Communist ASMR

  • Published on Dec 1, 2018
  • Comrade Yuri liberates you from the the tyranny & oppression of your anxiety and stress!
    00:00:00 Privyet, comrades!
    00:01:15 Relaxing AK-47 sounds ( Denix non-firing replica )
    00:16:00 The Relaxation of Bread
    00:20:40 Handing out the bread
    00:23:00 The Conquest of Anxiety & Stress
    00:26:20 Calming Bread Movements
    00:28:00 Breaking of the Bread
    00:28:56 Pete Kropotkin's Russian Dressing Relaxation
    00:32:49 A moment of silence
    00:33:22 Another moment of silence
    00:34:24 General Nutcracker
    00:39:19 Surprise Unboxing #1
    00:44:23 Surprise Unboxing #2
    00:49:20 Yuri’s Top Secret Mission
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    What is ASMR?
    ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It's a non-scientific word that an everyday person came up with to describe the feeling characterized as a pleasurable tingling sensation felt in the head, scalp, back and other regions of the body in response to visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, and/or cognitive stimuli, such as crinkling bags, hand movements, whispering, personal attention or watching someone perform a task. It's like goosebumps but much more pleasant and without the uncomfortable chills.
    ASMR videos are meant to intentionally induce this sensation in the viewer, often referred to as "tingles", but the videos also serve to provide a relaxing, calming and soothing experience for the viewer. Many people who do not experience ASMR still enjoy the videos for their calming and sleepy effect.
  • ComedyComedy

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  • wenzel wellingness
    wenzel wellingness 3 hours ago

    Таппинг по калашу ну норм ! Ктото засыпает от ак на вечно а ктото отправляется спать

  • marxist kid
    marxist kid 20 hours ago

    There needs to be chinese socialist yuri and n. Korean jucheist yuri

  • spookonator
    spookonator 23 hours ago

    2:15 what if he died like that and the police found him

  • Equinaught
    Equinaught 23 hours ago

    Me: Enjoying ASMR.
    ER: Gently and profoundly molests a loaf of bread.

  • Plum list
    Plum list Day ago


  • Banzov
    Banzov Day ago

    Типичный день в России.

  • Jack Gibson
    Jack Gibson Day ago

    The quiet kid when he gets punched by the school bullies 1:16

  • Jan Kubl
    Jan Kubl Day ago

    Bad theme you dont want to live in communist

  • Flying Hippo
    Flying Hippo Day ago

    Do asmr ww1 or ww1 like if u agree

  • RBS
    RBS 2 days ago

    Gun Nerf gun

  • RBS
    RBS 2 days ago

    communist communist communist communist communist communist communist communist communist

  • The Krystof
    The Krystof 2 days ago

    Where is our vodka

  • Winnie Talicol
    Winnie Talicol 2 days ago

    Ur a Soviet soldier

  • Epic Vlogs & Games
    Epic Vlogs & Games 2 days ago


  • Jimmy Ortiz
    Jimmy Ortiz 2 days ago +1


  • Flofou 91
    Flofou 91 3 days ago

    I am a republican but this was damn good

  • bigboi gamer ツ
    bigboi gamer ツ 3 days ago +1

    Can you just make a video where you ONLY tap the AK-47?

  • Alexan Mateosyan
    Alexan Mateosyan 3 days ago

    The chamber is empty.That sums up my entire love life.

  • Super Zack
    Super Zack 3 days ago


  • Tzer
    Tzer 3 days ago +1

    Anyone have a comrade yuri playlist.

  • Oahu Gaming AKA Paddy Daddy

    this is the kind of quality content that I look for on youtube. Thank you

  • Erwin
    Erwin 3 days ago

    *Are ya feelin' it now, Comrade Krabs?*

  • NOEH 1607
    NOEH 1607 4 days ago +1

    listen to this first before rushing B

  • Тима Гладких

    Привет из росии

  • Danielle Bradshaw
    Danielle Bradshaw 4 days ago

    thank you comrade

  • Soviet Bear
    Soviet Bear 5 days ago

    I was drinking water watching this.
    Now it turned to Vodka.

    ZIONOMANIA 5 days ago +2

    **Joseph Stalin would like to know your location**

    • Doomer
      Doomer Day ago +1

      Why would he. *HE KNOWS IT ALREADY*

  • Sjoerd Scheeper
    Sjoerd Scheeper 5 days ago

    6:36 imagine the gun was loaded......

  • Guest Guest
    Guest Guest 5 days ago +1

    ASM Our video
    До сведения

  • plywood 4545
    plywood 4545 5 days ago

    Mother Russia bless this man

  • Chain Gigan
    Chain Gigan 5 days ago

    For extra immersion, don't eat for a few days!

  • legionario italiano
    legionario italiano 5 days ago

    Franz:HANZ GET ZE....oh this is asmr
    hanz get ze flammenwerfer quietly......
    Hanz: HAI......oh right.... haiiiil

  • Palaidpuķis Padambis

    you're trying so hard but it's just not working out

  • Damian Wer
    Damian Wer 6 days ago

    AK makes people sleep,but never this way

  • yeahboii
    yeahboii 6 days ago

    это заставляет меня улыбаться

  • Callum Thomson
    Callum Thomson 6 days ago

    Me and the Russian boys watching asmr at 3am

  • Logan Courtin
    Logan Courtin 6 days ago

    NIKOLAI ???

  • Matúš Jančovič
    Matúš Jančovič 6 days ago

    this now has 1 year lets sing the anthem in 1 word per person. SOYUUZ

  • John
    John 6 days ago

    1 year ago...

  • ‘-‘
    ‘-‘ 6 days ago +3

    “You see Ivan, you put silencer on grenade, you get quiet explosion for purpose of stealth”

  • Ох Я очень сильно вляпался


  • only первый
    only первый 6 days ago

    Не похож ты на камуниста

  • HAGK420
    HAGK420 6 days ago

    Does nobody realize that he's saluting

  • Константин Костючков

    Reznov?! , I knew that he was alive!

  • Ss s
    Ss s 6 days ago +1

    У АК есть много способов уложить тебя спать

  • Narwhals1O
    Narwhals1O 6 days ago

    All I gotta say is......


  • John Rami
    John Rami 6 days ago

    KGB or RED ARMY comrade

  • Gerald GERALDSON
    Gerald GERALDSON 6 days ago +2

    We never got to the ammunition :(

  • FrizzyAndFrixy
    FrizzyAndFrixy 6 days ago

    Best asmr so far

  • Faze_Monster 456
    Faze_Monster 456 6 days ago +1

    With this ak you will sleep for a long time
    *shoots you with ak*

  • ディアスジェレミー

    You're the absolute best ASMR channel.

  • Alessandra Dantas
    Alessandra Dantas 6 days ago

    Vai se fuderrrrrrrrrr sou nazista até morrerrrrrrr kkkkkkk

  • BackInMyDay
    BackInMyDay 6 days ago

    ASMR Stands for: Amazing Soviet Mega Gun

  • Lucas •-•
    Lucas •-• 6 days ago

    Why are u touching *OUR* AK like that comadre ! ! !

  • vEq S
    vEq S 7 days ago

    Водочку и в путь!

  • Potato
    Potato 7 days ago +1

    *relaxing ak-47 sounds*

  • Sa3ed najib
    Sa3ed najib 7 days ago


  • Сильный Френк

    Very good video my friends :3

  • IamFly ;3
    IamFly ;3 7 days ago

    Чётко вышло

  • ItsCloudX
    ItsCloudX 7 days ago

    1. You nèeded tò let your ber to grow like tjat
    2. You had to join the army
    3. You had to ask your officer if you can take the cĺoses and the ak-14
    4. You go tò the shop to buy a big flag.