Racist Glasses | Rudy Mancuso, King Bach & Anwar Jibawi

  • Published on Sep 29, 2016
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Comments • 11 076

  • Drift Dragon
    Drift Dragon 3 hours ago


  • samy youssaf
    samy youssaf 11 hours ago

    Lol, im arabic and i loved anwars scene.

  • xyg dipper
    xyg dipper Day ago

    dont talk to me like that white boy lol

  • xyg dipper
    xyg dipper Day ago

    the arab one killed mes

  • sasha pessos
    sasha pessos Day ago

    i love your veidios

  • Edokpayi Paul
    Edokpayi Paul Day ago


  • Suhailee De Jesus

    Ninja lol I can’t with the Arabic tho 😭😂

  • Cracker
    Cracker Day ago


  • Cracker
    Cracker Day ago


  • Nu_ supreme
    Nu_ supreme Day ago

    1:59 is funny and 2:13

  • Christopher Sandoval

    Me encanta que ellos si pueden hacer bromas racistas por que tienen amigos de todas las razas y creencias xd

  • Valerie Gomez
    Valerie Gomez 2 days ago

    2019?? Anyone?

  • yaser Arafath
    yaser Arafath 2 days ago

    Anwar is awesome ,..... 😅😅😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Adrian Galang
    Adrian Galang 2 days ago

    anwar is so funny

  • Cam GB
    Cam GB 3 days ago

    "don't talk to me like that white boy"
    "thats ten for the garden thats all you get"
    (throws money)
    "you son of a b!©h"

  • Neeraj Saini
    Neeraj Saini 3 days ago

    Al habibi al habibiii....

  • TheCaribeanSailor 9
    TheCaribeanSailor 9 3 days ago

    Bro Anwar tho.

  • Hope lolo
    Hope lolo 3 days ago

    1:20 had me deadd🤣🤣🤣

  • Iva Kovačić
    Iva Kovačić 3 days ago

    Yes but today that asian kid wouldn’t be a ninja, he would be singing in a K-pop group

    SPYDERINSIDEHER1 4 days ago

    why was the black guy the only one with a gun?

  • Marina Masnec
    Marina Masnec 4 days ago

    I love you baby

  • SarahLanang Official

    Lol anwar soo funny and hilarious...... Hahah

  • Rajveer Singh
    Rajveer Singh 4 days ago

    Anwar 😂😂😂

  • XxxxAngle xxxX
    XxxxAngle xxxX 5 days ago +1

    Anwar is Arabic correct?

  • Gabriele Temporelli
    Gabriele Temporelli 5 days ago

    ahahahah, that was just a million dollars

  • d dream
    d dream 5 days ago +1

    The ninja guy hit me 😂😂

  • Hafa Corn
    Hafa Corn 5 days ago

    Awars part was so funny
    Edit:I mean Anwar

  • Sarah adam
    Sarah adam 5 days ago +2

    wait the "uber" guy knows arabic i also know arabic its my first language

    • Zhia-_- Ghost_
      Zhia-_- Ghost_ 4 days ago

      Sarah adam that “Uber” guy is anwar jibawi he’s arabic

  • Edits & Stranger Things

    It was so funny when anwar was the Uber

  • Rafael Becerra
    Rafael Becerra 6 days ago


  • Elian Hernandez
    Elian Hernandez 6 days ago

    Who else noticed that when rudy saw bach he had a spray ground backpack and the like 1 minute he had no backpack

  • SLIXX Subliminal's
    SLIXX Subliminal's 6 days ago +1


  • Annmarie Byrne
    Annmarie Byrne 6 days ago


  • sunethra Sauri
    sunethra Sauri 6 days ago

    1:26 habibi
    I Iive in UAE 🇦🇪 and I always remember anwar
    I’m not Arab just throwing it out there

  • Zein Hamdan
    Zein Hamdan 6 days ago

    1:20 omgg i lmfao 😂😂😂😂

  • JaimeG200 ;]
    JaimeG200 ;] 7 days ago +2

    The anwar part had me dead 😂😂

  • XxMinaShaShaxX ÒwÓ
    XxMinaShaShaxX ÒwÓ 7 days ago +1

    I’m da Asian dude

  • Rylee Wilder
    Rylee Wilder 7 days ago

    First part made me fall off my bed laughing LOL IMA SMASH DAT B** LOLOLOL

  • bobyastc l
    bobyastc l 8 days ago

    Anwar : وين بدك تروحا🤣😂🤣🤣

  • Estreliqx
    Estreliqx 8 days ago

    (I aint arab tho)

  • Joseph Ruiz
    Joseph Ruiz 8 days ago +1

    I laughed so HARD @ 1:18

  • a io
    a io 9 days ago

    i love the yaw anwar taliing like at 1:13

  • Jamal Jankson
    Jamal Jankson 9 days ago


  • adohom60000 lol
    adohom60000 lol 10 days ago

    Anwar jibawi

  • Wassim XDZ
    Wassim XDZ 10 days ago

    i am here for marcus

  • Sal DeSalvo
    Sal DeSalvo 10 days ago

    The end got me 😂😂😂

  • Ann Rose
    Ann Rose 10 days ago +1

    I’m going to Leb in 4 more days so exited

  • Fortnite/Roblox Gaming For Fun

    1:19 NO PROBLEM

  • Derrick C.
    Derrick C. 11 days ago

    This remind me of lele videos

  • good girl
    good girl 11 days ago +1

    حبيت المقطع مع انور جيباوي

  • Ruben Zarco
    Ruben Zarco 11 days ago +1

    Favorite part 2:24

  • Damien Burham
    Damien Burham 12 days ago

    I made a loop of the last one and I showed it to all my friends and they laughed their ass off

  • The life of Kayia gacha
    The life of Kayia gacha 12 days ago +1

    I was laughing when Anwar started singing arbic 😂😂😂

  • eshwah safi
    eshwah safi 13 days ago

    U have to do a part two

  • Lillian Edwards
    Lillian Edwards 14 days ago


  • Ninja Videos
    Ninja Videos 14 days ago

    This idea has been used too much

  • Galaxy Shark
    Galaxy Shark 14 days ago

    Me when Rudy post a video 1:18

  • iiSxipeii M
    iiSxipeii M 15 days ago

    Lol the end 😂😁

  • someone
    someone 15 days ago

    0:08 he have a bag 0:13 he don't...

  • TwistedElbow24
    TwistedElbow24 16 days ago

    Rudy ur so 😎