The Amazing Spider-Man 1&2 - Worse Than You Can Even Imagine


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  • Aris Martinakis
    Aris Martinakis 59 minutes ago +1

    They should have just leave it at the old movies and remastered them.

  • L-I-N-K
    L-I-N-K Hour ago

    I can remember you saying that you will never watch amazing spider-man 2 in a million years

  • Jose Ortiz
    Jose Ortiz 2 hours ago

    I've never seen these movies before, but I have a quick question and if anyone could answer it for me, I'll very much appreciate it. But does Peter Parker in the first Amazing Spider-Man movie even find the guy that killed his uncle?

  • Ira hatam
    Ira hatam 4 hours ago

    What's the music name at 12:06?

  • Vitor
    Vitor 5 hours ago

    Best video in the whole internet

  • uganda Ice cream and soda

    i dont know, i actually like amazing spiderman movies.

  • Forensic Dragon
    Forensic Dragon 7 hours ago +2

    Peter Parker's poor, pretentious parents plant plum plants in Paris. Peter Parker plans to pack for a plane to Paris to plant plums with his parents. Peter uses his powers to plant plums perfectly. He plans to plant pears in pair with his parent's plum plantation.

  • Forensic Dragon
    Forensic Dragon 7 hours ago +1

    "Some where a child weeps, and I don't care..."
    -Comic Thor

  • Trumpwall666
    Trumpwall666 7 hours ago

    for you, for you, i dont remember the rest of the song

  • Grant Paulsen
    Grant Paulsen 8 hours ago

    1. Spider-Man 2
    2. Spider-Man
    3. Spider-Man: Homecoming
    4. Spider-Man 3
    5. The Amazing Spider-Man
    6. Venom
    7. The Amazing Spider-Man 2

  • daito calupas
    daito calupas 8 hours ago

    Amazing spiderman the best but il give it 7 percent

  • joeman 817
    joeman 817 8 hours ago

    I didn't mind Dane Dahan as the Green Goblin; I thought he did ok in my opinion, not great but ok. But, I will admit it, he did look like a fucking crackhead/methhead hybrid LoL.

  • Flamingskulls245
    Flamingskulls245 9 hours ago

    I feel like most of the spiderman movies are all focus more on the action then the story. but watching these videos especially the old sam raimi movie reviews where very hilarious. keep up the amazing work my dude. x'D

  • Angel Mendoza-Diaz
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  • Catherine Rosa
    Catherine Rosa 12 hours ago

    Not to make green goblin look like a power anger again! 🤣

  • KennyWakafloca 1
    KennyWakafloca 1 13 hours ago

    Jamie Fox looks like longbeachgriffy

  • Xavier Ramos
    Xavier Ramos 13 hours ago

    Who else shit their pants @ 16:33 about the lizard😂😭

  • Dácio Nunes
    Dácio Nunes 14 hours ago

    This movie utilizes emotions and reasons to create and build a character. You'll have to forget about whom you think you already know, and place empathy towards what a 3rd person problems and how they would react.
    Spiderman being on revenge mode is very likely to happen on a normal world where this kind of thing happened. He was just a normal guy like anybody else one day, and the other he acquire all this supernatural powers and did nothing when he let the thief escape, which lead to his beloved uncle death. Getting supernatural powers won't turn anybody into a saint, this is nonsense, what he had was this conflict of emotions and the power to make justice with his own hands.
    This spiderman character is a little bit goofy and unfocused, but that's what I liked the most of it, also ain't what the comics try to make him? This makes him a very likable character overall.
    I agree that the second movie had many flaws though. Still I prefer the amazing spiderman movies, over the old trash at any day.

  • Albert Van Krieg
    Albert Van Krieg 17 hours ago

    I had to stop the video at min 7 just to write this: if you're a fan of Spider-man you should know that Peter Parker was originally a bit of a douche-bag (even being a nerd) when he was at high school. If you've read the 90's comics you realize Peter Parker was drawn as a good looking man, that's why, in my opinion, Andrew Garfield was a good choice. I remember that the first time I knew he was going to be Peter Parker the first thing that came to my mind was "yeah, at least he looks more like the Peter Parker I remember". I agree that the skater characteristic was a weird choice for him, though. Being said that let's continue.

  • DizChannel Zucks
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  • Wario's Gold Coin
    Wario's Gold Coin 19 hours ago +2

    My 2 cents in this. What I'm saying is just my opinion and may not reflect others. I thought I would NEVER say this...but after just recently re-watched Sony's "the Amazing Spider-Man"
    movies (2012 & 2014).
    I feel they are the BEST ones made and I really like them. Better then Sam Raimi's trilogy and better then Marvel's Homecoming. Here is why.
    They are all there own ADAPTIONS from the Marvel comics all-right, non of them are following the real story line. They all took there own story and characters designs.
    But why I got to like the "Amazing movies" more is that I got much more interested in the story with more deep and darker tone I prefer since I grew up with the late 80's and 90's comics.
    In comparisson I feel Raimi's lacks all this and I feel Tobey Mcuire was just a weak Peter Parker & Spider-Man. Homecoming with Tom Holland feels to childish and lack of deep.
    The Oscorp red-wire of conspiracies and corruption, actor Andrew Garfield's GREAT portray of Peter Parker & Spider-Man (Best ever) and the big plans to expand all this. I even got to like P.P's parents and dissapearence with the science cover-up and that his father is behind the reaserch & all. The connection with Norman Osborn & Dr. Curt Connors I find interesting.
    The genetic illness all Osbourns gets and Harry's fear & natural obsession to survive it makes him become the Green Goblin in pure desperation to cure himself.
    + The story ideas holds lots of potentials for sequals and expansions.
    + The acting holds up great and all characters are casted great.
    + Andrew Garfield is great in these role(s) and makes the best adaption.
    + The Spider-Man suit looks awesome and is the best looking of all movies.
    + The Oscorp tie-on to the "Sinister Six" future villians (Rhino, Dr. Octopuss, Vulture, Green Goblin, Kraven the Hunter, Scorpion etc-etc)
    + The possibility to tie in Venom & Carnage from "Venom (2018)" in this world.
    - Complicated for younger audience and for those with lack of knowledge of the franchise. Ex. The Peter & Harry childhood friendship was expected from the audience to know about at start.
    - The Lizard storyline with making all people turn to Lizards was not a good story to start things with. Or good at all. To defence, it is just the start of it all.
    - Jamie Fox's character Max aka. Electro was interestintg but could have gotten more development. Also Max looked to weak in contrast to his high technological inteligence.
    - Missunderstood ideas and people's desire to have this in the MCU story line. I'm no longer interested in that tie-in as this feels more interesting with having THIS Spider-Man separated in his own cinematic universe with his own problems and villains. Sony is/was onm to something that people just could not grasp. But hey, it is just opinion based and all can have there own.

  • Spider- man
    Spider- man 23 hours ago +1

    Im the winner

  • PUVI
    PUVI Day ago

    dude your videos are fucking genius

  • Alex Alemán
    Alex Alemán Day ago

    Yaaaaaaaas i'm good with no the amazing spiderman 3 😅😅

  • Chris Javan
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  • The Jacob Jacob Show

    Someone please send this to Nostalgia Critic.

  • Molly Whetstone
    Molly Whetstone Day ago

    I actally like this movie i just dont like how he gets a cheap laugh at the expense of lives and how he is a punk the rest is fine with me

  • ShapeCrafter
    ShapeCrafter Day ago

    I gotta add on that Revenge thing. In the comics themselves Peter Parker goes out as spider man to kill his uncles murderer... then decides it's wrong at the last second. I'm honestly fine with the revenge driven Paker. Was it dragged out? Yes. But I don't dislike it. There's thousands and thousands of SpiderMen/Women. Thinking of this Spider movie as a different Spidervers can someone save it... maybe. But then the second movie happend.

  • Aidan O'Sullivan

    I like how the police already had barriers set up before every fight

  • CreeperOnYourHouse

    Was that actually you making an appearance in the movie , was that a joke?

  • Zalien
    Zalien Day ago

    Ooh a SUBSCRIBE button!

  • CreativeCrepeOwO

    *Right after he mentioned how Electro's tooth gap was "Magically fixed" I got a denture advert.*

  • TheLastBabyMan
    TheLastBabyMan Day ago

    Tobey is the Adam West of Spiderman, but it works because Spiderman is nothing like Batman.

  • Blake Duty
    Blake Duty Day ago

    liked the first one tbh

  • PataponCreeper
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  • O K
    O K Day ago

    14:30 is it Ben reily?

  • Zenron
    Zenron Day ago

    He sounds like JJJ

  • HoWdY
    HoWdY Day ago +1

    Left a like even though I didn’t watch the video because I already agreed with it

  • Jose Silva
    Jose Silva Day ago

    That oof when gwen died is priceless

  • R.I.P X
    R.I.P X Day ago

    20:31 im done 😂😂😂😂

  • Wreck-It Rolfe
    Wreck-It Rolfe Day ago

    With the exception of Guardians, and Deadpool, I feel the quality of superhero films has gone down since The Avengers.

    • Bill Overbeck
      Bill Overbeck Day ago

      But you love superhero films, and you need superhero films! Wreck-It Rolfe, yoouu love them! You do!

  • Onuzim GamesWithChesse

    The only thing I like in the first amazing Spider-Man movie are the fight against Spider-Man and lizard

  • Joey Lim
    Joey Lim Day ago

    Honestly, this is one of my favourite video to watch. Like when Marcus is talking about Andrew Garfield not doing the Spider-Man hand thing, you can actually hear him slowly descending into a mental breakdown 🤣🤣

  • ItsTMNTfan2000: Geek Reviews and stuff.

    “YOU’RE A FRAUD SPIDER MAN!!” -Harry Osborn 2014.

  • Rohan Khubchandani

    I liked this movie when I was 10. Now looking back on it I am realizing how shit it is

  • YassAMVs
    YassAMVs Day ago

    Tobey maguire is a better peter Parker and Andrew Garfield is a better spiderman, but Tom holland? H E I S G O O D A T B O T H

  • sleeeeep
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  • Ibrahim Ilya
    Ibrahim Ilya Day ago

    Andrew Garfield's version of spider Man has a story similar to batman. The only difference is that peter lost his uncle and Bruce lost his parents

  • Noelosarius Rex
    Noelosarius Rex 2 days ago

    The only thing I wonder is

  • Old Flicks Joe
    Old Flicks Joe 2 days ago

    The Cosmonaut Variety Hour I Totally Agree with your review and change on what i felt about the Amazing Spider-Man Film Series. But two thing I wanted to bring to You attention that you probably have a misconception about...
    1. The scene in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN where Peter first discover his powers and fight the thugs on the train. The reason why the scene was the lights was going out periodically. It's when two rail cars "gap" the third rail. Basically there are gaps in the third rail that are longer then two rail cars, when this happens the lights go out and the control systems continue to run off batteries under the train.
    2. The scene in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 where Peter Parker Put the "GOLD DOUBLOONS" lol are actually NYC Transportation Tokens that NYC used in the past for traveling around in the NYC Subway System. The Token he put in the turnstile all of suddenly a train comes up from the ground is something I can't explain lol.
    I take it that you don't live in the city...

  • Camil Mak Duliman
    Camil Mak Duliman 2 days ago

    Asm2 is sh*t

  • Zackfireblast
    Zackfireblast 2 days ago

    But I like the amazing spiderman 2 it was my fav spider man movie until homecoming

  • Emio
    Emio 2 days ago

    4:18 4:25 true

  • Spidey's Universe
    Spidey's Universe 2 days ago

    The Amazing Spider-Man series is sad for me because back in 2012 - 2013 everyone in the Spider-Man community was so hyped for TASM 2 then it gets released and it's shit.

  • The Masters Mad Face

    Kudos for using the Sonic 3 soundtrack.

  • Sany Suny
    Sany Suny 2 days ago

    people actually think this guy is good looking?

  • 747lch
    747lch 2 days ago

    lmaoo dude make a video just of awkward spider-man edits

  • XvXTrenderXvX
    XvXTrenderXvX 2 days ago

    The eagle (or hawk) was hilarious

  • Zen Brown
    Zen Brown 2 days ago

    God damn it, respect Gwen Stacy you piece of shit!

  • Max Ain't Gone Yet
    Max Ain't Gone Yet 2 days ago +1

    Review The Emoji Movie. I want it to burn in hell...

  • Palmer Scott
    Palmer Scott 2 days ago

    Does anyone know the intro music?

  • RandomPerson
    RandomPerson 2 days ago

    "Easy Fuckboi"lol

  • sonario
    sonario 2 days ago

    Around 11:15 of vid y do u have sonic mania of the desert song

  • Cathy Danielson
    Cathy Danielson 2 days ago

    I had an issue with these movies that I don't know if anyone else had... it was the same problem in the Sam Raimi films. On film, it's just too obvious that Peter's uncle and aunt are not appropriate ages that make sense. To be one generation removed from a high school student, they need to be fifteen or twenty years younger than they are. Even around age sixty could have been believable, but there is no way that those two look to be that age either. Sally Field as Aunt May, maybe. But Martin Sheen was 73 years old when he played Ben, that's how old he looked, and he was the one who was Peter's blood relative.
    And in a movie, this looks off and weird, even when it's fine in a comic. The point isn't how this worked in print. They're different media. What we see on screen needs to look a certain way. This was fixed in Homecoming-- Aunt May was a fortysomething woman, and it looked believable for her to be Peter's aunt. In these two films, the problem was even more obvious because we actually saw Peter's parents and we could tell that they looked the right ages. In comparison, May and Ben looked like *their* parents. Anyway, this is something that's always bothered me...

  • Robin Thrush
    Robin Thrush 2 days ago

    If a character is trying to save someone, you shouldn't be laughing. The web hand made me laugh. To be fair though, I was waiting for Gwen to die from the moment I saw it was her instead of MJ.

  • diego dayrit
    diego dayrit 2 days ago

    stop being such an annoying fuck and give me your moms address so i could stab her suck my dick whinny bitch lets throw some hands ill fuk u up cunt

  • PokeMaster22222
    PokeMaster22222 2 days ago

    3:47 A writer could pull off 'Batman uses a gun' as an extreme last-ditch effort, like when he used one against Darkseid. They could also do it when reflecting on the introduction to the character, where he did indeed use a firearm. Or if it's an alternate-world Batman (Thomas Wayne; Owlman; etc.).
    Without any of those, it is nonsensical and destroys the very premise of the character. Eurgh.

  • Alyxwrites
    Alyxwrites 2 days ago

    Lol you're hilarious, I cackled when you laughed at Dane DeHaan being upset that Spider-Man wouldn't give him his blood and then you being confident you could kick Dane's ass hahaha, I laughed a lot. thanks you're great.

  • Sebastian Buckingham-Bullock

    31:12 is fucking gold

  • Tetrabit 19745
    Tetrabit 19745 2 days ago

    27:00 ok so it’s like high school then...

  • Bertisevil666
    Bertisevil666 2 days ago

    Well formulated opinion. That's a nice change from the usual TVclip review schlock.
    Go ahead and trade that dress in for a pair of skinny jeans, you earned 'em!

  • DarkerThanBlack
    DarkerThanBlack 2 days ago

    I like the dark take on Spider-Man. Can’t have the same thing every time.

  • Ethan Spicer
    Ethan Spicer 2 days ago

    Peter seems like a shitty version of deadpool with the same powers as spider-man, maybe im the only one

  • Daniel Reyes
    Daniel Reyes 2 days ago

    True Uncle Ben died like a fucken idiot

  • Gbaron 2018
    Gbaron 2018 2 days ago

    20:30 Dang it

  • Raphael lo
    Raphael lo 2 days ago

    My opinion:
    Doesn't matter...

    But seriously:
    1. Comics
    2. Spiderman 2
    3. Spiderman 1
    4. Marvels Spiderman (PS4)
    5. Nothing...

  • Mason McCauley
    Mason McCauley 2 days ago

    This boi needs more subs and likes

  • Origami Yoda
    Origami Yoda 2 days ago

    Spider man, spider man, never learns a dam thing. Watch out! Here comes the ignorant man!

  • Mantas Mikalauskas
    Mantas Mikalauskas 2 days ago

    Personally i liked these movie more than original spiderman trilogy , cause that trilogy was awfully recorded , acting were terrible and tbh third movie were the best

  • Golden Light Pictures

    Which movies do you prefer tho raimi or amazing?

  • Joey Ford
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  • Andres Salazar
    Andres Salazar 2 days ago

    Easy f**k boi

  • Sai
    Sai 2 days ago

    *Pizza Time*

  • Adama ba
    Adama ba 2 days ago

    1. Spider-man 2 2. Spider-man 3. Spider-man 3 4. Tasm 5. Tasm 2 6. Spider-man homecoming

  • Pride Z
    Pride Z 2 days ago +1

    9:49 That voice crack tho

  • Petronio39
    Petronio39 2 days ago

    Wait, why crocodile rock?

  • IAmDark
    IAmDark 2 days ago

    Am I the only one that doesn't give a single fuck and watches it anyways eventhough it's bad or not

  • Fred Bear17
    Fred Bear17 3 days ago +3

    I preferred TaSM 1 more than the second movie, the first one very suited to how it was shown in posters and how the build-up to becoming Spider-Man is like something you'd see in Black Panther. TaSM 1 was dark, mysterious, atmospheric and ominous due to the fact that the story that went after Uncle Ben's death is to what lead to becoming Spider-Man before transitioning it into beating the Lizard and preventing the people turning into Lizards like him...TaSM 2 just went downhill, in some parts Peter just acts as if he doesn't give a fuck about anything and having an unstable relationship with Gwen and suddenly bringing Harry Osborn and Norman just randomly talking about how Harry's gonna get some fucking disease that his dad tells that he will have, this Spider-Man says he tries to protect Harry but just doesn't.. Also the second movie's just a loud of bullshit, Spidey's more into telling jokes, we got to witness the death of his parents which was completely unnecessary and it was just the worse hands down.

  • I AM SKEGGA 93
    I AM SKEGGA 93 3 days ago

    "He's kind of mean, but not in an evil way - He's just kind of a dick" 😂

  • CW
    CW 3 days ago +14

    My Opinion:
    Spiderman 2
    Amazing Spiderman
    Spiderman 3
    Amazing Spiderman 2

    • Foxtailedanimator
      Foxtailedanimator 14 hours ago

      Not a bad order, but I’d swap TASM and Spider-Man 3.

    • Suzanne Dupras
      Suzanne Dupras Day ago +1

      I agree with you, but only if you switched the first two! Good list.

  • Magnificent
    Magnificent 3 days ago

    I do think Andrew Garfield was good though, also i feel like the 1st one is watchable and a GOOD film, not brilliant like spider man 2 or homecoming. however, amazing spider man 2 is really crap

  • Rozman
    Rozman 3 days ago

    amazing spiderman is good movie

  • Lucky24
    Lucky24 3 days ago

    Amazing Actors/Actresses and amazing potential, but squandered by poor execution and plot holes/idiocy.

  • Jr Diamond 78
    Jr Diamond 78 3 days ago

    At 13:41 a spider-man video
    *uses a sonic song*
    Jk lol

  • Ledlane Mc
    Ledlane Mc 3 days ago +1

    I only liked the rhino

  • Connor Tremblay
    Connor Tremblay 3 days ago

    I would have LOVED to have seen the shit show that the amazing spiderman 3 would have turned out to be.

  • CountOrlok22
    CountOrlok22 3 days ago

    So far, for me there has yet to be a definitive Peter Parker in film, because none of the actors have managed to balance Peter's social awkwardness, his intelligence, his insecurity, his sarcasm, and still make him seem like the kind of guy who'd risk his life every night to help people. It's a lot to balance (like tightrope-walking while juggling four or five things) and I'm not sure you can deliver all of that in a film (he works best in a more serialized format).

  • Cristaliana Ivor
    Cristaliana Ivor 3 days ago

    I hated the new amazing spiderman movie, now I know why. Thank you!

  • RRoJ
    RRoJ 3 days ago

    Another stupid shit: Peter when he’s trying to break up with Gwen, he didn’t show up in her dads funeral...