The Amazing Spider-Man 1&2 - Worse Than You Can Even Imagine


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  • Jeremiah Joseph
    Jeremiah Joseph Hour ago

    Just play spiderman ps4,they nailed peter parker so well

  • ZoOm FuzzyNips
    ZoOm FuzzyNips 2 hours ago

    Someone killed his grandpa basically his dad wouldn’t you want to find that guy if you could?

  • Ryan Fischer
    Ryan Fischer 4 hours ago

    I hate these movies too, but no one is talking about the end of ASM2. They used a trailer shot teasing a actual fight with the Rino to END the movie. What a stupid move. The only good thing about it is that it makes me think that the Rino just kills him, series over. What horrible movies.

  • Fernando Selective
    Fernando Selective 6 hours ago +1


  • Freya Ivison
    Freya Ivison 9 hours ago

    I think I’m the only one who likes the Amazing Spider-Man films😂

  • Jobo the great
    Jobo the great 10 hours ago

    I'm not kidding when I first saw the scene of peter's parents on the jet I had no idea who they were

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus 13 hours ago

    I laughed so hard at 15:26

  • Muhammad Khairulizat Bin Amrin

    No this amazing spider man is good rather than the tobey McGuire guy 😝😝😛

  • Joseph Jacomb
    Joseph Jacomb 20 hours ago +1

    I thought the amazing spider man was alright until you just stated the facts and I watched it again and it was pure💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  • mod peace
    mod peace Day ago

    These movies could have been sooo much better if it had better writers

  • Random youtuber
    Random youtuber Day ago

    tat "for u" song is soooo cringy, it deserves to be in a AMV.
    *sees what they can create.*

  • Moptop
    Moptop Day ago

    But us New Yorkers really sound like that.....

  • The Truth
    The Truth Day ago

    The villians in Amazing Spiderman 2 belong in Batman and Robin

  • TKinfinity
    TKinfinity Day ago

    Oscorp looks like the Tower of Sauron.

  • TKinfinity
    TKinfinity Day ago

    The Lizard is just Killer Croc with a Lab coat

  • ab cd
    ab cd Day ago

    Ur videos suck

  • ab cd
    ab cd Day ago

    U should just quit youtube and find ur self a different job

  • quirky Chad
    quirky Chad Day ago

    Things that were good:
    -The effects
    -The action
    -TASM2 suit design
    Not good things:
    -Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker
    -Spider-Man fighting crime for vengeance for uncle ben
    -Studio interference

  • Maiquel Querales

    you are right it's not Andrew Garfield's fault that he was the worse spider man

  • Zach M.
    Zach M. Day ago


  • 11_ Yoyoman
    11_ Yoyoman Day ago

    Was it only me or did gewn say easy bug boi

  • Samuel Parker
    Samuel Parker Day ago

    " leopard's disease " 😂

  • IamTurtle _
    IamTurtle _ Day ago

    No pizza time.

    No good movie

  • JETZ _Jojo
    JETZ _Jojo Day ago

    i love the amazing spider-man 1&2. like if u agree

  • AwardedAqua
    AwardedAqua 2 days ago

    My favorite scene is when captain Stacy finds out who Spider-Man is.

  • averythesuperhero
    averythesuperhero 2 days ago

    You're a spide, Frauder-Man!

  • Dreyden
    Dreyden 2 days ago +1

    I liked the first one's spider suit but the recent one's Peter Parker.

  • TurQuack
    TurQuack 2 days ago

    The Remarkable Spider-man.

  • Philly Scorpio
    Philly Scorpio 2 days ago +1

    WHAT! At the end of the 1st Amazing Spiderman, When the construction worker gave the call so they can give Spiderman a way to swing back to the city... was FUCKIN HEROIC! Spiderman limping with a BULLET in his leg after finally being embraced as the HERO! Webs the leg, then proceeded to swing to the Oscorp building, Was better then Tobey Saving the train or any swing scene for matter! Was in the level with Dark Night deciding to be the enemy!
    The best Spidey comics was THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN... which is why The Amazing Spiderman series was the best one! It had consequences, Gwen, you had the Spidey sarcasm, Gwen, the brilliant genius of Peter Parker, did I mention Gwen??? The writing & acting was great, when Peter lash out at Uncle Ben was a great Andrew Garfield scene! I felt Peter like I've never did before!
    The Amazing Spiderman 2 also has the biggest consequence of all Spiderman movies! Promise to Stay Away from Gwen!!!
    Amazing Spiderman series was the best Spiderman ever! It has yet to be surpassed! Homecoming suck donkey dicks... & the Tobey Maguire version villain costumes destroyed that series. But I did love Tobey's Spidey 2
    Amazing Spiderman was Simply that...Amazing just like the cartoon from the 90's

  • Lil V
    Lil V 2 days ago

    Spider man didn’t do the hand thing because the web shooters activate even if is a fist

  • Vistammit Kharakakos

    SHRUNK - Aesop Rock in the back tho

  • Philly Scorpio
    Philly Scorpio 3 days ago +1

    Amazing Spiderman was the best Spiderman ever! It has yet to be surpassed! Homecoming suck donkey dicks... & the Tobey Maguire version villain costumes destroyed that series.
    Amazing Spiderman was Simply that...Amazing just like the cartoon from the 90's

  • Ramzi Salazar
    Ramzi Salazar 3 days ago

    Look, all these people hating can hate but this guy is probably one of my favorite people ever.

  • Mtt Music
    Mtt Music 3 days ago

    Why does everyone hate this movie this was like the most uplifting and heart lifting for me. I literally got depression for a month when they cancelled the amazing spiderman 3

  • dutch vanderlinde
    dutch vanderlinde 3 days ago

    I grew up with Sam rami I thought gwen Stacy was blonde mj
    I liked my comment so what

  • It's the Music Guy
    It's the Music Guy 4 days ago +1

    *no Pizza Time* 😭

  • Reedime
    Reedime 4 days ago

    these movies were bad

  • Hensley JeanBaptiste

    I’m the only one who likes jerk peter huh

    • Hensley JeanBaptiste
      Hensley JeanBaptiste 4 days ago

      I just like that they took a different direction like how they transition and make him a real hero

  • Ian Oppenberg
    Ian Oppenberg 4 days ago

    16:23 She clearly said bug boy

  • Hollow Ght
    Hollow Ght 4 days ago


  • Revolver Fox
    Revolver Fox 4 days ago

    In defense for Peter's parents if it was a marvel directed movie they were both Agents of shield so the tie in to the spider formula yeah...I loved it more than the other movies but yeah one day we'll get an amazing spider man movie oooh wait Into the spider verse😃

  • Filippo Nasello
    Filippo Nasello 4 days ago

    16:24 she said easy bug boy

  • GreenHornet1379
    GreenHornet1379 5 days ago

    Favorite part: 31:10

  • Jeremiah Franklin
    Jeremiah Franklin 5 days ago

    What is the song at 12:07

  • Baron Jay
    Baron Jay 5 days ago

    When I saw Batman shooting people I thought he was firing rubber bullets. But then he shoot a bunch of guys with a different gun that he stole and then he snapped some dudes neck and I was like, "Ooooooooh. We're doing that now."

    DR BREEN 5 days ago +1

    Amazing Spider-Man 1 had a hidden arc. So in the beginning, peter was a skateboarder and kinda a dick. And when uncle ben died, he couldn't have any closure with his father figure. And he was trying to find uncle Ben's killer because he hasn't learned how to be selfless and heroic. He is just doing it for revenge like you said. But in the bridge scene when he saves the boy, he finally learned to use his powers for good. This is a diffrent peter parker. Quoting from your iron man 3 review: "waaah, my corny (hero) wasn't like how he was in the comics" things can be different from the comics if it makes the movie good like you said, imo this hidden arc was pretty fulfilling and why I like the amazing spiderman 1. Not 2 though, 2 is trash. Noharm wanted though, i just thought you overlooked it and I want to start a friendly conversation.

  • The Trash Man
    The Trash Man 5 days ago +1

    amazing spiderman 1 was mediocre and amazing spiderman 2 was awful

  • multiversal Oliveira
    multiversal Oliveira 5 days ago +1

    Soooo has a million years already passed?

  • InTheAirMC and ThatGuyYoshu


  • David Lozano
    David Lozano 6 days ago

    "Hey man, you should go fuck that girl..."

  • Young Potatoes
    Young Potatoes 6 days ago

    Marcus started to lose his sanity

    • Yugo Tokusatsu
      Yugo Tokusatsu 5 days ago +1

      +Young Potatoes No prob.

    • Young Potatoes
      Young Potatoes 5 days ago

      +Yugo Tokusatsu
      Must have been a mistake on my part then. Sorry about that

    • Yugo Tokusatsu
      Yugo Tokusatsu 5 days ago

      +Young Potatoes I know but nothing about that time stamp indicated he was going insane.

    • Young Potatoes
      Young Potatoes 5 days ago

      +Yugo Tokusatsu
      It was because marcus sounded like he was slowly losing his sanity due to the film not making any sense

    • Yugo Tokusatsu
      Yugo Tokusatsu 5 days ago

      +Young Potatoes Kay?

  • Brandon Castillo
    Brandon Castillo 6 days ago +1

    Was it painful when you put the gone gone gone song 4 ur outro

  • Klager
    Klager 6 days ago

    Crocodile Rock is amazing. Fight me.

  • SIR Galeanos
    SIR Galeanos 6 days ago

    Yo you are hilarious

  • Jokerfaic
    Jokerfaic 6 days ago

    Umm.... I've taken pennies from that little tray all the time. Its encouraged.... is this a regional thing?

  • SM 1
    SM 1 6 days ago

    I personally liked that spiderman suit

  • jesalepol
    jesalepol 6 days ago

    For a moment I thought you were insulting Bad Reputation by Thin Lizzy. Then I figured it out and calmed down. Carry on, good sir.

  • Science Genius
    Science Genius 6 days ago +2

    I'm not hating on this video I love it. My opinion on these movies is that its much more my style of a movie than the ones by Raimie. I like them because they are sensible to me.

  • Rhino Thunder
    Rhino Thunder 6 days ago

    You forgot to talk about the deleted subplot with Mary Jane played by Shailene Woodley that was taken out of The Amazing Spider-Man movies.

  • Rhino Thunder
    Rhino Thunder 6 days ago

    In the first Amazing Spider-Man movie Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy some houses she knows how to make an antiserum to neutralize the reptile potion that Peter helped make with dr. Connors upon finding his father's notebook in his fathers old briefcase. The only problem with that is the fact that Peter never shared any information about the reptile potion with Gwen Stacy. Dr. Connors awesome never shared any of the information about the reptile potion with Grant Stacy either. It just seemed so randomly convenient that Gwen Stacy has no information about the reptile potion and yet somehow still knows how to make an antiserum to neutralize the reptile potion and not only that but she can do it fast enough to save the entire city of New York before all the citizens turn into reptile monsters. It makes sense that doctor Connors has enough reptile potion to transform the entire city with a giant cloud of reptile potion because he had how many weeks throughout the movie to make that much reptile potion after Peter discovers the notebook in his father's briefcase with the correct formula and gives it to doctor Connors. So dr. Connors had several weeks to prepare the reptile potion and put it in the cloud Mist machine on the roof of the Oscorp building. So at the end of the movie it only takes Gwen Stacy about 5 minutes to put together an antiserum that can neutralize the reptile potion for every citizen in the entire city but it only took her about 5 minutes to make it. It only took Gwen Stacy 5 minutes to make the antiserum but at the same time it took dr. Carter's several weeks possibly several months because the time I was kind of weird in the movie do it jumps around but still took several weeks at least to make all of the reptile potion in order to have enough to turn all of the citizens in the entire city into reptile monsters or at least within a very very large radius around the Oscorp building. So what I'm trying to say is it doesn't make sense that Gwen Stacy has no information about the reptile potion just to start off with but still somehow manages to make enough antiserum that can neutralize every single person that's been affected in a span of only 5 minutes time. Yeah that doesn't make any sense at all.

  • wizkey win
    wizkey win 7 days ago +1

    Homecoming sucks The amazing spider man is the best

    • wizkey win
      wizkey win 5 days ago

      +airJaws 89 ya because Homecoming Is not suppose to have technology suit

    • airJaws 89
      airJaws 89 5 days ago


  • Peyton Aubin
    Peyton Aubin 7 days ago

    He really screwed over the Stacy family

  • Mister Rioter
    Mister Rioter 7 days ago

    29:34 also the fucking term "Self-Heal" is so fucking stupid

  • Kin Uriel Rosales
    Kin Uriel Rosales 7 days ago

    i really don't care.. more spider-man movies from different actors/directors means more spider-men from different universe to me.. and that's the amazing thing of SPIDER-MAN.. SPIDER-VERSE..

  • neoflo22
    neoflo22 8 days ago

    You seriously need to stop holding your nose when you make videos. Either that or just cut it off.

  • S0M3 N00BY B01 0N F0RTN1T3

    16:20 Ithink she said “Easy fun boy”

  • 43egamer The best
    43egamer The best 8 days ago +1

    I don't know about anyone else but I love the first amazing spider man suit

  • Ryan Wow
    Ryan Wow 8 days ago

    A Friend of mine said Venom was better than Spider Man 2 (Sam Raimi)... Yeah I know.

  • KranDev
    KranDev 8 days ago +1

    albert einstein 28:26

  • KranDev
    KranDev 8 days ago

    F*1ck yourself The Cosmonaut Variety Hour

  • General Boss
    General Boss 8 days ago

    *cough do Spider-Man homecoming *cough there’s a lot you can talk about *cough plz

  • Da muffin maaaan!
    Da muffin maaaan! 8 days ago

    The “”””””””””Amazing””””””””””” Spider-Man.

  • arqam aqueel
    arqam aqueel 9 days ago

    I like gone gone gone man chillll

  • Teddy Panda
    Teddy Panda 9 days ago

    Dude! Are you seriously in the movie? That is really cool.

  • Trevor Lamone
    Trevor Lamone 9 days ago

    This is honestly the funniest video I’ve watched in years
    “He is on again off again with Mary Jane...or...who the fuck is this?”

  • Dragon Gamer
    Dragon Gamer 9 days ago

    Same took me 4 days and I'm still working on it

  • Orangeness
    Orangeness 9 days ago

    "This shot is literally the only thing I like about this movie." -Proceeds to talk about numerous other things he likes about the movie.

  • TcgLionHeart
    TcgLionHeart 9 days ago

    Mandarin was shit Im sorry, you can not change mt mind about that one.

  • SirGecko
    SirGecko 9 days ago

    Please! 🙏🏻 In Spider-Man Homecoming 3 I want to see Curt Connors!

  • SpiderGamer119
    SpiderGamer119 9 days ago

    She said bugboi not fuckboi 😂

  • GasmaskAvenger
    GasmaskAvenger 9 days ago

    I'm a proud heretic who likes the ASM films, warts and all.
    Andrew Garfield is still my fave Spidey because he's the Spider-Man I remember growing up in the 90s between the comics and the Fox Kids cartoon.

  • Keeley F
    Keeley F 9 days ago

    Some of the points he made didn’t make sense

  • Modisho
    Modisho 9 days ago

    the reason that peter doesn’t give his blood away is because since his dad made the spider he also for some reason made it so it would only work with his blood so if harry got his blood he would like die or something, welcome.

  • lukinjo123
    lukinjo123 9 days ago

    Omg just go ride Tobey's dick

  • Alter Ace
    Alter Ace 9 days ago

    20:32 I fucking hate this channel so much Marcus lmao

  • ChoppedSushi
    ChoppedSushi 9 days ago

    i used to think the TASM movies were good..boy was i wrong

  • Christopher Betances
    Christopher Betances 10 days ago +1

    My Theory is that the Amazing Spider-Man movies take place on Earth - 199998

  • Trey Urbach
    Trey Urbach 10 days ago +55

    I remember an interview Stan did that talked about Peter’s parents. He said he was trying to come up with an idea for the 5th Spider-Man annual and asked himself, hey what happened to his parents? Stan Lee had been writing Spider-Man for SEVEN YEARS before HE even cared about Spider-Man’s parents. That is how unimportant his parents are.

  • OmniVerseStar
    OmniVerseStar 10 days ago

    Gwen Stacy > Mary Jane Watson. Only one of them has been a Damsel in distress for all 3 of their movies, another died. The first and last time she was a DiD. I also believed the chemistry between Gwen and Peter, more than Mary Jane and Peter. So when she died I actually felt it.

  • Sonic Xtreme99
    Sonic Xtreme99 10 days ago

    I want to sub to you but youtube won’t let me

  • Hollow Ght
    Hollow Ght 10 days ago

    I think this movie failed because of the realatoonships and plot lines

    DADDY P 10 days ago +1

    this video is like a drug im addicted to this video i watch this video like twice a week and i cant stop and i dont know why. its probably because i hate these two movies all lot

  • Taylor Bee
    Taylor Bee 10 days ago

    I also actually like these movies and take these are just human motivation for comic book fans or nerds kind of just over focus on. like I grew up watching the cartoon and read some of the comics and having him care about his parents is not actually a big deal. I just think they were going for Batman there when they meant Spider-Man. it's also new director which means they have to make a new take which means if they go shot-for-shot word-for-word they have the same movies before so they're trying to instill personal branding while telling a familiar story

  • mepphy99
    mepphy99 10 days ago

    29:50 and that’s why I hate this film so much
    Come on, the birth of Goblin sucks
    Electro destroying everything sucks
    And oh boi what the fuck was that last fight? Fuck this shit
    The new Spider-Man is better

  • Baris Bal
    Baris Bal 10 days ago

    reviews didnt change so much thing to me actually. i still love this series
    visuals were amazing
    jokes were good
    dramatic moments were powerful
    action scenes were kick-ass
    villains origins are so tragic
    peter/spiderman's interaction with other people was pleasurable (gwen, may, harry etc.)
    cast list was good (i didnt see any bad acting anyway. they delivered their scenario perfectly)

    the only thing what i wont defend is that new yorkers. they were fucking idiots and there is nothing to say about it. but thats it
    if plot holes would be enough to ruin whole entire movie i would also hate batman, blade and spiderman trilogy.

  • YourAverageJoe66
    YourAverageJoe66 10 days ago +2

    I know it isn’t as good as the other Spider-Man movies, but I still enjoyed the Amazing Spider-Man films.

  • Quads
    Quads 10 days ago +1


  • Dunkle Sans get dunked on

    Dude I feel like the movie is keep it to yourself but it's a free country till 2 so but my point is yeah you should have kept that to yourself that's me being nice

  • Justbbacon Blitz
    Justbbacon Blitz 10 days ago +1