Film Theory: Disney's Biggest Disasters! (Moana, Hercules, Lion King...)


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  • Cole Schadel
    Cole Schadel 19 days ago +31146

    *When you want to get the theory done before the end of 2018 but you spent hours looking and calculating Madagascar’s square miles to see how many lemurs would fit*

    • BAMGaming
      BAMGaming 3 days ago

      Personally, I loved Dinosaur as a kid. You reminding me if it actually made me consider rewatching it. And I think it’s worth checking out for anyone, it’s not that long and has some great moving scenes!

    • Happyfuz1 Hi!
      Happyfuz1 Hi! 6 days ago


    • Giorno Giovanna
      Giorno Giovanna 6 days ago

      Cole Schadel .....WHAT?????......

    • GameboyTaje
      GameboyTaje 8 days ago

      +The Film Theorists ok ok

    • john klien
      john klien 8 days ago

      How About Coco?

    FIRE SERPLEX 14 hours ago

    I went for mulan

  • Jaemie Robins
    Jaemie Robins 14 hours ago

    I think dinosaurs

  • Kevin Orr
    Kevin Orr 14 hours ago


  • Blake Demers
    Blake Demers 15 hours ago

    Pixar deaths!!!

  • Zachary Fuchs
    Zachary Fuchs 16 hours ago

    Ok I absolutely love film theory. May I also add that you’d be a great detective or FBI agent

  • Stacey Sherbert
    Stacey Sherbert 17 hours ago

    So Disney heaven is 90% lemurs?

  • Ethan Daniels
    Ethan Daniels 17 hours ago

    He called it a triceratops XD it's a pachyrhinosaurus but from the same family tho

  • candy corn joe 77
    candy corn joe 77 18 hours ago

    wouldn't the Hercules death count me hire because the titans kill stuff a long with that and i might be wrong but you only mentioned when they were released

  • Ilyas Majidi
    Ilyas Majidi 18 hours ago

    Do this for Doctor Who. I dare you to watch all 36 seasons.

  • s3
    s3 18 hours ago

    what about the millions of people who are on the counting board in Hercules

  • Dariusz Baranowski
    Dariusz Baranowski 19 hours ago

    Marvel should not take a part in this, beacuse Thanos is obviously a winner.

  • Dariusz Baranowski
    Dariusz Baranowski 19 hours ago

    Dreamworks didn't kill that many creatures... Or did they? Kung-Fu Panda all 3 movies can beat lemurs deaths easy. I think :P

  • Slayer Treck
    Slayer Treck 20 hours ago

    I choose Atlantis! (Haven’t finished it yet)

  • RoyPreston17890
    RoyPreston17890 21 hour ago

    Shouldn’t dead meat be doing the kill count 😂

  • Lucy Vlogs!
    Lucy Vlogs! 22 hours ago


  • no like
    no like 23 hours ago

    How did Spiderman's wall sticking power work after he got his new suit? How does his power even work? If it's supposed to be the Raini's newly evolved Peter Parker?

  • Katie N.
    Katie N. 23 hours ago

    im going to guess mulan but i have a felling it might be Hercules for some reason

  • Jason Tuson Bodi

    Κρήτη ♡♡

  • Seth McCullough
    Seth McCullough Day ago

    You guys should do a Shakespeare death count. In hamlet alone, there are going to be a ton because the entire kingdom gets invaded.

  • Ancient Chaos
    Ancient Chaos Day ago

    My guess is infinity war lol

  • lara
    lara Day ago +1

    plus one dead matpat after all the time and effort it took to make this series.
    *rip matpat*

  • Squadleeder
    Squadleeder Day ago

    It’s not the answer we wanted but it’s the answer we needed

  • GreenPumkin85
    GreenPumkin85 Day ago

    Would the movie Ants count?

  • Curious cat 101
    Curious cat 101 Day ago

    Madagascar or mulan

  • Anna Janssen
    Anna Janssen Day ago

    I WAS RIGHT!!!!!!!!

  • Aelynn Sue
    Aelynn Sue Day ago


  • YouTube
    YouTube Day ago


  • GrieferGuy
    GrieferGuy Day ago +1

    Was I the only one to skip to the end?

  • ronald4life1
    ronald4life1 Day ago

    If your not watching this at 1.5x-2x your doing it wrong.

  • Gaming Show in Rayquaza's Garage

    I knew it! It was meet the robinsons

  • LittleDwarf
    LittleDwarf Day ago

    honestly peta is shook

  • AngelBird
    AngelBird Day ago

    Woah Woah woah.. you have some splainin to do.
    I guess we are not counting the Hades death pit thing then or any one maybe (probably) killed by the titans.. I mean earthquakes, hurricane force winds, massive blizzards, Toxic Volcanic ash as well as thousands of degrees of lava which would create massive wild fires not even counting those who may have died a long the march up to olympus..
    I demand an explanation for this travesty.

  • MegaLegoLuigiEX
    MegaLegoLuigiEX Day ago

    MCU kill count
    Not including the snap

  • Aiden Haughey
    Aiden Haughey Day ago

    its gonna be dinosaurs

  • Lps Isabean
    Lps Isabean Day ago

    When Madagascar just started to separate from continental Africa,

  • Anne Dumbo
    Anne Dumbo Day ago

    my gurl mulan

    JRM JRM Day ago

    Glad my pick got 3rd

  • Carter Animations

    i was right and you were wronh hahaha

  • The GamerVampire

    11:49 *Attack on Titan theme song plays in the distance*

  • Black Fox
    Black Fox Day ago

    Isn't infinity war the most deadly Disney film, since marvel is owned by disney?

  • Scarlet Rodriguez

    Mulan or atlantis

  • Adam Oswald
    Adam Oswald Day ago +2

    Atlantis is a prequel to moai's solo movie dealing with time travel

  • Maxwell George
    Maxwell George Day ago

    Disney owns Marvel so infinity war is the deadliest because half of the entire universe dies

  • Mako Bowman
    Mako Bowman Day ago

    am i a weirdo but im betting on Atlantis

  • Pepsi addict 17047

    10:56 "throw some flex tape on those century old boats"

  • Lucaas Nelson
    Lucaas Nelson Day ago

    You said animals dont count

  • tomgias
    tomgias Day ago

    Rip matpats brain

  • Oivatank
    Oivatank Day ago

    RIP Zoboomafoo

  • Dylan Kirk
    Dylan Kirk Day ago

    Much kill count

  • Extremegaming X1X

    If you count all Disney movies then infinity war wins
    Because half off the universe dies

  • General Puppie
    General Puppie Day ago

    Called it

  • The Atomized
    The Atomized Day ago

    Do something on Up or The Polar Express pls

  • Lex Ram
    Lex Ram Day ago +1

    Do dreamworks deaths please

  • Kirito Mendoza
    Kirito Mendoza Day ago


  • George Sakkas
    George Sakkas Day ago


  • laberblatt
    laberblatt Day ago

    Mulan did not end with the battle against the huns there was a total different climax and everything, I like the theory and everything but that just bothers me if I hear it four times

  • Amy Lockley
    Amy Lockley Day ago

    I thought it would be Hercules

  • WorldWideWorker09

    Haha he said it he said it!

  • Austin Williams
    Austin Williams 2 days ago +1

    Shouldn’t it be wall-e because literally EVERYONE DIES

  • Jarachi
    Jarachi 2 days ago

    Sora killed the ice titan from hercules

  • Proper Noun
    Proper Noun 2 days ago

    More people died in Hercules. You have to consider the Theran eruption and then on top of the the devastation the Titans would lay upon Thebes and the Greek mainland.

  • Fireworkannon !
    Fireworkannon ! 2 days ago

    It would be cool to try to find the Death count for The Angry Birds Movie

  • Madelyn Pelletier
    Madelyn Pelletier 2 days ago +1

    Death count in infinity war!

  • Petros KG
    Petros KG 2 days ago

    Good stuff with mentioning minoans and Santorini, fed up with people thinking it's some sort crazy mystery!
    How about casualties caused during marvel films? Both in total body count, and general repairs to buildings, streets, cars etc caused during all them heroic encounters. Maybe minus infinity wars since that's like at least 3.5 billion people (on earth alone)

  • Dont worry About it
    Dont worry About it 2 days ago

    You forgot to include the horses in Mulan. If you’re going to establish that animals count in one movie you have to count them all

  • Rick c137
    Rick c137 2 days ago


  • NTA Games
    NTA Games 2 days ago

    Disney will literally sue you!

  • Cassie
    Cassie 2 days ago

    Holy s**t I was RIGHT OH MY LORD

  • Joey IlVento
    Joey IlVento 2 days ago

    matpat what about the 1 quadrillion and one people we see in Hades layer, when he was with the fates, or are you just doing how they die

  • michael nguyen
    michael nguyen 2 days ago +1

    What the song at 24:40

  • santiago lopez-yanez

    Pixar and dreamworks wuld be good

  • Distantvirus22
    Distantvirus22 2 days ago

    @The Film Theorists
    So with our collective number of over 340,000 deaths in Disney...
    What is the deadliest film studio between Disney, Pixar, and Dreamworks?
    I personally would like to know, is I had to guess it would either be Dreamworks or Disney

  • santiago lopez-yanez


  • Tyrone Kanu
    Tyrone Kanu 2 days ago

    Transformers death count

  • Shirley T.
    Shirley T. 2 days ago


  • 500 Subs with no video

    It's Dinosaur, because of the meteor and them all getting extinct, so about 400million....

  • Tom Duclos
    Tom Duclos 2 days ago

    I love the movie dinosaurs

    CONOR LEDUC 2 days ago

    legendary movies

  • Nick Rff
    Nick Rff 2 days ago

    Still... You can't compare the death of the Greek civilization with a bunch of limers (not saying that you did)

  • Super Penguin
    Super Penguin 2 days ago


  • Nick Rff
    Nick Rff 2 days ago

    Fun fuct
    The full movie of moana is on pornhub... Just saying

  • Max Matrix
    Max Matrix 2 days ago

    Perez O'dent is the best us president in my opinion.

  • Foster Peters
    Foster Peters 2 days ago

    Dinosaur was actually kinda good dont @ me

  • Timothy Abeyta
    Timothy Abeyta 2 days ago

    Is this the kill count by dead meat James

  • DJ Silver
    DJ Silver 2 days ago

    Uhhhhhh........ if you split 150,000 into a tenth, that would be 15,000 which would make it under Atlantis and Hercules. It doesn't still beat them...

  • Deji Adeleye
    Deji Adeleye 2 days ago

    At 6:37, well yeah. The Kakamora weren't exactly handing out girl scout cookies, they were going to kill both of them and/or destroy their boat. That seems like a pretty necessary reason to sink their ship to me!

  • JR F
    JR F 2 days ago

    I say Milan (I haven’t seen the answer yet)

    • JR F
      JR F 2 days ago

      Darn, I lost

  • Plebz
    Plebz 2 days ago

    Ghibli movies death count?

  • Existential Crisis
    Existential Crisis 2 days ago

    So he’s counting sapient creatures, but also characters that turned out to be figments of imagination like the oysters in Alice and Wonderland? It’s been a long time since I’ve seen most of these movies, but I’m not sure I’d count characters that were fictional even in universe.

  • New Yorker
    New Yorker 2 days ago

    This is school.

  • Zoey Gamble
    Zoey Gamble 2 days ago

    so if the own Atlantis couldn't read there own stuff then why did they make it, how did they make it, and did they have there own language. that's what doesn't make sense is the the old history of Atlantis is that all we know is what is in the copy right book except if you go on the map you can see that there's multiple circle in the land so if the one thing blue up then how come there's not just one circle?

  • Ryker Wilder
    Ryker Wilder 2 days ago

    Isn't Marvel technically Disney, now? Infinity War wins xD

    • Ryker Wilder
      Ryker Wilder 2 days ago

      +Odd Crushed Shark r/wooosh

    • Odd Crushed Shark
      Odd Crushed Shark 2 days ago

      Infinity war is a sequel, and it was not made by disney animation

  • Ryker Wilder
    Ryker Wilder 2 days ago

    The Plato shade in this video lmfao xD

  • cubbybunnyx
    cubbybunnyx 2 days ago

    I'm guessing -dinosaur- right now -moana- idk nvm
    Edit: oh I was right

  • Toasted Ice Cream
    Toasted Ice Cream 2 days ago

    i remeber watching dinosaur when i was 5 and i was really into it...

  • Izzy Carr
    Izzy Carr 2 days ago

    Gesso get omg do dream works pleeaaassseee !!!!!!!

  • HimoreDhaMans
    HimoreDhaMans 2 days ago

    now you add the deaths in avengers infinity war

  • Mick Jones
    Mick Jones 2 days ago

    Death count of Marvel movies

  • Jorge Ramirez
    Jorge Ramirez 2 days ago

    Crete looks like moon island in one of the Naruto movies