Wings | Animated Short Film | SVA Thesis

  • Published on Aug 27, 2019
  • In this story of kindness, friendship, and the fear of being left behind, a friendship takes flight as a mouse that wants to fly and an injured bird cross paths.
    Final film from the School of Visual arts. I directed, background painted, animated, and did about half of the cleanup/coloring myself! The rest was handled by my awesome team in the credits. Thank you to Colin Andrew Grant for the fantastic score, and thanks to SVA for the two grants that helped me produce this film!
    And thank you all so much for watching. This was a huge labor of love for me, and I'm so glad I finally get to share it!
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  • FoxDashO23
    FoxDashO23 12 minutes ago

    Awwww I lofe it!

  • Listen the Truth of life

    really heart winning film yr
    mast he jhakas 🤘☺️😋

  • Sejuti Mukherjee
    Sejuti Mukherjee 7 hours ago +1

    I love it! It's a precious little gem! Rather than saving feathers & flying, it helped the bird, cared & nursed it back to health...then had a true flight....soaring in the the kingdom of heaven...all thgs pure & beautiful!

  • Aiman Ahmed
    Aiman Ahmed 7 hours ago


  • Vaidehi Sharma
    Vaidehi Sharma 11 hours ago

    Sooo cute ,,, so amazing and peacefull to see

  • Neko Asunu
    Neko Asunu 16 hours ago

    Mouse dies from the fall and the bird eats him lol

  • Shadow Volcano Gatomon XDreemurr

    this is such a cute animation, why would anyone hate this

  • Alexandra Ates
    Alexandra Ates Day ago

    Well... I cried 😂😂🤧

  • R I N
    R I N Day ago +2

    *when you enter a house decorated with skins of your people*

  • Just a roblox player Roblox

    Idk why this is so cute but it have 1k👎🏻I will hit the like button :D

  • Tsurela Yimchunger

    Oh! When they hugged😭😭😭

  • Chiara Serafini
    Chiara Serafini Day ago

    Oh God is so cute 💙
    This video make me cry 😭💙

  • Will Parkinson
    Will Parkinson Day ago

    1000 people disliked this. They obviously have no heart.

  • Ira Jay Rosen
    Ira Jay Rosen Day ago

    Absolutely exquisite

  • Amanda Nguyen
    Amanda Nguyen 2 days ago

    Very sweet and cute ❤️😍

  • J. B. Fernandes
    J. B. Fernandes 2 days ago

    Congrats! You made me happy today. S2 S2 S2

  • Tempest Shadow
    Tempest Shadow 2 days ago

    This deserves more than a like❤️💕

  • Damien
    Damien 2 days ago

    That was simple and beautiful, bloody amazing. This looks better then many movies I have watched and unlike many of those movies this was made with passion, eat your heart out Lion King 2019.

  • monkeymanwasd123
    monkeymanwasd123 2 days ago

    Death caps are edible if you process them right

  • Hạnh Lê Thị
    Hạnh Lê Thị 2 days ago

    Really great!!

  • Eliton Pereira
    Eliton Pereira 3 days ago

    Que lindoooo❤

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  • Nicole Krasner
    Nicole Krasner 3 days ago

    I love this so much what a good animation!

  • Luis Felipe Navarro Pelayo

    🐦 y 🐭

  • Tale Hunter's Tale
    Tale Hunter's Tale 3 days ago

    Is the mouse an bird doctor?

  • Timinator
    Timinator 3 days ago

    Who disliked this?!?! WHAT...IS...THIS...HERESY?!?!

  • Gali The space dragon

    This animation is amazing, the attention to emotion, The overall smoothness, The character development in such a short animation, all fantastic! This deserves more attention. It's amazing. The fact that Mouse saw Robin struggling and couldn't leave Robin there, How sad it made Mouse to see Robin hurt, How much Their friendship blossomed over the seasons passing, How Happy Mouse was when Robin was better, but then got sad at the thought of Robin leaving, and of course, Robin seeing this, could not leave his best friend Mouse behind. The animation speaks for itself, no words needed to be said at all. This was amazing!

  • Silk Worm
    Silk Worm 3 days ago +2

    The character design is so good. The bird with the white around the eyes makes all the expressions really pop. How long did this take?

  • Silk Worm
    Silk Worm 4 days ago

    2:07 Minecraft. The homiest sound.

  • Brenda Hernández Fallas

    Nice good job 😢

  • Krystal Murray
    Krystal Murray 4 days ago

    I got teary eyed

  • Joejo Cas
    Joejo Cas 4 days ago +2

    One of the greatest ways to find happiness is to help someone else

  • Aline Marteville
    Aline Marteville 4 days ago

    Très émouvant...
    ... J'ai du mal à comprendre les pouces en bas...

  • Alexandre Camilo
    Alexandre Camilo 5 days ago

    Que lindo! As vezes o que se precisa para ser feliz é uma mão estendida.

  • Fire Dragon
    Fire Dragon 5 days ago

    secret of nyphm much?

  • Wrigtix
    Wrigtix 5 days ago +4

    these have so more in common :

    -be cute
    -be wholesome
    -be nice
    -they can both get eaten by my cat

  • Cirithungul
    Cirithungul 5 days ago

    Anyone thumbing this down is a dark soul.

  • Swapna Kharvi
    Swapna Kharvi 5 days ago

    So nice😊

  • Sinish
    Sinish 5 days ago

    New movie. How to train your birb

  • Amanda Diaz
    Amanda Diaz 5 days ago

    4:50 moment reminded me of a ghibli movie

  • Angel Ku
    Angel Ku 5 days ago

    Ahhhhhhh I love this so much !

  • Ana María Bustos
    Ana María Bustos 5 days ago

    hermoso, y enseña valores. me encantaron los personajes, super tiernos

  • MonsterTeam TR
    MonsterTeam TR 6 days ago

    I remembere dmy game transformice bcs of this little mice and this bird (i have this birds look on game)

  • Aeron Garcia TV
    Aeron Garcia TV 6 days ago

    This is a good animated. Good job

  • FireNinja 55
    FireNinja 55 6 days ago


  • Kim Truong
    Kim Truong 6 days ago +1

    I feel like the mouse. I’ve always wondered what it’s like to fly

  • Fallen Mythical Wolf

    Oh god

    I'm gonna cry

    Oh wait... Why is my vision blurry???

    Oh 💧

  • xXLunaXx And Vitani_Playz

    Me: *sees dislikes*
    Also me: _ok boomers_

  • frenzy charters
    frenzy charters 6 days ago


  • BlackRainbows Likesanythingshelikes

    +1 sub for the amazing vid

  • BlackRainbows Likesanythingshelikes

    *prays*lord pls let these two creatures have good life together and never be torn apart they’re to cute to be torn apart amen

  • Erin Thesystem
    Erin Thesystem 7 days ago

    Incredibly sweet- touching, but without being sappy. The backgrounds were gorgeous (as was the music!), and the drawing style was unique. A+!!

  • Julie Van Pruyssen
    Julie Van Pruyssen 7 days ago

    Reminds me a bit of Bernard and Bianca, cuteness and good spirit all the way

  • ThriftyWitch
    ThriftyWitch 7 days ago

    Nope not crying nope still not crying grabbing tissues well crap I am crying great short. I guess I won't have to use any Visine today for my dry eyes

  • Andrew Marlon
    Andrew Marlon 7 days ago

    Waww so beautiful

  • kesh doodles
    kesh doodles 7 days ago

    jhksdfhafkdfdj this is rlly cute :'')

  • aksh r
    aksh r 7 days ago

    So beautiful...

  • Steph Mania
    Steph Mania 7 days ago

    I love it! so sweet ♥