American Things Other Countries Find Weird

  • Published on Aug 11, 2018
  • What are some weird things American's do? Do you do any of these things in your country? Do you find these things weird or strange?
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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  10 months ago +140

    Which behavior that your neighbours do is sooo stereotypical that you'd say "only happens in 🇺🇸"?

    • Bea H
      Bea H 6 days ago

      American flags EVERYWHERE.

    • OroNero
      OroNero 2 months ago

      Calling police on black neighbor's

    • Phineas Cortez:the guy who makes playlists.
      Phineas Cortez:the guy who makes playlists. 2 months ago +2

      What are you a brit?*eats Mcdonald's*AMERICA #1! I'm American seriously I have never heard of these things.

    • Nathan Shepherd
      Nathan Shepherd 3 months ago

      Names an all america championship like the MLB the WORLD series

    • Viper 953
      Viper 953 4 months ago

      Being 100 stone

  • KillerVillnave
    KillerVillnave 8 hours ago +1

    Ok you where wrong about us only learning about our country, we only learn about foreign countrys lol

  • Markus
    Markus Day ago

    1:16 Yeah if the Infographics show had done any research whatsoever before making this video, they would have found that USA is actually only the 25:th largest per capita coffee consumer.

  • Antboy 925
    Antboy 925 Day ago

    Number 1 Not having healthcare

  • JhonnyBoy
    JhonnyBoy Day ago +1

    I think it's weird that you have to pay tips in restaurants etc. It defeats the purpose of tips

  • bread king
    bread king 2 days ago

    Their are medicine commercials on tv.... I've NEVER thought about it like that lol

  • bread king
    bread king 2 days ago

    I'm American but I don't usually eat alot not to be roud or anything lol

  • dericka0069
    dericka0069 2 days ago

    Ma'am is considered very rude by northern women. Only in the south is it respectful.

  • Simon Quach
    Simon Quach 2 days ago

    US is the largest consumer of coffee really? Have they been to Vietnam? Per capita Vietnam literally has a coffee shop on every block.

  • Francis Francis
    Francis Francis 6 days ago

    Bruh where tf are there beers in vending machines? How would u verify your age?

    • SuperVladamere
      SuperVladamere 5 days ago

      I don't know but I own a nightclub and wonder if the city and state would allow that. Sounds like an inexpensive way to serve cans instead of distracting my bar tenders.

  • adam gilligan
    adam gilligan 6 days ago

    Ok first thing first the term Americans is used wrong America is the continent not the country we a United states of America an American is any one living one the American continent like bolivians or Mexicans or canadians I think tanks would be a better moniker for the U.S.A.

  • Marky Mark
    Marky Mark 7 days ago

    Thats cause in other countries coffee to them is espresso. So a small cup will do just fine.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 7 days ago

    No country can't match american coffee drinking? U.S.A is not even in the top 20 of coffee consumption in the world

  • Yorgos Chrysogenis
    Yorgos Chrysogenis 7 days ago

    I am used to everything else by now.

  • Zac Trejo
    Zac Trejo 9 days ago

    The weirdest thing is that we sell food like products, not actual food, and medicine that is actually poison

  • Zac Trejo
    Zac Trejo 9 days ago

    “If you dont like it here just leave!” - SHUT UP

  • human :
    human : 9 days ago +1

    India Is Rich In Diversity🇮🇳

  • Andrew Murray
    Andrew Murray 9 days ago

    "weird" now means not being a rich white Californian the way "goth" did for everyone not a citizen of Rome.

  • Sevira Pratiwi
    Sevira Pratiwi 9 days ago

    What exist : What doesn't exist:
    A bucket A Lake Of Coffee
    Of coffee Please

  • Sebastian1010
    Sebastian1010 11 days ago +1

    But let’s be real Mexican food is 30 times a larger quantity than American food.

  • Stephen Clementson
    Stephen Clementson 11 days ago

    To confuse things even more, Rugby is the name of a place where they played a version of football (similar to American football) that became known simply as Rugby.

  • John Dee
    John Dee 13 days ago +1

    I've met a few American s in Ireland when their on vacation, some of them asked me do I know their distant relation, they'd say things like "Do you know of the Murphy clan from Ballygobackwards" . Sure I'd wind them up and say yes they were banished from the village for practicing witchcraft.
    They ask this alot, as if I should know their relations that live on the other side of Ireland.
    I find that strange about Americas.

  • CommonSence PlaysVideogames

    Me:Asks how was your day
    Me:Are you brain dead or somthing

  • Dylan Boora05
    Dylan Boora05 14 days ago +1

    Why is Americans just advertising "eat this 5000 calories meal in 30 minutes and don't pay" when they can give that to Africa!

    • SuperVladamere
      SuperVladamere 5 days ago

      Because their corrupt governments will take that meal and eat it.

  • 4d722e2052656473746f6e65 - Komentování

    TIS: Beer's everywhere in the US.
    Me: **laughs in Czech**

  • jatzzed
    jatzzed 16 days ago

    I’m surprised school shootings ain’t on the list

  • Pizza goes splat
    Pizza goes splat 16 days ago +1

    Tipping for EVERYTHING that involves a service, sales tax that's not already added to the price in shops and unable to make their own decisions in bars and restaurants.
    Sorry to say but Americans seem to want to know everything about the menu and are very indecisive in what they want especially in bars.

  • march51990
    march51990 23 days ago

    Walgreens still sales smokes.

  • Thrakerzad
    Thrakerzad 29 days ago

    What do non-americans call a soccerball? A football? Or maybe just the ball?

  • Justin Underwood
    Justin Underwood 29 days ago

    Australians call football soccer too. But that’s because we already have our own version of football. And yes, In Aussie football you do use your foot.

  • Iron Wolf
    Iron Wolf Month ago

    Ima american.
    Oh say can you see, in the dawn's early light, how proudly we stare, in the twilights last gleaming, oh reckets red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gave prouf through the night that the flag was still there. Verse 2 is too long. Ima not sing it.

  • some random dark aprentice

    I'm american

  • E. e
    E. e Month ago

    Haha the weirdest thing of course. America is the whole continent As America is NorthAmerica or United States nd americanas are northamericans

    And anyone born un Brasil Argentina Canadá or Mexico are americanas!

    • ҉ ҉
      ҉ ҉ Month ago

      Literally no one says that except for South Americans. Even in other languages like Chinese and Japanese it's America.

  • K M
    K M Month ago

    Europe consumes a lot of coffee but it’s usually so much better quality

  • Holly Kennedy
    Holly Kennedy Month ago

    I’m American and I agree with all of this

  • Dixie Man
    Dixie Man Month ago

    Football is better than soccer.

  • jj
    jj Month ago

    Americans are so full of themselves due to their ignorance. Im glad im not American

    • Nefertiti Holt
      Nefertiti Holt Month ago

      ahem, some Americans are full of themselves. what you described is a stereotype.

  • Yaroslav Misiats
    Yaroslav Misiats Month ago

    Russian accents

  • jackflip4877
    jackflip4877 Month ago

    Some Americans are dumb but then again, there are dumb people all over the world.

  • Dud 2000
    Dud 2000 Month ago

    This is just what Europeans think about Americans. What do Latins, Africans, Pacific Islanders or Asians think of Americans? I think about 7 billion people in the world were left out of this conversation.

  • A human being
    A human being Month ago

    Looks like someone hasn’t been to America because most of this is false

  • Jordan The Toucan Guy

    The heck cuddle cafe?

  • Trump killed Han Solo
    Trump killed Han Solo Month ago +2

    The only country to house Jake and Logan Paul

    (I’m Scottish.Not American)

  • Lemmy Kilmister
    Lemmy Kilmister Month ago

    Finland has highest usage of coffe per person in The world but not by bigger amount coffe used by country because our population is 5,5 million

  • Tony Boon - Track Cyclist

    Nah you got that wrong, we just find America weird, like in general...

  • Naudia the king
    Naudia the king Month ago

    Eating challenges and restaurants are not normal their challenges for a reason

  • I Sing
    I Sing Month ago

    Finland. Finns drink more coffee than Americans!!!!!

  • Aaron Lewis
    Aaron Lewis Month ago +2

    The beer is no weird thing in England, the week end is like the purge

  • Nahla Gaming
    Nahla Gaming Month ago

    Don't be mean to my people. I find this offence if.

  • THE Scratchyscratch!

    I recall Canada had normal sized portions in fast food restraunts. Nowadays things are just...bigger

  • Lucas Dobson
    Lucas Dobson Month ago

    1 us coffee is nasty 2 usa is full of fat people and tips no I dont when I go there cant live on one job get two

  • Dirty Dan
    Dirty Dan Month ago +1

    "if you're in America speak english"
    Okay first off to everyone who are uneducated: Canada, Mexico, USA, Peru, Brazil, Puerto Rico is in THE AMERICAS. USA does not Equal "America" 😂

    • A Pyrocynical Body Pillow
      A Pyrocynical Body Pillow Month ago

      People know that, but there isn't much else to call the US except the US, USA, or America. I dont know many Mexicans or Canadians calling themselves American. American generally means "from the USA" not "from the Americas"

  • Saturnusplanetkraft
    Saturnusplanetkraft Month ago +2

    I'm American and find most of these things odd. I prefer the metric system and don't like being asked "How are you?" by every person I encounter.

  • André Morais
    André Morais Month ago

    Ridiculous, not accurate at all, you short sighted egocentric former british colony, you are simply as bad as russia

  • ItzAurelié C
    ItzAurelié C Month ago

    When you walk pass someone in the street and you both go ‘oright’ and none of you answer skskskksksksks

  • Johannes VL
    Johannes VL Month ago

    This video shows americans always tries to defend themselfs and how arrogant they are.

  • Rubén B.
    Rubén B. 2 months ago +1

    People inside the US call their country America when there is an entire continent named that way.
    I do live in America... North America... But just to clarify, not in the US.

    • Rubén B.
      Rubén B. Month ago

      @Johannes VL I would say it's the culture that the country has now. People might not perceive themselves as arrogant but don't realize that might be the message they are sending to the rest of the world

    • Johannes VL
      Johannes VL Month ago

      That shows how arrogant you People are

  • Russell Coight
    Russell Coight 2 months ago

    US coffee is so watered down though it's basically water.

  • captain dirtypie
    captain dirtypie 2 months ago

    He forgot one thing to mention
    Killing innocent black people in the US is also strange to other countries

  • Kayla Sellers
    Kayla Sellers 2 months ago

    The CVS down the road from me still sells cigarettes and stuff????

    • A Pyrocynical Body Pillow
      A Pyrocynical Body Pillow Month ago

      Maybe its a specific area thing? Im the the Los Angeles area and they dont have them here.