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  • Published on Sep 14, 2017
  • Wellcome To Gordon Ramsay cooking Class On YOutube.
    During This video, You will LEarn very delicious Recipes That YOu Can Make From Simple meatballs.
    Topics that Wil be covered during This Video :
    How To Cook Meatballs In Fragrant Coconut Broth --- 00:20:11.
    How To Cook Beef Meatballs With Orecchiette, Kale, And Pine Nuts --- 07:16:00.
    How To Cook Fiery Meatball Soup --- 08:57:11
    • How To Select Oil For Cooking / Which Oil Is Good for Cooking 10:06:00 [Bonus Video]
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Comments • 219

  • Benjamin Szymanski
    Benjamin Szymanski 10 months ago

    You would beaten in real itlians house cocanut my ass

  • Elvisr29
    Elvisr29 10 months ago +1

    When he said "meatballs for the 21st century" I thought, Italians are going to be so offended lol

  • JJ Dynomite
    JJ Dynomite 11 months ago

    "sort of...... sort of........sort of.............sort of....". How many times? Lol

  • Liviu Daniel Vasilescu
    Liviu Daniel Vasilescu 11 months ago

    Olive oil is best stored in metal recipients, because the sun light takes away the oil proprieties. Don buy oil that is stored in glass or plastic recipients.

  • Ebony Mitchell
    Ebony Mitchell 11 months ago

    The way he says pasta lol

  • Rhys Higgon
    Rhys Higgon 11 months ago +115

    Gordon: Ok start by sweating your onions.
    Me: How?
    Gordon: ..You're f*cking hopeless.

  • Juan Cuéllar
    Juan Cuéllar 11 months ago

    Esto es grandioso

  • Rick van Amsterdam
    Rick van Amsterdam 11 months ago +2

    - Gerden Remsey get outta here -
    The 9year old king: Pewds

  • FeronGER
    FeronGER 11 months ago

    Make them always FRESH!!!!

  • FeronGER
    FeronGER 11 months ago

    In kitchen nightmare he blames always about frozen meatballs! And now he say's make more to freeze some!? WHAT????

  • ranumph
    ranumph 11 months ago

    Canned tomautoes!??! Did you just use canned fucking tomautoes!??!!!??!!!

  • Steven Hornostaj
    Steven Hornostaj 11 months ago

    Breadcrumbs and milk? All a meatball needs are spices. Shame Gordon for ruining a meatball

  • Baine
    Baine 11 months ago +322

    Onions Don't Make Gordan Ramsey cry, Gordan Ramsey makes onions cry

  • Swaggin Goat
    Swaggin Goat 11 months ago +2

    Honestly that fist recipe sucked. My meatballs are better anyday.

    • Steven Hornostaj
      Steven Hornostaj 11 months ago +1

      Brandon Thompson Breadcrumbs and milk? All a meatball needs are spices. Shame Gordon for ruining a meatball

  • V
    V 11 months ago

    Says stress free yells at every one who dares to use simple stuff

  • Travis Bull
    Travis Bull Year ago

    He complains about frozen foods in restaurants and then turns around and states how useful a freezer is?!?!

    • Steven Hornostaj
      Steven Hornostaj 11 months ago

      Travis Bull Breadcrumbs and milk? All a meatball needs are spices. Shame Gordon for ruining a meatball

  • Jon W
    Jon W Year ago +2

    Just a note about olive oil. It is great for anything until you "overheat" it. Once heated to a certain temp, it's molecular structure changes, and in a nut shell, is no longer good for you. There is research out on the web on this if you Google it. That's why when I am frying, searing...etc I like to use a high temp oil like grapeseed or peanut...etc. Coconut is the BEST, flavored and or un-flavored; however, it too has a very low "smoking" point. Chef Ramsey using olive oil most of the time is fine- However, overheating it does more health harm than good. Just do your research and you have a better understanding- All of this is, of course, is if you care and or sensitive about what you eat. If, not, what the hell. LOL

    • Steven Hornostaj
      Steven Hornostaj 11 months ago

      Jon W I know. A restaurant will never use olive oil to cook meats or vegetables. They will burn

  • Mike Proteau
    Mike Proteau Year ago +1

    its FROZEN!!!

  • Amanda Phillips
    Amanda Phillips Year ago

    Im not going to watch this vid because i don't like coconut ...except in my Piña Coladas

  • Manana Sordia
    Manana Sordia Year ago

    Thank you, Gordon!

  • J. A.
    J. A. Year ago +1

    Dang, who is this guy? Seems like an Ok chef.

  • unwrapping by mimi koteng


  • unwrapping by mimi koteng


  • frank rumble
    frank rumble Year ago +1

    those meatballs look like garbage to me....just cook them plain and spice up the noddles...and mix them up..

    • Steven Hornostaj
      Steven Hornostaj 11 months ago

      frank rumble Breadcrumbs and milk? All a meatball needs are spices. Shame Gordon for ruining a meatball

  • Shawn Grant
    Shawn Grant Year ago

    Why can't this guy stand still? Quarter cup of cocaine... I mean powdered sugar. 🤔

  • JenRae08
    JenRae08 Year ago +1

    Rapeseed? Wtf?

  • Suzanne Baruch
    Suzanne Baruch Year ago

    I cooked the Thai Meatballs tonight. It was very good, but the written recipe calls for 1 1/4 cup of rich chicken broth, which is WAAAAAAY too much. If I make this again, I'll use half that.

    • Steven Hornostaj
      Steven Hornostaj 11 months ago

      Suzanne Baruch Breadcrumbs and milk? All a meatball needs are spices. Shame Gordon for ruining a meatball

  • Brett Underwood
    Brett Underwood Year ago

    700$ meatball

  • 101 Life
    101 Life Year ago

    1st meatball, old fashion you called ? Is it Italian? American? Or Asian? None of the above !!!! Ramsey version?

    • Steven Hornostaj
      Steven Hornostaj 11 months ago

      101 Life Breadcrumbs and milk? All a meatball needs are spices. Shame Gordon for ruining a meatball

  • 栗田美佐夫
    栗田美佐夫 Year ago


  • Agrim Sangma
    Agrim Sangma Year ago

    What about Mustard oil

  • Arpita Mallik
    Arpita Mallik Year ago

    The first disb is kind of an Indian version of meatball..that is how we cook our prawns!

  • Delenn Grey
    Delenn Grey Year ago +1

    Just found this Channel and I love IT 😍

  • Triggerhappy938
    Triggerhappy938 Year ago

    Are they fresh? FROZEN?!?!

  • Everything New
    Everything New Year ago

    He got a great personality!!!

  • YouTubeer U
    YouTubeer U Year ago

    When hé goes to restaurants nothing makes him as angry as frozen Food, yet here hé d’avocates freezing

    • Steven Hornostaj
      Steven Hornostaj 11 months ago

      TVcliper U Breadcrumbs and milk? All a meatball needs are spices. Shame Gordon for ruining a meatball

  • Gurp Preet
    Gurp Preet Year ago +3

    Gordon, this is blasphemy, you hate the freezer. I'm surprised you own one.

  • Nacho Man Randy Sandwich

    i love how he compliments his own cooking lol ramsay is the best

  • Arctic Hawk
    Arctic Hawk Year ago +1

    Avolition Emblem

  • Noelia Jaime
    Noelia Jaime Year ago

    What do you mean use your freezer!You hate that!

  • 44 annetta hunte.


  • Stacey Kersting
    Stacey Kersting Year ago +1

    WHAT??? Ramsey's using FREEZER????

  • jerry leroy
    jerry leroy Year ago +1

    You fuckin' lost me at cinnamon. That is sooo gross! I think that that spice should only be in a desert period. If it is not in a desert, you are eating in India. And I am not fond of indian food.

    • Steven Hornostaj
      Steven Hornostaj 11 months ago

      jerry leroy cinnamon spices sausage is amazing. Too bad you don't like the best cuisine on earth. - a white guy

  • jerry leroy
    jerry leroy Year ago +5

    If you pause at 35 seconds, it's just sad. Never have I had such a sad day watching a Ramsay vid. Tears rolling down my face. LOL

  • J C
    J C Year ago +2

    What in the Italy meets India hell. No thanks. Points for creativity but this’ll taste horrible on pasta which is what meatballs go well with.

  • Miles Wolfe
    Miles Wolfe Year ago +53

    I see alot of people complaining about these being "too complicated" Well.... Cooking isnt easy, for me it comes natural because i happen to love cooking something i can be proud of, fresh from scratch. it takes time, and passion. It really is a labor of love to sit in your house, cooking sometimes for up to an hour or so to produce quality food. If you love cooking, and i mean really love it, put the time and effort into getting better each time, and build up your confidence. No dish will ever become "too complicated"

    • Dee de Rais
      Dee de Rais 11 months ago +1

      Right? I couldn't even cook rice, but I'm a decent cook now.

    • Steven Hornostaj
      Steven Hornostaj 11 months ago +1

      Miles Wolfe Breadcrumbs and milk? All a meatball needs are spices. Shame Gordon for ruining a meatball

  • Lucas Michael Luzzi
    Lucas Michael Luzzi Year ago +105

    Gordom must have some indian in him with all those spices


    u cook faster then rachael ray

  • Dawn  Reine
    Dawn Reine Year ago +9

    Any list to the ingredients?

  • MeeKertZ
    MeeKertZ Year ago

    Olive oil... I never see gordon using vegetable oil

    • Steven Hornostaj
      Steven Hornostaj 11 months ago

      It's ridiculous. He cooks meat in olive oil which is The worst thing to do. It burns at high temps

    • Almost Anything
      Almost Anything  Year ago

      I am wondering if you really think olive oil is an animal oil!

  • M &M
    M &M Year ago +3

    Great stuff...
    Unbelievably beautiful too.

  • Stugots666x
    Stugots666x Year ago +1

    I like Chef G.R. But these are the kind of meatballs that cost a lot of money to make. A lot of his dishes are for the rich crowd. If you were to get all the things he had in this recipe I guarantee it's over 30 dollars. I'm sure they are good as fuck tho

  • Ocean Sea
    Ocean Sea Year ago +1

    too complicated, I just want traditional meatball...

  • k Abdullahi
    k Abdullahi Year ago +1

    he is a good cook :) but bad man i don't like him he is so arrogant :(

    • Miles Wolfe
      Miles Wolfe Year ago +1

      Its not that hes arrogant, his standards are just extremely high and it pisses him off when he sees someone making stupid mistakes. Especially when those mistakes are some of the first things you learn when becoming a chef, or working in the industry.

  • Carlos Perez
    Carlos Perez Year ago

    Issa knife

  • Bread Harrity
    Bread Harrity Year ago

    Gordon Ramseys wrinkles are so old they have wrinkles too.

  • Natashalokshin
    Natashalokshin Year ago +1


  • Kym Wheare
    Kym Wheare Year ago +9

    Although I thought he hated Freezing food & keeping it fresh daily I can understand when it comes to the difference between his restaurant "Michellin" Star Quality that people pay top money when dining out compared to having quick healthy meal at home for his family to enjoy !!! Just My Opinion...

  • Tyler L
    Tyler L Year ago +6

    The address the freezer use:
    I THINK, the main difference is that he’s freezing the raw product. If defrosted properly you won’t lose huge amounts of flavor. The reason he scolds restaurants is due the getting pre-cooked items in/ cooking then freezing, then defrosting improperly/ microwaving to heat up. Also, this is for home. Restaurants are supposed to provide foods that you can’t make at home

  • Mark
    Mark Year ago +14

    I'm just thrown off by not using an egg I think that adds something but then again I'm not Gordon Ramsay

  • Daniél Gonzalez
    Daniél Gonzalez Year ago

    What is the first seeds gordon puts on the pan to give the meatballs spicey flavour? Kranden seeds something...?? Its the first recipe. Pls help

    • Robin Mitchell
      Robin Mitchell Year ago

      Coriander seeds first, but you can use ground coriander instead. The second was Cardamon seeds.

    • championkila x
      championkila x Year ago

      Daniél Gonzalez I think it was coriander seeds

  • John Smith
    John Smith Year ago

    Why the fuck can’t any of this shit be simple? A single male is not going to go to that much effort. Write a book where you can make a masterpiece with 5 ingredients

    SUWAIDI Year ago

    wow excellent !!

  • James Hill
    James Hill Year ago +1

    I want to see a whole video about that guy's family and their olive oil ...

  • MGTOW man live free
    MGTOW man live free Year ago +2

    Damn boy, your an artist, a god in the kitchen

  • Rumtin Fotoohi
    Rumtin Fotoohi Year ago

    Can you do this using turkey mince?

  • Nick
    Nick Year ago

    Watching Ramsay cook is like watching an artist paint.

  • Gio Pirro
    Gio Pirro Year ago +1

    he doesn't know how to cook.

  • Steve Abbott
    Steve Abbott Year ago +1

    My Italian grandmother just shat a coconut

  • Tez .W
    Tez .W Year ago +11

    After watching him over n over constantly saying fresh is best, then seeing him tell me to freeze this , caught me off guard lol

    • backtothefuture1066
      backtothefuture1066 Year ago +2

      Tez .W The restaurants that he visits usually prepare a whole dish, cooking the ingredients and then proceed to freeze that, heating it up quickly at service. This completely destroys any flavour that was once there and gives the textures of things which were meant to be crunchy or meaty a very mushy consistency. Nothing wrong at all with freezing raw meat!

  • sewwwwwwwwww
    sewwwwwwwwww Year ago

    "Simple Meatball Recipe?" Sure, as long as you are willing to spend $40 on sundries...who the hell want's to take this time or spend this kind of money on what amounts to a curried meatball dish?

    • Robin Mitchell
      Robin Mitchell Year ago +1

      Unless... unless... not everyone watching this has exactly the same ingredients in their kitchen or prices at their market. For me, where I live, this is an easy cheap meal.

  • Guilherme Waldelm
    Guilherme Waldelm Year ago +20

    way too complicated for meatballs

  • Kurgan618
    Kurgan618 Year ago

    Subway is great

  • Archer
    Archer Year ago +6

    So basically Thai meatballs. Pretty much everyone is stealing Thai style recipes and not giving credit where it's due.
    But still, good recipe.

    • TheIkaika777
      TheIkaika777 Year ago +6

      Why would credit be given or needed?

    • Sven Zverg
      Sven Zverg Year ago +13

      If he called it “Thai meatballs”, the comment section would probably be full of Thai food nazis bitching about how he cooked them incorrectly or non-authentically. Better not to mention country of origin altogether to avert these fuckers.

    • elias borsov
      elias borsov Year ago +6

      Archer well he didn't say this is his resipe he only said it's one of his favorites..

  • drew aldous
    drew aldous Year ago

    i want to try that olive oil.

  • Liam EFC
    Liam EFC Year ago +1

    I thought he hated Freezers

  • ryouko misato
    ryouko misato Year ago +2

    OH MY GOD my mouth is literally watering

  • CrudeB Explosive
    CrudeB Explosive Year ago


  • Anstroy95
    Anstroy95 Year ago +1

    With a kitchen as that big as that one, I could beat him

    • J Sargent
      J Sargent Year ago

      Anstroy95 I would say 3/4 to 1 cup

  • Emmanuel Hernandez
    Emmanuel Hernandez Year ago +1

    One word... DISGUSTING

  • jurtrypik
    jurtrypik Year ago +1

    In the first recipe, how much coconut milk do i need?

    • Oliver Dittrich
      Oliver Dittrich Year ago +2

      jurtrypik so that it sits just underneath the top of your balls

  • Sodgerel Tserendorj
    Sodgerel Tserendorj Year ago +1

    Best of the bests ❤️🔥💪

  • Key Hole Eyes
    Key Hole Eyes Year ago +1

    It would be nice to add the recipe like you have done in other videos. Thanks.

  • Alex Ramirez
    Alex Ramirez Year ago +11

    what if i mix it in ugily?

  • Monica Williamson
    Monica Williamson Year ago +1

    You have to be selective with what you freeze, but MORE important, you have to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer, on HOW LONG you can freeze items and still maintain freshness and quality of what you are freezing.

  • M0vir
    M0vir Year ago


  • Stella Bloom
    Stella Bloom Year ago +4

    That was not a touch of tumeric.

  • Jonathan Roberts
    Jonathan Roberts Year ago +11

    pewdiepie's version is better

    • Lynsey
      Lynsey Year ago +2

      He used Quorn. Most disgusting shit I ever saw

  • chypz sinco
    chypz sinco Year ago +6

    RAPESEED OIL???? HAHAHA dont you mean Grape seed oil lol

    • Stacey Kersting
      Stacey Kersting Year ago +2

      Rape seed oil is canola oil

    • Purple0rangez
      Purple0rangez Year ago +3

      Rapeseed oil is canola oil

    • chypz sinco
      chypz sinco Year ago +2

      Brandi Diekevers and soo there is ...i stand corrected and have learnt something i didnt know ✌ thanks.

    • Brandi Diekevers
      Brandi Diekevers Year ago +11

      chypz sinco rapeseed oil is different from grape seed

  • sagarmathur86
    sagarmathur86 Year ago +6

    What to serve the meatballs in fragrant soup with?

    • audoir
      audoir Year ago

      Noodles bean sprout spinach sauteed mushrooms anything u want .Think of it as chicken noodle soup

  • Adam Hipko
    Adam Hipko Year ago +47


  • Ann Other
    Ann Other Year ago

    So what do you cook those 1st meatballs with?!

  • Nur Chen
    Nur Chen Year ago +1

    All those trouble just for meatballs? I'll pass and go straight to the restaurant. Lol....

    • Tee Cee
      Tee Cee Year ago +1

      nuryati nuryati and you will be eating leftover frozen shit. Be aware

  • Alfi Andika
    Alfi Andika Year ago +3

    It's like opor from indonesia

  • Rehan Kahlon
    Rehan Kahlon Year ago +190

    How to cook meatballs like Gordon Ramsay
    Remember 3 things

    Olive oil, salt and pepper

    • Floof :3
      Floof :3 11 months ago +2

      Dont forget the lamb sauce

    • Kindergarten Killer幼稚园杀手
      Kindergarten Killer幼稚园杀手 Year ago +10

      You forgot the pan has to be hot, and also don't forget a nob of buttah

    • Star
      Star Year ago +1

      honestly, I could eat the seasoned meat raw, IT IS F**KING MEAT

    • Nyl Acierto
      Nyl Acierto Year ago +10

      It's the core spices. Hell, put parsley, oregano, etc. without salt & pepper, the food will taste as bland as your ex-gf/wife's relationship.

    PEKKA PUUPÄÄ Year ago +1

    gordon ramsay is annoying showman. fuckin clown and i don't understand how so many fucking idiots love him. He is a joke.

  • Rahamses Galvan
    Rahamses Galvan Year ago +420

    Wait did Gordon Ramsay just condone use of the freezer?!

    • Steven Hornostaj
      Steven Hornostaj 11 months ago

      Breadcrumbs and milk? All a meatball needs are spices. Shame Gordon for ruining a meatball

    • Oscar Sauce
      Oscar Sauce Year ago +7

      Do what you want at home. But don't expect to go to a restaurant and pay £50 for a meal that's straight out of the freezer

    • Mr Jameson
      Mr Jameson Year ago +1

      to increase his margin ...... it's business

    • Mr Jameson
      Mr Jameson Year ago +3

      this series is specifically for a home cook

    • Carlos Perez
      Carlos Perez Year ago

      Nick John mother fckR YOU are frozen

  • clip
    clip Year ago +23

    3 meatballs are supposed to stuff me?

    • Adam Craig
      Adam Craig Year ago +10

      Fat shit

    • backtothefuture1066
      backtothefuture1066 Year ago +4

      clip rock It’s actually a good sized portion of red meat. I like to make a little more pasta than I need or some good quality bread to soak up all the sauce if I want to fill myself up. The meatballs are the treat of the dish.

  • Shalashaska 994
    Shalashaska 994 Year ago +8

    I've been a big fan of Gordon and I cook something new almost every day. I completely disagree with freezing any kind of beef. I don't care what anyone says, once beef is frozen and thawed, a ton of the flavor is lost. It damages the meat beyond repair.

    • Miles Wolfe
      Miles Wolfe Year ago +1

      I use ground pork.

    • Leonardo's Truth
      Leonardo's Truth Year ago

      Ramsay is a limey asshole and a nasty piece of shit--too bad he has so many fan boys and that he has not crossed the wrong person yet.

  • Josh Hanson
    Josh Hanson Year ago

    Frozen! Fuck off!?