In-N-Out Vs. Shake Shack Taste Test with Tom Segura | Sean in the Wild

  • Published on Dec 26, 2017
  • Which cult-favorite burger joint reigns supreme: Shake Shack or In-N-Out? It's an East Coast-West Coast rivalry that's raged in the fast-food world for years-and Sean Evans is here to get to the bottom of it. Joined by his buddy comedian Tom Segura, Sean pits French fry against French fry, cheeseburger against cheeseburger, and secret-menu item against secret-menu item to find out which chain deserves the crown. Will Tom become a Shake Shack convert, or remain an In-N-Out die-hard? Find out on an all new episode of SITW.
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Comments • 4 638

  • A Bl
    A Bl Hour ago

    in n out looks nasty as fuck

  • jace welsh
    jace welsh Day ago

    Flyin Dutchman is for gluten free people.

  • Marcus
    Marcus 2 days ago

    it looks like they choose the lamest burger off the shake shack menu

  • Andrew Nieto
    Andrew Nieto 2 days ago

    Curious about that peanut bacon burger but Im allergic to peanuts. Still going to try it if I can.

  • Chandler Smith
    Chandler Smith 2 days ago

    in n out is OVERRATED

  • djbarberomusic
    djbarberomusic 3 days ago +1

    This was a rip off review..the shack burger doesn't come plain. It comes with their own secret sauce and lettuce and tomato. Why would they ask for it plain and the in and out burger not?Bullshit review!

  • BryanKeithCunningham

    Considering I've never heard of shake shack imma go with in and out

  • Shaneaynay
    Shaneaynay 3 days ago

    Peanut butter on a cheeseburger is pretty damn good. Lay it on right under the cheese.

  • Mister Belvidere
    Mister Belvidere 5 days ago +2

    Shake shack is better, but both are over rated.

  • bb Jacques
    bb Jacques 6 days ago

    tom is byus

  • Luis Baez
    Luis Baez 6 days ago +6

    Im a New Yorker but when i visted LA and had that In N Out burger, i was just amazed on how good it is. Its indescribable. Shake Shack is good , but compared to In N Out its not that good.

  • Yaser Rahimi
    Yaser Rahimi 7 days ago

    Purest Stfu you stupid beep

  • Yaser Rahimi
    Yaser Rahimi 7 days ago

    Soo stupid he ordered two parties with cheese. Flying Dutchman are your stupid

  • Start Studying
    Start Studying 7 days ago

    Shake shack has BACON cheese fries too

  • Bluesteel
    Bluesteel 7 days ago

    Why do so many people lie about these two places. They aren't even comparable, shake shack has one of the greatest burgers on the planet, forget out fast food. Is it really just a twist regional loyalty that compels people? I don't get it at all and it's pretty messed up. Not at single item at in-n-out is even in the same ballpark as shake shack...shame on all of you for lying about fucking FOOD.

    • Leon Solis III
      Leon Solis III 6 days ago

      The hell, it's like people can't have preferences.
      I live in Dallas, New in and out just opened near me a couple weeks ago, had shake shack like 3 times before. To me, shake shack tries to pretend it's not a fast food place. It's like a high class McDonald's.
      In an out doesn't pretend it shows you what it is and gives you cheap good tasting burgers.
      Again, that's just my opinion, but I guess that makes me a liar.

  • Will
    Will 7 days ago

    Shake Shack is far superior.

  • Chris Cumming
    Chris Cumming 7 days ago

    Come to Toronto and have a religious burger experience at the Burgers Priest. Great secret menu items as well.

  • Stickey Notes2
    Stickey Notes2 8 days ago +1

    Five Guys is the best. Hands down. I've had In-N-Out and Shake Shack. They don't live up to the hype.

    • javier guy
      javier guy 8 days ago

      Five guys is trash and expensive

  • ArkRaider22
    ArkRaider22 8 days ago

    I'm from Australia and had heard so much hype surrounding In-N-Out. On my last trip to America I had to check it out but after I ordered it I was super disappointed. Do not understand the hype at all. Went to Shake Shack a few days later and was pleasantly surprised. Honestly though, there are so many burger places in my home city of Melbourne that I've been to that crush both of these places without question. Which feels weird to say because there's this notion that America has the greatest burgers. But for real, Australian burger culture is way better imo. Though it is generally more expensive in Australia.

  • John Weems.
    John Weems. 8 days ago

    In and out overated as all fuck good burgers terrible frys overhyped for sure

  • vietbond
    vietbond 8 days ago

    You didn't do the Shakes........

  • robvas
    robvas 9 days ago +1

    Rally’s/Checker’s is the king of cheap burgers. In-and-out is so forgettable.

  • Hey You
    Hey You 10 days ago +2

    Animal style isn't good fight me

  • Richie
    Richie 10 days ago

    What's fucked up is that they used Tom's old fat head photo hahaha.

  • Rob Plays
    Rob Plays 10 days ago

    The true winner is Whataburger

  • Jason May
    Jason May 11 days ago +4

    I had Shake Shack. It was good...not as good as it cost like $15.

    • Jason May
      Jason May 7 days ago

      +Bluesteel I prefer fresh produce on my burger. I also do not like the smashed patty with crispy edges.. These are just my prefrances.
      Shake Shack was a good burger but not worth the bill. Come on son.

    • Bluesteel
      Bluesteel 7 days ago +1

      Bullshit, it's not even close and if you've tried them both you know the only way you can say that in-n-out is even remotely comparable is if you are a liar who cares about something besides the actual food.

  • Frank Williams
    Frank Williams 12 days ago

    I’ve lived in the ATL all my life I know there’s a shake shack here but I’ve never eaten there cause it’s packed like a mf all the time so fuck that

  • John Ibarra
    John Ibarra 12 days ago +1

    Shouldve added Tommy's to the mix. Love me that greasy shit. But n out #1 always and forever like heatwave.

  • Daryl Dixon
    Daryl Dixon 13 days ago

    Never had either but I think I’d be a In N Out guy

  • Mr Nicks
    Mr Nicks 14 days ago +5

    Shake Shack Gang
    (only because I never lived in the west)

  • Hank Misson
    Hank Misson 14 days ago

    Shouldve gotten five guys its better than shake shack imo

  • Lmaze 797
    Lmaze 797 15 days ago

    Closest shake shack to me is 80 miles and the lines are to long and the closest in n out is around 4,500 miles

  • Factoid
    Factoid 15 days ago


  • Richard Vazquez
    Richard Vazquez 20 days ago

    People talking about whataburger or whatever, I didn’t event know that place existed and it’s 2019.

  • Humble Humility
    Humble Humility 21 day ago

    In n Out!!!!!!!!!

  • Papi Loco
    Papi Loco 22 days ago +2

    It shouldve been Five guys vs. In N Out

  • michael denino
    michael denino 22 days ago

    "Hey, do you want a salmon milkshake?"

  • Azaldi
    Azaldi 22 days ago

    Didn’t even get the Bacon Cheese Fries smh Sean tf didn’t even get ShackSauce double tf Sean.

  • Jasmine Edwards
    Jasmine Edwards 23 days ago

    Team shake shack😭

  • Jeffrey F
    Jeffrey F 23 days ago

    I think they are pretty equal, but for me I like Shake Shack taste better, but you can’t beat In-n-Out prices because you can get a burger and fries for a single shackburger

  • Brock Albert
    Brock Albert 23 days ago

    0:48...I love the way Tom is looking at Sean.

  • abel doe
    abel doe 24 days ago +1

    Bet everything was all cold and not at full potential

  • Apollo
    Apollo 24 days ago

    Biased af

  • Magucci13
    Magucci13 24 days ago

    Wendy's is better than in'n'out

  • BeConservativeorDieTrying

    Biase much!!! In n Out fries are so trash!!!
    5 Guys still the Best!!!

  • Varmando Varuso
    Varmando Varuso 25 days ago

    1:54 LOL

  • dntgvafuk89
    dntgvafuk89 25 days ago

    I just wish in and out had bacon, then It'd be perfect

  • Sam El Paso
    Sam El Paso 25 days ago

    Red Lobster has the best burgers...

  • Your mom Best friend
    Your mom Best friend 26 days ago

    Lol when you’re from New York and you’ve never went to the west coast so you’ve yet to get a in n out burger

  • Jeff Winslow
    Jeff Winslow 28 days ago

    I love them both. I'm on the east coast, so all I can get it Shake Shack and I'm not complaining. When I do get to the west coast In N Out is my 1st stop. Double Double mustard fried every time. Choosing a favorite is too difficult.

  • Matt Lunt
    Matt Lunt 28 days ago

    How can you forget about the 4X4 on the in n out secret menu???????

  • CockatooDude
    CockatooDude 28 days ago

    That's right damn it! Bring back fat shaming! Physical health is a very important part of life.

  • Michael Gibson
    Michael Gibson 28 days ago

    In and out is garbage on a bun

  • Shaun ONeil
    Shaun ONeil 28 days ago

    In N out 3x3 ftw
    Only problem with In N out is it’s BYOB(bring your own bacon)

  • Quintus Aurelius Symmachus

    Burgerville reigns supreme.

  • Golf Grouch
    Golf Grouch Month ago

    Price considerations should be an important part of such comparisons. Sometimes it's just not apples to apples...

  • Chris Santiago
    Chris Santiago Month ago

    Whataburger for the win.

  • Joz 17
    Joz 17 Month ago

    Really????? In and out fries are gross. People have criticized that about them. They taste like card board not potatoes. Shake Shake burgers over in and out any day.

  • Joseph Arena
    Joseph Arena Month ago

    shake shack all day

  • Nolan Septer Photography

    Culver’s over all

  • todaysrapsucks
    todaysrapsucks Month ago +2

    In n Out is literally twice as good for half the price

  • J
    J Month ago

    I've never had SS.
    I'm one of those that hates In & Out's sauce....and I'm life-long Californian. Their burgers are bland without the sauce.

  • Will Hawkins
    Will Hawkins Month ago

    Tom Segura and fast food. Name a better pairing. Fat fuck

  • Dt
    Dt Month ago

    IN N OUT Fries are dog shit. Just sayin.

  • Jesse Nelson
    Jesse Nelson Month ago

    Watching this whilst eating a double Shack Burger.

  • hotneo7
    hotneo7 Month ago

    I was a In n out for years, tried all the variation, didn't like the soggy buns and plain fries. Stumbled upon Shake Shack and after eating, went back into the line and ordered some more to confirm that yes Shake Shack is a superior product with the potato bun that isn't soggy, and their sauce has a kick, and the patty has a nice crunch at the edges. In N Out fanboys are just happy to eat something better than McDonald's, and if they had more money they would be eating at 5 Guys.

  • Screw You!
    Screw You! Month ago

    Fatburger. Fuddruckers. Five guys. All better than both of these shitholes!

  • Screw You!
    Screw You! Month ago

    Animal style is soggy disgusting puke. In and out is overrated dog food anyways.

  • Aaron Whitehead
    Aaron Whitehead Month ago

    I haven't had in &out or shake shack but I wonder how they compare to five guys which we have here in the Southeast

  • Smug Smugly
    Smug Smugly Month ago +1

    Well, in Germany many people work from 7 am to 5 pm. That's just a normal work day.

  • Mike B
    Mike B Month ago

    On my Tom Segura youtube binge.... but I absolutely HATE In & Out fries, they overcook them or make them too thin or something, it's crunchy all the way to the center and it's not the right kind of crunchy either... like the "outside of a french fry" crunchy if that makes any sense... and if it doesn't and you are a die hard In&Out fry guy don't answer.

  • Arian Goleh
    Arian Goleh Month ago

    Doesn't he look like Robin Williams 😂😂👍

  • corey piatt
    corey piatt Month ago

    I lost it when Tom said "hey want a salmon milkshake?"

  • Kilroy
    Kilroy Month ago

    I’ll take a Hamburger Special from the Golden Ox in Florence and San Pedro.

  • Elysha Nygaard
    Elysha Nygaard Month ago

    unpopular opinion: In n Out fires are GARBAGE on their own, that being said their burgers are #1

  • noa weiss
    noa weiss Month ago

    Shake shack also has a sauce. It makes everything so much better

  • eternalnate
    eternalnate Month ago +2

    Neither one is worth the hype since you can make much better burgers at home for cheap.

  • xalahuj
    xalahuj Month ago


  • A Retarded Orange Ape In The White House


    • Matt Lunt
      Matt Lunt 14 days ago

      +Lane Shurtleff hahaha you're a fucking idiot i'm from Orange County dumbass...LOOK IT UP

    • Lane Shurtleff
      Lane Shurtleff 14 days ago

      +Matt Lunt WRONG!!! In-in-Out is building a distribution warehouse in Northern Louisiana. Do a 6 hr semi-truck drive from that location to see if you're close enough to get one some day.

    • Matt Lunt
      Matt Lunt 28 days ago

      +MrTaylork1 partially true. they dont want to expand and make it an empire and keep it more west coast, given the acception to denver will probably never make it to the east coast however.

    • MrTaylork1
      MrTaylork1 Month ago

      Quintus Aurelius Symmachus There are 2 in Salem.

    • MrTaylork1
      MrTaylork1 Month ago

      In n out has a rule that they won’t build a store farther than a certain distance from the distribution center so that everything is as fresh as possible. They would have to build a distribution facility in the east in order to open any restaurants there.

  • Millwall Joey
    Millwall Joey Month ago +5


  • James j
    James j Month ago

    all fastfood burgers are trash...period

  • Erick Urbina
    Erick Urbina Month ago

    Who the fuck ordered that sad ass shake Shack burger

  • Mike Barbee
    Mike Barbee Month ago

    I’m from Jersey. Never seen either of these ever!

  • Indira Espinal
    Indira Espinal Month ago

    Why did they not get lettuce and tomatoes on the first shake shack burger

  • Julianne Bailey
    Julianne Bailey Month ago

    Sean Evans is so pure

  • Mauen denlansd
    Mauen denlansd Month ago

    Shake shack is so unhealthy its ridiculous

  • John Zirkelbach26
    John Zirkelbach26 Month ago +1

    I think we all know five guys reigns superit

  • K Andrus
    K Andrus Month ago

    Shack wack is garage over priced bullshit, you want a meal well it's gonna cost you almost $20 🤣😂🤣 take your ass to the best burger joint period in n out you want a meal?? How about $10 not hard to who's winning the burger race with the prices

  • kracken
    kracken Month ago

    The only appropriate comparison is In-N-Out vs. Five Guys

  • ktvindicare
    ktvindicare Month ago

    Here's my main argument for anyone that likes or prefers Shake Shack. Sure the burgers might be good, but for what you pay for them it's not worth it. In N Out is straight value, quality food at a low price. I legit spent 20 dollars on a burger at Shake Shack once that didn't taste much better than a standard premium burger from my local Rallies that would have cost me half as much.
    Shake Shack is overpriced.

  • Mason G
    Mason G Month ago

    Alright, I had Shake Shack in DC and In n Out in Las Vegas. I don't know if it was because we went to the one in Vegas but Shake Sack absolutely crushed In n Out. In n Out was actually just not good. The fries were thin, the burger was lame and there was no special sauce. I was dumfounded. Maybe I need to try it again in California or something. Also, is Five Guys not on the west coast? Why wasn't Five Guys part of this taste test?

  • F Howl
    F Howl Month ago

    Fries should never be cut right there and fried. Take it from the Belgians. You got to soak fries, to remove excess starch, then pre-fry. In-n-out's fries suck butt.
    And the burgers are no contest...and it's not surprising. Shake Shack's burger cost twice as much for a reason. Better bun by a mile and higher quality Angus patty. And Shake Shack knows ratios. In n out needs to drown in secret sauce, because it's filled with tasteless iceberg in an attempt to hide the grayish un-caramelized piece of shit they call a patty.
    I'd take the new Double Quarter Pounder at McDonalds over a Double-Double all day.

  • 陳信介
    陳信介 Month ago

    I’m in Oklahoma, I can only go to five guys after watching this 😂

  • Derek K
    Derek K Month ago

    I've never had in n out but I'd bet that I'd like it more than shake shack.

  • This Mothafucka Said

    Would NOT consider Shake Shack an East Coast known place, at all. Many in NYC never even heard of it, except for Hipsters and younger crowd. Meanwhile, In-n-out is a well known by all in LA.

  • Slim dime
    Slim dime Month ago +2

    I’ve personally worked at In-N-Out and Shake Shack, I was a level 5 at In-N-Out and had an amazing time working there. We really arrived to being the best and having the best ingredients possible. Where as at Shake Shack, especially in Hollywood, they don’t really care about their produce, I’ve seen the prep people never clean the lettuce properly and never follow simple procedure to make sure the produce is clean before it goes on you’re burger. Idk up to you guys let me know

  • Fuko lambobby
    Fuko lambobby Month ago

    TBH the comparison just doesn't work you go to in n out with $10 and you get enough food to feed a small village, you go to shake shack with $10 and they bitch slap you and then laugh

  • teddy
    teddy Month ago

    the more bald white guy is annoying as shit son. takes forever to say nothing

  • Punkyagogo
    Punkyagogo Month ago

    Why does no one ever compare the Shack Stack against the Double Double Animal Style burger? That would be a closer comparison when it comes to what people regularly order and proportion-size. Everyone I know always gets the shroom burger or the shack stack, not the puny little shack burger.

  • Larry Gonzalez
    Larry Gonzalez Month ago

    I've never been to Shake Shack, but I like the look of those cheese fries.