MS PAINT Vs. PAINT 3D - Which Microsoft Art Program WINS?!

  • Published on Mar 16, 2018
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Comments • 9 503

  • yoav ravoy
    yoav ravoy 13 hours ago

    You are just bad at the program

  • Lysic! Thu
    Lysic! Thu 2 days ago

    Fee dog in your EYES!

  • Lewis Farrelly
    Lewis Farrelly 2 days ago

    TVcliprs: its an affordable price
    Object: $500

  • dustBoxed.isUpNORTH
    dustBoxed.isUpNORTH 2 days ago

    Microsoft? Intuitive?! EASY TO USE?!?!

  • Dovahnore TheConfused

    im uh kind of a paint 3d master...

  • Canadian _Sapphire
    Canadian _Sapphire 3 days ago

    Paint is a program for drawing
    Paint 3D is for editing
    Like I made my TVclip icon with paint 3D and I didn’t have too much trouble with the program

  • Canadian _Sapphire
    Canadian _Sapphire 3 days ago

    Paint is a program for drawing
    Paint 3D is for editing
    Like I made my TVclip icon with paint 3D and I didn’t have too much trouble with the program

  • SuperGamer2200
    SuperGamer2200 3 days ago

    Me: what family friendly content.
    Jazza: DRAW A FUC**** dog
    Me: yep family friendly

  • Will McHenry
    Will McHenry 3 days ago

    "Hell yeah I'm gonna rate this bitch"

  • Riley Kovalcik
    Riley Kovalcik 5 days ago

    I use paint 3D for all my digital art since I don’t have a more competent program. It gets annoying but over time I learned to deal with it.

  • mom's spaghetti
    mom's spaghetti 5 days ago

    I always thought that i am the only one that hates paint 3d and is 100% untalented with graphic design (until i tried graphiter lol).. so happy to see jazza struggle too, this gives me confidence😂😂

  • Sofito bg
    Sofito bg 5 days ago

    I use Paint 3D so much.😂

  • DahMoustacheGirl
    DahMoustacheGirl 5 days ago

    Maybe paint 3D sucks so much bc it’s made for on a computer and not a drawing tablet =w=

  • Alexis Rules
    Alexis Rules 6 days ago

    Did he snap with his thumb and ring finger???
    Can you even snap that way lol

  • Mrs LowLowLow
    Mrs LowLowLow 6 days ago

    ms paint is ummm...

    *read more*

  • Jazz Buzzer
    Jazz Buzzer 6 days ago

    You need to use a mouse not a pen

  • Morgan Jolie
    Morgan Jolie 7 days ago

    I remember when we were so poor I took the peeling paint off the walls, boiled them until they where goop, and re-painting the walls. And now we buy 68957 tons of paint every day so I can paint on wax fabric.:)

  • Shuu秀修
    Shuu秀修 7 days ago

    Paint3D doesn't have pressure sensitivity therefore it's worse than Evernote

  • Adelaide Underwood
    Adelaide Underwood 7 days ago

    Sorry MAKE MORE!

  • Adelaide Underwood
    Adelaide Underwood 7 days ago


  • jade hayes
    jade hayes 7 days ago +1

    Jazza: MS paint is CRAP

    Also Jazza: MAKE A F*** DOG *yells to paint 3D*

  • Sergio Guerrero
    Sergio Guerrero 7 days ago

    so crazy, I just bought one of those tablets, literally the same model... what a coincidence

  • pedro Moura
    pedro Moura 9 days ago

    Highlight of my day! XD im probably a bad person for finding this so funny BUT HIS FACE!!!

  • plastic memeries is chill

    Very aforable 500 us $

  • Hywel Davies
    Hywel Davies 9 days ago

    Paint 3D works I use it 😂

  • Galaxy wolf Ajpw
    Galaxy wolf Ajpw 10 days ago +1

    I only have paint 3D on my computer

  • Ashley Rose
    Ashley Rose 10 days ago

    Change your windows 10 to tablet mode

  • Supersonic Cuber
    Supersonic Cuber 10 days ago

    Paint 3d is way better

  • Moonlight Darling
    Moonlight Darling 10 days ago +1

    Crap my family friendly is gone.
    Guess how old i am. In the reply.

  • Zitrone
    Zitrone 10 days ago

    and this is why I use sketch book (I am cheap ok)

  • xXgalaxyCatXx
    xXgalaxyCatXx 10 days ago


  • PiCKle is SiCk
    PiCKle is SiCk 10 days ago

    I like paint 3D tho

  • corpix 1
    corpix 1 11 days ago

    I literally have the same drawing tablet

  • Mehdi
    Mehdi 11 days ago +2

    For me paint 3D works perfectly
    (Sorry I'm really late)

  • angelo bongalon
    angelo bongalon 11 days ago


  • JW Mystic
    JW Mystic 11 days ago

    As a person who uses paint 3D everyday, this made me cringe.

  • ArmedEnt 2206
    ArmedEnt 2206 11 days ago


  • Buzz Feed
    Buzz Feed 11 days ago

    look its dooby scoo the detective dog that takes a bite out of crime

  • gAcHa bAlLer
    gAcHa bAlLer 12 days ago

    okay Jazza I love you but paint 3D is fricking amazing m8

  • Freya Archer
    Freya Archer 12 days ago

    my fav painting program is jazzas worst
    just gonna commet on that MAKE A F***ING DOG!

  • xXDoroty Xx
    xXDoroty Xx 13 days ago

    at one point (idk why) i tought you sad IbisPaint 😅😅 not Ms paint

  • Toboe
    Toboe 13 days ago

    I Use MS Paint and i love my drawings

  • Mastersnowowl
    Mastersnowowl 13 days ago

    I love how he goes from Gordon Ramsay at 8:56 to bob ross after it

  • Cookie Cat
    Cookie Cat 13 days ago

    I tried paint 3d.
    It's bad. .-.

  • PepsiCola Kid
    PepsiCola Kid 13 days ago

    I honestly prefer ms paint over paint 3D

  • RingFire Miko
    RingFire Miko 14 days ago

    As a frequent user of Paint 3D, I think that we should let Jazza know that it's made mostly for 3D MODELS.

  • Dhruv Vegad
    Dhruv Vegad 14 days ago


  • SRey
    SRey 14 days ago

    Paint 3D - The t is a typo.

  • Logan James Robertson
    Logan James Robertson 14 days ago

    god: deciding if he should make a dog dog lovers: MAKE A F**KING DOG!

  • color nation
    color nation 14 days ago

    Lol this program is so easy but he’s HESITATING AHHHH I MADE A WHOLE 3D ISLAND WITH HOUSES AND ROADS AND YOU CANT EVEN draw a circle...

  • Mimyakko
    Mimyakko 15 days ago

    I think it's time for him to try MS Paint 3D again..... But with a mouse

  • Citcat 6
    Citcat 6 16 days ago

    Wait, I just realized jazza snaps with his ring finger

  • Xx_kirsty_xX 123
    Xx_kirsty_xX 123 16 days ago

    What does jazza use to create artwork ?

  • Katie West
    Katie West 16 days ago

    11:50 this is the point Jazza cracks 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • AwesomeJ
    AwesomeJ 16 days ago

    When you finally draw a dog “ruff”

  • Enrique Santiago
    Enrique Santiago 17 days ago

    Paint 3D is good is just you don’t know how to use it

  • GraysonBuilds4u
    GraysonBuilds4u 17 days ago

    I want to be able to be a digital artist but I don’t have money 💴 to buy a drawing tablet and a drawing software.. 🙁

  • Elizabeth Sidle
    Elizabeth Sidle 17 days ago

    Honestly I use paint as my art program with a laptop touchpad and I can say for a fact that 3D paint is a software where you just kind of mess around cause its hella hard to use and I know my way around ms paint so yeah

  • Stella
    Stella 17 days ago +1

    8:18 Jazza perfectly recreates when your mom wont get you chicken nuggets at 2am in the morning

  • Wicked Internet
    Wicked Internet 17 days ago

    U don't drag it

  • Wicked Internet
    Wicked Internet 17 days ago

    Magic select make highlighted things 3D

  • Barnaba
    Barnaba 18 days ago

    How many tablets he had?

  • Gage Morgan
    Gage Morgan 18 days ago

    I've only used 3D paint for carpentry models and ideas. I don't think it can really be used creatively, however I've never really used it for art.

  • Elec Trophy
    Elec Trophy 19 days ago

    7:27 peen

  • ɪsᴀʙᴇʟʟᴇ
    ɪsᴀʙᴇʟʟᴇ 19 days ago

    Everyone plz reply to me and tell me wat ad u saw in the beginning. I'm trying to run an experiment

  • yix z
    yix z 21 day ago

    Just remove the canvas

  • mathew Mckenna
    mathew Mckenna 21 day ago

    When is he going to put script written by Gordon ramsey

  • That Internet dude Lmao

    Ms paint BUT consistent

  • pink person that exists

    The tablet isnt good for paint 3d

  • Friendly family Dougherty

    Ms paint im not gonna lie is too hard to work with but its still good

  • John Allen
    John Allen 24 days ago

    Jazza makes art in Minecraft

  • RambowDerpz :D
    RambowDerpz :D 25 days ago

    The title of the video should he watching jazza rage for 16minutes and 30 seconds. ;-;

  • teddy plush
    teddy plush 25 days ago

    Ms paint for the win

  • Jia-wen Lee
    Jia-wen Lee 25 days ago

    it's a draw

  • Yoshazu
    Yoshazu 26 days ago +5

    I use paint 3D.

    and I have absolutely NO idea what’s happening with your tablet and Paint 3D.