Sushi Masters Explain the Art of Omakase | Food Skills

  • Published on Feb 12, 2018
  • In Japanese cuisine, the concept of "omakase" leaves the choices entirely up to the chef. At Shuko, one of the premiere sushi restaurants in NYC, the menu is driven by the imaginations of Nick Kim and Jimmy Lau, as well as the whims of Mother Nature. Hyper-fresh cuts of bluefin tuna, squid, barracuda, and needlefish travel from the chefs' hands directly to the diners' plates. The result is a meal that flows seamlessly from one course to the next. One of Manhattan's most traditional omakase experiences, as well as one of its most boundary-pushing, Shuko is a bucket-list destination for sushi obsessives worldwide.
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  • Marylou Dotzler
    Marylou Dotzler 24 days ago


  • ryan cyberheart
    ryan cyberheart Month ago


  • Ana Farias
    Ana Farias 2 months ago

    I would love to taste an Omakase meal.

  • Julie van Rooyen
    Julie van Rooyen 3 months ago

    My happy place 😱😋

  • Richard Lebeda
    Richard Lebeda 3 months ago

    I do like Sushi but without rawFish :) I am just scared about my health and about bacteria and pasites. No thanks,,

  • Алексей Алексеевич

    Пойду дошик заварю и досмотрю до конца.

  • Smiley
    Smiley 6 months ago

    Masno mi

  • manashi nath
    manashi nath 6 months ago

    Awesome 🙏

  • Sultan Sama
    Sultan Sama 7 months ago

    damn i wanna go to this kind of restaurants, must be great experience

  • AkaHitsuji りーどまん

    Sorry, but why does one of the chefs have subtitles on while the other chef doesn't?

  • Spirit Song
    Spirit Song 7 months ago +1

    A truly beautiful and delicious craft! 😋

  • Артем Козакевич


  • Ronnie Cadorna
    Ronnie Cadorna 7 months ago

    Nice chef..

  • Kayam 91
    Kayam 91 7 months ago

    When eres chef y no cocinas los alimentos
    - Uyy si que chiste

  • afj9966
    afj9966 7 months ago

    Nick Kim and Jimmy Lau, do they come from korea and hong kong?

  • sonofmountmalang
    sonofmountmalang 7 months ago

    Jring! Enak banget ya kayanya

  • 김태형
    김태형 7 months ago

    fucking korean and chinese making japanese sushi???? bullshit

  • michaeldeng1981
    michaeldeng1981 7 months ago

    the knife is great, I want to get one

  • Hoang Nguyen
    Hoang Nguyen 8 months ago +1

    RIP headphone users.

  • Filip Petrula
    Filip Petrula 8 months ago

    3 michelin star sushi master said that its not the best to serve it right from the market but to keep it for 1-2 weeks

  • Bloodwishing
    Bloodwishing 8 months ago

    to much fuss for nothing, food is food, end of story ...

  • Economiyaki M
    Economiyaki M 8 months ago

    Can we eat charcoal?

  • Keanu James
    Keanu James 9 months ago

    that tuna is not fresh. the real fresh tuna is the red dark color tuna

  • BULLtin
    BULLtin 9 months ago


  • ufos8mycow
    ufos8mycow 9 months ago +1

    Too little in quantity
    Too much work
    Too expensive
    Not much flavor
    You still grab a burger after wards
    Not worth it

  • Kūsōka
    Kūsōka 9 months ago

    Yeah salmonella love it

  • yuna14
    yuna14 9 months ago

    2:12 is this safe to eat??

  • Myrrah
    Myrrah 9 months ago

    2:12 how to get cancer

  • Zei
    Zei 9 months ago

    This music is so not fitting what a shame :1

  • The Truth
    The Truth 10 months ago

    All the haters are the people that don’t know how to get sushi because they only know how to American burger and Mexican taco or They are just poor and cheap.

  • Stationary Nomad
    Stationary Nomad 10 months ago

    0:51 I didn’t know that people eat ballyhoo, in the U.S. it’s a bait fish

  • Kaido Ojamaa
    Kaido Ojamaa 10 months ago

    Outstanding a True Culinary Art!

  • Roamingcamera
    Roamingcamera 10 months ago

    This is one of the most beautiful videos you have produced....

  • Boma Omaar
    Boma Omaar 11 months ago

    If you all say bluefin tuna are endangered species, how can you stop the auction that happen in japan for every single day? or what kind of substitute can stand for it?

  • Ronald
    Ronald 11 months ago

    Pretty sure jimmy is dead

  • Liam Nguyen
    Liam Nguyen 11 months ago

    I guess with fancy looking stuffs everyone is entitled to call themselves master sushi chef now...

  • AsaD A
    AsaD A 11 months ago

    Kontol is a south asian fish you can't cut it with knife very tasty for women but usually men hates it

  • Andrey Jr
    Andrey Jr 11 months ago

    frescos e suas frescuras

  • rwasta7007
    rwasta7007 11 months ago

    dude is fish and rice. go to a peruvean restaurant, they do the same thing and charge you 1/10th. this is 99% show 1%food.
    food centered about theatrics, it reminds me of some nonsense parisian restaurants with super tiny portions of pretentious cuisine.
    dont get me wrong im sure this taste delicious but the price is just not justified

  • Wiggy G
    Wiggy G 11 months ago

    bluefin tuna is nearly extinct

  • secret_SSTP
    secret_SSTP 11 months ago

    These guys are not Japanese (Its a Chinese accent so China, Hong Kong or Taiwan) They probably make amazing sushi though!

  • MindTech
    MindTech Year ago


  • EdocsilM
    EdocsilM Year ago +1

    Pretentious Omakase chefs!!
    Not because they are not Japanese (but a Chinese and Korean dudes). It is the way they treat their food - no Japanese chef would blow the charcoal that way.
    They copied some looks of Omakase but missed its soul.
    Imitation failed!

  • Kiet Huynh
    Kiet Huynh Year ago

    Anisakiasis. That is all.

  • Crypto Jack
    Crypto Jack Year ago

    those guys haven't paid gas money ever...only charcoal money

  • Robert Lester
    Robert Lester Year ago

    Sir that's not needlefish, that's typically known as Ballyhoo and it is ABSOLUTELY NOT fit for consumption by anyone who's paying that much to experience your establishment. I'm appalled.

  • koruki
    koruki Year ago +1

    He said they use binchotan.. thats not binchotan, thats a briquette ...

  • Effa Atufah
    Effa Atufah Year ago

    I like to see the freshness...

  • tukang dodol
    tukang dodol Year ago


  • Michael Kim
    Michael Kim Year ago

    once a squid turns white, it's no longer fresh.

  • Ken Escano
    Ken Escano Year ago

    great hand!

  • orangemiss
    orangemiss Year ago

    Omakase(お任せ) just means to leave the decision to (the chef). It has NOTHING to do with seasonality.

  • Southern FL Fishing

    Ballyhoo as an entree? I've used them for bait as years, never consider to try as table fare. I think i would rather eat the snapper than the ballyhoo.

  • afterschoolman 7268

    Eat and what

  • Shaifful Ridzuan
    Shaifful Ridzuan Year ago

    They are serving bluefin tuna, make a video out of the tuna aren't endangered.

  • Justine Baking
    Justine Baking Year ago

    welcome nature's parasites

  • Art N Life
    Art N Life Year ago

    this guy looklike chinese not japanese

  • Jonathan Romas
    Jonathan Romas Year ago


  • Jean Simard
    Jean Simard Year ago


  • Billy Everyteen
    Billy Everyteen Year ago

    This is a really terrible video to watch when you're hungry. And poor.

  • قناة شهيوات ووصفات طبيعية

    😍😍😍😍😍😍😍beautiful sushi 🍣 😛😛😛😛

  • Cầm Lộng Ngọc

    Oh so good the eat pleas 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Anthony Gillis
    Anthony Gillis Year ago +1

    That guy's accent was super racist.

  • Kaka Photography
    Kaka Photography Year ago


  • Tony Mark
    Tony Mark Year ago

    gets worm from this

  • jason xu
    jason xu Year ago


  • jason xu
    jason xu Year ago


  • e、Equinox
    e、Equinox Year ago

    bluefin tuna is endangered now...

  • Hiro
    Hiro Year ago

    Please stick to kimchi and shanghai

  • ny_blam
    ny_blam Year ago

    that korean accent lol

  • B.Eighteen TV
    B.Eighteen TV Year ago

    Рыбу нарезают и выебываются япошки такие япошки

  • My ROBLOX name is SpyAgentKen

    Gordon Ramsay should learn from them 😝

  • Michael Ovrutsky
    Michael Ovrutsky Year ago

    Where's that restaurant? Looks delicious.

  • lucky love lick
    lucky love lick Year ago

    I am fan of this type of food like a crazy

  • ray venom
    ray venom Year ago

    an american born japanese is considered as an American....he has nothing to do with authentic japanese cuisine art. he's not pure asian

  • Goat Watr
    Goat Watr Year ago

    this shit... looks delicious fam

  • jimmyhighsu
    jimmyhighsu Year ago

    Yes...nothing like watching the art of sushi with hip hop music.

  • Tiren - gg
    Tiren - gg Year ago

    Mind sending some to Minnesota

  • Fred Wu
    Fred Wu Year ago

    Jimmy, a.k.a the "do-er" and Nick, a.k.a the "talker"...

  • Ace of Spades
    Ace of Spades Year ago

    No gloves, no thank you.

  • mercuriallimit
    mercuriallimit Year ago

    2:40 the soundtrack is pretty nice, what is it?

  • Trying To Make
    Trying To Make Year ago

    Very very good.

  • bowo dwi
    bowo dwi Year ago


  • Trie Haryanto
    Trie Haryanto Year ago

    It's REAL ART.

  • kalnitez
    kalnitez Year ago +2

    chinese and korean cooking sushi ? might as well hire mexicans and indians as well

  • Megananda Hari
    Megananda Hari Year ago

    Gaglakan ra enak ra marai wareg

  • kobone shteam
    kobone shteam Year ago

    Only souvlaki........

  • Terracotta Pie
    Terracotta Pie Year ago

    lol eat shit petafags while I eat bluefin

  • Flaco
    Flaco Year ago

    i love these 2 on munchies

  • Liberty Justice
    Liberty Justice Year ago +1

    Why did TVclip suggest a video that's no longer available? =/

    VAPING RHINO Year ago

    Here's a question for the sushi masters.
    Lately at sushi restaurants, I have noticed they are serving sushi rolls stuffed with minced fish.
    I'm paying for sushi, and I want a piece of sushi grade fish, not left over scraps that are minced and reused to put in my roll and call it sushi.......
    Please reply, and let me know your thoughts!

  • Karantipal Singh
    Karantipal Singh Year ago

    Sayori..... SAYORI.....
    NO. MONICA......

  • Bewitched Angling

    Didn't know people ate ballyhoo...

  • A Highly Sophisticated Gentleman

    I thought you were supposed to age tuna

  • dave
    dave Year ago

    raw fish is gross

  • Mukaddem Meral
    Mukaddem Meral Year ago

    Hamsi tava yiyin...

  • Edmon Quinto
    Edmon Quinto Year ago

    Disgusting food

  • Carlos M.
    Carlos M. Year ago

    fake sushi, GARLIC!

  • ErNeStgames6
    ErNeStgames6 Year ago

    Anyone feels like the shape of tht guys' head is messed up? 😂