The Amazing Spider-Man 1&2 - Worse Than You Can Even Imagine

  • Published on Sep 2, 2018
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  • Scruffy Looking Brantforder

    I now feel completely justified in my not having seen Into the Spider-Verse due to it having nothing but hip hop in the soundtrack.

  • Plotthound 1
    Plotthound 1 2 hours ago

    r u actually in the movie?

  • peyton mcfarland 2009
    peyton mcfarland 2009 2 hours ago

    It was doctor octopus

  • Austin Shockey
    Austin Shockey 2 hours ago

    I love your delivery dude.

  • Nickyisthe 1
    Nickyisthe 1 3 hours ago


  • drax
    drax 5 hours ago

    i was cringing through the whole first movie lol

  • AidanH4WK
    AidanH4WK 5 hours ago

    He says theirs no humour in this but then he says that the basketball scene was funny

  • Vincent Franklin
    Vincent Franklin 6 hours ago

    I like Amazing Spider-Man. ASM 2... Ugh!

  • Nikola
    Nikola 7 hours ago +1

    19:16, hmm that shot is confusing. Sure the transition is cool, but think about that shot, where is spiderman falling from? He is significantly higher than most of the buildings in the city, did he jump out of the airplane or something?

  • FerrisWill
    FerrisWill 7 hours ago

    29:43 he needs a copy of a better script from not this movie

  • FaZe Meatballs
    FaZe Meatballs 7 hours ago

    They focus on his parents bcs they were supposed to turn up in the second movie but they took it out of the movie

  • Clintonomo Bay
    Clintonomo Bay 9 hours ago

    I remember going to see TASM2 opening day and walked out of the theater in denial that I just saw a bad Spider-Man movie. Yeah, there was Spider-Man 3, but I always considered it alright. However, this movie just made me angry. It's like they amplified everything wrong with Spider-Man 3 and brought it into TASM2. Too many villains to juggle, useless information crammed into it, and no real reason for another movie after Gwen dies. It's like they wrote themselves into a corner and I did not want to see an TASM3. Im so glad Marvel got the rights and we didnt get any more of this storyline.

  • Snowy
    Snowy 12 hours ago

    Aren’t wedgie cause your touching another mans ass

  • BlueFox94
    BlueFox94 12 hours ago

    In the Times Square battle, the people were already on the steps. (Why they remained there while Peter and Electro were talking beats me, but whatever, it's consistent with the stupid trend of spectators watching Peter do his thing.) Then, when Electro shocks the street grate, Peter uses the empty police car to block the path of the electricity and then uses his web to keep the people on the steps away from the side handrails, which the electricity was traveling towards. And since the police car Peter launched was flying towards the steps, the people naturally ran the opposite way (even though the steps end), and then split off and descend after Peter saved them.

  • Chad P
    Chad P 14 hours ago

    Despite how disliked Amazing Spiderman is, it really brought justice to Gwen Stacy as Peter's first love and as a character. Spider Gwen wouldn't been as well recieved without Emma Stone.

  • Red Zone
    Red Zone 16 hours ago

    When gwen died and I heard the oof i died😅😂🤣

  • Robert Santos Rosas
    Robert Santos Rosas 17 hours ago +1


  • Trenton McKenzie
    Trenton McKenzie 19 hours ago

    Why the Phillip Phillips hate??

  • SH4D0W Blake
    SH4D0W Blake 22 hours ago +3

    Ok bud I love u but I can’t agree with you actually look into the story and stop hating it’s a good story

  • 6ixBlunts
    6ixBlunts 22 hours ago +4

    Yesterday was day I found out that she said “easy fuckboi” and I watched this movie when I was like idk 9 but wow mind blowing

    • Caeden Goering
      Caeden Goering 3 hours ago

      6ixBlunts I always thought she was saying bugboy. Like as a reference to Spiderman. I could be wrong, but that’s what I think she said.

  • Chris Harper
    Chris Harper 23 hours ago

    I lost it at 11:25 😂😂

  • kermLermur
    kermLermur 23 hours ago +2

    The other dude that was not Peter Parker is doctor octopus he body swapped with Peter while doctor octopus was dying so Peter is pretty much dead in that universe

  • Justin Deemy
    Justin Deemy Day ago +1

    Fuck this guy

  • Puggles Pugson
    Puggles Pugson Day ago

    2:47 Hell yeah Adum is my favorite TVclipr

  • BastionUnity
    BastionUnity Day ago

    There was a cut scene in the 2nd movie where it is revealed that Peter's dad is STILL ALIVE and has just been in hiding this WHOLE TIME. It has some great acting from Andrew Garfield, but the scene is just one huge what the f*ck.

    RETROSPECT Boi Day ago

    My uncle bought TASM 2 4 my b day and it’s the only spider dvd I have sad really as it’s so bad

  • Seth McFarlane
    Seth McFarlane Day ago


  • Voidaken
    Voidaken Day ago

    12:03 Well, no shit. That's what Toby did, too. And practically every Spider Man with an uncle Ben.

  • Dit is Emile
    Dit is Emile Day ago

    The only 'fun' thing about The Amazing Spider-Man series is how excited the actor (Andrew Garfield) was about being Spider-Man and all that he did for the fans! But the script is so weird and doesn't make sense.

  • OnlyRoke
    OnlyRoke Day ago +1

    The "Thor is a goofball" one also makes a little bit more sense in the world itself. Asgardians have this very stern demeanor (because the first movie decided to try its hand with a serious "Shakespearian" Thor) and they behave differently from regular humans. Thor leaves Asgard and becomes more entrenched in human society where you have guys like Tony Stark throwing around stupid jokes everywhere. Thor takes that in and becomes goofier himself.

  • HushIAmTalking
    HushIAmTalking Day ago

    Amazing Spider-Man has stuff I don’t like (the lizard looks awful and the 1st film gets a bit less fun with each rewatch, the bits about his parents in the 2nd are boring and wayyy too long) but I still enjoy them and I think the hate they get is inordinate.
    And Emma stone x Andrew Garfield are the best things about both, fight me 🤛

  • jacidstorm
    jacidstorm Day ago +4

    About 30Min into amazing Spiderman 2 the theater screen broke and I've never seen the rest of it

    • Austin Shockey
      Austin Shockey 2 hours ago

      jacidstorm that happened to me at the end of Australia- watched hours of that shitty movie, still have no idea how it ends because the film reel literally caught fire and melted in the theater- apparently even the projector couldn’t watch a second more of it

  • Hype Mq
    Hype Mq Day ago

    Phillip Phillips is actually great tho. But fuck that song lmao

  • Snow Man
    Snow Man Day ago

    As oney said Toby Maguire has big man tits

  • Paul Henry
    Paul Henry Day ago

    Finally a spider man movie where jay jonah was right

  • Dorito Chip Gamer

    12:53 For some reason I like some crappy suits in comic book movies. Don’t know why.

  • Dorito Chip Gamer

    F**k TASM2

  • Comicguy 6109
    Comicguy 6109 Day ago

    I do think the revenge thing would work if at the end he had a character ark and learned he was rong

  • Avo
    Avo 2 days ago +6

    Cosmonaut: I'm never doing this series in a million years
    Me: sure pal

  • pamela p
    pamela p 2 days ago

    Sexy face 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😊😊😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Carlos Valles
    Carlos Valles 2 days ago

    Why your childhood is worse than you remember

  • Go The fuck to sleep

    oh hey I’m uncle Ben there is a gun in front of me and another guy in front of the gun I’m gonna go for the gun like a fucking idiot and get myself killed instead of running away. that’s what uncle Ben said in his head before he died

  • Leonidas Riverson
    Leonidas Riverson 2 days ago

    20:32 this is the best part of the movie imo

  • SternChuck Stern
    SternChuck Stern 2 days ago

    Pls do Dark Knight trilogy

  • TrexonGaming 1
    TrexonGaming 1 2 days ago

    1:43 why is peter acting like a mental asshole?

  • Peasently Royalty
    Peasently Royalty 2 days ago +1

    bruh you make my day. Subscribed

  • K N
    K N 2 days ago +1

    Holy shit, I totally forgot that Dennis Leary played Captain Stacy. So that's one more good thing about the first one at least.

  • jjisjustin 0923
    jjisjustin 0923 2 days ago

    Its Dr octtavios

  • The shadeknight Lover Ya

    31:20 is when his voice is hilarious

  • Gaby George
    Gaby George 2 days ago

    Two things:
    1. Amy Pascal is a fucking idiot and it physically hurts me that she got to where she is (she can’t spell for shit)
    2. The sky is blue

    OUTBRST 2 days ago +5

    I actually enjoyed the amazing spiderrman 1 and 2

  • Sonson Lamif
    Sonson Lamif 2 days ago

    This video is shit.

  • Alexander Innocent
    Alexander Innocent 2 days ago

    This video was brought by sony

  • Rabnawaz Gaming
    Rabnawaz Gaming 3 days ago +1


    Andrew Garfield: 5:40

  • Mik
    Mik 3 days ago

    When I was a kid and I watch the plane scene in spider man 2 I was actually scared because of how dark it was and how it was in a spider man movie

  • Knight622ny
    Knight622ny 3 days ago

    This movie's a Cluster-fuck!

  • Mr Amazing7708
    Mr Amazing7708 3 days ago

    19:20 "How did I get here?"

  • Jimmyn19
    Jimmyn19 3 days ago +2

    See even AS has a shirtless scene

  • Hoodikins
    Hoodikins 3 days ago +2

    5:24 I can’t stop laughing.

  • krieger maria
    krieger maria 3 days ago

    the amazing movies were dull and lifelesss thats the word

  • krieger maria
    krieger maria 3 days ago

    i get you i literally do i have fallen a sleep on the amazing movies or got out they sucked no fun and live at all like you say
    the avengers homecoming spidey is ok through but i rather have the cancelled spiderman 4 tobey movie over the andrew 2 movie and 1

  • Nathan Draxler
    Nathan Draxler 3 days ago

    Took me 2 days to finish this video geeezz don't know if it was the content or the narrator

  • xZaneplayz227898 000

    She said easy bugboy

  • frank bivona
    frank bivona 3 days ago

    andrew garfield was the worst spider man. he was too jittery and he spoke like a jerk. bad accent.

  • hsh jdjs
    hsh jdjs 3 days ago

    I have watched this video like 5 times already your videos are so entertaining

  • Daniel Brunner
    Daniel Brunner 3 days ago +1

    I totally agree with you the (for you song) really sucks bad! I've never even put any thought into how bad it sucks before today! That's prob because anytime it would of came on the radio I would have immediately changed the station or it would of just been annoying background noise! It sounds just like a bunch of other songs from that time period that I don't know who sings nor do I care to know who sings! Because I don't know who sings them I obviously don't care enough to know their names either so unfortunately I can't even give you an example of one of these trash songs! They all have generic happy go lucky feel as if they are gonna make you feel good for listening to them!

  • Scully
    Scully 3 days ago

    All I can say about these movies is: what the shit. What the shit?!

  • Jaime Emiliano Rogerio Ríos

    But in the first movie Peter i s actually confronted by Gwen's dad about that revenge stuff and after bridge's lizard attack, he finally knows why he has to be a superhero, what being spiderman means

  • Ahkaf khan
    Ahkaf khan 3 days ago

    what was the music used

  • Mr.Jelly Pants
    Mr.Jelly Pants 3 days ago

    Norman Osborn is the green goblin

  • Eli C
    Eli C 3 days ago

    Original Harry rage-
    Harry: Let's get drugged like my father and go kill Spider-Man.
    Amazing Spider-Man Harry rage-
    Harry: ~Flips over table~ You frickin' fraud!!

  • Eli C
    Eli C 3 days ago

    Best scene in entire movie: Harry raging.

  • EthanCoolBro18 Gamer
    EthanCoolBro18 Gamer 4 days ago +49

    Did anyone else notice that the background music is Toxic by Brittany Spears?😂

  • Science Hacker
    Science Hacker 4 days ago

    Who else got that shitty GoT add at the start?

  • Sydney Mendoza
    Sydney Mendoza 4 days ago +7

    The man who's like "HE'S ROBBING MY STORE!" is named T-Bone.

  • Conservo Virtus
    Conservo Virtus 4 days ago

    Oh fuck off. Ben Assfleck's Batman was the best it's ever been, and I don't even like Ben Affleck. You're just another snowflake pussy that's afraid of guns.

    • shadow ghost
      shadow ghost 4 days ago

      Hes just dosen't like that they changed batmans morals

  • Star- Mars
    Star- Mars 4 days ago

    I like tasm 1 not 2

  • Cezar ProGamerRO
    Cezar ProGamerRO 4 days ago +1

    You forgot one thing:WHERE IS J JONAH JOHNSON

  • This man exudes sex
    This man exudes sex 4 days ago

    i dont like the spiderman suit from amazing spiderman 2 either. it's too shiny

  • Clarion XL
    Clarion XL 4 days ago +4

    31:11 He sounds legitimately angry and I love it

  • simple dose
    simple dose 4 days ago +5

    Easy fuckboi lmao

  • Aaron
    Aaron 4 days ago

    I feel like halfway through the director was just like fix this fuckin guys teeth im done looking at the gap

  • Anastasia Acosta
    Anastasia Acosta 4 days ago +1

    which is something we already fking KNEW

  • supercococaleb
    supercococaleb 4 days ago +3

    Great analysis, keep up the good work ;)

  • Iago Porto
    Iago Porto 5 days ago +1

    Why do you have millions of views each video, but only 700.000 subscribers?

  • Jacob Rodriguez
    Jacob Rodriguez 5 days ago

    Music Britney spears

  • DXFighter3
    DXFighter3 5 days ago

    STOP CURSING!!!!!!

  • Mo B
    Mo B 5 days ago

    love your videos!

  • Scizor
    Scizor 5 days ago

    Harry Osborn looks like imalex

  • Nightheart
    Nightheart 5 days ago

    I actually didn't mind the Amazing Spider-man movies. There is just tons of issues with it. What's really interesting is. If you watch The Amazing Spider-man, then Spider-man Homecoming.. You could say they could connect in a way. Also Andrew Garfield seems like a better spider-man then Toby, and that's coming from someone who loves Toby, but I feel like Toby is a better Peter Parker... even if he went emo.

  • thefriendly aspie
    thefriendly aspie 5 days ago

    note in one of the batman comics which transcurs in an alternate reality were Bruce waines dies and hes father lives . Bruce waines father becomes batman, and he uses guns :)

  • Andrew Collins
    Andrew Collins 5 days ago

    The saddest part is the "formula" the guy at the end of the video explained is in the Ultimate comics and reversed the deaths of Peter Parker and the Goblin in the Ultimate universe. And it was stupid in the comics.

  • Pheo B
    Pheo B 5 days ago


  • Konner Dent
    Konner Dent 5 days ago

  • Omega Boii
    Omega Boii 5 days ago

    Gwen said easy BUGBOI

  • G4L Gaming
    G4L Gaming 5 days ago


  • blakhopp882 MDS
    blakhopp882 MDS 5 days ago

    Lol I think you love freaks and geeks. I just started watching it, it’s great

  • Frederick Carmona
    Frederick Carmona 5 days ago +1

    16:30 lol lmao