In-N-Out Vs. Shake Shack Taste Test with Tom Segura | Sean in the Wild

  • Published on Dec 26, 2017
  • Which cult-favorite burger joint reigns supreme: Shake Shack or In-N-Out? It's an East Coast-West Coast rivalry that's raged in the fast-food world for years-and Sean Evans is here to get to the bottom of it. Joined by his buddy comedian Tom Segura, Sean pits French fry against French fry, cheeseburger against cheeseburger, and secret-menu item against secret-menu item to find out which chain deserves the crown. Will Tom become a Shake Shack convert, or remain an In-N-Out die-hard? Find out on an all new episode of SITW.
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  • Ivan Doneshefsky
    Ivan Doneshefsky 7 hours ago

    Is this Moron #1? Put Moron #2 on the line

  • berighteous
    berighteous 13 hours ago

    Never heard of shake shack. you're punking us. In n out is a real restaurant.

  • Jerrod P
    Jerrod P Day ago

    Animal style looks like a sick dog squatted over the basket and had runny shit squirts.

  • blake turner
    blake turner Day ago

    anyone from the south who thinks these are both garbage?

  • Jeff Lee
    Jeff Lee 2 days ago

    Love them all but Five Guys all day and they would destroy both on fries.

  • Antiscia Moore
    Antiscia Moore 3 days ago

    In-n-Out all the way. All around, it's the best choice. Always. Shake Shack is crap! I've had the fries (soggy and gross), the burger (again, soggy and gross), and the shake (it was ok, but how can you screw up ice cream?) inside of the restaurant several times and it always makes me wish I had gone to McDonald's instead (I know, right?!). In-n-Out has the best of everything, but pro tip -- order your fries "well", which is how they naturally come "animal style", and include some extra salt with your order as your fries will need it.

  • Alex Rodriguez
    Alex Rodriguez 3 days ago

    Y’all some pussys for that disclaimer at the start!! Pussy bitches!

  • london mockett
    london mockett 4 days ago

    you have to have a inn out double double animal style with no tomatoes with choped chilies and whole pickles

  • Mick Cotton Bar -B - Q

    In n Out is Way Better And a Fair Price
    SS is Crap at over $15

  • Manny G
    Manny G 4 days ago

    where and when tha f#$% areyou gonna do one with smash burger!! those burgers will take out cheap n out and snack shack... please do one with Smash Burger...porfavor!

  • Zach Pokorny
    Zach Pokorny 4 days ago

    Tom sealed my like with the Arby's joke LOL

  • Marin Cachu
    Marin Cachu 7 days ago

    How do they get both burgers from both places fresh if they are on opposite coasts? 🤔

  • Gherkin
    Gherkin 7 days ago

    Why is no willing to admit how absolutely shite in n outs fries are ? Burger is fire but the fry is a dry piece of shit

  • Chuck Farley
    Chuck Farley 8 days ago

    Culver's Butter Burger FTW!

  • Rylan Darrke
    Rylan Darrke 9 days ago

    As a Canadian it kills me that USA calls processed cheese "American" like it's a synonym for FAKE

  • Alex Rincon
    Alex Rincon 9 days ago

    Whataburger is better than both

  • ElectronicProjects4Cheap

    Tommy Buns: "In-N-Out. Try it out!'

  • Kevin Harbo
    Kevin Harbo 10 days ago

    bun is not meat nor cheese.

  • Rene Comeaux
    Rene Comeaux 11 days ago

    Five Guys is better than In-N-Out

  • pumpertube
    pumpertube 13 days ago

    In-N-Out is better.
    Shake Shack is just okay.

  • Drew E
    Drew E 14 days ago

    "dudes face looks like a torn softball"

  • Khabib The Eagle
    Khabib The Eagle 17 days ago

    Shake Shack is way better

  • Alex Ackles
    Alex Ackles 18 days ago

    Why is Tom wearing his shirt?

  • Clayton Raynard
    Clayton Raynard 19 days ago

    Krinkle cut is the shittiesr type of French fry right behind the shoestring French fry

  • tnoender
    tnoender 20 days ago

    Tom Segura is pretty.
    Also , you can tell he's trying not to enjoy himself

  • Daniel K.
    Daniel K. 24 days ago

    Why do I do this to myself.

  • Ryan D
    Ryan D 25 days ago

    when it comes down to it for me it's cost vs benefit. as others pointed out a double double in n out, it's still cheaper than a shake shack burger plus it's freshly made.

  • robertk2007
    robertk2007 26 days ago

    Team in n out

  • Franklin MacGillacuddy

    In-n-Out pays their employees very well. I love them for the fresh produce - fresh peeled crisp lettuce, no crappy soft wilted shredded iceberg from a bag. Fresh cut tomatoes, ultra fresh potatoes. People complain about the fries but I love them - they taste like POTATOES. In-n-Out has had a secret menu for as long as I can remember. Absolutely nothing has changed in their menu, appearance of the restaurants, or consistently ultra-high level of quality ingredients during my lifetime. It is nostalgia in a bun, AND it's still super affordable. Its actually less expensive than McDonalds and you get a bigger better burger.

  • Franklin MacGillacuddy

    Ive never tried Shake Shack but it looks pretty good to me. I want to take and jam one right into a Double Double and eat THAT

  • Stephen Chapman
    Stephen Chapman 28 days ago

    How the fuck do you not compare shakes?

  • Deya Masri
    Deya Masri Month ago

    That beat at 6:48 is gross

  • Souldrinker36
    Souldrinker36 Month ago

    You should do In-In-Out vs Whataburger. These Texans thing Crappaburger is better.

  • Mark Saguindel
    Mark Saguindel Month ago

    You have to have In n Out fries animal style because stand alone they suck ass. For a good burger on the cheap, In n Out. For a better burger Shake Shack

  • Eddie Myler
    Eddie Myler Month ago

    Fries looks like Nathan's fries

  • Eddie Myler
    Eddie Myler Month ago

    Is it cold food, like wings?

  • Brendissimo
    Brendissimo Month ago

    Honestly, it's odd to compare the two. They have completely different pricing models, and dont really compete with each other. In N out is priced as fast food. Shake shack is not. That's the truth.
    Five guys at least is in the same price bracket.

  • Deee S
    Deee S Month ago

    Why do they compare an In and Out with everything on it with a Shake Shack with nothing on it? Both great burgers, the whole east vs west shit is so wack. You're from Cincinnati Tom, calm down on the west coast for life bs. Always phony LA guys who grew up in the midwest that go to that and shit on the rest of the country.

  • LLD
    LLD Month ago

    How did I miss this one?! Tom dropping awesome one liners Good job guys haha

  • Imperator
    Imperator Month ago

    Please don't try and put fat-shaming into a good light because for the majority it's anything but good.
    When I started my weight loss journey about a year ago, it wasn't fat-shaming that helped me at all, it was horrible for people to say stuff like that to a fellow human being.
    I started losing weight because of wanting to pursue my hobbies and be there for my family, but bullying and fat-shaming only ever lead me to suicidal thoughts and attempts on one occasion.
    Fat shaming is bullying and if that works for you then power to you, but please remember you're a special case in that regard, because most overweight people who get fat-shamed will not take it well at all, and I can assure you it's probably lead to more than a few suicides.
    Be kind to your fellow humans, no matter how they look, you don't know anyone elses story unless they decide to tell you, so you don't know why they're the way they are.

  • Mick Cotton Bar -B - Q

    In n Out all Day I get a 4x4 Animal Protein Style. It Is The Best Ever 😇

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama Month ago

    Crinkle cut fries are gross.

  • jamesceja07
    jamesceja07 Month ago

    I love both.

  • RoboStyle
    RoboStyle Month ago

    I love both, they are both great at what they do

  • mjaymaldonado
    mjaymaldonado Month ago


    ODD VILLAIN Month ago

    Five guys is better than In n Out. Smd

  • Definetely not a Troll

    Sean Evans is so dense.
    He sounds like he really trying hard to be a relatable human being.

  • Sam
    Sam Month ago

    In/Out fries suuuuuuuck.

  • 20alphabet
    20alphabet Month ago

    Careful guys, Shake Shack upper management killed
    Verne Troyer for coming to the same conclusion.

  • Alex
    Alex Month ago

    i like how sean has no personality

  • Abir Chaudhuri
    Abir Chaudhuri Month ago

    In-n--Out has some of the most processed meat in the business. Shake Shack uses angus beef. I'm not even from the East Coast and I can say that the double Shack burger is better than the double-double.

  • Timothy Pelletier
    Timothy Pelletier Month ago

    I'm Canadian we dont have in and out but that food looks amazing

  • Aamir Khan
    Aamir Khan Month ago

    Nice on my birthday Jan 12th

  • Calmer573
    Calmer573 Month ago +5

    In-N-Out All Day

  • Rambunctious Binger

    Mickey D's dollar menu!

  • VDShowful
    VDShowful Month ago +1

    Damn I wish I lived in America.



  • Michael Thompson
    Michael Thompson Month ago

    Shake Shack is the GOAT. Everything at In-N-Out is average--disappointingly so...

  • Rhysbans
    Rhysbans Month ago


  • Biggz_Myth
    Biggz_Myth Month ago


  • nick999
    nick999 Month ago

    we need to find someone who hasn't had either one of these burgers... THAT IS the true decision maker.

  • Mr. Imperfect
    Mr. Imperfect 2 months ago

    I love that fucking intro music

  • Baboon
    Baboon 2 months ago

    Shake shack is "gourmet" burgers posing as a fast food join - while in-n-out is an actual fast food joint so you cannot compare the two.

  • Kewl Beans
    Kewl Beans 2 months ago

    what about five guys?

  • shelley noseworthy
    shelley noseworthy 2 months ago

    Taters n' Creme from Lick's tho

  • stratmagic
    stratmagic 2 months ago

    IN n Out is so over rated fries suck and burger is just ok Five guys kills them both

  • Jose_E _
    Jose_E _ 2 months ago

    Whataburger shits on both of them

  • Stephanie B
    Stephanie B 2 months ago

    Sean needs to go to whataburger and do a taste test

  • Ken Weezy
    Ken Weezy 2 months ago

    I eat In-N-Out with no sauce still really good never had shake Shack would love to try

  • philbegas
    philbegas 2 months ago

    Habit Burger is shake shack qulity at in-n-out prices

    GG ALLIN 2 months ago

    In n Out burger is the best! FUCK the rest!

  • Savage Grace
    Savage Grace 2 months ago

    Five guys trumps shake shack and in n out.

  • Lroy Johnson
    Lroy Johnson 2 months ago

    Five guys

  • D u a l i t y
    D u a l i t y 2 months ago

    I live on the east coast and I love SS’s Spicy Chick’n Shacks and SmokeShacks but I’ve always wanted to try In N Out ever since I saw The Big Lebowski.
    “Those are good burgers Walter.”
    “Shut the fuck up DONNY!!!”
    You people in LA are lucky for being able to try and enjoy both.

  • Jason Levine
    Jason Levine 2 months ago +31

    In n Out is a fast food joint that makes a really good burger, whereas Shake Shack is a gourmet chef making a fast food burger. -Neil deGrasse Tyson

  • Santa Claus
    Santa Claus 2 months ago

    I eat low carb now so i always get Flying Dutchmans. Very satisying.

  • KEENster D
    KEENster D 2 months ago

    I've had both and I think Shake Shack makes better tasting burgers but it's quite expensive. In N Out is very efficient and consistent but for taste, I have to go with SS.

  • LPC486
    LPC486 2 months ago

    Never had Shake Shacks. i must admit, if you’re talking about just a plain order of fries, those shake shack fries would probably win. In-N-out fries tend to be small and uneven sizes. I will also have to agree with Tom again that if you do not like the In-N-out spread then you’re probably not gonna like or be wowed by the burgers. That spread with chopped chilies and grilled onions is what makes me love In-N-Out burgers.

  • Nicholas Jordan
    Nicholas Jordan 3 months ago

    I tried Shake for the first time last weekend and I can honestly say it was one of the most disappointing experiences in my life. It was too expensive, took too long, and was well over hyped.

  • Brenden Staggs
    Brenden Staggs 3 months ago

    what about Whataburger

  • Noah Mcelwey
    Noah Mcelwey 3 months ago

    Whataburger is better

  • chimpakawanzelu
    chimpakawanzelu 3 months ago

    couple of fat fucks...

  • yogiyoda
    yogiyoda 3 months ago

    Shake Shack > In-n-Out

  • Sai Chilukoori
    Sai Chilukoori 3 months ago

    You should how Joe Rogan on Hot Ones, with Jamie.

  • kuluvas
    kuluvas 3 months ago

    Dicks drive in, Seattle. Hands down.the best in the country.

  • Bernard Maxwell
    Bernard Maxwell 3 months ago

    Whatabuger will stomp!!!!!! All over that west coast ish.

  • Mario F.
    Mario F. 3 months ago


  • Na
    Na 3 months ago

    Y’all should do Post Malone: Raising Canes vs Zaxby’s

  • Riff Raff
    Riff Raff 3 months ago +1

    In N Out or nothing!

  • MeanSpirited Mirth
    MeanSpirited Mirth 3 months ago

    Both good places to get a burger if you're a plebe.

  • moonie13
    moonie13 3 months ago

    Shake shack just added their hot chicken sandwich and it’s so good when you ask for it with chilies and extra spicy. Might need some more spice for your taste though sean

  • Joseph Graves
    Joseph Graves 3 months ago

    Whataburger does not get the respect it deserves. MUCH better than In-N-Out.

  • Jessica Maiden
    Jessica Maiden 3 months ago

    Shake shack.... over priced Steak ‘n Shake.

  • joe busch
    joe busch 3 months ago

    im from texas...shake shack blows

  • Filipino Battousai
    Filipino Battousai 3 months ago

    God damnit get bill burr already.

  • Robert Dean
    Robert Dean 3 months ago

    In & Out is trash

  • Marcus Valle
    Marcus Valle 3 months ago

    Freddys is better than both...

  • Because Man
    Because Man 3 months ago

    WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THE WORLD ALL THE COOLEST PEOPLE ARE doing combo things where they get together on film it’s the coolest thing ever

  • JJ 51
    JJ 51 3 months ago