Why Satan Is The Good Guy In Doom - Escort Mission

  • Published on Jan 6, 2017
    Let's be honest, did you actually ever give a damn about Doom's plot?
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  • OrbitZombie
    OrbitZombie 5 hours ago

    Except for the part where Hell was literally invading our reality, enslaving and murdering humans and using UAC resources to increase their power. The demons go around conquering other universes, adding them to their own, ours is next.
    And they don't go to Hell to capture the Demons, they go there to harvest Argent Energy to solve Earths energy crisis. It wasn't until prominent members of the science team were compromised by Hells influence that shit goes south and the purpose of the UAC outpost was corrupted into arming the forces of Hell for the upcoming invasion of Earth.
    You actually had to intentionally ignore the (pretty simple) plot to come to the conclusion that Hell were the good guys.

  • Big Potato
    Big Potato Day ago

    Prepare for angry christian comments

  • John Shoemaker
    John Shoemaker 4 days ago

    I love the ending seeing that guy playing the game its funny as fuck lol

  • Arick A4
    Arick A4 10 days ago

    Because Doom Slayer *BAD* Ass

  • Soontobederpy YT
    Soontobederpy YT 13 days ago

    Because waking up doom is too harsh for satan

  • Matt Bonura
    Matt Bonura Month ago

    I'm late, but this got me and so In the spirit of having fun I'm quoting Alex Jones. "And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone where the beast and the false prophet are and shall be tormented day and night forever and ever.
    Well I got news for them you don't run the show and you don't run the heavens and you don't even run humanity and everything you build against us is gonna be used against you and it's going to be directly responsible for your downfall and that's why you hate me because you know I speak the truth and you know that this flesh isn't pure, but my spirit is and means everything I say!
    I see you every horrible part of you, every facet, every surface, every little deep thought. I'm in a death-battle and now you see the enemy say there in a death-battle! They know they're in a death battle! Only in the spirit of knowing you're in a death-battle will have you win! Because you don't like the spirit of justice."

  • planet earth
    planet earth 2 months ago

    Alright is anyone pissed off that his missed that direct BFG shot on the mancubus

  • Ravenous
    Ravenous 2 months ago +1

    ACKTHUALLY, but for real actually the doom slayer was tricked by demons hundred of years ago into helping them turn hell into, well, hell, and he did it in exchange for getting his son back from death, but that was also a ruse and he turned into the boss for the original doom games the Icon of Sin. So yeah hes understandably pretty pissed at Demons.

  • Andrey V. Vieira
    Andrey V. Vieira 2 months ago

    Sorry, but exactly everything that you said was wrong. The Doom Slayer´s just - let us say: the most brutal representation of good. The demons are evil conquering war-loving that wants to conquer all dimensions and planets, and let its inhabitants be enslaved and live under their dystopian brutal and violent rule.

  • Original Goose1
    Original Goose1 2 months ago +1

    Watching Greg play Doom for the first time in 20 years is just great

  • Zane Tech
    Zane Tech 3 months ago

    Clearly, olivia felt that humans would evolve into demons. So, she started tests like the 'Revenant Program' and the 'Lazarus wave'. Doom Slayer was tortured in pure argent for hundreds of years after eons of demon killing. He just went pure rage on the demons

  • Gremblo the Anarchist
    Gremblo the Anarchist 3 months ago +1

    Obviously you didn't read the lore. If you did, half of this video wouldn't be necessary.

  • felipe costa
    felipe costa 3 months ago


  • CHINO !
    CHINO ! 3 months ago

    Doom guy disliked the thumbnail

  • Gringe channel
    Gringe channel 3 months ago

    Doomslayer kills the demons because they killed doomslayers son was killed in the progress of battle he made a deal with hell and lead them to the wraiths with unlimited power so he did and the the son was the icon of sin he hated them so that's why he kills

  • Jared Corbett
    Jared Corbett 3 months ago

    Lol but hell invaded doomslayers world of argent anur killed his son used his son to trick doomguy into giving up his gods so it's all moral

  • Ky Yoe
    Ky Yoe 3 months ago

    So why was Satan the good guy? Click bait, shit characters, cringe video, wank channel in general

  • Depressed Pilot
    Depressed Pilot 3 months ago

    Weaponized Angels? That sounds rad.

  • thatdapperfellow
    thatdapperfellow 4 months ago

    So... still a couple episodes before they leaned into the whole gay lovers thing?
    Is this where that starts? Does Michael take off those shorts and N00b just have to jump him after seeing what's hidden there?

  • Jose Vasquez
    Jose Vasquez 4 months ago

    Well, that's the way that doom slayer thinks, that's why he destoy everything

  • Michael Vincent
    Michael Vincent 4 months ago

    Unsubscribe so stupid

  • RXdash78
    RXdash78 4 months ago

    Eh, the music in the new doom isn't great. Mostly the same tune over and over. I wish we could have gotten an awsome remix of the doom theme to play during the final level.

  • JoelRiter
    JoelRiter 5 months ago

    Yes. Buddhism has a hell. There is a buddhist hell. Jesus fuck.

    • Marcus Collins
      Marcus Collins 3 months ago

      JoelRiter alright

    • JoelRiter
      JoelRiter 3 months ago

      +Marcus Collins No, I agree. Simply meant as, that theology has a punnishment realm in the afterlife.
      Im a secular humanist myself, so just annoyed by lack of research.

    • Marcus Collins
      Marcus Collins 3 months ago

      JoelRiter its only for the baddest of the bad
      So Hitler and such

      But it isn't real
      No hell or heaven is real

  • Jaxolotle
    Jaxolotle 5 months ago

    I wit since when did Satan exist in the doom universe

  • Jack Wrigley
    Jack Wrigley 5 months ago

    Critical support for Hell with their struggle against western imperialism

    ROSTOL M 5 months ago

    All of the video's point is based on a mistake in plot understanding

  • a grill
    a grill 5 months ago

    its better on pc for better sensitivity and 60 fps

  • FatalFist
    FatalFist 5 months ago

    Demons aren’t innocent by any means though. Hell exists for the soul purpose of invading other realms and assimilating them into its horde. It’s not just because “they’re demons” but rather because their motives are nefarious.

  • Shadow Paradox
    Shadow Paradox 5 months ago +2

    Children look under their bed for demons

    Demons look under their bed for the doom slayer

  • Do Phan Long Long
    Do Phan Long Long 5 months ago

    It's the Uac's fault for making all these mess.. The Doomslayer isn't the villain here it's the Uac.. Their desires for advancements surpassed their Morales.....

  • Alec Brewer
    Alec Brewer 5 months ago

    Untrue, read the lore, demons are actually horrible lol

  • Moon .Gazer
    Moon .Gazer 5 months ago

    "You're America".
    Yep, he's awesome.

  • Kolordigaunt
    Kolordigaunt 5 months ago

    Sounds like something Satan would say

  • Panic The Scholar Knight.

    In the game, that Doomguy was the leader of the Knight Sentinals who were the innocent human goodguys protecting the wraiths. The original source of Argent Energy from his homeworld. The demons wanted the energy for themselves but they couldn't kill the Knight Sentinals head on so they had to strategies. They chose to deceive the leader of the Knight Sentinals, our doomguy who had lost his son. The demons said they could bring his son back to life if he brought them to the wraiths. He betrayed his friends and allies as well as all humanity to do this. But in the end when he had lost everything to get his son back, his "son" was given back to him... But he was not human. He was a demon, the Icon Of Sin.
    This is where Doomguy went on a rampage and destroyed everything demonic. He wreicked so much havoc that Satan himself cowered deeper into his hole in fear of Doomguy, or The Hell Walker as they called him. Acknowledging The Doomslayers accomplishments in battle a Seraphim (an important angel figure) granted him great strength and speed as well as a measure of devine protection to aid in combatting the demon hordes. Then a traitor to demon kind (known as "He Who Shall Not Be Named") created a suit of armor in the deepest fires of hell for him that was impossibly resiliant to aid further in destroying The Demonic.
    In their desperation to prevent extinction, the blood priests lured him into a trap and collapsed an entire building on him then encased him in bedrock placing a seal on him to sleep for all eternity. They feared if they outright killed him he would become a demon of unfathomable power.
    So... Yeah, the domons are not innocent. The corrupt corperations who have regulated themselves outside of government control stole ardent energy under Samuel Hayden. The rest of humanity was oblivious to what was going on. In a way, humanity was stealing back the energy the demons stole through deception. The demons are not innocent.

  • DavGP1208
    DavGP1208 5 months ago

    To hell with that shit, I want to curbstomp Satan in a bloody final boss battle

  • AJ Niebler
    AJ Niebler 5 months ago

    Doom 2 ends with you sealing yourself in hell, after the icon of sin dies, so no demon can escape. Hell on earth happens before doom 2 and technically before Doom 1 as in Doom 1 you kill the spider mastermind which developed the plan to invade earth. So in chronological order it's "doom hell on earth"
    "Doom 2"
    "Doom 2016"
    Atleast this is how it makes sense to me

  • The Symphonic Scream
    The Symphonic Scream 5 months ago

    There is a Buddhist hell. And it has 18 realms.

  • Adam Spencer
    Adam Spencer 5 months ago

    Now after watching this video a year later and beating doom's over and over again. I believe this was the point (moral) of the game lol

  • HeavenlyReaper
    HeavenlyReaper 5 months ago

    To the dude that said the demons are innocent...the demons invaded us which led to the discovery of agent energy in fact they attacked us many times before stop by doomslayer even if in different time lines(it was rumored by the testaments he could travel through time and space) he stopped them

  • HeavenlyReaper
    HeavenlyReaper 5 months ago

    There is a Buddha hell.... More than one actually and more than one heaven not literally but there are many after life's of being reborn into a good and happy life or being reborn as someone that is tortured their whole life

  • Mehitwith axe
    Mehitwith axe 5 months ago

    Pretty cringy

  • Krishna Darji
    Krishna Darji 5 months ago

    Cracked u r wrong ... he'll attacks argent realm first

  • Death Keeper
    Death Keeper 5 months ago

    Haha there in hell there all probably pedophiles

  • DoomLegion83
    DoomLegion83 5 months ago

    pussy playing on console.... fuck you

  • Jared Fuller
    Jared Fuller 6 months ago


  • ShaneyBot
    ShaneyBot 6 months ago

    Hello people......happy watching

  • Michael Afton
    Michael Afton 6 months ago

    The doom 3 BFG shot lighting at demons and DOOM 1 stared on mars moon and machbi dont shoot plasma they shoot fire balls im 14 come on and I know way more im not being mean but still

  • Eric Rosario
    Eric Rosario 6 months ago

    Well since I only read the lore on the demons, and not much else like your robust buddy there.
    from a youtuber here, the 2016 is essentially a sequel to the first two installments. The Doomguy is a marine who got trapped in hell where he becomes the doomslayer and out of desperation the demons managed to seal him away since they could not really stop his rampage.
    era's later his sarcophagus is discovered and brought back from he'll along with a few demons to run studies upon, even accidentally reviving and making a cyber demon. Missing some details but it is here on youtube.

  • Biikiiniii
    Biikiiniii 6 months ago

    I like that everyone here is searching for a deeper meaning to the plot... But the intentions and backgrounds are explicitly stated... This isn't a metaphor for how YOU feel about politics. It's a video game.

  • Rogue Wasteland
    Rogue Wasteland 6 months ago

    There is a Buddhist hell, I think even multiple, famous DJ Avicii named himself after one

  • Francisco Velásquez
    Francisco Velásquez 6 months ago

    I like the "murica - somewhere else" comparisson.

  • jack sjsjs
    jack sjsjs 7 months ago

    yeah there is a Buddist hell.

  • Fernando Giubilei
    Fernando Giubilei 7 months ago

    "They're probably at least pedophiles!" - Michael Swain 2017

  • Rodrigo Jr Sotto
    Rodrigo Jr Sotto 7 months ago

    "So why arent you in hell right now?" XD

  • Queek headtaker
    Queek headtaker 7 months ago

    The iac totally deserved this in a weyland yutani, umbrella Corp way, but the demons were dicks before hand invading ardant and cannabalising it’s people into energy sources

  • HammerofDawn
    HammerofDawn 7 months ago

    thats right, "let hell be hell". but if the inhabitants of hell illegally immigrate here...? then we're racist for telling them to go back, and we have to pay for them. you said it man, not me. i completely agree, let them suffer their torment in peace. no unnecessary foreign wars and no illegal immigration. i wish the best for all foreign nationals. i wish the best for their respective nations, but they need to stay in their respective nations and work to improve them, not rely on our already over burdened welfare system.

  • Krany
    Krany 7 months ago


  • Lucas
    Lucas 7 months ago


  • kolona da kitty
    kolona da kitty 7 months ago

    Budists believe in Nirvana and hell is equal to doom slayer? Ha that's funny

  • jim bob
    jim bob 8 months ago

    'so we invaded, trained an army of demons, armed them, then we were surprised when things ran amuck?'
    Also describes Americas 'interventions' in the middle east. And latin America. And Asia.

  • Lex Parsimoniae
    Lex Parsimoniae 8 months ago

    O God the political message.

  • Guikoi
    Guikoi 8 months ago

    Oh my god Cracked you guys are fucking retarded, actually pay attention to the lore if you are going to point it out. DoomGuy was a Night Sentinel who betrayed the others to the demons and when he was betrayed by the demons he became incorruptible and the demons feared his might. The locked him away and the UAC found him and Olivia opened a gateway to hell, the same thing DoomGuy did in Argent D'Nur and so he goes about killing the demons. The demons are the aggressors because they convinced Olivia to let them in, the UAC did not pit weapons on the demons. Olivia did. She experimented on demons to make them stronger, the Revenants were soldiers with those packs on that were corrupted by the Lazarus Wave. Fucking hell you point out some lore and disregard others. I agree with Rags, you guys hate games and gamers and try to make us feel like cunts when you guys are the cunts. If you want to convince me that DoomGuy is evil then give me evidence, not this misinformation obviously targeted towards people who don't play DOOM. Plus DoomGuy is like the most good dude in all of gaming, he is an incorruptible weapon of light with an iron will, he was granted powers by the Seraphim and a set of armor from a demon who betrayed his own. DoomGuy made a mistake and paid for it, now he will fight to protect humanity from the demons and give the demons the same pain they made him feel. Actually think and pay attention you stupid cock sucking motherfuckers. Fuk you guys make me mad.

  • Bubbadoobop
    Bubbadoobop 8 months ago

    Did these dudes not even look at the Doom Slayer's testament?

  • Ayden Burgess
    Ayden Burgess 8 months ago

    This video was funny, but after actually playing the game it kinda misrepresented a lot of the plot
    But it was just to play it for laughs so, whatever
    (Also the revenants aren't demons, they were UAC who were purposefully exposed to hell energy over and over until they turned into giant skeletons)

  • Mad Poet Society
    Mad Poet Society 9 months ago

    Here's a stab in the dark: game creators (and most people for that matter) have forgotten how to write actually stories. You remember those? Yeah, I miss them.

  • Ethan Gustafson
    Ethan Gustafson 9 months ago

    They are at LEAST pedophiles

  • Nun Ya
    Nun Ya 9 months ago

    Put the pizza on a paper plate. Jesus!

  • Jaqueline Janosi
    Jaqueline Janosi 9 months ago

    There is Buddhist hell, just to clear that up. It might not be equivalent the judeo-christian concept of hell, but hey it's a different cosmology. Have you heard of the six realms of existence and Naraka, the hell realm? ;)

  • F
    F 9 months ago

    But satan wasnt in doom

  • Blaise Thomas
    Blaise Thomas 9 months ago


  • Jose Father Chubbs
    Jose Father Chubbs 9 months ago

    There is a budhist hell btw and it's bad

  • Sleepy Dragon
    Sleepy Dragon 9 months ago


  • Rainier Hood
    Rainier Hood 9 months ago

    If there is a buddhist hell or not depends on the sect of buddhism.

  • Lisense 2 Larf? Sambo Rockafella Frooty

    Haha what? You guys know not a thing about the lore of doom. Argent dnur was invaded by hell. They took it over and enslaved the wraiths and the praetors of that dimension. They would have come here, again but we beat them to it with a priemptive strike. Hell is not innocent and neither is heaven because they are both one of the same. Get your stories right before you start a shit fight. There are also 4 novels for the doom universe. The doom marine as been to hell, mars and earth and in the ultimate doom he decided to stay there to make sure hell couldn't be ripped back open. But it was, from our side which means hell has another portal... a back door... think bigger gents REAL BIG

  • Undysk
    Undysk 10 months ago

    The original doom had quite a bit of lore.

  • The Soul of a True Slav
    The Soul of a True Slav 10 months ago

    They didn't kidnap or weaponize demons, the demons happened to meld with the UAC's tech. The UAC was also testing on them. The demons also invaded Mars and massacred tens of thousands of people. They're evil by definition anyways and like all of IDs games the enemies don't need some reason for you to kill them they just deserve it cause they're evil

  • K1NGM4RV
    K1NGM4RV 10 months ago

    4:12 USA in a nutshell

  • Argorath
    Argorath 10 months ago

    why is he playing on console?

  • Alex Gowin
    Alex Gowin 10 months ago

    Buddhist have help

  • Mario Martinez
    Mario Martinez 10 months ago

    Wow this makes sense

  • Engel Rivera
    Engel Rivera 10 months ago

    (lore spoilers)these guys are right and wrong at the same time. yes the demons were forced and weaponized making them the victims the second time around, but in the lore they did invade first leading to the doom guy being unleashed on them millions of years before. and all the demons were doing before the game starts is literally keeping the doom guy contained because they can't kill him, the doom guy was the demons punishment but now the company that invaded are in the wrong

  • EnvisionerWill
    EnvisionerWill 10 months ago

    It's DOOM! Mars...space marines...demons from hell! How do you screw that up?

  • Centralist Australia
    Centralist Australia 10 months ago

    Why is this here

  • Up And Across
    Up And Across 10 months ago

    Actually they went to Mars to terraform it. They discovered argent energy by accident. And no, they did not invade hell they went into hell with small groups of people to retrieve artefacts and such but not invade. Also Satan is not the good guy in any way. If you know the backstory to the doom slayer, you will see hell as all evil.

  • Cason Womack
    Cason Womack 11 months ago

    How is he so distracted while he is playing doom. I'm never looking away while I'm playing doom 😂😂

  • chris pitchford
    chris pitchford 11 months ago

    Satan is the great deceiver and is not a good guy person and hes the biggest pussy across the whole universe so this i will not play ever cuz of that question god bless to you all and when the last leaf falls we go home

  • Terminal Cancer Cell
    Terminal Cancer Cell 11 months ago

    Sooooo they think DoomGuy has a new backstory?! Wtf

  • Kevin Alonso
    Kevin Alonso 11 months ago

    Triggered american conservatives down in the comments.

  • ArmagdoGaming
    ArmagdoGaming 11 months ago

    What have Humanity become? Defending demons?

  • Vegarot Fusion
    Vegarot Fusion 11 months ago

    I would like if a 2nd portal opens in space and it's the fleeing Strogg forces from Quake 4. They arrive and quickly join forces with Hell and take the fight to earth Doom Slayer/Guy is about to be over run when... Just before the link between universes closes Corporal Cain and many other orbital pods fly through losing navigation data and scattering. Cain's pod crash lands before Doom Guy. Cain bursting forth slaying the demons and strogg before him.
    Thus begins the co-op campaign of Doom 2: Quake on Earth.

  • Daniel Martinez
    Daniel Martinez 11 months ago

    Ah I miss my roommate

  • Yavor Kapitanov
    Yavor Kapitanov 11 months ago

    Console peasants

  • Imperitus
    Imperitus 11 months ago

    NOPE!!!!! First the Demons originally invaded and took over a world called Argent by tricking the leader of the world's guard by promising to revive his sun, but then they turn him into a massive demon. And afterwards they enslave the entire mars facikity as zombies and torture their souls, and after that they trick a woman into bringing them into the mortal world, so they can kill all life. They ain't tbe good guys.

  • godofawesum223
    godofawesum223 11 months ago

    This video is how to do a review on a game you haven't really played 101. Click baiting assholes.

  • voiceofreason467
    voiceofreason467 11 months ago

    This is just fucking retarded... the very idea that both the UAC and SATAN can be the fucking evil cocksuckers but the Doom-Slayer is just a guy who's caught in the middle and just wants revenge for his universe getting fucked ever occur to the writers of the video? It seems like all these episodes are meant to do is just to get things wrong about games, create some lame as fuck deconstruction just to say completely retarded sophomoric analysis like, "Well actually the good guys are bad and the bad guys are good." I'm just going to go out on a limb here and say that these fuckheads don't know how to do deconstruction of video games.

  • wulf gar
    wulf gar 11 months ago

    These guys doom each others butthole

  • Moros
    Moros 11 months ago

    Comparing the Doom soundtrack to Iron Maiden? Fail 😂

  • Scott Bruckner
    Scott Bruckner 11 months ago

    Holy Shit............

  • Open can of Beans
    Open can of Beans 11 months ago

    Boys and girls ladies and gentle men welcome to GEORGE W. BUSH SIMULATOR.

  • Zach J.V.D.
    Zach J.V.D. 11 months ago

    New doom game sucked... I liked the original story and game so much more. All the doom wads for the 90s version are pretty cool and easy to make.