Goku vs. Naruto Rap Battle!

  • Published on Dec 1, 2019
  • Goku vs. Naruto Rap Battle!
    Edited by DJAXS
    Beat by BEAT DEMONS: tvclip.biz/video/qzhXEGRR8D8/video.html
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Comments • 16 599

  • SSJ9K
    SSJ9K  Month ago +7788

    FINALLY IT'S HERE! I'm sorry it took so long. Almost 2 weeks longer than I wanted but things happen. Good news is, only about a week until the next parody is out! Still 3 more videos to come before 2020! Thanks so much for your support and STAY POWERFUL!
    Who had the best BARS!?

  • Finger- Guys
    Finger- Guys 34 minutes ago

    lyric pls

  • Ayub Ahmed
    Ayub Ahmed Hour ago

    cuz i do not play that shiiiiiit!

  • Nathaniel Garcia
    Nathaniel Garcia 2 hours ago

    Goku your the best

  • GamePlayerAnimsッ
    GamePlayerAnimsッ 2 hours ago

    xD they might have one the rap but when goku bouta get jumped he goes "REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" and they ded

  • TroLLerS
    TroLLerS 2 hours ago

    "Hinata playing you, Nintendo switch" 😂😂 why is that so funny

  • MyOwnTempo
    MyOwnTempo 4 hours ago

    Hintata playing you, Nintendo switch” Okay, Doha cat

  • Donquixote rosinante
    Donquixote rosinante 4 hours ago


  • Dick Inyamouth
    Dick Inyamouth 4 hours ago


  • Blast Sharkie
    Blast Sharkie 5 hours ago

    Idd like to see Goku vs naruto but instead Of the black one as narutos hight man make it kakaisk

  • Blast Sharkie
    Blast Sharkie 5 hours ago

    Walk up in the leaf

  • Greenkull
    Greenkull 5 hours ago

    N i t e n d o s w i t c h

  • Greenkull
    Greenkull 5 hours ago

    We all know who’s better

  • Skull Slayer
    Skull Slayer 5 hours ago

    The black one?

  • Jason Soriano
    Jason Soriano 6 hours ago +1

    Naruto and my boy black guy that’s so racist to me but it’s so cold at the same time

    RAHAT PLAYZ GAMING 6 hours ago

    who whatch this 2020

  • parker Azz
    parker Azz 7 hours ago

    Gocogai.. just noo

  • Screechy Danmann
    Screechy Danmann 7 hours ago +1

    Naruto stupid when he and black guy,it sounds like he gay😑

  • Screechy Danmann
    Screechy Danmann 7 hours ago

    Walk up in the leaf bitch Naruto always looking weak

  • Mike Funes
    Mike Funes 7 hours ago +1

    Nintendo switch violence

  • elbertglarga 420
    elbertglarga 420 7 hours ago

    This was funny afff🤣🤣🤣

  • Larry Martinez
    Larry Martinez 7 hours ago

    That was racist but ok

  • ImnoAnimator
    ImnoAnimator 7 hours ago +1

    Do Jotaro vs Goku next

  • itz OsG Activist
    itz OsG Activist 7 hours ago

    GUY:Me and Lee we clap her cheeks just right
    Yeah f+++ that I'm out

  • xxxidove
    xxxidove 7 hours ago


  • Archrey Is trash
    Archrey Is trash 8 hours ago

    Who’s here after fliptop

  • Nikoli Moradel
    Nikoli Moradel 8 hours ago


  • Alyssa Drew
    Alyssa Drew 8 hours ago

    Why is he called the black one like the

  • Dark Black
    Dark Black 8 hours ago

    Honestly I like naruto better

  • fulsomechart 858
    fulsomechart 858 9 hours ago

    MiGhTy bLaCk gUY

  • Israel Mendes
    Israel Mendes 9 hours ago

    I'm sad

  • Machi
    Machi 9 hours ago

    Do one with One Piece characters next time this stuff is hilarious

  • Jericho Hellsing
    Jericho Hellsing 9 hours ago

    Them flutes when black guy was going in was too lit it should be illegal

  • Marley Marley
    Marley Marley 10 hours ago +1

    The black one 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤟🤟💯

  • GamingWithSubtitles f
    GamingWithSubtitles f 10 hours ago

    Who else died of laughter when sasuke showed up

  • Alexis Esqueda
    Alexis Esqueda 11 hours ago

    I think Naruto win

    COOKIE WOLF 12 hours ago

    My fav part is goku's

  • ShadowSaiyan
    ShadowSaiyan 12 hours ago

    Then i skeet

  • Angelina Adams
    Angelina Adams 13 hours ago

    Goku vs naruto naruto wins

  • cheeze nip
    cheeze nip 14 hours ago

    I died when Sasuke said "Fuck that I'm out!!"😂😂😂😂

  • Galactic Saiyan
    Galactic Saiyan 15 hours ago

    Make a #2 with gold as a super sayain clapping back

  • Nightwolf_
    Nightwolf_ 15 hours ago

    Sasuke Was like Ight Imma head out.

  • Jimmy M
    Jimmy M 15 hours ago

    Lol baked asf this shit fire asf lol

  • Pineapple crown 12!
    Pineapple crown 12! 16 hours ago +1


  • leo s
    leo s 16 hours ago

    Please add an Arabic translation

  • dead yt
    dead yt 16 hours ago

    Go to 2;06 look at the black one

  • LegoHead 707
    LegoHead 707 16 hours ago

    The gokagai

  • lucy furr
    lucy furr 16 hours ago +1

    Not even rap bro

  • Ransford Yankey
    Ransford Yankey 17 hours ago


  • Matheusbr33
    Matheusbr33 17 hours ago

    O melhor é que eu sou brasileiro e não entendo nada

  • -Døki Døki-
    -Døki Døki- 18 hours ago

    I vote Naruto... I mean Goku did good too but naruto did better

  • Nora HANNOUR
    Nora HANNOUR 19 hours ago


  • ServantOfAllah
    ServantOfAllah 20 hours ago

    This needs way more exposure...its too good! Great job! Though I would've loved it even more without the sexual references...still funny tho😁😁

  • ServantOfAllah
    ServantOfAllah 20 hours ago

    " dammit his rap jutsu is too strong and he has Sasuke as his HYPE man" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍🏼

  • Sam Michel
    Sam Michel 20 hours ago

    ya shoulda put killer bee on this shit yo. This deadass his scene. funny as hell tho😂😂😂

  • Ramon Crespo
    Ramon Crespo 20 hours ago

    They bleeped out when naruto said "f*** you and sasuke"n but when mighty black guy said "fuck 'em" they didn't lol

  • Mahran Aryan
    Mahran Aryan 21 hour ago

    It's so deep...

  • AirOut pl
    AirOut pl Day ago +1


  • shadrack minyuku


  • Snober Shehzadi
    Snober Shehzadi Day ago