How to Pronounce Common Male Names: American English


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  • dog lover
    dog lover 2 years ago +1

    David is my name I'm just on my sisters tablet

  • Fernando Cezar
    Fernando Cezar 7 years ago

    marry me Rachel ?

  • Pushpraj Singh
    Pushpraj Singh 8 years ago

    it is really wonderful to listen to your lovely voice, it has helped me a lot.

  • Spinelli
    Spinelli 8 years ago

    :) thnx now i know how to say robert!

  • Rachel's English
    Rachel's English  8 years ago

    @Aibakaneesh Agreed!

  • Collineesh
    Collineesh 8 years ago

    @uyandha Personally, I would say "sam-ul" Like "sAAm-youll" with the stress on the first syllable.