Basically ANY main character in a detective anime.

  • Published on Feb 23, 2019
  • If you breath AT ALL while doing ANYTHING they will know.
    8.16.18 - Oddwin
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  • poop stick
    poop stick Hour ago

    This just reminds me of House, MD.

  • 9ofOne
    9ofOne 4 hours ago

    I hate anime tho

  • JustTay
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  • Clark Gibbs
    Clark Gibbs 19 hours ago


  • Kate Dukuly
    Kate Dukuly 20 hours ago

    1:29 You missed the perfect opportunity to scream NANI

  • Xander Vick
    Xander Vick 20 hours ago +1


  • Benn
    Benn 22 hours ago +1

    Detective: “The suspect just finished washing his hands, cleaning the blood. and when he walked out he opened the door with his left hand, meaning he had the stolen item in his primary hand”
    The suspect is at a Sony fanboy, 17 years old, 180lbs and heading to Manhattan and eating McDonalds on his way to the airport right now

  • FBZitachi uchiha4life
    FBZitachi uchiha4life 23 hours ago +1

    So case closed

  • Maniac Grinding
    Maniac Grinding 23 hours ago

    Conan the detective in this man playlist

  • hungrynapps
    hungrynapps Day ago


  • Lui C
    Lui C Day ago

    L from death note be like

  • MiriMarudolva196

    this makes me want to watch Detective Conan again--

  • ian__andre
    ian__andre Day ago

    That's actually a good anime premise. One cop and one incognito detective with the ability to find out where criminals are but it needs to be kept secret.

  • Arttu Oikarinen
    Arttu Oikarinen Day ago

    The part where he shoves his arms in the pockets like omg thats so anime :D

  • Jayツ
    Jayツ Day ago

    L in Death Note

  • paperbackwriter1111

    the camerawork and editing is the perfect emulation of the genre.

  • Yveleti
    Yveleti Day ago


  • Jah Wheelous
    Jah Wheelous Day ago

    😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 “bro shut up for a second”

  • Jiht
    Jiht Day ago

    Nah thats missy night from luke cage

  • Apixn YT
    Apixn YT 2 days ago

    I was already dying at the way he walked in st the beginning. He’s too funny with every little thing he does

  • fodp dido
    fodp dido 2 days ago

    do a collabs with RDC

  • Titus Washington
    Titus Washington 2 days ago

    He turned into Conner from Detroit Become Human

  • Lindo
    Lindo 2 days ago

    I don't know of any detective anime... Can someone recommend?

  • Yoxiv
    Yoxiv 2 days ago

    Ah yes, my favorite mystery series; Detective Scooby Layton Milky-Note

  • outlaw jj
    outlaw jj 2 days ago

    Wait. None of them went SUPER SAYIN

  • S1ZE
    S1ZE 3 days ago

    2:53 does someone know the name of this sound effect? (been searchin for it for a while now with no luck)

  • Anissa19
    Anissa19 3 days ago

    The all knowing smirk!!!!!!!

  • Omari Farrow
    Omari Farrow 4 days ago +1

    Bro did you punch a whole in the other door 😂😂💀💀💀

  • Miss Serina
    Miss Serina 4 days ago

    this was hella accurate

  • Ritveek Govardhanam
    Ritveek Govardhanam 4 days ago

    Whats the music playing during the video? Not the outro, but the one that was playing while the detective was speaking?

  • All i want is A I D S.

    Detective Conan: U tryna embarass me?

  • Ari Bethel
    Ari Bethel 5 days ago

    Detective: Now liK the DOOR
    Cop: BRO WAT!?
    Detective: i need you to lik, THE DOOR

  • bryan reyes
    bryan reyes 5 days ago

    Rampo-san! Korewa nu inoriyuok da.

  • Flames Baldwin
    Flames Baldwin 6 days ago


  • Adrián Csupor
    Adrián Csupor 6 days ago


  • Steve William
    Steve William 6 days ago

    Dis DUDE!!!!

  • Tanvir Ahmed Midul
    Tanvir Ahmed Midul 6 days ago

    This is brilliant!!

  • Kenichi Shirahama
    Kenichi Shirahama 6 days ago

    Someone has been watching too much Case Closed.

  • Annan Khondker
    Annan Khondker 7 days ago

    this is definitely a jojo reference

  • Jackson Kurenai
    Jackson Kurenai 7 days ago


  • demetrius williams
    demetrius williams 7 days ago

    After watching this made me want to watch a detective anime, any suggestions?

  • Melvin Pickle
    Melvin Pickle 7 days ago

    i would have been anime drunk if they ended the scene crescendo ending credits

  • Kai Davis
    Kai Davis 7 days ago +3

    what do anime characters do with pants without pockets

  • Samantha
    Samantha 8 days ago +1

    The like and dislike ration is slowly killing me in a good way

  • JamJam
    JamJam 8 days ago

    this... this is just perfect!

  • shaglizzy
    shaglizzy 8 days ago


  • Mr.VelociDeltaDerp
    Mr.VelociDeltaDerp 8 days ago

    1:55 My mom when she suspects I was on the computer while she wasn't looking


    That cable management tho

  • Bloody Quill 38
    Bloody Quill 38 8 days ago

    Anime detective=psychic

  • yakitoritae
    yakitoritae 8 days ago

    ain’t this ranpo from bungou stray dogs

  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who 8 days ago

    Sherlock would be impressive if he was alive.

  • no ho
    no ho 8 days ago


  • Mors Certa
    Mors Certa 8 days ago

    Bungo Stray Dogs? Lol

  • CapricornQueenie
    CapricornQueenie 8 days ago +1

    Fr tho they make the right choices based on the smallest details.. Like i honestly wouldn't have noticed the books being moved lmao

  • Good Ol' Bryan
    Good Ol' Bryan 9 days ago


  • MrJoel
    MrJoel 9 days ago

    Ace Attorney Investigations.

  • Claire Combs
    Claire Combs 9 days ago

    The smirk hahah

  • vincent schulz
    vincent schulz 9 days ago


  • mecca6801
    mecca6801 9 days ago


  • Irene Greene
    Irene Greene 9 days ago

    I CANT 😂😂 this dude Did the one sided smirk!

  • Donnie Yen Jedi
    Donnie Yen Jedi 10 days ago +1

    You know they got the wrong guy at Chucky Cheese.

  • SnivyKawaii
    SnivyKawaii 10 days ago

    Matrix in a nutshell

  • CloudyVex
    CloudyVex 10 days ago

    If someone was making a game then this guy needs to direct it

  • Smartest Idiot
    Smartest Idiot 10 days ago

    When he smirked I was dyin 😂😂😭😭😭

  • Lil Shenron
    Lil Shenron 10 days ago +1

    The accuracy though

  • ANGELILYworks
    ANGELILYworks 11 days ago

    I need you to lick... *THE DOOR*

  • Wooly
    Wooly 11 days ago


  • DatSkillWitKoichi
    DatSkillWitKoichi 11 days ago

    its l from death note

  • Longingmustinart Plays and reacts

    Erzi underdog

  • drishty bhandari
    drishty bhandari 12 days ago

    TOO ACCURATE 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • -SYL- [Lofi & Chillstep Inspired by Anime]

    The perp couldn't resist the pizza at Chuck E. Cheese's huh

  • Frog da Memer
    Frog da Memer 12 days ago +2

    Is the first guy the TIME LOOP GUY?

  • Just Chill
    Just Chill 13 days ago +3

    I'd hate to be that guy's enemy. He could throw me in a different universe and no one would ever know.

  • Darius Fehed
    Darius Fehed 13 days ago +2

    your sharingan copying ability has matured

  • Gokul Krishna
    Gokul Krishna 13 days ago +1

    Didn't know mkbhd could be a detective in a anime

  • Matthew Young
    Matthew Young 13 days ago +1

    Broooo can someone animate this and tag me cause thst would be dope

  • Epic gamer Siller 69
    Epic gamer Siller 69 14 days ago +1

    The back rooms be like

  • Ruvik Psycho
    Ruvik Psycho 14 days ago

    Detective Loki...

  • TimeTravelingTrichome
    TimeTravelingTrichome 14 days ago +1

    Song playing at 2:00???

  • Somedude Watchintv
    Somedude Watchintv 14 days ago

    When the phone started ringing I thought it was a character theme to show he was thinking.

  • DeAunte
    DeAunte 15 days ago

    lmao this is like Rampo in Bungo Stray Dogs

  • Odyssey Music
    Odyssey Music 15 days ago

    Love the blue jawn always hanging from the ceiling lol

  • Shiny Unicorn
    Shiny Unicorn 15 days ago

    01:20 when it hits you hard 🤣

  • DetectiveDubs
    DetectiveDubs 15 days ago

    My favorite sketch

  • Thomas1337
    Thomas1337 15 days ago

    Rampo from bungo stray dogs?

  • Nathan Nix
    Nathan Nix 16 days ago

    Anyone know the song at 2:00

  • Calm Doughnut
    Calm Doughnut 16 days ago

    The mentalist in a nutshell

  • The Empire of Valeria
    The Empire of Valeria 16 days ago

    Caleb in every video

  • Captain TrickyFingers
    Captain TrickyFingers 16 days ago

    I need thisvanime

  • Mira Mouasher
    Mira Mouasher 17 days ago +1

    Chucky Jesus

  • Madou Yansane
    Madou Yansane 17 days ago

    so true

  • Ultimate Warrior
    Ultimate Warrior 18 days ago


  • yoonmeen
    yoonmeen 18 days ago

    i need this as an actual anime like this got me enthralled

  • DrawingWithZu
    DrawingWithZu 19 days ago

    This is what happenens. Even in Naruto

  • Kristina Adams
    Kristina Adams 20 days ago


  • dez nut
    dez nut 20 days ago

    L vs light yagami 😂

  • ENTA
    ENTA 20 days ago

    I need you to lick THE DOOR 👀

  • Jordan Smith
    Jordan Smith 20 days ago

    Who here has watch case closed

  • Gianmarco Frezza
    Gianmarco Frezza 20 days ago

    LMAO I fucking died when you zoomed in on the mouth 😂😂😂

  • Sofi Paez Amaya
    Sofi Paez Amaya 20 days ago

    35 seconds in, and I'm already dying 🤣