FASHION PHOTO RUVIEW: RuPaul's Drag Race UK Series 1 Episode 6

  • Published on Nov 11, 2019
  • The birds are chirping, the sun is out, it’s time to toot and boot! The rain in the UK falls mainly on the runway, and Raja and Raven are tooting and booting it!
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    From World of Wonder, the producers of The Eyes of Tammy Faye, Party Monster, The Strange History of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, The Last Beekeeper, RuPaul's Drag Race, Life With La Toya, and Million Dollar Listing.
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Comments • 747

  • Amy Cooper
    Amy Cooper 13 days ago

    Blu did not deserve to be in the bottom that week, let alone go home :(

  • PissingMargaritas
    PissingMargaritas 14 days ago

    honestly, baga coming out on the runway as a poorly dressed liza minelli every single week and not getting shit for it is why this show is so frustrating.

  • Yeshwanth Yerramilli
    Yeshwanth Yerramilli 17 days ago


  • Sal
    Sal 18 days ago

    I think Blu's skirt is supposed to be giving like, umbrellas?

  • Lily Thicci_Minjaj
    Lily Thicci_Minjaj 18 days ago

    I was literally watching this while it’s raining outside where I am

  • Mars Bar
    Mars Bar 19 days ago

    I have to say they are going so much easier on the Uk girls...or maybe they’re chilling out in general

  • Bárbara Cruz
    Bárbara Cruz 20 days ago

    raja and raven i love you all

  • To Meme or Not To Meme

    am i the only one that thinks the vivienne's dress was really ugly

  • idopoliti
    idopoliti 21 day ago

    I LIVE for Raven's red lips💋

  • Sydney P
    Sydney P 22 days ago

    Their trend alerts this season are so dumb!!

  • sonofaangelea
    sonofaangelea 22 days ago +1

    ill never understand how the judges always critiqued cheryl the house down boots and let baga slide. WHILE the real judges raja and raven toot our gurl chez and boot baga. the T that we all know the show is rigged to the max.

  • Sydney P
    Sydney P 22 days ago

    I’m surprised Raja didn’t clock the reference of Vivienne’s outfit

  • Tyler Ohno
    Tyler Ohno 23 days ago

    Please do Austin Dragfest! It’s so much talent!

  • azlxns
    azlxns 24 days ago

    where's episode 7???

  • disiskrazy d
    disiskrazy d 25 days ago

    Baga should just have loose the body suit, just worn the coat zipped up with rain boots.

  • TheYoubregje
    TheYoubregje 25 days ago

    Ravens lips look amazing lmao

  • ivoryvignettes
    ivoryvignettes 25 days ago

    But isn't it unfair that the Vivienne's outfit is a rip off of Alexandra Koukinova? It didn't even feel like a Hommage. It's a rip off.
    Love her but hmm felt weird

  • Julz Verde
    Julz Verde 25 days ago

    Raven and Raja, please move to DC...we need to lovely here in this town!

  • Junno Junno
    Junno Junno 25 days ago

    Raven’s cheap wig....BOOT !!

  • Matgo Styles
    Matgo Styles 26 days ago

    I think Blu's skirt was meant to resemble closed umbrellas.

  • clem fandango
    clem fandango 26 days ago

    baga not being in the bottom proves the whole show is rigga morris

  • Daniel Laplante
    Daniel Laplante 27 days ago

    Baga chips was my favourite look :/

  • gwenkennedy1
    gwenkennedy1 27 days ago

    Bagga chipz Duck in umbrella is a reference to 'Day for ducks' which is a UK /Ireland Heavy rain reference. I understand it may not be one your familiar with as it's regional.🙂

  • M Benzo
    M Benzo 27 days ago

    I was wondering what that fucking noise was the whole time

  • Bel Russell-Lynch
    Bel Russell-Lynch 27 days ago

    I am so so happy that raja and raven are reunited again. They have the greatest chemistry and i love watching them together.

  • Boitumelo M
    Boitumelo M 27 days ago

    Only 6 mins :(

  • N.Z. Storm Waver
    N.Z. Storm Waver 27 days ago

    I feel like Baga just threw everything together thinking it'd make complete sense. 😂

  • Daniel Almir
    Daniel Almir 27 days ago

    Raja's eyes reminds me of Rihanna. Since the 1st time I saw her pic on rpdr I realised this

  • Niebieska163
    Niebieska163 28 days ago

    Raja darling, this look is terrible.

  • Ron Muñoz Latorre
    Ron Muñoz Latorre 28 days ago

    the viviane outfit its a mess

  • Melissa Lynn
    Melissa Lynn 28 days ago

    So, Drag Race UK is not available in the UK? That's odd...or am I just missing something?

  • Full On
    Full On 28 days ago

    Did Scaredy leave that outfit for Blu to wear?

  • Binidj
    Binidj 28 days ago

    Baga is this season's Silky Nutmeg Ganache. Consistently looks like a hot mess but somehow keeps getting passes.

  • Scotty Mazmanian
    Scotty Mazmanian 28 days ago

    Love that they mentioned the guest judge Cheryl (Cole)!
    That lip sync song is a hidden bop! Stream “Call My Name” by Cheryl

  • Keola Luning
    Keola Luning 28 days ago

    I love these two- they make my day so much brighter, even on a ‘rainy’ day~

  • brendan schmall
    brendan schmall 29 days ago

    I'm surprised they didn't read the Vivian for her hands not matching her face. She should have worn gloves

  • Deborney Armando
    Deborney Armando 29 days ago

    ...i mean they both look amazing, but Raven!

  • kikibirdball
    kikibirdball 29 days ago

    Am I the only one who thought Viv's outfit wasn't good? Like, it was eating her up. She was hidden. And it was all just one thing. No interesting texture, no pattern, nothing. Just a giant blob engulfing the wearer

  • crunch
    crunch 29 days ago

    Blu was robbed 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Jesiah Mac
    Jesiah Mac 29 days ago

    I look at some of the runway outfits and think.. how loud that must be

  • bippins mcboppins
    bippins mcboppins 29 days ago

    Am I the only one who HATES the material on Viv's dress? The outfit is nice and the concept is cool but the material! Gag me with a spoon.

  • Matheus Landim de Souza

    How to Get Away With Runways (by Baga Chips & Silky Nutmeg Ganache)

  • Katya Tv
    Katya Tv 29 days ago

    Why is no one talking about Baga’s jacket being from last years primark collection?

  • Tokiyo Bonbon
    Tokiyo Bonbon 29 days ago

    Raven looks very Mrs.White in all black.

  • Ashleigh Cross
    Ashleigh Cross 29 days ago

    I'm commenting because there are currently 666 comments and I don't want any of us going to hell.

  • Baby L1lac
    Baby L1lac 29 days ago +1

    Im feel like the only one who doesn’t like the Vivienne’s Mother Nature outfit

  • Aburrido
    Aburrido 29 days ago

    Am I the only one who didn't like The Vivienne's?

  • Maeve Pagan
    Maeve Pagan 29 days ago

    Baga's outfit...

    That was a CHOICE

  • Kelli Elaine
    Kelli Elaine 29 days ago

    Did...did they just say Drag Race UK is not available in the UK?

  • Fabrizio Ostolaza
    Fabrizio Ostolaza Month ago

    Wtf is Raja wearing?

  • Milton Rodriguez
    Milton Rodriguez Month ago

    Top toot is Blu for me. I didn’t like the Viviannes look at all. Idk it’s like meh

  • moscardo
    moscardo Month ago

    ok but viv should've paint her handsss as well

  • Emma
    Emma Month ago

    ravens lips are looking so juicy

  • Caroleeena
    Caroleeena Month ago

    Baga should have had to lipsync this week. It's clear Ru has favorites that he his going to promote no matter how badly they do.

  • Van Der
    Van Der Month ago

    Raven is stunning!

  • Devil Vee Gates666 Sullivan Ratliff

    It's a rainy day in the uk

  • Sergio Melendez
    Sergio Melendez Month ago

    Baga is really good at disarming the judges. She knows how to come out and make them laugh when she knows her runway look isn't up to par. That's why they haven't been too harsh on her other than the one science look. She's not the first queen to successfully use this tactic.

  • Arianne Jose
    Arianne Jose Month ago

    *April carrion joined the group

  • arronplanet
    arronplanet Month ago

    Baga looks like Liza Minnelli got caught in a tornado by a duck pond.Ru obviously has a soft spot for her (and Liza).

  • Lorna Miller
    Lorna Miller Month ago