In-N-Out Vs. Shake Shack Taste Test with Tom Segura | Sean in the Wild

  • Published on Dec 26, 2017
  • Which cult-favorite burger joint reigns supreme: Shake Shack or In-N-Out? It's an East Coast-West Coast rivalry that's raged in the fast-food world for years-and Sean Evans is here to get to the bottom of it. Joined by his buddy comedian Tom Segura, Sean pits French fry against French fry, cheeseburger against cheeseburger, and secret-menu item against secret-menu item to find out which chain deserves the crown. Will Tom become a Shake Shack convert, or remain an In-N-Out die-hard? Find out on an all new episode of SITW.
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    Episode 39
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Comments • 4 694

  • Wyatt Oldham
    Wyatt Oldham 17 hours ago

    Culvers or gtfo

  • Pooter Bilbo
    Pooter Bilbo Day ago

    Shake shack blows. Those crinkle fries are straight out of a middle school cafeteria and the burgers are tiny for twice the price of in n out. Simply nothing beats in n out at that price. If you want to pay more money for a burger that will actually be good run as fast as you can from shake shack, go to five guys, and for the love of god get cajun fries.

  • Patrick D'Arcy
    Patrick D'Arcy Day ago

    Didn't Elvis put peanut butter on his burgers?

  • Mr. NotSoCreative
    Mr. NotSoCreative Day ago +1

    I have never heard anyone ever in my entire life call California the fast food capital... quite the opposite actually. You can have an opinion when y’all get a chik-fil-a or Waffle House

    • Juan Jaramillo
      Juan Jaramillo 9 hours ago

      Mr. NotSoCreative theres a chick fil a and a roscoes chicken and waffles and a in n out

  • Indie Guy
    Indie Guy 3 days ago

    shake shack is the better looking and better tasting burger. this fool is completely biased towards in-n-out.

  • wickedsrage
    wickedsrage 3 days ago

    damn right in-n-out mothafucka!

  • cgorange
    cgorange 3 days ago

    Why would they compare a fully dressed In and Out Burger vs. a Plain Shake Shack Burger?
    And why wouldn't they compare plain fries to plain fries?
    Gotta question this one. Weak.

  • Derek Howell
    Derek Howell 3 days ago

    I just WISH you would come to Texas and visit Whataburger. You would crown a new UNDISPUTED CHAMPION.

  • Ali Alhashem
    Ali Alhashem 4 days ago

    BS! Definitely not %100 beef

  • The Panopticon's Progress

    As a Chicagoan with no regional bias here, In-N-Out is the most overrated thing I have ever come across. It is the definition of an average burger. Is it better than McDonalds? Sure. If the claim is just that it is cheap and decent quality for the price, I can accept that. However, that is also true of hundreds of small burger joints across the country. I have had hundreds of better burgers than In-N-Out. Shake Shack on the other hand is better, but too expensive for what it is. It is a really good fast food burger, but that doesn't justify it being $10 for a burger and fries. If I had to choose, I'd go Shake Shack, but really I'd just go to a local burger place for less money and better quality.

  • Anthony Peters
    Anthony Peters 4 days ago

    : This is not a real showdown per se! The takeaway: Shake Shack founded in 2004.... In-N-Out Founded in 1948! We can give both props for Making Real burgers! Yet, due to longevity and tourism, Most In- and- Out locations are always and forever on their toes! That's not to say Shake Shack patrons don't demand high quality. Since In-N-Out may never ever hit the East coast it's only logical Shake Shack exists. However, as Most Newyorkers all ready know you never disrespect the Dynasties.

  • dereklacy
    dereklacy 5 days ago

    In & out is as gross as fingering your sister and finding your dad's wedding ring in her ass.

  • Christoffer Enfors
    Christoffer Enfors 8 days ago

    jesus, i had to eat a banana looking at this, im drooling..

  • James Cutter
    James Cutter 8 days ago +1

    Five Guys is superior to both.

  • saintblamo
    saintblamo 8 days ago

    Nobody has nothing on the legendary In&Out.

  • DonRon H
    DonRon H 11 days ago

    Tom sugaroo

  • Garrett Irvine
    Garrett Irvine 17 days ago

    In n outs fries fucking suck. Burgers are okay if you have them put chillies on them

  • Patrick Joseph sac
    Patrick Joseph sac 23 days ago

    No to bias judge

  • Jorge Diaz
    Jorge Diaz 24 days ago +1

    U put the flying dutchman on the animal fries that's how its done with well done fries

  • Jorge Diaz
    Jorge Diaz 24 days ago

    This isn't even close the answer is BOTH why do people always compare apples and oranges

  • 888chuckD
    888chuckD 24 days ago

    why is there no shake shack sauce?

  • Macphesto Zoo
    Macphesto Zoo 25 days ago

    Had my first shake shack recently and i must say it was really good. But dammm it cost a lot more than in n out. It is my second favorite burger behind the all mighty double double animal style. I would order both if someone else was paying👍🏽

  • Timothy Smith
    Timothy Smith 25 days ago

    In -N-Out sucks.

  • Ricky Singh
    Ricky Singh 26 days ago

    In N Out is more bang for the buck as compared to Shake Shack or Five Guys. At In N Out I can get a a double-double, fries, and medium drink for around $7, whereas at Shake Shack and Five Guys, the burgers almost cost that much alone.

  • Barak Busby
    Barak Busby 27 days ago

    Why didn’t you put lettuce and tomato on the shake shack burger?

  • TheeHomie G
    TheeHomie G 27 days ago +3

    There is no comparison. In N Out is a special California burger and the prices are great. My personal favorite with the animal style sauce. I think Shake Shack is generic compared to In N out

    • Tim
      Tim 23 days ago +1

      In N Out is in Arizona too. It's very good and I've had it multiple times, but its a tad overrated.

  • Joseph Ibarra
    Joseph Ibarra 27 days ago

    Skinny white girls love in n out

  • Alex Borrego
    Alex Borrego 29 days ago

    Neither can touch Whataburger

  • Bailey Adams
    Bailey Adams 29 days ago

    In n outs better imo

  • Warren Coakley
    Warren Coakley Month ago

    Found the shake shacks burgers to be very greasy.

  • Arturo L Charles Jr

    More like a biased review 😂

  • Strongoria
    Strongoria Month ago +1

    3x2 with grilled & raw onions and make that 2✌ of those

  • Julia Ravenscroft
    Julia Ravenscroft Month ago

    why didnt yall dress up those shake shack burgers? u maybe coulda got tom with all the fixings

  • Creepy Joe
    Creepy Joe Month ago

    in and out is basically mcdonalds

  • dgemini2
    dgemini2 Month ago +1

    Shake Shack, hands down. I'm from the west and had Shake Shack for the first time when I visited NYC several years ago and thought it was a life-changing revelation. And I'm not even a big burger/fast food person. They actually have them out here now. In & Out's burgers are okay, but I've always thoughts their fries were underwhelming. I've never understood the hype. Maybe it's because I'm not a burger person. The SS burger is kind of a novelty.

  • spencereng
    spencereng Month ago +1

    Shake Shack, Wahlburgers, Five Guys, and then Inn & Out in that order.

  • Anthony Villenas
    Anthony Villenas Month ago

    Yes shake shack is more pricey

  • Jesse Gomez
    Jesse Gomez Month ago

    4 by 4 low card burger in lettuce with animal style fries. Hands down...

  • Robert Cuthbert
    Robert Cuthbert Month ago

    Double Double, whole raw onions, whole Dr Pepper-grilled onions (cause i got a man on the inside), mustard fried mid-rare patty, extra pickles, salt and pepper on the tomato, cold cheese, spread, and then you squeeze some lemon and chili juice on that bitch. Never fails me.

  • Raul Montes
    Raul Montes Month ago

    WRONGK!!! Shake Shack is great!

  • Dean Papadopoulos
    Dean Papadopoulos Month ago

    double double animal style kills the double shackburger

  • NeedForSleep100
    NeedForSleep100 Month ago

    In n out is overrated. Shakeshack has better taste

  • Industrialist2015ofUk

    Don't be dissing Arbys, biiatch!! We had in England... not anymore. 😪

  • Bic Gohill
    Bic Gohill Month ago +4

    No comparison, shake shack is a different price point and quality lvl.

  • AleJandroLeal3
    AleJandroLeal3 Month ago

    Vs Whataburger

  • Chef Craig Orrell
    Chef Craig Orrell Month ago +2

    In N Out-always and forever!!!!

    SIGMACH1 Month ago +3

    Jack in the Box for the WIN!

  • Chandy Boy
    Chandy Boy Month ago

    In n out is easily the most overhyped shit there is. The sig sauce is nasty. Theres no mayo.

  • Truth Hurts
    Truth Hurts Month ago

    Ugh biggest crush on Tom

  • nicomas2471
    nicomas2471 Month ago

    i hate the crinkle cut fries. idk why. they are just potato, but just taste fake somehow.

  • QuietStorm
    QuietStorm Month ago

    Respect and reward your employees like they are actual people, not bots, and guess what? You get the kind of employee who is willing and able to treat your customers with respect. Props to In-N-Out for showing that responsible, humane management is compatible with success.

  • tim keute
    tim keute Month ago

    Wahlburgers is better than both of these!

  • Patrick Wright
    Patrick Wright Month ago

    How is it even fair to compare garbage fries vs cheese fries and a burger with everything vs a plain burger? This whole video is blasphemy!

  • Ethan Donald '20
    Ethan Donald '20 Month ago +1

    In n out boys

  • nick felix
    nick felix Month ago

    5 guys is better don’t @ me

  • Paul Delsandro
    Paul Delsandro Month ago

    Uow does the west coast think they comp with east it's like hey you years down when we had city's you had oh nobody

  • Mighty_Mattso
    Mighty_Mattso Month ago

    I dont understand the in n out lovers. It tastes like a plain, no flavor, tiny little bit of meat on a bun filled to the brim with veggies. What am I missing?

    • Andrew
      Andrew Month ago

      Matt Ludiker I’m gonna take a wild guess and say you weigh at least over 250 lbs

    PRODBYVP Month ago +1

    Five guys better than both

  • Nick Ryan
    Nick Ryan Month ago

    Habit Burger glasses harder than both of them. I like that.

  • Brendon Balow
    Brendon Balow Month ago

    Try and put In-n-out up against the Midwest heavy weight, Culvers!!!