Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted - Part 13

  • Published on Jun 13, 2019
  • We're almost at the final challenge of FNAF VR: Help Wanted... just gotta get to the other side of this room...
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  • Ghostly Tunes
    Ghostly Tunes Hour ago

    In the pizzeria, Animatronics bully markiplier.
    In soviet Russia, Mark bullies animatronics.

  • Greenerist professor
    Greenerist professor 8 hours ago

    To the person scrolling down
    The comments:

  • Curious Toast
    Curious Toast 12 hours ago +1

    One like=one doll not being yelled at

  • RoboFox
    RoboFox 16 hours ago +1

    Mark: * shakes flashlight *
    Me: Goddammit, Mark! This ain't Tattletale!

  • Linchan :3
    Linchan :3 16 hours ago +1

    I Like Turtles

  • Bash Bros
    Bash Bros Day ago

    19:48 this is what I imagine a ghost does the first time it sees what its favourite food after it died

  • Tata’s robot
    Tata’s robot Day ago

    *hello everybody*
    - my favorite sentence

  • ExoticKitty
    ExoticKitty Day ago

    me: ~see's the next mini-ish game~
    me:~chuckles~ oh no... ~full screens computer~
    me: BRING. IT. ON.

  • DarkWolf 16016
    DarkWolf 16016 Day ago

    4:07 that's some aggressive cranking Mark! That handle flew!

  • Thundertoon
    Thundertoon Day ago

    I love how he just sits in the same spot for like 4 minutes going "KILL ME" and no one even tries in the slightest.

  • Manolo Sanchez
    Manolo Sanchez 2 days ago

    Shoum! Shoum!
    Shoum! Shoum
    Wo! You can’t just pop away!
    Im gonna die...

  • Wild Comet
    Wild Comet 2 days ago +1

    girlfriend: from now on we need to be straight forward with eachother
    Boyfriend: i wAnT tHe sUGaR gEt iN mE (20:14)

  • Scary Rainbows
    Scary Rainbows 2 days ago

    Is this....

    𝑷𝒂𝒏𝒊𝒄! 𝒂𝒕 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝑫𝒊𝒔𝒄𝒐??

  • Elijah V.
    Elijah V. 2 days ago

    I just realized that the cam died ... well it didnt die this time but you get my point ... at the same spot as b4

  • Shane Thissell
    Shane Thissell 2 days ago

    Lobit 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Dylan Fair
    Dylan Fair 3 days ago

    "This one was impossible as it was, how could it get any harder?!?!"

  • Pollix780
    Pollix780 3 days ago

    most important, he attacc
    3:55 10:35 12:08

  • Rose Claire
    Rose Claire 3 days ago


  • Rose Claire
    Rose Claire 3 days ago

    Panic at the disco reference? 😂😂 (also anal jokes) 😂😂😂

  • Alexander Franco
    Alexander Franco 3 days ago

    14:52 I guess it really is impossible lol

  • Aureo Llacuna
    Aureo Llacuna 4 days ago

    That scare me! 11:58

  • Alexander Franco
    Alexander Franco 4 days ago

    5:20-5:42 was my favorite part of the video

  • Raven's Quote
    Raven's Quote 4 days ago

    (5:15) _BTD PTSD flashbacks ensue_

  • TroySavage21 []
    TroySavage21 [] 4 days ago +1

    Rip camera

  • TroySavage21 []
    TroySavage21 [] 4 days ago

    Marks cam died on him

  • Trey Ham
    Trey Ham 4 days ago

    9:26 look to the left

  • galaxy alpha
    galaxy alpha 4 days ago

    Mystery bunny boy character is shadow Bonnie

  • Credible Jumper
    Credible Jumper 5 days ago

    I love that when he dies and he's pissed he bullies the cupcake 😂

  • Credible Jumper
    Credible Jumper 5 days ago

    5:00 his mickey mouse impression

  • meme the wolf
    meme the wolf 5 days ago +1

    I love FNAF but it scars the Sh** out of me!!!
    Saturday July 13 2019

  • Nia Parizzz
    Nia Parizzz 5 days ago

    A sweet treat that can't be beat

  • clifford brown
    clifford brown 6 days ago

    mark:ill eat ur soul right out of ur ass

  • That One Guy From Xbox

    I just played this game very spoopy in vr

    DEBANZO 6 days ago

    Markiplier: Plushie maimer specialization Company

  • Autumn Johnson
    Autumn Johnson 6 days ago

    Lol! At 19:42 Mark sounds like a very angry Chewbacca! I'm dying! 😂😂

  • _Baby Chimmy_
    _Baby Chimmy_ 6 days ago

    Who else immediately thought of Pennywise when the balloons showed.. Just me? 👌

  • Sayori- chan
    Sayori- chan 6 days ago

    excuse me wtf 14:53

  • Terry Yactzak
    Terry Yactzak 6 days ago

    Who else just listens to the video and scrolls through the comments the entire time? Just me?...okay fair enough

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya 7 days ago

    Me: I swear if mark dies one more time by a plush-
    Mark: *GeTs JuMpEd ScArReD*
    Me: *FaLlS oUt Of ChAiR*
    *"GoD dAmNiT"*

  • Kenzie Madison
    Kenzie Madison 7 days ago

    the doll one is 100% the creepiest one


    Only Lolbit jumpscares in the first try only, that's why it skipped the first try.

  • king NIJALITY the grate

    there is 3 fucking endings

  • TheRetroDragon Yope
    TheRetroDragon Yope 7 days ago

    20:12 has captured an animatronic. The Chica's Cupcake technically counts as an animatronic, so no do not eat that as you will probably die and suffocation will be the cause of your death, or choking if we look at it that way.

  • king NIJALITY the grate

    um was it just me but did it seem like mark was trying to be a Jedi in the plush baby thing

  • Gãchã Phøéñïx
    Gãchã Phøéñïx 7 days ago

    Hey uh Mark?

    *thanks for the flashing lights warning*

  • Kevin Production
    Kevin Production 8 days ago

    40 percent cussing

    20 percent him playing with toys

    40 percent him threatening people

  • plastic glove
    plastic glove 8 days ago

    14:53 nani the fuck

  • Devon Apache
    Devon Apache 8 days ago

    Wait I watched 11 12 and he is.Waring the same clothes

    BRIANNA FULLER 9 days ago +1

    Markaplier: Yeah I know a lot of things and number 1 of them is to LIVVVVEEEE

  • CARNAGE 649
    CARNAGE 649 9 days ago +1

    1:28 he sounds like Mickey Mouse

  • Mihai Morariu
    Mihai Morariu 9 days ago

    14:46 is what the comment meant

  • G.O.A.T -Alpha
    G.O.A.T -Alpha 9 days ago +2

    Im gonna eat ur soul strainght out ur ass🤣

  • Annalu Saenz
    Annalu Saenz 9 days ago +2

    8:35 for a split second it looks like there’s someone in the background

  • Shuhan Miah
    Shuhan Miah 10 days ago

    Whwn he said he wont die he did LOL

  • Minecraft Five nights at Freddy’s Roleplay

    Plushbaby: I heard your call
    Mark: pfffft what no I whoudent call

  • Minecraft Five nights at Freddy’s Roleplay

    Man I wanna beat up those little plush baby rats

  • Minecraft Five nights at Freddy’s Roleplay

    One minute in the video no boops so far phew

  • Payton B
    Payton B 10 days ago

    Gamers: “ There’s no way you can get killed within a second”
    All of the animatronics: “imma bout to end these people’s whole career”

  • ghost boy
    ghost boy 10 days ago

    Wonder how badly he shit his pants on the dolls

  • Pixel Wolf
    Pixel Wolf 10 days ago

    Who here remembers fnaf the musical

  • briana bernal
    briana bernal 10 days ago


  • briana bernal
    briana bernal 10 days ago


    mark: LiL fLoOsHeS

  • RuggedTundra 7
    RuggedTundra 7 11 days ago

    Mark: It was impossible! How will this one be possible?!?
    Funtime Foxy: I don’t know

  • Savannah Linder
    Savannah Linder 11 days ago +1

    Mark: I got a loon!!!!
    Me: facepalm

  • belalps5 witt
    belalps5 witt 11 days ago +1

    Did the camera actually die, or was he just copying the first time he did that round 😂

  • Rose Kind,lonely,respectful,fallen angel

    Mark: it’s like where’s Waldo
    Plush baby: Am I a joke to you

  • Pa ul
    Pa ul 12 days ago +3

    TVclipr:*says literally anything*
    Fans:I’m about to quote this mans whole career

  • Joelissa lynch
    Joelissa lynch 12 days ago

    Mark: ahhhhhhhhh cup cake: stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eva Spradley
    Eva Spradley 12 days ago +2

    One of the plushes:you should have known
    Mark:I know ALOT of things AND I WILL WIN!
    not even a min later

  • Gamer567 RedLord44
    Gamer567 RedLord44 12 days ago +1