I made a Mumbo Proof House in Minecraft

  • Published on Aug 10, 2019
  • Making a MUMBO PROOF Minecraft House. Grian spent a week making a minecraft house that is purely designed to be anti mumbo. Let's see how he reacts and what he has in store for me.
    thank you to Methodzz for his redstone help and luvidubai for his help with the cars!
    Mumbo's channel: tvclip.biz/video/YCihd0HY69M/video.html
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  • alexowl 2
    alexowl 2 2 hours ago

    Ha ha ha , Lucky 🍀 mumbo !😂😂😂😂😂😂 Mumbo: nooooo💔

  • RiOT P4NTH3R 03
    RiOT P4NTH3R 03 3 hours ago

    Still looks better than i ever made 😂😂

  • Pitch Black
    Pitch Black 3 hours ago

    I think it looks cool I would live there

  • Kyoshi Taiso
    Kyoshi Taiso 4 hours ago

    My eyes hurt

  • Dylan Yeomans
    Dylan Yeomans 4 hours ago

    I actually like the exterior

  • Casey Scott
    Casey Scott 4 hours ago

    the right lever was the one right next to the door

  • Xx Trickster xX
    Xx Trickster xX 5 hours ago +1

    If I were Grimaldo I’d just grab a lever and place it

  • John Doe
    John Doe 9 hours ago


  • Glitch The Gaming master

    I like that house
    I mean the inside is trash obviously but I like the outside

  • Gumdrop pills
    Gumdrop pills 16 hours ago

    18:17: Grian's surprise then laugh is so wholesome

  • Nitro-005
    Nitro-005 17 hours ago

    Grian: “This house is anti everyone.”

  • Dankmemester24
    Dankmemester24 18 hours ago

    lol mumbo literally made the house by doing the things you said to not build like

  • Ocean Gamer
    Ocean Gamer 19 hours ago


  • Y0UGUR7
    Y0UGUR7 19 hours ago

    unironically, i quite like this house

  • Icey_ gamer
    Icey_ gamer 20 hours ago

    I love the house “D

  • coolfan !
    coolfan ! 20 hours ago

    18:09 Grian when flying an elytra

  • Callie Boscia
    Callie Boscia 20 hours ago

    Mubo jumbo: *makes a insane red stone thing
    *now this is a avengers level threat*

  • Apurpleuwu
    Apurpleuwu Day ago +1

    Rainbow mess house? I liek

  • Thomas Lau
    Thomas Lau Day ago

    I mean the outterier

  • Thomas Lau
    Thomas Lau Day ago

    I love it

  • Mother Shucker76

    I don’t know why but I kinda like it

  • Viva and Jet
    Viva and Jet Day ago

    This is the most beautiful house I've ever seen

  • Nielsen kasser
    Nielsen kasser Day ago

    I actually like it

  • Gang Shenanigans

    never mind, saw the inside

  • Gang Shenanigans

    i like that house...

  • terramaster yt
    terramaster yt Day ago

    I really like the house

  • Katherine Chen
    Katherine Chen Day ago +1

    Aha the video was published on my birthday...

  • I love Food
    I love Food Day ago +1

    *_I would live in that._*

  • Pikarem 1
    Pikarem 1 Day ago

    I kinda like that house you made

  • Digital VA Physical Digital VA Physical

    Grain I bow before my lord... I will sacrifice my child for you(if I have one...)

  • Irsyad Yusra
    Irsyad Yusra Day ago

    learn about redstone grian!!!!

  • Lawrence
    Lawrence Day ago

    Imagine if those dispensers filled with fireworks were pointed towards the cage...


  • Liselore Nurse
    Liselore Nurse Day ago

    I actually like this house

    EEVEE POKE`MON Day ago +1

    I saw mumbos video A anti-Grian house isint it ironic LOL

  • Can I get 1000 Subs?

    This is actually quite nice

  • Aska Liu
    Aska Liu Day ago

    i just started laughing as soon as grian enter the infinity room XD

  • Raspberry Jam
    Raspberry Jam Day ago

    Man I'd love to have this house

  • Moondreamer
    Moondreamer Day ago

    I LOVE IT.

  • Impressive Tree
    Impressive Tree Day ago +2

    Is this what you consider “bad”? It’s a fricking masterpiece.

  • Fawn Clayton
    Fawn Clayton Day ago +1

    I love how parrots dance to Disk 11. 🤣

  • Zeke Grosjean
    Zeke Grosjean Day ago

    Most people would think this is an unlivable house. However I would literally pay all my diamonds for it.

  • KaiyaJane Lory
    KaiyaJane Lory Day ago

    My 7yo brother said he loves how this house looks. He's particularly fond of gaudy things! :)

  • Zealous playz
    Zealous playz Day ago

    I’ve been watching you for a long time

  • Ava tale
    Ava tale Day ago

    When i saw the titles for this and mumbos, my mind was saying
    "They hate each other with a burning passion and aren't afraid to show it" boy was I wrong

  • Blue Worrier
    Blue Worrier Day ago

    I was watching a different Minecraft vid from someone else and my cat kept clicking on this vid soo I guess she likes this vid

  • Kaeden
    Kaeden Day ago

    I like this house :(

  • Cloud Knight
    Cloud Knight 2 days ago +7

    Ngl I quite like how this house looks lol it’s rather abstract

  • Thelordofthenoobsxxmorethenthebaconheadsxx :3

    You said your storage at home is a mess
    Pearl:WhErEs MaH tOy >: (

  • Taikou Chan
    Taikou Chan 2 days ago +1

    I... I like this house qwq

  • Jplayz Alvz
    Jplayz Alvz 2 days ago

    ur puoltry man CONFIRMED

  • Carly Peterson
    Carly Peterson 2 days ago +1

    OMG GIMME DAT HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am de weirdest person in my fam sooo yeah just gimme plz🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • The new Rcc_Albino
    The new Rcc_Albino 2 days ago


  • Poppin Off
    Poppin Off 2 days ago

    6 year old me with lego

  • Star Starmer
    Star Starmer 2 days ago

    Grian: NUKE MY HOUSE! Me: no keep it for eternity

  • the juniper gamer 2011 guzon

    dis mumbo jumbo proof house wont stop meh

  • Taffy Adam
    Taffy Adam 2 days ago

    18:25 wtf that's literlly my skin

  • Taffy Adam
    Taffy Adam 2 days ago

    um no
    nobody is leaving

  • Taffy Adam
    Taffy Adam 2 days ago

    um there is no j in produced
    it isn't pronounced "PRUH JUICED"
    are you 12??

  • Stars of The arena
    Stars of The arena 2 days ago

    I like it!!!!!!

  • Taffy Adam
    Taffy Adam 2 days ago

    um no it's garage