MS PAINT Vs. PAINT 3D - Which Microsoft Art Program WINS?!

  • Published on Mar 16, 2018
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Comments • 8 939

  • Noodles 57
    Noodles 57 Hour ago

    3:10 did Jazza snap with his ring finger?

  • carter patterson
    carter patterson 2 hours ago

    paint 3d is meant for the mouse

  • Tues Sunshine
    Tues Sunshine 4 hours ago

    MS paint hits me right in the nostalgia feels

  • Solar_Eclipse
    Solar_Eclipse 7 hours ago

    Jazza: what are you!!!!!
    Me: idk trash?

  • Luna Raven
    Luna Raven 8 hours ago

    You can make the Ms Paint brushes and eraser bigger or smaller using Ctrl + or Ctrl -

  • wolfmaster 397
    wolfmaster 397 21 hour ago

    when i got onto windows 10 i couldnt find ms paint so i used paint 3d and it sucked i couldnt do anything

  • Chloe- B.
    Chloe- B. 22 hours ago

    Haha paint 3d is soo stressful actually I use it for Kawai drawings but the shapes is glitching but it's OK?

  • La Cantaleta
    La Cantaleta Day ago

    Many the pad isn't compa with paint 3d

  • Leslie Beltran
    Leslie Beltran Day ago +2

    5:01 I like how there is a speech bubble in where he got the triangle from yet jazza free hands it🤦

  • Doggy Animations
    Doggy Animations 2 days ago

    The best for me is animation desk
    Press the light bulb for some help while your on it

  • *Sonictale*
    *Sonictale* 2 days ago

    paint. paint 3d is bull

  • Im Artsy
    Im Artsy 2 days ago +1

    Word. . *not just for jazza* =)

  • Cuca 7
    Cuca 7 2 days ago

    I watched this one year to the day o when it was made.............

  • hunar omer
    hunar omer 2 days ago +1

    Can you try 'Pinta'? the spell is not wrong

  • Nnoice
    Nnoice 2 days ago

    It's RamsAy

  • JuleThe Panda
    JuleThe Panda 3 days ago

    Yeahh...u need to learn more about paint 3D. cause me a pro lol

  • Mr ODER56
    Mr ODER56 3 days ago

    They’re both pure poop

  • Blue Water And UNDERTALE

    8:56 Kid friendly, huh

  • MineDan Taken
    MineDan Taken 3 days ago +1

    You're using a 3d modeling program with a graphic tablet. That's why it was working so badly. That doesn't mean that paint 3D is good, but it's not as bad as you showed

  • Twiisted Gaming
    Twiisted Gaming 3 days ago

    me watching dog porn: 8:55

  • TLCA Vlogs 785
    TLCA Vlogs 785 3 days ago +1

    I used to play around with MS Paint on my computer a lot. I say old school is pretty easy, average, and cool

  • wolfe playz
    wolfe playz 4 days ago


  • wolfe playz
    wolfe playz 4 days ago

    My sis has thst tablet ti

  • Insane Noob
    Insane Noob 4 days ago


  • Leigha Bertrand
    Leigha Bertrand 4 days ago

    Oh my god... Okay, Jazza, The trick for Paint 3D is to use your mouse to draw, no layers or layering or whatever.. NO SELECTING! Use your mouse to draw, I can do it and I'm 13, please have PATIENTS with Paint 3D. Don't try to use Paint 3D with the knowledge of being able to draw on that program with a tablet, makes it much easier.

  • Swastik Swarup Das
    Swastik Swarup Das 4 days ago

    Whoever says Ms paint is trash, is trash themselves

  • Vintage Biscuits
    Vintage Biscuits 4 days ago

    Use krita for a vid

  • Lps Lexi Tv
    Lps Lexi Tv 5 days ago

    Microsoft paint is better

  • DarkDestroyer11
    DarkDestroyer11 5 days ago

    this is fake go to 9:41- 9:42 watch face cam and the spot on the dog

  • Chad Waters
    Chad Waters 5 days ago

    So basically this is just a video of someone who doesnt know how to use 3D software. Annoying

  • Avery Maki
    Avery Maki 6 days ago +1

    I was laughing so hard i started choking on my food.

  • Anicha De Villiers
    Anicha De Villiers 6 days ago +1

    How was this made on the 16 when it's 13

  • Moon Turtle
    Moon Turtle 6 days ago +4

    My school uses paint 3D
    And I can agree it sucks like hell.

  • William Haines
    William Haines 6 days ago

    0:50 haha

  • Karen J Stanczak
    Karen J Stanczak 7 days ago

    I love comic sans

  • Wolfie playyszz
    Wolfie playyszz 7 days ago

    You're ssssooooooooooo right
    yyyyyyyaaaaaaasssssssss Jazza

  • Mackenzie Carter
    Mackenzie Carter 7 days ago

    He was dissing it and then 10:23 🤣

  • Mackenzie Carter
    Mackenzie Carter 7 days ago +2

    I present to you, the... the dog...

  • Godzilla Earth
    Godzilla Earth 7 days ago

    MEME 1.0
    make a ******* dog
    computer: no because u did not read the instruction
    ms paint is better than 3d paint
    me: because ur 2d painter, why use 3d paint when u use 2d
    ima dislike man, read the instructions it is the first rule and i suck at spelling

  • Evidence Yessir
    Evidence Yessir 7 days ago +1

    He snaps with his ring finger?! That’s so cool!

  • Ima Unicorn
    Ima Unicorn 8 days ago +3

    is it just me or does the dog in ms paint actually look not that bad? ._. granted I'm not a digital artist tho... sooo

  • Anna Moore
    Anna Moore 8 days ago

    What the fuck is Microsoft Edge

  • Ann Animation whit Nelli

    I like to use ms paint myself and it's easy to use, then you get to know the "hacks"

  • brennrocks 1
    brennrocks 1 8 days ago

    I used ms paint and you need to know how to use it and its pretty good

  • Elite_ Soar
    Elite_ Soar 8 days ago

    8:55 and the lord said....

  • Anna BryJo
    Anna BryJo 8 days ago

    10:03 I'm sorry jazz but u really are ;)

  • Anna BryJo
    Anna BryJo 8 days ago

    My friend has 3d paint it's weird that your pressure sensitivity doesn't work cuz hers does

  • Wolf_Senpai
    Wolf_Senpai 8 days ago

    you gotta calm down and be patient with paint 3d lol, its actually alot better than ms paint

    • Wolf_Senpai
      Wolf_Senpai 7 days ago

      +Godzilla Earth lol same honestly 😂😂

    • Godzilla Earth
      Godzilla Earth 7 days ago +1

      ikr, i made animations with it and don't ask me how

  • Dragon Gaming
    Dragon Gaming 8 days ago

    Can you try IBIS Paint X?

  • Sarah Lilly
    Sarah Lilly 8 days ago

    Ye ye I’m late

  • Gabby Camargo
    Gabby Camargo 8 days ago

    Ah yes we all love to see jazza suffer

  • Oda Chikazane
    Oda Chikazane 9 days ago

    Obviously 3D it’s so much better than the reg ms. I like it just because it’s damn easy and I’d say it’s a good start. It depends on how you use it and what you use it for, if it’s for editing some minor colors in a photo or some art (not all) it works fine as it has a good set of tools that are easy to understand for most people. Not sure why he used layers in a Microsoft art program as it is shit just one layer XD

  • Dave Sherwin
    Dave Sherwin 9 days ago

    Play 8:18 with 0.25 speed

  • Joshua Lee
    Joshua Lee 9 days ago

    0:24 "crappest"?

  • Rameesha Fayyaz
    Rameesha Fayyaz 9 days ago +1

    I have both and PAINT 3D IS DA BEST

  • Nicole Muzondo
    Nicole Muzondo 9 days ago

    That was literally how I felt when I went onto 3D paint cause I was OooUOo...this new, is this paint now?🤦🏾‍♀️like who invented u...THE LITERAL DEVIL THAT’S WHO!!!🙀

  • Chris Theboss
    Chris Theboss 9 days ago

    5:12 is when he is starting paint 3D

  • Tigris
    Tigris 9 days ago


    ILoVeREFRIGARATORS 9 days ago

    I use both of these things when you inspire me to draw XD

  • Nightmare Wolfs_17
    Nightmare Wolfs_17 9 days ago

    I can’t buy it -_-

  • JD_ EdgeQueen
    JD_ EdgeQueen 9 days ago +2

    Me: **Is actually drawing Chesstale Sans**

  • Justin Trimble
    Justin Trimble 10 days ago

    Can you create buildings on microsoft 3d? Like on google draw?

  • Caleb Altizer
    Caleb Altizer 10 days ago

    Hola me amego

  • Sunil Raghoe
    Sunil Raghoe 10 days ago +1

    I recommend you to use AutoDesk Sketchbook.

    That's alotta easier for ya.

  • ReaperOfCandies
    ReaperOfCandies 10 days ago

    Let's suffer together brother

  • anime nerd101
    anime nerd101 10 days ago +2

    I don't know why but his videos make me just want to get up and draw XD

  • River Bankable
    River Bankable 10 days ago

    lolol u are hilarious..i can't stop laughing

  • Proideye
    Proideye 10 days ago

    ZHC has made en distrack on you go react.

  • ThisKidKaden
    ThisKidKaden 10 days ago

    Ms paint

  • magical wolf
    magical wolf 11 days ago

    Paint 3e is better doing it wrong

  • Emily Turk
    Emily Turk 11 days ago

    "If ur still watching, your just here to watch me sufferrrrrrrrrrrr.."
    "I hope ur anjoying it!"

  • Stonefire1313
    Stonefire1313 11 days ago

    poor Jazza

  • Człowiek Renesansu
    Człowiek Renesansu 11 days ago +1

    Check out realistic santa claus in ms paint :D

    • ✿неlеиа✿
      ✿неlеиа✿ 10 days ago

      Człowiek Renesansu

  • Aiyanna MacLean
    Aiyanna MacLean 12 days ago

    i use this app at my school and im better than you

  • Miguel THEBRO
    Miguel THEBRO 12 days ago


  • Dave
    Dave 12 days ago

    stopped watching about 2.5 mins in, sorry, just couldn't take the sales pitch and the jokes any more.

  • I eat cheesy marshmallows

    What if the dog had a really "ruff" day?

  • Issac Vine
    Issac Vine 13 days ago

    In this video he looks like John cena

  • Ella WALKER
    Ella WALKER 13 days ago +1

    8:18 is a mood when you see how much homework you haven’t done and it’s due tomorrow

  • JJ Prince
    JJ Prince 13 days ago +1

    I'm a microsoft paint user!! I animate with it. Yeh. Not proud of it or anything...

  • johnny blue
    johnny blue 13 days ago

    Jazza: 8:16
    Me: ;( fine I’ll leave ;;;;(((((

  • Undertale fan
    Undertale fan 13 days ago +2

    Did I hear...


    *Sir pelo megalovania intensifies*

  • Tutu Train
    Tutu Train 14 days ago

    Yep I love to see you suffer

  • PebblesYOURpapi
    PebblesYOURpapi 14 days ago

    What a joke lmao

    3D paint succ

  • Shauryadyuti Banerjee
    Shauryadyuti Banerjee 14 days ago

    oooooohh aaaahhh lets watch that guy suffer

  • Barbie playtime!
    Barbie playtime! 14 days ago

    I'm still in school and I use Paint 3D every day and have struggles nowhere close to as bad as yours were, lol, idk what you did wrong.

  • john kieran
    john kieran 14 days ago

    *TMW you don't realize you just have to click a model to place it on the canvas* XD

  • 5190 Tam
    5190 Tam 14 days ago +1

    You know that you can search what you want if you press on the Remix 3D right? ps it's really good

    • 5190 Tam
      5190 Tam 14 days ago +1


  • GaMEs_INsiDe
    GaMEs_INsiDe 14 days ago

    *MAKE A F DOG*

  • Gacha Oreo
    Gacha Oreo 14 days ago

    So I was just about to turn off my screen to go to bed, when I heard " OH MY GOD WHAT JYST HAPPENED"

    sleep is for the *weak*

  • PastelDonut Sprinkles
    PastelDonut Sprinkles 15 days ago +4

    I used to use ms paint, but then I downloaded a better art program because the ms paint had pixels and it was kinda getting annoying XD :)

  • Katie Diehl
    Katie Diehl 15 days ago

    Jazza : I'm an adult

  • Irina Shvydchenko
    Irina Shvydchenko 15 days ago

    Me watching this :
    Suffer jazza feel the pain!

    Lol no I really like ur videos no hate

  • Joey the pro
    Joey the pro 15 days ago wins

  • Rebecca Ladd
    Rebecca Ladd 15 days ago

    I loved ms paint and paint 3D as a kid I used all the shapes and made.....powerpuff girls lol. And I made a rainbow family getting a picture together I'm paint 3D.

  • Stormtheshadowmaker
    Stormtheshadowmaker 15 days ago +1

    MicrosoftPaint is actually the best programme to use to impress your friends (with proof)

  • DragonHeart96
    DragonHeart96 15 days ago

    Old school Ms paint would be paint on Windows XP which I use.

  • Sebastian Szczawinski
    Sebastian Szczawinski 16 days ago +6

    You didn't need to draw that speach bubble on ms Paint just grab the already made speech bubble

  • Dani Angulo
    Dani Angulo 16 days ago +1

    I’ve made creepy pastas on Paint 3D and it wasn’t hard. Btw I used a mouse so maybe you should try that . LOVE YOUR VIDS!!