• Published on Apr 16, 2019
  • Don't worry! The website is working now! Terry accidentally deleted everything from inventory during one of the busiest times of the year, she was very happy with herself. She definitely did not have anything better to do with her time.
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Comments • 614

  • purplecross
    purplecross 3 hours ago

    I enjoy your videos so much! Thank you all for sharing this with us. Love seeing the family & friends working together..🤗

  • lisa houk
    lisa houk 2 days ago

    wouldn't it be easier to use a pastry bag filling that chocolate bunny?

  • ElSlabo
    ElSlabo 3 days ago

    Have you thought about heat film for the windows? Like the 3m crystalline? It would be a good backup incase you forget the blinds one morning...

  • James Ryan
    James Ryan 16 days ago

    WHOA!!!! Craig, you are not getting paid? What the hell is the matter with you? You are promoting the family company. Your videos made the move possible!

  • Denise Spurlock
    Denise Spurlock 17 days ago +1

    How long does it take your family to clean the shop and all the equipment each night?

  • Denise Spurlock
    Denise Spurlock 17 days ago

    Terry needs to be on the cover of Time Magazine. Sweetest mother in America!

  • FredKileyPaul LewisMassonNewell

    A bean is a dollar

  • dianaj jones
    dianaj jones 20 days ago

    Where are ya located?

  • 0623kaboom
    0623kaboom 22 days ago

    lol every 100 eggs let craig have a free candy ... egg

    • 0623kaboom
      0623kaboom 22 days ago

      check the windows in the morning for nose prints from the police looking in to make sure no one is in there eating the inventory like they want to be ;)

    • 0623kaboom
      0623kaboom 22 days ago

      stalagtites hang stalagmites rise ...

  • Guitargreat
    Guitargreat 23 days ago +1

    Hope you realize how lucky you are to have such a wonderful family!!! Don’t ever take them for granted!!

  • Judy Brezina
    Judy Brezina 24 days ago

    Nah, the 'mites' might reach the ceiling, the 'tites' are stuck tight to the ceiling.

  • Dragon maid
    Dragon maid 25 days ago

    Craig one of those names you can say sarcasticly.. Mines not so I get to laugh at mum trying to do,it. But Craig? Nope that one lends itself to it. Bummer.

  • Mysteria _
    Mysteria _ 25 days ago

    Don’t you just have to reboot to an earlier time on the computer. Ie your backup file

  • Netty Voyager
    Netty Voyager 25 days ago

    or convert a small room into a walk in fridge chill room get a ceiling chiller

  • Netty Voyager
    Netty Voyager 25 days ago

    you could build a big fridge in one corner stoving walls insulation and a door then all you need is a chiller you could use plaster board and foam insulation blocks ect then you would have a walk in fridge

  • President Jason Le
    President Jason Le Month ago

    gregs voice is so annoying

  • RagDollMommie
    RagDollMommie Month ago

    I absolutely adore your mom

  • Chance1957
    Chance1957 Month ago +1

    Hey mom, you ever hear of backing up your system?

  • Figaro Hey!
    Figaro Hey! 2 months ago

    See, in some families, you can bribe your kids with candy. But in this family... you've got to give them a quarter.

  • Julie Hoffman
    Julie Hoffman 2 months ago


  • LivinCountry
    LivinCountry 2 months ago

    I did not know that you could eat cashews if you have a peanut allergy.

  • LivinCountry
    LivinCountry 2 months ago

    Why was there 1 carrot in each mold?

  • Tsaiyana Smith
    Tsaiyana Smith 2 months ago

    Listening to karen talk is so soothing...make me miss my abuela

  • Vulgarr the Viking
    Vulgarr the Viking 3 months ago

    Craig is like the T-Rex. His vision is based on movement. 23:59

  • Angry Raven Apothecary
    Angry Raven Apothecary 3 months ago

    When you're filling the bunny heads (or filling in general) you can use a piping bag. Fast, efficient, economical, and cleaner.

  • rdr2 pro
    rdr2 pro 3 months ago +1

    I did not see the part where its all gone

  • Ri Naldo
    Ri Naldo 3 months ago

    2:11 - 2:36 😂🤣😂

  • Cathy Baldry
    Cathy Baldry 3 months ago

    Wonderful mom!

  • Cara Jarman
    Cara Jarman 4 months ago


  • Nick Hassell
    Nick Hassell 4 months ago

    Stalagmites vs stalactites stalagmites you might trip over them so they are on the ground

  • Unexpected Farm *
    Unexpected Farm * 4 months ago +3

    Where do we sign up for the Terry Fan Club? She's hilarious!

  • Alexis DeVille
    Alexis DeVille 4 months ago

    Back up, backup, backup,always back up at least once an hour!

  • Darien Ravenwolf
    Darien Ravenwolf 4 months ago

    Lol, if i had gotten one of those Mixed bags of the brittle, It would just be an awesome chance to try both of them

  • Faouzi Mounir Draidi
    Faouzi Mounir Draidi 4 months ago

    Your mom and you look alike so much :p same face and personality

  • David Robertson
    David Robertson 4 months ago

    Wouldn’t a frosting bag thing or zip lock bag with corner cut off be easier to squeeze and fill bunny head?

  • Kieran O'Connor
    Kieran O'Connor 4 months ago

    Hey guys, I will e-mail you about some IT support, maybe in exchange for ... candy! I could probably have restored all your data in a few minutes and saved you a lot of headache.

  • Charlie
    Charlie 4 months ago +1

    Karen is so cute, I want to give her a hug

  • Paul Petrovich
    Paul Petrovich 4 months ago

    15:13 piping bag for the peanut butter filled bunnies? Feel like that would be WAY quicker.

  • Klaus_Mattson
    Klaus_Mattson 4 months ago

    a "herd" of bunnies is actually called a warren, in case you were interested

  • Kristine You
    Kristine You 4 months ago

    i like how u dont do intros in your videos

  • VaughnLive Misc
    VaughnLive Misc 4 months ago

    Sometimes database driven stuff is backed up and you can go backwards.

    • Kieran O'Connor
      Kieran O'Connor 4 months ago

      It should always be backed up, especially for retail. It should be backed up LIVE so any changes that break or damage the DB can be immediately rolled back and repaired. Not expensive to do if done in cloud just a small sub fee, altho if you use hardware it will double your hardware costs.

  • Jarred Smith
    Jarred Smith 4 months ago

    Cant u put the penut butter ina iceing bag to full the chocolates up

  • Wil Lie
    Wil Lie 4 months ago

    Karen would be a perfect fit to play a who from whoville she has that look awesome 👏 wow

  • LeagueOfTechley
    LeagueOfTechley 4 months ago

    you guys should use piping bags for the peanut butter

    • Wendy Dickason
      Wendy Dickason 4 months ago

      They have said a few different times that using a piping bag is very messy

  • Lu Grala
    Lu Grala 4 months ago

    The crinkling paper sounds like happy rice crispy treats saying that they loved their chocolate shower and now chocolate HUG

  • Melanie Roberts/LadyCiera/ PubGBoomSquad

    Been bin watching videos I have missed. They make me crave candy. Thanks for all the uploads😘❤️

  • moccalou
    moccalou 4 months ago

    My first thought when I saw the Jif peanut butter was ... auggggh... that stuff is the most oily, preservative-filled least quality peanut butter they could have used. But then I realize... if you went with the really real peanut butter, it'd go bad pretty fast, wouldn't it? lol

  • nessa preciado
    nessa preciado 4 months ago

    Karen’s a straight savage 😂

  • John Day
    John Day 4 months ago +3

    I hate to... second thought never mind. Good job.
    Why does your videos cause my cookie jar to become empty? We may never know.
    Thank you very much for sharing this delicious documentary!

  • D.O
    D.O 4 months ago

    Why doesnt Craig work at the candy store? What does Craig do for a living? Max is so adorable, is he married? Inquiring minds want to know? When Terry and Steve moved into the new store where do they live now? I love watching you guys make candy!! D

  • Tiffany Cameron
    Tiffany Cameron 4 months ago

    Watching the chocolate bars smooth out and take form from the vibration is mesmerizing 😂 anyone else think so too?

  • Claudia Trammell
    Claudia Trammell 4 months ago

    Y’all are very responsible to your customers. It’s a really great thing to see. Love y’all

  • Kitty Richardson
    Kitty Richardson 4 months ago

    love the videos

  • mary fedchyk
    mary fedchyk 4 months ago

    'A bean counter is someone who concentrates solely on accounting, inventory, profit and numbers at the expense of other aspects of business and of living...usually an accountant or someone who focuses on figures, statistics and spreadsheets, rather than the bigger picture. While the term bean counter may be used to simply refer to an accountant, it is usually an expression that is used derisively to mean that the person is obsessed with trivial details...the most plausible origin is that it is a translation of a German idiom. The German word Erbsenzähler was used as early at the 1660s, and translates as “pea counter”. Erbsenzähler is a term for a nitpicker.'

  • mary fedchyk
    mary fedchyk 4 months ago +1

    This is the way I remember t: stala-G-mites come up come the 'G'round. stala-C-tites come down from the 'C'eiling. Hope that helps!

  • Mr BELLS
    Mr BELLS 4 months ago

    id like to see a video of you cleaning all the equipment and especially cleaning the enrober x

  • laura nebula
    laura nebula 5 months ago

    Terry is fab

  • Allen Hicks
    Allen Hicks 5 months ago

    She clicked the clicker 3 extra times in conversation in the beginning 😂😂😂

  • Benji *
    Benji * 5 months ago

    When is it coming a building tour with staff room

  • Ginger Lee Girl
    Ginger Lee Girl 5 months ago

    Little tiny camp fire not crinkling paper