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  • Published on Feb 21, 2019
  • The only way to tell his story is to live his fantasy. ✨ Taron Egerton is Elton John in #Rocketman, in theatres May 31. Watch the new trailer now! Get tickets:
    Listen to “Rocket Man” from the album ‘Rocketman (Music From The Motion Picture)’:
    Pre-order/Pre-save the album now! Out 24 May:
    #Rocketman is an epic musical fantasy about the incredible human story of Elton John’s breakthrough years. The film follows the fantastical journey of transformation from shy piano prodigy Reginald Dwight into international superstar Elton John. This inspirational story - set to Elton John’s most beloved songs and performed by star Taron Egerton - tells the universally relatable story of how a small-town boy became one of the most iconic figures in pop culture. ROCKETMAN also stars Jamie Bell as Elton’s longtime lyricist and writing partner Bernie Taupin, Richard Madden as Elton’s first manager, John Reid, and Bryce Dallas Howard as Elton’s mother Sheila Farebrother.
    Paramount Pictures Corporation (PPC), a major global producer and distributor of filmed entertainment, is a unit of Viacom (NASDAQ: VIAB, VIA), home to premier global media brands that create compelling television programs, motion pictures, short-form content, apps, games, consumer products, social media experiences, and other entertainment content for audiences in more than 180 countries.
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  • Ateeb Aqil
    Ateeb Aqil 51 minute ago


  • Jina Frensa
    Jina Frensa 57 minutes ago

    Rocketman Movie Available

  • the meme
    the meme 6 hours ago +1

    I smell oscars again

  • Bro Capitalista
    Bro Capitalista 6 hours ago

    Yes please David Bowie

  • Paul Coady
    Paul Coady 6 hours ago

    Egerton from the Kingsmen! this guy is good. I cannot wait to see this movie! I love Elton's music.

  • Nithin Ravi
    Nithin Ravi 7 hours ago

    This was so emotional !!

  • cristal star mochi
    cristal star mochi 7 hours ago

    I hope this movie tells a brief mention about Queen since in Borhap they also did it with Elton John 🤔😮

  • Gach oo
    Gach oo 8 hours ago

    I am waiting for David bowie

  • Lifefighter _YT
    Lifefighter _YT 8 hours ago

    Elton John!!!!

  • MarioGoneGolden Gaming

    They need to make a led zeppelin movie and call it stairway to heaven

  • Texas Key
    Texas Key 9 hours ago

    if Courtney doesn't let a Nirvana biopic happen I'm gonna be pissed

  • Michael Kim
    Michael Kim 9 hours ago +7

    I feel the next superstar movie will be about Michael Jackson 🤔

    • Leon Majcen
      Leon Majcen 4 hours ago +1

      He already got his films...Leaving Neverland 😂

  • Carrie Johnston
    Carrie Johnston 12 hours ago

    The scene where he goes out to the baseball stadium is so real it shows how he had to put on a face (like most celebrities) in order for people to like him x

  • Matias Del Pozo
    Matias Del Pozo 12 hours ago

    Que clase de Bohemian Rhapsody 2 es esta?

  • The20KurGan
    The20KurGan 13 hours ago +1

    Just saw it, really really good

  • Jonas Wiegmann
    Jonas Wiegmann 13 hours ago +1

    2:01 which song is it?

  • ucapitanu
    ucapitanu 13 hours ago

    Jesus is Lord.

  • Javier Lopez
    Javier Lopez 14 hours ago

    What song in the beginning ??

    • Aug
      Aug 12 hours ago

      Bennie and the Jets and Your Song

  • Silas mob hall
    Silas mob hall 14 hours ago

    Next movie lady ga ga

  • adrienne gellman
    adrienne gellman 14 hours ago

    The thing about "Rocketman" written in laserfoil:Laserfoil was invented after 1990. They create it by crossing two small lasers over a piece of photographic film.This creates a repeat pattern that is captured by the photographic film.

  • Kevin Burke
    Kevin Burke 14 hours ago

    Elton is still alive. Movie would be more legendary if it was made after he passes away.

    • Aug
      Aug 9 hours ago

      +Kevin Burke Yes, but the bandmates did try to sugarcoat a lot of the negative parts of Freddie's life, partly because they probably didn't want to hurt his image, and partly because of the PG-13 rating. Elton really doesn't hold back as much.

    • Kevin Burke
      Kevin Burke 11 hours ago

      Aug good point they were obviously totally wrong in Bohemian when Freddie announced he had AIDS right before Live AID when he really was diagnosed in 87 after the concert. But I feel that was done on purpose cause they wanted to end the movie at Live Aid. They did have Freddie’s bandmates for the authenticity of the movie.

    • Aug
      Aug 12 hours ago +1

      Him being alive was better. He worked on set to make sure the movie told a more accurate depiction of his life, both the good and the bad. Bohemian Rhapsody suffered from inaccuracies and constant sugarcoating of Freddie's life. Elton being present in the production really helped this film.

  • RockinRoberts Designs
    RockinRoberts Designs 14 hours ago

    If they make a movie about Elvis, it would be titled “Hound Dog”

  • The Don
    The Don 15 hours ago

    I dunno.

  • Jeremy Rollins
    Jeremy Rollins 15 hours ago

    This guy can play mac Miller as well

  • Libertatem Veritas
    Libertatem Veritas 16 hours ago

    I thought this was going to be a movie about megaman or the rocketeer. :(

  • ZedKoth
    ZedKoth 16 hours ago +1

    I'd like to see The Who Who's next movie

  • Well Then
    Well Then 17 hours ago

    I still prefer Borhap Queen rules

    • Aug
      Aug 12 hours ago

      This movie is better.

  • Kevin Falk
    Kevin Falk 17 hours ago

    Oh ya if any of you hate that joke where the intern says "Reginald that's my grandad's name" Thankfully that isn't in the movie at all.

  • Plush Gang
    Plush Gang 17 hours ago

    Fun game for this. Watch the whole thing but pay attention to one character the whole time.

  • David Stretton
    David Stretton 17 hours ago

    Very average film. Cheesy in parts. Put it on stage as a musical, but the film is a poor show. Style over substance, and does not tell the story at all well. The actual truth about his stomach being pumped before the Dodgers performance is a total pantomime. Must do better!!!!

  • Darell Curtina
    Darell Curtina 17 hours ago +14

    🔴🔵 *Rocketman (2OI9)* fiIm:

    Leurs états de santé
    respectifs les empêchent
    de s'approcher trop
    près l'un de l'autre.

  • ? ?
    ? ? 18 hours ago +1

    Use me as a “ Where is Watford FC” button

  • Dankjazz
    Dankjazz 19 hours ago

    Not looking forward to hearing the fake Elton John singing

  • *regan.marie*
    *regan.marie* 20 hours ago


  • Matthew Wilkinson
    Matthew Wilkinson 20 hours ago Here is me singing Rocket Man!

  • konrad pajak
    konrad pajak 21 hour ago

    Bohemian rhapsody 2

  • Takoon Tamabot
    Takoon Tamabot 22 hours ago

    1.50 what song?

  • Ruby's Magnificent Art Studio

    Why the hell the rating is 15+?! My kids waited sooooo long to see this today in cinema!!!!! What happened to purse love for art of cinematography ?! So disappointed it was supposed to be a huge family celebration of fine movies, art and music !!!!! Bring back freedom of choice !!!!

    • Aug
      Aug 12 hours ago +1

      Constant drug references, on-screen drug use, constant explicit language, short sex scene, etc.

      Elton's life was rated R. Therefore the movie should be too.

  • Joana Abu Shkara

    I smell oscars

  • Jasmine Cake
    Jasmine Cake Day ago

    Why am I crying?

  • RED Forman
    RED Forman Day ago

    ... New hype make a movie of iconic stars.... Next up Micheal Jackson, David Bowie, Mock Jagger, Elvis, Tina Turner, Madonna etc..

    • David Wright
      David Wright 16 hours ago

      not sure if michael jackson's gonna be there

  • Boy L.
    Boy L. Day ago

    Another man who can sing like a god

  • Akanksha Singh
    Akanksha Singh Day ago +1

    0:27 is that Dolores Umbridge in the background?

  • nhmx
    nhmx Day ago


  • RugbyZilla 97
    RugbyZilla 97 Day ago +6

    Can we get one on Pink Floyd?

  • Tower Link HM
    Tower Link HM Day ago

    Well paramount makes a better movie than that fucking ugly sonic movie

    **sigh** i guess we don’t talk about that movie anymore,

  • Damián Mog
    Damián Mog Day ago

    Pinch Joto

  • Carl Broughton
    Carl Broughton Day ago +1

    Reviews are coming in from Cannes

  • EL SCDO rockero :v

    Película de ACDC please!

  • Fusca Solares
    Fusca Solares Day ago

    So, this is the movie that will get stomped by Godzilla.

  • Josh Connelly
    Josh Connelly Day ago +1

    Just went to see this film at the premiere it is an amazing spectacle that any Elton John fan should watch

  • Shelby Holton
    Shelby Holton Day ago

    This is just to outsell Bohemian Rhapsody, they want to outshine Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury and Put the spot light on Taron Egerton as Elton John, and the thing is, this movie is pointless because Freddie Mercury is actually dead, Elton John is still living so yeah.😑😑

    • Aug
      Aug 12 hours ago

      Elton still being alive and working on the production of this movie helped Rocketman be the better one of the two.

    • ダニエル・アイトル
      ダニエル・アイトル 12 hours ago +1

      That's not the point.... both Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocketman have been in development hell for years so stop trying to compare a biopic of Freddie Mercury to a fantasy musical biopic of Elton John 2 completely different movies

  • Thisisnotmyusername

    "You gotta kill the person you were born to be in order to become the person you want to be." Damn that hit me

  • Sindie Lu Han
    Sindie Lu Han Day ago +1

    What’s the song at 1:50?? It’s beautiful

  • lola x
    lola x Day ago

    I'm calling it- this man is going to win an oscar.

  • Emil Ormåsen Vallersnes

    This looks formulaic, but we'll have to wait and see

    • Darell Curtina
      Darell Curtina 17 hours ago

      🔴🔵 *Rocketman (2OI9)* fiIm:

  • Multi Strickland

    Alan Carr is brilliant in this

  • Ian H
    Ian H Day ago

    So, the same director as Bohemian Rhapsody about a year apart. Doesn’t seem manufactured?

    • ダニエル・アイトル
      ダニエル・アイトル 12 hours ago

      Not the same director.... Bryan Singer did Bohemian Rhapsody Dexter Fletcher did this film but finished the last 2 weeks of Bohemian Rhapsody

  • Karllota Mar
    Karllota Mar Day ago

    Ya era hora de hacerle un gran homenaje al gran elton John

  • Ethan Hutchison
    Ethan Hutchison Day ago

    I wonder if there's gonna be Eminem

  • Evangelina  Budan

    Why is the king in the North in an Elton John movie?

  • CrimsonNerd
    CrimsonNerd Day ago +1

    So is it going to be a thing about making movies about famous rockstars?

  • Cris Jimenez
    Cris Jimenez Day ago

    What’s the song at the beginning of the trailer ?

    • Sam
      Sam Day ago +1

      Bennie and the Jets

  • Chino Vazquez
    Chino Vazquez Day ago

    Now we need Presley, Lennon, Berry, etc...

  • afif naufal7777777

    Dexter Fletcher rocks again

  • Raider577
    Raider577 Day ago

    This is not going to be good as Bohemian Rhapsody. As they said its basically a musical loosely based around Elron Johns life. A bio interrupted with dance scenes

    • Raider577
      Raider577 59 minutes ago

      +Aug You may be right. But I won't be replying soon. As I am in two minds whether to see it or wait until the Bluray release.

    • Aug
      Aug 12 hours ago

      I saw it on Saturday. This movie is better than Bohemian Rhapsody. Reasons why:

      **1.** Elton John still being alive and worked on the production of this film. It's hard to tell an accurate depiction of someone's life from their point of view if that person is dead. Elton was able to help make sure this movie depicted both the good and bad parts of his life from his perspective, not his friend's.

      **2.** The musical aspect makes the songs more enjoyable. Bohemian Rhapsody, besides the final scene, would constantly only play small parts of songs. They were randomly thrown in just because, and started abruptly and ended abruptly, usually having nothing to do with the plot.
      Meanwhile, almost every song in Rocketman is used to further or tie in to the plot. When we experiencing Elton's childhood, we see a musical rendition of "Saturday Nights Alright", showing us the place he grew up in, rather than telling us. We also get to hear more of the songs and there's an easier transition into and out of them.

      **3.** It being R rated helps it show more of his life. Bohemian Rhapsody really only managed to cover Freddie's struggles with his sexuality. Rocketman handles Elton's struggles with his sexuality and addiction to drugs and alcohol, and it does it exceptionally. It also doesn't try to paint everyone else as the villain. There are parts of the movie where you feel like Elton is being a total asshole, and I applaud Elton for not sugarcoating that stuff.

      I could go on. But I'm too lazy to. In the end, this movie covers more of Elton's life than BoRhap did Freddie's, and the musical scenes are better integrated. But I guess I have to wait until next Friday for your reply.

    • ダニエル・アイトル
      ダニエル・アイトル 12 hours ago

      Well it's already getting better reviews than it and is said to be loads better sooooo

  • Ariana Grande Ariana grande

    Oh my goooshhhhh we had Freddie now Elton

  • Mikeisnotsosmooth

    Fact: Leigh Francis (the man who plays Keith Lemon) is in this film, you can see him for a split second at 1:11 in the yellow pants.

  • Mandrake Rosicky
    Mandrake Rosicky 2 days ago

    Homophobes can go fuck themselves. Elton and Freddie are two of the best, most talented artists of all time. Can't wait to see this!

  • mizofan
    mizofan 2 days ago

    Just some of the excellent Elton songs: Curtains
    Candle in the Wind (1973)
    Someone Saved my Life Tonight
    Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding
    High Flying Bird
    Rocket Man
    Tiny Dancer
    Your Song
    Original Sin
    The Last Song
    Indian Sunset
    Where to now St Peter
    Captain Fantastic
    Come Down in Time
    Skyline Pigeon
    We all Fall in Love Sometimes
    The One
    Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
    Bennie and the Jets
    I've Seen that Movie Too
    Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters
    I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That
    Gone to Shiloh
    Mandalay Again
    Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word
    The Bitch is Back
    Empty Garden
    First Episode at Hienton
    The Best Part of the Day
    American Triangle
    Blues Never Fade Away
    You Gotta Love Someone
    Philadelphia Freedom
    Roy Rogers
    They Call it the Blues
    One More Arrow
    Sweet Painted Lady
    Burn Down the Mission
    Home Again
    This Train Don't Stop There Anymore
    Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me
    Street Kids
    Porch Swing in Tupelo
    Empty Sky
    I Feel Like a Bullet
    Hey Ahab
    Blue Eyes
    Club at the End of the Street
    Elderberry Wine
    The Bridge
    I Want Love
    The Ballad of Danny Bailey
    Simple Life
    Healing Hands
    Something about the Way you Look Tonight
    Ballad of the Boy in the Red Shoes
    One Horse Town
    Blue Wonderful
    Song for Guy
    Sad Songs
    I'm Still Standing
    Blues for Baby and Me
    Sixty Years On
    Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting
    Country Comfort
    Madman across the Water

  • Dawn Stangle
    Dawn Stangle 2 days ago

    Led Zepp next? Maybe Joplin?

  • Uriel Gómez
    Uriel Gómez 2 days ago

    What is the song called at 1:10

    • B C S
      B C S Day ago

      It’s called ‘Bennie & The Jets’.

  • Princess Caty
    Princess Caty 2 days ago +1

    I’m so pumped for the movie to come out

  • Gia Princess
    Gia Princess 2 days ago

    *first bohemian rhapsody then rocketman and next is yesterday*
    (Queen) (Elton john) (the Beatles)

    • Darell Curtina
      Darell Curtina 17 hours ago

      🔴🔵 *Rocketman (2OI9)* fiIm:

  • Rebecca Belveal
    Rebecca Belveal 2 days ago +2

    I love Elton John.💜.. I'm so proud that a movie has been made about his life. 💜 ITS ABOUT DAMN TIME!!!💜💜💜💜💜!!!

  • Jasem Neaime
    Jasem Neaime 2 days ago

    Freddie mercury - elton john - 2 + 2 is 4 guy

  • Gil217 K
    Gil217 K 2 days ago

    Boyrapist man more like it piece of shit

  • Dead men tell no tales 1914

    One to skip. What's good in the cinema now.....

    • Aug
      Aug 11 hours ago

      This is.

  • Je nsz
    Je nsz 2 days ago

    So if you want a biopic in Hollywood its now mandatory to be a flaming queer like Mercury and now Elton john. Eltn John seems like a little leprechaun man with a inferiority complex because he was a fat pudgy queer and that caused his temper and him to lash out.

    I guess if you were an 80s hair band getting groupie bitches left and right you wont be getting a MUST be a flaming gay...If you have AIDS then its a plu. (Listen, I know this comment isnt going to be popular, but its the fucking truth so who gives a shit what most think) Hollywood loves promoting degenerate lifestyles and the populace eats it up like a queer eating up cum.

    • Aug
      Aug 11 hours ago

      The Dirt is a movie about the Motley Crue, who were an "80s hair band getting groupie bitches left and right".

      We've had two blockbuster movies for rockstars. Way too small of a sample size to be claiming their sexuality is the only reason they're making them.

  • Shadow 54
    Shadow 54 2 days ago

    I hope there will also ne the movie « staiway to heaven » in all cinemes also and we will have the perfect trio for me

  • Lauren Targowski
    Lauren Targowski 2 days ago +3

    I saw it on Saturday and absolutely loved it. Much better then bohemian rhapsody

  • Kay Kay Awesome
    Kay Kay Awesome 2 days ago +7

    The Beatles then David Bowie. Then it will be complete and and we can have the true mcu! (musician cinematic universe)

  • Màté Murai
    Màté Murai 2 days ago +1


  • Nicole Rain
    Nicole Rain 2 days ago

    Richard Madden!!

  • beverly nichols
    beverly nichols 2 days ago

    I saw rocketman this past Saturday sneak peak. I was so hoping to enjoy this. Some of it is good, but it just wasn’t as good as the queen movie.

  • Amy Carmichael
    Amy Carmichael 2 days ago

    No one wants to see a movie about this fruitcake. His music sucks and his voice

  • PLAYER 74
    PLAYER 74 2 days ago

    Next movie: billy Joel

  • rogerman pistol
    rogerman pistol 2 days ago

    it could have been great to keep story line ,, real music performance and acting..b
    but nope the Hollywood elites want musicals to fake ratings for soy
    they hated bohemin rapsody because it was true genuine and freddy portrayal is about real as it gets.. rotten scum tomatots poor rated it but everyone esle loved it.
    Holly wood raised their fists in air and gnashed teeth on it winning choice of emmy.
    So in retaliation.. the puedo holly wood wants a musical to counter attack the other movie
    guaranteed rotten tomatoes willr ait 10 and everyone will be shut down from rating it like captain marvel.
    Its now about movie having gays.. for freddy was gay but movie was real making hima strong male character.
    Hollywood has rule .. white men bad.. orange man bad.
    so doing a musical it to turn movei into soyboys.

  • rogerman pistol
    rogerman pistol 2 days ago

    it could have been great to keep story line ,, real music performance and acting..b
    but nope the Hollywood elites want musicals to fake ratings for soy
    they hated bohemin rapsody because it was true genuine and freddy portrayal is about real as it gets.. rotten scum tomatots poor rated it but everyone esle loved it.
    Holly wood raised their fists in air and gnashed teeth on it winning choice of emmy.
    So in retaliation.. the puedo holly wood wants a musical to counter attack the other movie
    guaranteed rotten tomatoes willr ait 10 and everyone will be shut down from rating it like captain marvel.
    Its now about movie having gays.. for freddy was gay but movie was real making hima strong male character.
    Hollywood has rule .. white men bad.. orange man bad.
    so doing a musical it to turn movei into soyboys.

  • Swingthyme
    Swingthyme 2 days ago

    My theaters are not selling seats for this. Kind of weird.

  • Maxwell 364
    Maxwell 364 2 days ago


  • Rezatera Ei
    Rezatera Ei 2 days ago

    Kingsman: Rocketman

  • Turd Ferguson
    Turd Ferguson 2 days ago +3

    I saw an early screening of this on Saturday (May 18). The tickets were a birthday gift from my mother.
    I dont like musicals... but this movie exceeded my every expectation. And then some.
    Some people may be worried about the "R" rating... but trust me, the film benefits from this rating, because it gave the filmmakers the freedom to really delve into Elton John's life (unlike "Bohemian Rhapsody, which had a "PG-13" rating, and definitely would've benefited from an "R"), while also not being overly or gratuitously graphic in any way.
    Definitely an awesome film.

    • Zeline Pelope
      Zeline Pelope 23 hours ago

      🔴🔵 *Rocketman (2OI9)* fiIm:

  • Truth seeker
    Truth seeker 2 days ago

    How very convenient.

  • Pratyush Purohit
    Pratyush Purohit 2 days ago +1

    And some day in the future we will have a movie on Ed Sheeran

  • waypay1
    waypay1 2 days ago

    Are they going to just ignore the time he was the mystery headliner at HarleyFest, and there was dead silence until he said, "I'd play a song about motorcycles, but I don't have any."
    And then he played Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • zefferss
    zefferss 3 days ago

    King of the North recruiting a master of song for Winterfell.

  • Oliver Thornton
    Oliver Thornton 3 days ago +19

    First there was Freddie.
    Now it is Elton
    Next better be Micheal Jackson.

    • Ben
      Ben 16 hours ago

      They better let that Neverland brouhaha die down first

    • Giesa Aureli
      Giesa Aureli Day ago

      🔴🔵 *Rocketman (2OI9)* fiIm:

    • Jay Pritchett
      Jay Pritchett Day ago

      I wouldn’t be surprised

    • cristal star mochi
      cristal star mochi Day ago +1

      And later a David Bowie one

  • B Tullu
    B Tullu 3 days ago

    hope all his top class hits are in this film otherwise its gonna be a bore