‘The NBA nets are too long!’ Jalen Rose on Rockets’ blown call | Jalen & Jacoby

  • Published on Dec 4, 2019
  • Jalen Rose and David Jacoby react to James Harden's 4th quarter dunk that was waived off by NBA referees in the Houston Rockets' 135-133 loss vs. the San Antonio Spurs in double overtime.
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Comments • 129

  • P Bailed
    P Bailed Month ago

    The Nets are too long, get over yourselves

  • sidjustice43
    sidjustice43 Month ago

    Reminds me of the Rip dunk.

  • jdv 86er
    jdv 86er Month ago

    This is the age we live in, something happens ONE TIME and people overreact to it, the nets are fine, stop it. If it were the case we would have heard about them by now, it should've gone to replay, the refs blew the call plain and simple.

  • Jwilly G
    Jwilly G Month ago

    as soon as the defense jokes came I'm outta here. He's one of the best defenders we have and he hasn't been a below average defender since 2015

  • Nushy Nush
    Nushy Nush Month ago

    This man just said he gets steals but he doesn’t play defense

  • Andriy M.
    Andriy M. Month ago

    I think they should just get rid of the nets period, who needs them anyway, they just make things worse

  • Allen Xiang
    Allen Xiang Month ago

    It’s okay to miss a call. We all human we all make mistakes. But when refs refuse to admit they fucked up, that’s not okay.

  • Pro Sports Duos
    Pro Sports Duos Month ago +1

    They were up by 22 and blew it it’s not the refs fault(it was a bad call though)

  • Adrian Gordon
    Adrian Gordon Month ago

    When has this ever happened before? Somebody is trying to make a headline.

  • David
    David Month ago

    Why is this being made a big deal? Like come on. This is why people hate sports media

  • Dalon moore
    Dalon moore Month ago

    Who else read the title and thought Brooklyn Nets?

  • Book of shadows contributor Brian

    222th comment 🚺🚼🚻🚮

  • Mike
    Mike Month ago

    Too Long, too Strong 💪

  • John Asante
    John Asante Month ago

    I think it's actually a good point

  • Man Ape
    Man Ape Month ago

    Capela and Rivers both scored equal or more than Westbrook while having less than 10 FG attempts compared to Westbrooks 30 attempts.

  • Karl HK
    Karl HK Month ago

    I'm just here to say that the podcast had been totally ruined going corporate!
    Lost a listener.

  • Casey Flentye
    Casey Flentye Month ago

    Ball confuses everyone for a hot second 1 time in 26 years.
    C H A N G E T H E N E T S?!? lol 😂

  • Mike taerte
    Mike taerte Month ago

    NBA is the greatest league in basketball
    Referees can't decide it's basket or not

    pick one

  • christian
    christian Month ago

    They will probably replay it

  • christian
    christian Month ago

    Yea make them like college nets

  • The biggest loser in sports history

    I just noticed.

  • jimijackson
    jimijackson Month ago

    The nets are there for visibility. Easier for the crowd to see made baskets. Otherwise why have a net at all

  • jimijackson
    jimijackson Month ago

    He traveled

  • 🔥Zay97🔥
    🔥Zay97🔥 Month ago +4

    Nets: never bothered anybody ever
    Jalen: "the nets are way too long!"

  • dbritton89
    dbritton89 Month ago

    Harden least effient 50 most efficient 60. Crazy world 🤷‍♂️

  • dbritton89
    dbritton89 Month ago +1

    Rockets #1 in wide open 3 point attempts

  • dbritton89
    dbritton89 Month ago

    The rockets played bad after the un-counted points.
    The didny let us challenge it and made up rules to not look at it.
    Regulation and 2OT ended on a Harden Offensive foul. Interesting.

  • Grant
    Grant Month ago +1

    it’s not the nets its the refs

  • Justin Cady
    Justin Cady Month ago

    Kobe thought they were just about right. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Joe D.
    Joe D. Month ago

    there would be more if they were shorter,

  • beamernz1
    beamernz1 Month ago +1

    When was the last time this happened? But yeah the nets are "To0 l0nG". Smh

  • trey Philly697
    trey Philly697 Month ago +9

    Forget that, we blew a 22 point lead and harden Nd russ went 18/68 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • KMT15
    KMT15 Month ago

    It’s very obvious that harden only cares about his stats. It’s obnoxious how inefficient he is

  • cuatro cinco
    cuatro cinco Month ago

    Might be the best video I watched all day. Thanks Jalen and Jacoby

  • Brenn K
    Brenn K Month ago

    Harden trying to manipulate the rulebook so much to the point where hes trying to get 2 for 1 buckets now.

  • number1ninja5
    number1ninja5 Month ago

    In all honesty tho the refs have been complete trash the entire season so far. They have video playback so they don’t make these kind of mistakes and yet it happens like wut?

  • Sunny Darko'
    Sunny Darko' Month ago

    Happens once..
    Let's change the nets.

  • Sunny Darko'
    Sunny Darko' Month ago

    Leave da damb net.

  • Lord Of The World
    Lord Of The World Month ago

    Harden's beard is too long!! 😂

  • Nicholas Williams
    Nicholas Williams Month ago +1

    That's clearly a call that shouldn't have been missed. These are professional refs that get paid. Come on son

  • mrgetitdone85
    mrgetitdone85 Month ago

    So out of thousands of games this happened once and now the nets are too long.... smfh u can’t make this up

  • Fred Turner
    Fred Turner Month ago

    Take down the nets. Think of how many times you'd have to stop the game to see if the ball passed through the rim,but your dunk will go in.🤷‍♂️🤪

  • Honestly Speaking
    Honestly Speaking Month ago +1

    After the whistle blower ref came forward about how officiating leans towards positive or negative reffing on specific players given behind the scenes nba meetings that allow refs to be overtly bias to the point of betting on certain outcomes, and with newfound hate for harden coming from even the TNT bunch, I have to say that this game seemed rigged. Ive seen the same offensive foul late innyhe game called a blocking foul - and with that absurd dunk call - its like pundits of the NBA Are here to protect the refs, and create plausible deniabily with their scewed analysis to ultimately protect the integrity of the league- to the point of placing blame on inanimate objects like a net.

  • mistery trout
    mistery trout Month ago

    Wait so basketball nets are bigger than ones in your local gym?

  • flyguy_1914
    flyguy_1914 Month ago

    The rent is too high !!

  • Namo Bojar
    Namo Bojar Month ago

    Harden is one of the best scorers in NBA's history but he's not a 🏆 caliber. Harden is not thirsty for 🏆. He care about scoring 😰.

  • Ross .B
    Ross .B Month ago

    And Y’all fans get mad at Kobe taking so many shots in the past

  • Sal M
    Sal M Month ago +2

    Bro I thought this dunk was for the game why are they complaining and asking for a win

  • Meester Chris
    Meester Chris Month ago

    Go to chain nets, that way Harden can shoot free throws every time the light off the net reflects into his eyes.

  • Andrew Goorahoo
    Andrew Goorahoo Month ago +1

    The fact that all these people coming on here saying that the NBA wont do anything about it and compare it to a blown foul call etc. what about 3pt shots are ruled 2pts or vice versa, it is gone back and looked at in the replays and changed based on the REPLAY FOOTAGE, this call should have been treated the same way. and no i am not a rockets or harden fan, a fan of the game and the right thing being done.

  • Juan Tapia
    Juan Tapia Month ago +2

    Almost a 4 point game by Harden...his scoring going next level soon

  • Benzman500sl
    Benzman500sl Month ago

    Give me a fucking break. The nets are not too long!!!!!!

  • Wrathofkala
    Wrathofkala Month ago

    This is ridiculous it's one play....

  • Emanuel Staton
    Emanuel Staton Month ago +6

    after the missed call it was still 8 minutes left in the 4th quarter and they are up by 14. 2 points is going to change the fact that they blew a lead?

    • ICE KING 100
      ICE KING 100 Month ago

      @Green Machine i dont think you read that properly...

    • Green Machine
      Green Machine Month ago

      The Truth buddy I don’t think you watched the game. The game did go to overtime. Double overtime to be exact. The score was tied after the end of regulation, that’s why people are saying Houston should be rewarded the win

    • The Truth
      The Truth Month ago +1

      Well to be fair they did lose by 2 points, if that counted they wouldn’t of gone to OT

    • shrek x phiona
      shrek x phiona Month ago


  • ByChristopher Ewing
    ByChristopher Ewing Month ago +6

    “Say no to turtle necks”, God.

  • Super Duty 455
    Super Duty 455 Month ago

    Nets are also too white ya feel me.

  • Frozen Tundra
    Frozen Tundra Month ago +16

    I have a solution: chain nets - remember those...

    • Grady McKinney
      Grady McKinney Month ago

      @Ricardo Diaz won't get tangled..more like mangled lol

    • Ricardo Diaz
      Ricardo Diaz Month ago

      Nah players can get hurt with those if there fingers get tangled up

    • Grady McKinney
      Grady McKinney Month ago

      Gerald green has left the chat

    • videogameboutique
      videogameboutique Month ago +7

      You'd have so many hand and finger injuries from a hand or finger getting stuck in the chains. Very bad idea....

    • matt.t
      matt.t Month ago +2

      wow i suddenly got so many flashbacks of balling at the park. i've never seen them indoors before...

  • Frozen Tundra
    Frozen Tundra Month ago +14

    So, with replay available, how did the referees not make the right call?

  • Cody Cha
    Cody Cha Month ago +36

    Jalen: let’s blame the net!

    Everyone: molly fired yet?!?!

  • Rollin Leonard
    Rollin Leonard Month ago

    steals are more like a symptom of not playing team defense sometimes. harden steals are usually him hedging or hanging back or waiting for the opportunity and usually he's just out of position and letting things slip by.