Can This USB Stick Resurrect Your Old PC?

  • Published on Mar 24, 2019
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  • Fellatio Belsen
    Fellatio Belsen 3 hours ago

    I love fatty fatty wang eye! Is it wearing a dead squid on its head?

  • Mihail Panaiotov
    Mihail Panaiotov 10 hours ago

    add security anywhere you need it protection, tell the neighborhood your home is protected !

  • Mihail Panaiotov
    Mihail Panaiotov 10 hours ago

    Ring Doorbell 300$? Whis is bad ass ! Ring Doorbell !

  • Naman Narula
    Naman Narula 15 hours ago

    Grandma can't sudo

  • The Linux Tweaker
    The Linux Tweaker 22 hours ago

    Guys this is one of your better Videos you have made SUPER LIKE ON THIS ONE LINUS!! Guys, It saddens me to see people using Linux to rip off old people, Flippin losers!! This Video, It has inspired me to make and distribute USB versions of the latest Puppy Linux Bionic Dog an extremely lightweight Linux distro and I'm going to tweak each one to be personalized to each person whom I give one too. And I will sell these for only the cost of the drive and perhaps a few dollars to keep me going, I did this with my Wife's puppy it's called Jennifer's Linux with a tweaked out desktop to look like Windows XP somewhat. My wife is a lifetime Windows user and has been testing this for the past year with two different versions she run on her core 2 duo 2008 dell laptop, her hard drive went out long ago and she has been using her laptop with this 128gb Cruserglide USB, not too much unlike the one in the video that I made for her over a year ago now and she loves Linux she said to tell you Linux can be used by anyone even Grandma, if it set up right! LOL, I did update her drive to the latest version Bionic Dog that came out in the spring and this update went well with the new version seeing her old save file and then using her old settings this went smooth and it booted the tweaked desktop I had set up in the previous version from the save file. Puppy Linux is absolutely perfect for older XP rigs with at least 1 GB of ram although I've seen it used on 512 MB of ram pc that used to run windows 2000 pro LOL I do recommend at least 1GB for a smooth experience as this OS boots up In ram only and you might get on youtube and it might lag out! LOL, But the Ubuntu-based versions of this OS are still supported and will seriously breath new life into old dying Computers from the early to mid-2000s! I don't think it gets the credit it deserves for this because a lot of people don't know about it. But it is by far the fastest full-featured out of the box Linux experience you can have in a small and fast booting Linux distro! You can add the latest crome because it's Ubuntu-based so it can install the deb file strait from the Chrome website. Just the fact that these Old PC's can run a modern web browser with a current flash player is amazing to me! I will make anyone a drive like this on the cheap or even explain how they can make of their own for themselves, so send em my way Extra PC! What a bunch of horse crap this company makes me mad and Anthony why did he put an OS on the USB that is only running a try it before you buy it version of a Linux os that is running off that USB like a hard drive just as the previous version tried?? Of course, both will run slow they are using a 2.0 USB as a hard drive! LOL No, I'm talking about an OS that runs solely in Ram after booting from the USB and never needs to access it again and it would run on your Pentium D like a rapped ape as long as you had 1gb of ram

  • Average Gamer 1.0

    *Zooms in* Shutdown needs to install updates


  • Average Gamer 1.0

    The PC is slow becuase granny is using windows vista 🤣👌

  • NCG
    NCG Day ago

    So basically instead of doing this you could simply install Linux yourself

  • Fire_Rice
    Fire_Rice Day ago

    Lol the delays are normal for my laptop

  • Jay Brooks
    Jay Brooks Day ago

    Puppy linux.. you guys need a linux guy.. hit me up.. I’m OS agnostic!(tm)

  • Peter Kelly
    Peter Kelly Day ago

    Since I installed Linux on my parent's computer my tech call outs have been extremely rare.

  • Kinos141
    Kinos141 Day ago

    Or get them a new computer.

  • Tao Chen
    Tao Chen Day ago

    I built my own Ubuntu portable Ubuntu on a 128g flash drive

  • NonChalant Croissant

    wHaT tHe HeLl, GrAn, YoU sHoUldNt OpEn MoRe TaBs WhEn OnE tAb Is LoAdInG

  • YouTube_Sisi
    YouTube_Sisi Day ago

    That’s faster than my laptop windows 10

  • Ratan Bharadwaj
    Ratan Bharadwaj 2 days ago

    You think core 2 quad is low end?!
    I have a core 2 duo. xD

  • codie sargent
    codie sargent 2 days ago

    My Nan has an iMac from 2019
    I’m screwed cuz she came from windows xp

  • TheJohnDenim
    TheJohnDenim 2 days ago

    Meanwhile, Gran has $800,000 in the bank....

  • Niccster10
    Niccster10 2 days ago

    the commercials for xtrapc are hilariously dumb

  • kalexander777
    kalexander777 2 days ago

    Man, your name is literally 1 letter from being Linux. Need to get your Linux game on already and become a junkie. sudo apt install linus-linux-helper

  • antonio quinonez
    antonio quinonez 2 days ago

    OMG, it's Lunux!

  • antonio quinonez
    antonio quinonez 2 days ago

    I say, take money from ignant people.

  • malik BA
    malik BA 3 days ago +1

    so basically take a 128GB USB3.1 flashdrive and boot an OS on it ? rly ??

  • Tony Burzio
    Tony Burzio 3 days ago

    You'd give Windows to a parent? That's nuts, Linux Mint is the only way...

  • Nissan Bahar
    Nissan Bahar 3 days ago

    Well.. thats nice but.. the new Keepod now available at £12, Chrome OS onboard, high capacity, etc.. And when you you Get 1 Keepod you Give 1 to charity.

  • XtremeConditions
    XtremeConditions 3 days ago

    I mean it's moronic to have put this on a USB 2.0 drive though. I could be wrong, but I could swear that USB 3 flash drives do actually perform better than a USB 2 flash drive, even in a 2.0 port. Other than that, if it included a simple user manual and whatever else, it doesn't seem like such a bad product, but I also think it's pretending to be a magic bullet like Linus said, and it just isn't.

    GE PLAYER 3 days ago

    Is there somewhere we can download the LTT wallpaper?

  • Abhijeet Dash
    Abhijeet Dash 4 days ago

    Anthony really needs a bra....

  • Piotr Kost
    Piotr Kost 4 days ago

    nice stick usb

  • dusty berard
    dusty berard 4 days ago

    Nice that they subvert TVclip premium by Hocking products in the videos as well.... really two ads in one video come on guys!

  • Eniola Roach
    Eniola Roach 5 days ago

    My grandma died

  • Loredana Gheorghe
    Loredana Gheorghe 5 days ago

    Linus Resurrection

  • Ethan James
    Ethan James 5 days ago

    Just intall Linux Linus.

  • donny Martin
    donny Martin 5 days ago

    wish I had seen this before I got that P. O. S.!

  • IonShard
    IonShard 5 days ago

    I actually installed xubuntu on my parents old laptop, mainly because someone had updated it to windows 10 but a lot of the hardware in it had no win 10 drivers.
    And yeah xubuntu is really light weight and hella fast by comparison to windows on older hardware, but it turns out that wasn't really something my parents cared about. the laptop was basically what they used for stuff they couldn't do on an ipad (which they used for facebook, internet, etc). so the laptop was just there to update and connect various devices to the internet e.g. a tomtom GPS.... I think you can guess that these various devices did not have linux drivers.

  • MindTroll The Great
    MindTroll The Great 5 days ago

    well at the end you could just download linux and instal it permanantly FOR FREE. So they actualy steal the money of dumb pc user .

  • T4NGZ
    T4NGZ 5 days ago

    Linus chromium is malware

  • Victor Hugo Alvarez Damasceno

    Its Core 2 Quad? No its an Pentium D!!! Kkk Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooly shit!!

  • Bl00d_Lu$t UPSB
    Bl00d_Lu$t UPSB 5 days ago

    why the fuck in every autoplay, your video is next, I'm sick of it, I don't even like your videos wtf youtube :/

  • Victor Hugo Alvarez Damasceno

    Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolly shit

  • WIlis matrix
    WIlis matrix 6 days ago

    what is this stupid shid ?? it is noàt complicated ou have an old computer to make it it high speed performance throw it and buy another one no stupid USB drive will make it run faster ! lol

  • Molon Labe!
    Molon Labe! 6 days ago

    Sorry but my grandmother isnt gay af.

  • Dave Quinn
    Dave Quinn 6 days ago

    His voice alone is enough to drive anyone to end the video.

  • emerald slayer
    emerald slayer 7 days ago

    Ok, I am young but I can make a boot drive of Linux using chrome in only a few minutes, does that mean I can just work for them now?

  • absolutely amazing
    absolutely amazing 7 days ago +1

    I had saw them say facebook I had to check what *YEAR* this was uploaded in

  • Tails_the_intellectual
    Tails_the_intellectual 7 days ago +11

    I'm doing grandmother stuff

    Waiting for pinball to load

  • Ing. Aryan Serrano Garcia

    where can i buy xtrapc?

  • Troy Taylor
    Troy Taylor 7 days ago

    My 81 year old mom has been using Linux Mint on SSD for 5 years. She likes KDE KPatience Solitaire Suite.

  • MrStoffzor
    MrStoffzor 7 days ago

    When it's so easy to just make fresh windows installs I don't see why anyone tries anythin else to "resurrect" their pc's...

    • IonShard
      IonShard 5 days ago

      fact is distros like xubuntu and lubuntu are very light weight, i.e. they take very little processing power to run. this makes the OS and applications a lot more responsive on older hardware. reinstalling windows isn't going to change the fact that its windows, and designed to run on a minimum hardware spec.

  • Kevin Racette
    Kevin Racette 7 days ago

    I put my mother up on Linux Mint...on a $15 dollar laptop from Goodwill.
    Still cheaper than this option.

  • Dogs Sing
    Dogs Sing 8 days ago +2

    Looks pretty good for what it is as a backup system. Just advertise it as one and they can sell without problems.

  • Maddax
    Maddax 8 days ago

    I don't need to resurrect it :')

  • PawelGBW
    PawelGBW 8 days ago

    You act like an idiot

  • The Proer / Advane
    The Proer / Advane 8 days ago +1

    Making a linux (I've made 3 ubuntu usbs) usb is actually really easy you only need to format the usb download the iso and use etcher (or any other burner) to create the bootable usb. Only takes 10 minutes, even ubuntu's website has a tutorial

  • S H
    S H 9 days ago

    I can barely understand one out of five words you TRY to say. How about taking a real ENGLISH course-the 4-year kind, not the 3 month class you took in 6th grade, in whatever third world-non-English island you are from. Leave ENGLISH to the English speaking world, like America.

  • Rohit Mit
    Rohit Mit 9 days ago

    Sooo the usb has a os in it

  •  9 days ago

    Hate your face

  • Ievgen Tkach
    Ievgen Tkach 10 days ago

    Just use Palemoon to play youtube vids...

  • Ievgen Tkach
    Ievgen Tkach 10 days ago +4

    My olds use Linux for 7-10 years already. And it works...

  • Virtual Sky Tate
    Virtual Sky Tate 11 days ago

    It's just a scam boys , a scam

  • a a
    a a 11 days ago

    linus: oof

    NARWA 11 days ago

    Uh...NO. This is clearly a scam sham product. Lubuntu SUCKS for one thing; there are other lightweight Linux distros out there that are far superior: MX, Mint, Solus, Peppermint, even Puppy Linux. Secondly, the USB wold have to be compatible with the architecture you have; Third, and something that was not investigated here, is what is the size (if any) of the swap partition??? That will make all the difference in how much one is affected by hardware limitations! If you've got no more than say 1.5GB of physical memory you're gonna need a swap partition twice as large on the USB stick and it still may be sluggish. Lastly considering that Linux is FREE and that you can get a 32 - 64GB USB for under $20, the markup is absurdly high. It costs next to nothing to ship these and they're probably purchased in bulk to begin with. I wouldn't be surprised if half of their inventory of USB sticks were either refurbs or bricks in the first place.

  • Noah Gregory
    Noah Gregory 11 days ago

    Quit talking about Ubuntu. "Steam is only available on Ubuntu?" Cut the BS. Steam is available on so many other distributions. And if you want to talk base distros, Ubuntu is based on Debian, so if you want to be more configurable with your setup, you should probably use Debian.

  • craftnut
    craftnut 12 days ago

    ahh yes "libroffice"

  • MrHuckabst
    MrHuckabst 12 days ago

    Buy grandma a iPad.

  • der bender
    der bender 12 days ago +4

    cmon lubuntu even runs on a literally 20 y/o intel atom n270 (i tested that) rather snappy so whats the deal...?

    • der bender
      der bender 5 days ago

      @IonShard not to mention an ssd even cheapest and slowest will do

      then its wicked fast

    • IonShard
      IonShard 5 days ago

      they're running the OS from a USB 2 thumb drive. If it was actually installed to the HDD it would perform a lot better.

  • Fruji Limonka
    Fruji Limonka 12 days ago

    not worth..... just bootable linux usb... i can make these at home 4 free (pendrive price not included)

  • Mergatroid Mania
    Mergatroid Mania 13 days ago +2

    You really think this is a good value? They only have to set it up once and then copy it. It's way over priced as well as being pretty useless. It didn't make anything faster, which is supposed to be the entire point of purchasing it.
    I repair PCs for a living and I can honestly tell you most grandparents wouldn't have a clue what to do with linux. As soon as anything out of the ordinary happened they would be lost. I noticed you didn't even try any windoze software. What happens when Memaw comes home with some piece of software from bestbuy and can't get it to work?
    My recommendation to grandma would be a $100 HP small forms 2nd to 4th gen i5 pc from a recycling centre and 4gb of ram with at least a 250gb hard drive. Literally $100 Canadian, and never more than $150 fully pre configured. All grandma would need is someone to transfer her files and bookmarks. This is a much better value, and granny gets a nice, speedy windoze experience in an environment she's used to, and it will run circles around that stupid linux stick plugged into an ancient, decrepid old pc.
    Those sticks are a total waste of money and make promises they don't keep.

  • Paulo Silva
    Paulo Silva 13 days ago

    it is amazing how GNU/Linux provided such radical change on computing history

  • BionicMerlin
    BionicMerlin 13 days ago

    I'd just download Ubuntu or Mint and make a bootable USB stick off it.

    • BionicMerlin
      BionicMerlin 12 days ago +1

      @Nil Volentibus Arduum Download it as an ISO. I use ISO2USB, but you can even make a bootable USB from a CMD prompt.

    • Nil Volentibus Arduum
      Nil Volentibus Arduum 12 days ago +2

      tell me more