Film Theory: Will Marvel BREAK in One Punch? (Infinity War Vibranium vs. One Punch Man)

  • Published on Sep 13, 2018
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    Today we are talking about the ULTIMATE showdown of strength and durability. One Punch Man vs Vibranium - the strongest metal of the Marvel universe! I know, I know, call me crazy but I HAD to know. Theorists, today we find out of vibranium can be broken in ONE PUNCH!
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Comments • 32 947

  • The Film Theorists
    The Film Theorists  9 months ago +12388

    Yeah...definitely screwed up the bit about the speed of Saitama hopping back to Earth from the moon BUT on the plus side, it doesn't change the final outcome. Yes, it overestimates Saitama's power for that one calculation, but it's not his MAX STRENGTH that we calculated for the falling meteor. It also still PALES in comparison to Vibranium's power, so yep, Cap's shield still stands!

    • Dragnoth Lecoona
      Dragnoth Lecoona 5 days ago

      you are wrong about everything. Vibranium has a stated strength. Vibranium is not as strong as you thing and PALES in comparison to the material that Thor's hammer is made of. Saitama can one punch endgame thanos, and he destroyed Cap's shield. Also, one punch man season 2 is out, and if you are going to try to calculate Saitama's strength, read the manga first. Saitama is a character stated, IN THE FIRST SEASON to have to limit. That means, his strength is limitless. That means that no matter how much you push him, he will always be stronger then what he is against. That is just the nature of the character. Also, Vibranium can melt, if an object is hit hard enough, its temperature will rise. This means that if hit hard enough, the shield WILL MELT. Also, he can create a shock wave with his fist more powerful then a nuclear bomb. Their is without a single doubt, that with one punch, Saitama, one punch man could effortlessly destroy a vibranium shield. And it would not cause the devastation that you think it would. We are only talking about a material that is about as strong as Titanium Steel. the only reason that vibranium can withstand gunshots is because of its ability to turn impacts into vibrations and vibrate the energy away in a shock wave. However heat and slicing/cutting damage would tear through the shield.

    • Daniel Prince
      Daniel Prince 22 days ago

      Saitama doesn't have an speed limit tho.

    • Sniperkid 1395
      Sniperkid 1395 Month ago

      The Film Theorists well avengers endgame just destroyed it then brought it back through time travel.

    • Daniel Martinek
      Daniel Martinek 4 months ago

      About to write this.

    • GG_Awsomedude
      GG_Awsomedude 5 months ago

      The Film Theorists no

  • Modack44
    Modack44 4 hours ago

    Hey matpat Spoiler warning Thanos did destroy the shield!!!

  • Modack44
    Modack44 4 hours ago

    Joke out the way love the way but it would have been cool for a Shield hero vid

  • salty gaming
    salty gaming 5 hours ago

    You could be a rapper you know look at you rapping the number

  • Sparkeee
    Sparkeee 9 hours ago

    One thing that was not mentioned is Thor is asgardian. Asguardians are something around 100 times stronger than a human so that 100mph fast ball would be more like 10,000mph

  • Bruce Doyle
    Bruce Doyle 14 hours ago

    For someone who watches both, this shouldnt be even a Question. From what I have seen, Saitamas Punch would break Caps shield, and we dont even know how strong his punch really is..

  • Thenames :3
    Thenames :3 15 hours ago

    season two is out make another episode please or I’m telling my mom who will then continuously beat me (jk)

  • Blind b4g
    Blind b4g 17 hours ago

    I just realized when you showed saitama say how he got so strong he was speaking in english

  • Rye Hots
    Rye Hots 19 hours ago

    In both the movies and in the comics ( Thanos has broken cap's shield so we can easily conclude somebody stronger than thanos (Saitama) can break the shield as well

  • 章金莱
    章金莱 19 hours ago +1

    I heard this story before🤣!矛盾

  • Harrison Parker
    Harrison Parker 20 hours ago +1

    Wow Thor's hammer is made of pure UWU

  • Darius Quintana
    Darius Quintana 20 hours ago

    We only need to know if one punch man could break captain America shield not a thanos could

  • Eric Chen
    Eric Chen 23 hours ago

    Here's a thought...if Vibranium really absorbs kinetic energy, would it really hurt when Captain America throws his shield and it hits you? And even more importantly, how does it bounce back?

  • Orange Duck Duck
    Orange Duck Duck 23 hours ago

    Thanos can destroy the moon by blowing in up.
    But he didn’t because he wanted it to metor shower on titan .
    So he can destroy that moon!
    Ps I like your show because it is funny and helps us learn!

  • Idiot
    Idiot 23 hours ago

    Well it would break... I mean bald people got power
    You see Mr clean? That dude can alter reality &
    What about thanos?

  • ToLazyToGetaName

    Uru is stronger than vibranium in some comics.

  • Jarod Tang
    Jarod Tang Day ago +1

    now that’s a lot of damage

  • Pro Gamer
    Pro Gamer Day ago

    Now thanos vs one punch man

  • Pro Gamer
    Pro Gamer Day ago +1

    His shield got wrecked by thanos

  • Ya Boi Kelp
    Ya Boi Kelp Day ago

    If you want to know how strong saitama is watch seththeprogrammers video

  • NotoriousShots
    NotoriousShots Day ago +1

    Thanos blade destroy captain America's shield in Avengers Endgame

  • Joonas eden
    Joonas eden Day ago

    Uru what's this

  • Shmorx
    Shmorx Day ago +1

    But... In endgame thanos was able to break captain's shield using only his sword, which means that vibranium isn't that powerful as we see in this video, and also means that saitama wins

    • Shane Meyer
      Shane Meyer 15 hours ago

      There is a big difference between blunt and cut damage. Take diamonds, they can be cut pretty easily but you’ll have a really hard time breaking one with a hammer

  • ADM
    ADM Day ago

    Best science class ever

  • cameron hart
    cameron hart Day ago +1


  • cameron hart
    cameron hart Day ago +1

    It,s 2019

  • Khan-Arcade
    Khan-Arcade Day ago

    We had to do 100 push ups, 100 pull-ups, and 100 jumping jacks in martial arts.

  • Hasan Yaseen
    Hasan Yaseen Day ago



    do a one punch man vs. Thanos

  • Ilse van Heumen
    Ilse van Heumen Day ago


  • Zeid Elayyan
    Zeid Elayyan Day ago

    i don't know if that was revealed during the time you made this episode but saitama has unlimited power so cap's shield doesn't stand a chance

  • Actually
    Actually Day ago

    Wow this is so stupid.. Of crs it will break

  • Kairos
    Kairos Day ago

    The thing is, he never even uses a 10th of his strength, they talk about it in the show. I think that if he did, he would destroy it along with earth. That's why he is always bored.

  • WOT Nate
    WOT Nate Day ago

    My mini theory
    Thanos:declares he is the MOST OP person in the universe
    Endgame:Tony stark steals stone from thanos and wins like really?
    How did he even get the stones back in 2 seconds

  • Jann Renzo Caagbay


  • Marcus Adriel Acena
    Marcus Adriel Acena 2 days ago

    Why did thanos breaked the shield of cap
    In avenger endgame

  • Jared Songheng
    Jared Songheng 2 days ago

    2:22-2:23 I Think You Messed That Up It Shows Saitama as the inmovable object and vibranium as the unstoppable force THIS IS A SIN!

  • SlyarK
    SlyarK 2 days ago

    Let me save y'all some time , yes marvel would be obliterated in one punch.

  • Jacob Jones
    Jacob Jones 2 days ago

    Wait? how can a level 9 meteor be hitting earth every 10000 to 100000 years? wouldt the dinasours have died out because of that and humans ancestors?

  • Wes Gov
    Wes Gov 2 days ago

    Sooo one punch man is suicidal???

  • Alexier
    Alexier 2 days ago

    Cap’s shield isn’t unbreakable-

  • Game Head
    Game Head 2 days ago


  • Dabes
    Dabes 2 days ago +1

    ok. saitama broke his limiter so he has INFINITE ∞ power

  • Omen Ark
    Omen Ark 2 days ago

    One punch man plus infinity gauntlet =?

  • YUNGdagger JoEy
    YUNGdagger JoEy 2 days ago

    This is kinda dumb. Its sitama. ONE PUNCH MAN. He kills giants and monsters I. One punch. Against a shield that thanos destroyed.

  • SonEfsane Tr
    SonEfsane Tr 2 days ago

    Dude i dont learnd that big numbers

  • Karan Lehal
    Karan Lehal 2 days ago

    Too much data

  • Anime- Awesome
    Anime- Awesome 2 days ago

    well what happens if saitama uses consecutive normal punches, each of those punches are strong af, if that happens even vribranium has a limit to how much kinetic energy it can absorb, sooooo after about 5 punches (and im being generous here since its a lot of kinetic force to absorb) from saitama that are as strong or twice as strong the punch on boros, also lets not forgot anime time means that 19 seconds for u was probably .0002 seconds for saitama... good video tho

  • Anime- Awesome
    Anime- Awesome 2 days ago

    flash backs to the sheild hero

  • Reece
    Reece 2 days ago


  • SomeOneYUT TR
    SomeOneYUT TR 2 days ago +2

    Just say Saitama wins

  • HawkZ
    HawkZ 3 days ago

    i feel some calculators

  • Michael Stevens
    Michael Stevens 3 days ago +5

    wait wait (Endgame spoilers)

    If thanos broke captian americans shield in endgame one punch man is way stronger soo he would win like in a snap

  • HaiAnhPW
    HaiAnhPW 3 days ago

    Welp, he will have to change the quote "Strongest material in the Marvel Multiverse" when he sees Endgame then.
    The Vibranium Meteor might just be considered "copper" from a planet or where it came from.
    That's why The Purple Potato's Duel Blade chan slice the shield piece by piece.

    DRAGOID 3 days ago

    Thanos 1 shot it with

  • TendoFan
    TendoFan 3 days ago

    You forget that not only did Saitama break the asteroid, but he continued to go *through* it. Interesting, huh?

  • Furiusjack Gohan
    Furiusjack Gohan 3 days ago

    Saitama not even yamcha

  • Sean J
    Sean J 3 days ago

    Lets se if he can break minecraft bedrock

  • rainboy doomshaker
    rainboy doomshaker 3 days ago

    Cap's sheild should absorb the k energy and would blast out the energy causing a shockwave so big OPM gets torn apart

  • Crystal Brenner
    Crystal Brenner 3 days ago

    dang so like if he FLICKED a little piece of vibranium, it would be like a massive missile blowing up if he threw it before it exploded

  • Starblazer75
    Starblazer75 3 days ago

    The power stones blast can’t destroy vibranium when he hit tony starks shield in infinity war

  • Davidson Simeus
    Davidson Simeus 3 days ago

    Let's give MatPat the proper likes that he deserves for saying all those large numbers without letting it phase him.

  • Traydon
    Traydon 3 days ago

    if Thor's hammer is that heavy then how do regular house hold objects hold it up, like when its sitting on a table and the avengers try to pick it up.

  • Shadow Stones123
    Shadow Stones123 3 days ago

    There are more galxys

  • Zain Castillo
    Zain Castillo 3 days ago

    end game for cap

  • Damien Flanagan
    Damien Flanagan 3 days ago

    If sautama punched the ground earth would brake right ? Would that jump not at least crack the earth or make a huge earthquake

  • NuclearCow10 1
    NuclearCow10 1 3 days ago

    Saitama has shown himself to be imcinvible as well. So what happens if saitama punched himself

    • NuclearCow10 1
      NuclearCow10 1 2 days ago

      @Amanda Tiana Amber forgot about that

    • Amanda Tiana Amber
      Amanda Tiana Amber 2 days ago

      If you watch opm s1 when he try to kill the mosquito , the mosquito landed on his face and saitama slap himself and nothing happen

    • Amanda Tiana Amber
      Amanda Tiana Amber 2 days ago

      Nothing happen

  • Yeetus The Feetus
    Yeetus The Feetus 3 days ago +47

    Cap's shield *Exists*
    Thanos's Sword: I'm About To End This Man's Whole Career

  • Ha
    Ha 3 days ago

    Saitama JUMPING on the moon shattered it almost like the infinity gauntlet did now imagine him punching it

  • Shadowwarrior 27
    Shadowwarrior 27 3 days ago +1 question. What about Satiama's killer series serious punch? It overpowered collapsing star roaring cannon which that alien boasted would have destroyed Earth and held enough kinetic energy after that to kill that other guy and split the clouds. In other words that punch would have had more energy than would be needed to destroy Earth which is BIGGER than the moon. Probably twice the energy from the visuals.
    But it's just a theory, A film theory.

    • videogamefan2134
      videogamefan2134 3 days ago +1

      You're correct. The webcomic, manga, anime, and two official guide books says that Boros was capable of destroying planets. Saitama's serious punch countering Boros's final attack would also be planet level of power. However, Cap's shield can witstand Thor's hammer, with Thor himself being able to rival beings like the silver surfer, who both can destroy solar systems. So not even Saitama's best feat is enough to shatter the shield.

  • Random games guy
    Random games guy 3 days ago

    Saitama dont actually use his all power.... if he use all of his power.... maybe he can destroy the universe

  • Mario Moreira
    Mario Moreira 3 days ago

    Most TVcliprs are school dropouts but I bet you did not stop cause I’m lost when you say all those numbers

  • Mario Moreira
    Mario Moreira 3 days ago +4

    In the middle of him talking about Thor I was like wait why are we talking about Thor again

  • Kanagaraj Tharun
    Kanagaraj Tharun 3 days ago

    Matpat after watching endgame: AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHH

  • Slopyyyyyy
    Slopyyyyyy 3 days ago

    The entire idea behind one punch man is that saitama can’t be beat, It’s satirical, he has no limit to his power, and even if he does, it’s way to high. But we’ve see caps shield be broken countless times, in comics, tv shows and now a movie. I understand the science behind your conclusion, but you can’t use science to determine how strong saitama is because the show is meant to show how dumb action anime has gotten. It shows that now basically all action anime’s main characters can beat anyone without trying.
    I love game theory, and film theory. So I know that your conclusion is just a theory.
    A film theory.

  • gaming skc
    gaming skc 4 days ago

    Bro after endgame u must change your theory as cap shield broke due to thanos sword...... Lol... And I am sure saitam will break the shield

  • Kain tv
    Kain tv 4 days ago

    mat the thing is that thanos in the comics with the power stone has infinite power so if we put this like into health terms like 100 hp till destroyed so that means cap shield has infinite health - 1 but that impossible but yeah

  • XxArkham_Knight 3
    XxArkham_Knight 3 4 days ago

    Caps shield is vibraniam-adimantiam alloy

  • Alana loves Schleich 134

    Thanos breaks it with a metal sword

  • bro sir
    bro sir 4 days ago

    Deadpool:hold me regeneration

  • Zachary Allen
    Zachary Allen 4 days ago

    Also, because I’m a horrible person that likes to poke holes in one of my favorite web shows...
    Umm actually, cap’s shield in the MCU is different than cap’s shield in the comics, and the infinity stones in the MCU are different than the infinity gems from the comics. For instance, in the MCU, the shield is made from vibranium, while in the comics it’s made from a combo of vibranium and proto-adamantium. And that’s just one difference between the two, not just to get into the differences between the infinity stones/gems. You can’t really compare the comics with the MCU. Sorry Matt. Also I probably should’ve done this waaaaaay earlier.

  • Exotic Dust
    Exotic Dust 4 days ago

    Lol I’m from future avengers 4 sounds dumb now endgame life Edit: ik 4 is endgame

  • Zachary Allen
    Zachary Allen 4 days ago

    “What happens when the unstoppable force meets the immovable object? They surrender.”
    -Superman, All Star Superman

  • Shadow MR NightMare
    Shadow MR NightMare 4 days ago

    Saitama didn’t punch the sword the just bite like a boss like if am right

  • ima person
    ima person 4 days ago

    When one punch mans concept is to literally beat everything and yeah when Lord Boros detected his energy he said that he had limitless energy!!!!! *LIMITLESS* .....

    Can Vibranium take that

    • Ian Ennis
      Ian Ennis 4 days ago +1

      No. No it can't good sir

  • ima person
    ima person 4 days ago


  • XGame Craft plays
    XGame Craft plays 4 days ago +1

    The shield break in endgame "spoiler alert"

    • beefucker3000
      beefucker3000 2 days ago

      If you are going to say spoilers then put the spoiler alert before the spoiler. You thundercunt

  • Miles Ramere
    Miles Ramere 4 days ago +6

    If Saitama would throw caps shield it would literally go around the earths equator.

  • Bangaly
    Bangaly 4 days ago

    Thanos cut that shit with his blade so saitama would def sadder

  • Texas Ranger101
    Texas Ranger101 4 days ago

    His shield is not 100% vibranium

  • fight1st
    fight1st 4 days ago

    One punch man truly does not have enough history and information to make this claim. Not enough known about his power people always trying to put him in the arena with others with no basis to do so..

    • videogamefan2134
      videogamefan2134 3 days ago

      @Ian Ennis That's not how vs debates work. There are characters who can bypass gag abilities and toon force powers. Saitama is not this ultimate chad, yes we never seen his true power, but there are so many other characters who also hasn't shown their true powers either.

    • Ian Ennis
      Ian Ennis 4 days ago

      Simple he wins no matter who or what he wins that's the gag he wins

  • Blueberry Sans
    Blueberry Sans 4 days ago +5

    The Film Theorist:Saitama would loose
    Also The Film Theorist:Saitama would win

  • Kai De Guzman
    Kai De Guzman 4 days ago +1

    Matpat you should’ve done more research and calculate the shockwave of the blow of Thor’s hammer to confirm it a scenes where it’s on the ground for such concentrated density could probably crush most items or materials.

  • Tavas
    Tavas 4 days ago

    What is one punch man would face that shockwave. It would be like being hit by another one punch man

  • YourAverageChannel
    YourAverageChannel 4 days ago

    Now that Endgame is out, Thanos breaking Cap's shield makes the shield a joke compared to a Saitama punch

  • Ayano Aishi
    Ayano Aishi 4 days ago

    what if siatama possess one of the stones?

  • Ayano Aishi
    Ayano Aishi 4 days ago +28

    theorist: vibranium is indestructable
    thanos: brake the crap out of it
    me:( J.J.J Laugh)

  • IClickBait GT
    IClickBait GT 5 days ago

    9:12 heck saitama isnt even serious in the battle, which means hes not even using his adrenaline while doing that jump. So saitama could be faster...

  • Lucas Mak
    Lucas Mak 5 days ago

    Doesn't one punch man look like the ancient one from Marvel

  • Cole Gillespie
    Cole Gillespie 5 days ago

    I heard that contradiction story before! it is in the pheonix wright game, has to do with a trophy.