Pokemon Sword and Shield - New Abilities, Items & Moves Official Trailer

  • Published on Aug 16, 2019
  • The newest Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer showcases some of the newest abilities, items, and moves Pokemon Trainers will be able to utilize later this year!
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Comments • 652

  • shellman1 yt
    shellman1 yt 3 days ago

    Pokemon Sword and Sheld is coming very soon

  • shellman1 yt
    shellman1 yt 3 days ago

    That was awesome

  • GamingWolfyYT
    GamingWolfyYT 9 days ago

    Whos the pokemon that is next to milotic

  • Kush Yagnik
    Kush Yagnik 12 days ago

    What happens if wailord dynamaxes?

  • Tahmeed Rahman
    Tahmeed Rahman 13 days ago

    Ooh mirror armor is pretty dope

  • JrkPlays
    JrkPlays 14 days ago +1

    Sobble used depression!
    *Corvinight's mirror armor*
    Sobble's happiness can't go any lower!

  • Emmanuel Frost
    Emmanuel Frost 14 days ago

    Am I the only one who is wandering how they will incorporate this into the anime series ?

  • budi mulia wibowo koean
    budi mulia wibowo koean 15 days ago +1

    errr among all new feature the big pokemon thing was the worst...

  • Hatta Ibrar
    Hatta Ibrar 16 days ago +1

    I wonder how big wailord is when use dynamax.🤔😅

  • Tommy Yacullo
    Tommy Yacullo 21 day ago +5

    Eelektross: I am... inevitable.
    Weezing: And I... have Neutralizing Gas.

  • abhi kumar
    abhi kumar 22 days ago

    This should've had Mega evolutions!

  • Zachary Rodriguez
    Zachary Rodriguez 22 days ago

    Please Nintendo, remaster FireRed and LeafGreen please!

    • Prip
      Prip 13 days ago

      They are already remasters lmao also we just had let's go why would you want gen 1 again?

  • Krystal Harper
    Krystal Harper 23 days ago +2

    I bet 90% of the complainers will buy the game anyway just bully other players and boost their fragile egos.

    • Fat Snowdog
      Fat Snowdog 19 days ago

      The game animations are pretty meh there was a wii game with better animations thats concerning tbh. Maybe if the game was on a ds again but its on the switch this time it should be better not reused assets there is so much potential. People were expecting some breath of the wild stuff and got this instead.

  • Habiluca Smash
    Habiluca Smash 23 days ago

    Well, Rotom goes to the trash now.

  • Fast Boi
    Fast Boi 24 days ago

    We still need to see starter evolutions

  • Scrub Doge
    Scrub Doge 24 days ago

    Nice to see them give stat abilities a little attention

  • Renee Mørk
    Renee Mørk 24 days ago

    Ooofffppp - its the Weezing with the tophat 😆

  • Majoras Arbok
    Majoras Arbok 24 days ago +6

    GameFreak: We are cutting Pokemon to improve the balance of the competitive scene
    Also GameFreak: Galarian Weezing and Slaking in doubles now exists

  • Ben Shenton
    Ben Shenton 25 days ago

    So many pokemon they could put in smash I hope it's Snorlax or Ditto because they are always their and keep their popularity just like eevee but are Snorlax and Ditto both pokeball items maybe in the next smash then

  • Andrew Hom
    Andrew Hom 25 days ago

    Bring back Nat Dex

  • Kyree Turner
    Kyree Turner 25 days ago

    So, are these games worth $60.00?

  • Simone Cavallo
    Simone Cavallo 25 days ago

    like #3000

  • scorpionolazco
    scorpionolazco 25 days ago

    Pokémon is going from worst to down right sad. I can’t believe the laziness is the gameplay.

  • TurboPikachuX
    TurboPikachuX 25 days ago

    Notice how Fake Out didn't have an animation

    It's really sad that normal sized Pokemon don't even get move animations at all against dynamaxed Pokemon. Only Dynamaxed Pokemon get to look like they're actually fighting during a Dynamax battle..

  • Dragneel
    Dragneel 26 days ago +10

    "galarian weezing gets neutralizing gas..." -"REGIGIGAS WOULD LIKE TO KNOW YOUR LOCATION"

  • Elvis Moreno
    Elvis Moreno 26 days ago +3

    The more and more i see gameolay being released with new abilities the less excited i am pokemon is kinda getting ruined for me and I've been with pokemon since red blue and yellow to bad we didnt get green lol but yea pokemon going down hill for me

    • Prip
      Prip 13 days ago


  • lex pangilinan
    lex pangilinan 26 days ago

    Dynamaxing does not really charm me no matter how much I watch it. I mean new megas aren't bad at all. Why do Gamefreak keeps on fixing something that is not broken and ignoring all the things that need to be fix.

    • Prip
      Prip 13 days ago

      Dude a removal is not the same as a fix

  • Eldi Memaj
    Eldi Memaj 26 days ago

    personally this should have styed as 3DS game

    • Prip
      Prip 13 days ago

      But it can't? also the 3ds is dead

  • Rickshi and Moku
    Rickshi and Moku 26 days ago

    Anyone notice all the sinnoh pokemon out there 🤤 remake coming boys

    • Rickshi and Moku
      Rickshi and Moku 19 days ago

      @Duel Links Alpha no because a main series game always comes out first. Then the remakes tend to follow

    • Duel Links Alpha
      Duel Links Alpha 20 days ago

      @Rickshi and Moku Shouldn't we already have gotten it by now

    • Duel Links Alpha
      Duel Links Alpha 20 days ago

      @Rickshi and Moku but instead we got Let's go Weak Achoo' and Let's Go Eazy and this weak sauce of a game.

    • Rickshi and Moku
      Rickshi and Moku 20 days ago

      @Duel Links Alpha idk what you mean I thought everyone new the next remake would be on the next gen console lol fire red leaf green got the gameboy. Heartgold soulsilver got the ds, and of course alpha and omega got the 3ds. So with that same formula diamond and pearl would fall under the switch

    • Duel Links Alpha
      Duel Links Alpha 26 days ago

      We thought that after sun and moon

  • Thanoosh Amirthanathar
    Thanoosh Amirthanathar 27 days ago +2

    Dynamax vs destiny bond. Who will win?

  • Thanoosh Amirthanathar

    Dynamax Magikarp use EMERALD SPLASH!!!!!!!!

  • Nadir Hushi
    Nadir Hushi 27 days ago

    My expectations were so high since it is a new platform....but then we get this, honestly if we want more then we need to demand more with our MONEY so I am not buying this and you shouldn't either if you want more from the developers

    • Prip
      Prip 13 days ago

      Perfect way to put it instead of spamming bringbacknationaldex#

  • Justin Koonce
    Justin Koonce 27 days ago

    Ive seen more on dynamax than i have the new pokemon. Did they show the starters evolutions yet??

  • Jack Corvus
    Jack Corvus 27 days ago +3

    Oof Slaking gets caffeinated with Galarian Weezing !!😆😅

  • The Myles' High Club
    The Myles' High Club 27 days ago

    Im going to capture all the gen 3 pokemon in this game

  • Dominic Delliber
    Dominic Delliber 27 days ago +1

    Everytime a new trailer is shown the better and better the game will look!

  • Can we hit five subscriber S

    I don’t know why but supper effective moves are satisfying

  • Gekgame Jof
    Gekgame Jof 27 days ago +2

    Guys the game actually looks better than the demo and the last trailers I think game freaks are fixing some of the problems

  • Erlend Kaarbø
    Erlend Kaarbø 27 days ago

    Qwilfish, Shellos, Gastrodon, Rotom, Timburr, Gurdurr, Conkeldurr, Cottonee and Whimsicott were all confirmed in this trailer 😊 👍

  • Yobtar
    Yobtar 27 days ago +6

    These new items and abilities look like they'll open up a lot of opportunities for strategy! Can't wait to use them in tandem with all twelve Pokémon that will be in the final game.

  • Iron Disciple
    Iron Disciple 27 days ago

    That giant form is not getting my attention why are they doing this? I was okay with alola forms and liked mega evolution i really hated z moves now this? Wth this is killing pokemon for me give me a zangoose evolution a hitmon lee, top, and chan evolution not this crap. Never thought id skip a Pokémon game. Atleast i have fire emblem.

  • iceball
    iceball 27 days ago

    ? ff7 had those. what’s new

    • Prip
      Prip 13 days ago

      Had what?

  • Brady Prentice
    Brady Prentice 28 days ago +2

    Eject pack close combat staraptor with intimidate. Yikes.

  • MadDemon64
    MadDemon64 28 days ago

    Dynamax Self-Destruct's secondary effect: the world ends.

  • thomas mabbott
    thomas mabbott 28 days ago

    Is it me or does this pokemon gen feel really dated? I think pokemon needs to go down some route of semi realtime battles tbh digimon have been doing it for years and has always been enjoyable to play for a real time battle would love to see a pokemon take on it.

    • Prip
      Prip 13 days ago

      Not really since that would ruin the competitive scene also the Hole battle system would need a overhaul i just don't think Pokémon is a game for you

  • Wasid Ali
    Wasid Ali 28 days ago

    Pokemon Bob & Pokemon Vegana

  • Chocolate Thunder
    Chocolate Thunder 28 days ago

    I think it’s funny how Game Freak thinks we want this when all we want is a National Dex

  • Muffinator Yeet
    Muffinator Yeet 28 days ago

    So what’s the deal with the dex

  • Gwenpool
    Gwenpool 28 days ago

    This is the game that will end the Digmon vs. Pokémon vs. debates

  • Andre Pol
    Andre Pol 28 days ago

    Gotta catch 30%?

  • Joshua Perry
    Joshua Perry 28 days ago

    Oh I can't wait to use slaking with galarian wheezing that'll be so op! Oh wait slaking might not even be in the game

  • itsSamPra
    itsSamPra 28 days ago

    Those dynamax Pokemons will be killing everyone in the arena with a single move

  • Sandro Kern
    Sandro Kern 28 days ago

    Gotta catch... Some of them..

  • BGK s
    BGK s 28 days ago

    Bye bye immersion

    • Prip
      Prip 13 days ago


  • Sir Rizo
    Sir Rizo 28 days ago +3

    My ariados needs to evolve or be galariados pls

  • Keith Bowie
    Keith Bowie 28 days ago

    The gigantic pkmn killed it for me. The pkmn also look lost just standing in one place

    • Prip
      Prip 13 days ago

      Wtf are you talking about they have stood in one place since the beginnig also what should they do be running away? Lmao

  • Alberto Cascante
    Alberto Cascante 28 days ago

    Is there an option to disactivate dinamax?

  • Virgil Hawkins
    Virgil Hawkins 28 days ago

    Wait Machamp can Dynamax? All it has to do is remove its power save belt.

    • Rigel McMillan
      Rigel McMillan 23 days ago

      @Virgil Hawkins oh sorry I apologize for not getting the joke

    • Virgil Hawkins
      Virgil Hawkins 23 days ago

      @Rigel McMillan Machamp retains the power save belt after evolving. Check a picture of it.

      I know every Pokemon can Dynamax mechanically; the joke was that Machamp (and Machoke) shouldn't have to.

    • Rigel McMillan
      Rigel McMillan 28 days ago

      That's machoke the form before it and also every Pokemon can dynamax

  • darian presidente
    darian presidente 29 days ago +2

    Baisically a 3ds game on a switch ....like really couldnt make the animations unique to each pokemon ? This looks like ecery 3ds pokemon game ....just better graphics

    • Prip
      Prip 13 days ago

      @darian presidente you do now that every single animation from gen 1 and 2 Mons was imported from Stadium right? So they only had to do gen 3 Mons animation

    • darian presidente
      darian presidente 13 days ago

      @Prip like pokemon colosseum but slighly better ...and the switch is more than capapble

    • Prip
      Prip 13 days ago

      What animation do they need to make unique to every Pokémon? What are you talking about?

  • putorickforever
    putorickforever 29 days ago +1