but now it works AFTER DIS thanks so much

  • Jinx
    Jinx Year ago


  • Tyler Babe
    Tyler Babe Year ago

    It don’t work save ur time

  • Brandom Castor
    Brandom Castor Year ago

    Fuck this update it sucks

  • Migle
    Migle Year ago

    Who wants to collect streaks? Comment your username imma add you

  • Vansh Patel
    Vansh Patel Year ago

    It didn’t work for me

  • kiara cabrero
    kiara cabrero Year ago

    Does it work for andriods?

  • A big Person
    A big Person Year ago

    Doesn’t work

  • Mister Kjeggle
    Mister Kjeggle Year ago

    doesnt work anymore for me

  • Manuel Garcia
    Manuel Garcia Year ago

    Fuck that haha I turned my automatic updates off so it won’t update so I’m good

  • Dr. Dre
    Dr. Dre Year ago

    If I keep the vpn, but disconnect from it on my home wifi, does it still work, or does it need to be connected?

    • Dr. Dre
      Dr. Dre Year ago

      Yeah, I get that. But you're not getting what I'm asking. I asked do I need the VPN connected to my wifi or can I turn it off and keep the VPN on my phone itself.

    • JoseTheMexican
      JoseTheMexican  Year ago

      You need the vpn do not get rid of the vpn

  • Robert Porter
    Robert Porter Year ago +8

    I kinda like the new update honestly. But why didn’t I think about trying this idk but thank you much appreciated.

  • Featured Criss
    Featured Criss Year ago +1

    Why would you upload this no one wants to update 🙃

  • Molly walker
    Molly walker Year ago

    Why isn’t this working? I’ve followed all the steps and keep closing and opening snapchat

  • 50GreyKitties
    50GreyKitties Year ago

    The update is fucking trash no one wants this piece of shit

  • 50GreyKitties
    50GreyKitties Year ago

    I thought I was watching and Unbox Therapy video.

  • RealMahdi___
    RealMahdi___ Year ago

    Why do I have to do this to update it I live in the uk so shouldn’t it update on it’s own? I have iPhone 6 btw