iPhone XS or iPhone XR: Which One Should You Buy?

  • Published on Sep 13, 2018
  • iPhone XS or iPhone XR: Which One Should You Buy?
    Thursday's LWDN Episode: tvclip.biz/video/-Zp3c6t3EU8/video.html
    Can't decide between the Apple iPhone XS or iPhone XR? We've compiled the differences into this video to help you make that purchase decision a little easier. Check it out and let us know what iPhone you'd get down below.
    iPhone XR Hands-On: www.technobuffalo.com/2018/09/12/iphone-xr-hands-on-powerful-beautiful-and-affordable/
    iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max Hands-on: www.technobuffalo.com/2018/09/12/iphone-xs-and-iphone-xs-hands-on-it-doesnt-get-more-premium/
    -iPhone XS Specs-
    Colors: Gold, Space Gray, Silver
    64GB, 256GB, or 512GB
    5.8-inch & 6.5" Super Retina HD display
    2436-by-1125 & 2688‑by-1242
    Rated IP68
    A12 Bionic chip
    Dual 12MP wide-angle and telephoto cameras
    Wide-angle: ƒ/1.8 aperture
    Telephoto: ƒ/2.4 aperture
    Upgraded TrueDepth Front Camera
    Faster Face ID
    iPhone XS: $999, $1,149, $1,349
    iPhone XS Max: $1,099, $1,249, $1,449
    -iPhone XR Specs-
    Colors: Yellow, White, Coral, Black, Blue, Red
    64GB, 128GB, or 256GB
    6.1-inch Liquid Retina HD display
    Rated IP67
    A12 Bionic chip
    Single 12MP wide-angle camera, ƒ/1.8 aperture
    TrueDepth Front Camera
    Face ID
    $749, $799, $899
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  • Jon Rettinger
    Jon Rettinger  Year ago +123

    iPhone XS or XR: Which one if any are you getting? Why?

    • Flappy 2048
      Flappy 2048 3 days ago

      I am not a fan of the iPhone X🅁

    • melissa g
      melissa g 8 months ago

      kensyre sucks

    • melissa g
      melissa g 8 months ago

      iTrebor SUCKS FOR YOU

    • melissa g
      melissa g 8 months ago

      Adonay Zulficar sad I getting the XS Max

    • JunJiee1014
      JunJiee1014 9 months ago

      Adonay Zulficar then don’t comment idiot

    PETER WILKINSON 7 days ago +1

    Who is watching this in 2019 yeha yeet

  • Kandra Lum
    Kandra Lum 2 months ago

    iPhonesxrrosegold or to Winn a giveaway winner iPhone XSrose Gold

  • Kandra Lum
    Kandra Lum 2 months ago

    Will h iPhone XSrose Goldis the Best to Buy

  • Claudia
    Claudia 4 months ago

    Apple : comes out with a billetproof screen
    Me : places phone on desk. SHATTERS

  • Queen layla Period
    Queen layla Period 4 months ago

    A phone is important cuz my sister cracked my phone and um my important edits were in it and I had my phone for 3 years so I want to upgrade it my phone is the 6s and I want to upgrade to the 10r because 1st I don’t have potret mode and um my phone is frezzeing every 5 minutes so I want a new phone and I love the whit one cuz it machetes with any case and I want a wide xr

  • Queen layla Period
    Queen layla Period 4 months ago

    Witch Xr is the widest 285gb or the 64gb

  • Queen layla Period
    Queen layla Period 4 months ago

    I wan white

  • GZ-Python
    GZ-Python 6 months ago +1

    i'm looking for this: cheap, good camera quality, fast, powerful, and long battery life. so the iphone xr

  • dave EPISODES
    dave EPISODES 7 months ago

    The best thing on a phone for me is portrait mode on the camera

  • dave EPISODES
    dave EPISODES 7 months ago

    I would choose the XS because It has a gorgeous camera, Im gonna upgrade 2 iPhone, the animations, the glass back, and face id.

  • dave EPISODES
    dave EPISODES 7 months ago +1

    Team iPhone XS-Like
    Team iPhone XR-Comment XR
    Im team XS

  • cosmetically. fab
    cosmetically. fab 8 months ago +1

    I’m getting the XR because it’s thick because I hate slim phones 😂🙄 , and I love the screen and the space and the battery I just love everything about it I hate how the iPhone 10s max looks it’s to slim , and the XR has coral so why not 😂💖

  • Cassie White
    Cassie White 9 months ago

    I can’t personally tell I difference between the displays so I’ll be getting the XR. It comes it cool colors too sooo

  • Katlyn Carter
    Katlyn Carter 9 months ago

    iPhone XR cause of battery life

  • Wyatt Andrew
    Wyatt Andrew 10 months ago

    Watching on my xr

  • Gaming Works
    Gaming Works 10 months ago

    Don’t buy it just faster stay with your iPhone 6,7,8

  • Gaming Works
    Gaming Works 10 months ago

    Does not matter screen size, actually really big screen compared to seeing on tv

  • Gaming Works
    Gaming Works 10 months ago

    I have the iPhone XR already really good

  • Agent Sixx
    Agent Sixx 10 months ago

    I hav a S9 Plus and i want a iPhone XS Max but i dont want a 64 GB because my music is folder is over 64 GB and i can't buy it because i live in the Caribbean and my job don't pay much and i cant get my S9 Plus sold

  • Karma 59995
    Karma 59995 11 months ago

    Or dont buy any product from apple ..and make them go broke for a change..!

  • Alexander Figueroa
    Alexander Figueroa 11 months ago

    I choose iPhone XS because I already have it

  • Sajaad Waller
    Sajaad Waller 11 months ago

    My question is what cane out first,,, the xs,xs max, or xr cus I’m getting one of them but idk which one is the most recent someone please help

  • Connor Martin
    Connor Martin Year ago

    IPhone xs

  • Myles Patterson
    Myles Patterson Year ago

    XR on Black Friday (today)

  • Angel Rosales
    Angel Rosales Year ago

    you know what i think about Iphone XR?? iphone 10 Ripoff!!!!!!!!! get it???

  • Alicia Crosby
    Alicia Crosby Year ago

    I’m really into photography and go travelling a lot I don’t see the point in the Xs max as I have an iPad. So would it be better if I got the XS instead of the R because I had my heart on the R but after looking into it more seems I’m better of with the Xs ?? Someone help 😂

  • Aaliyan Imran
    Aaliyan Imran Year ago

    I got the iPhone Xr BecAse I want to save some money

  • Sergiy Fartukh
    Sergiy Fartukh Year ago

    Buy Umidigi Z2 for $200. That's what I did. Perfect phone, fast, 6.2 screen, 6gb ram, 2 SIM, 64GB memory, very good battery 3850mah.

  • Andreas Nilsson
    Andreas Nilsson Year ago

    Android 240 dolers 1080p i am very glad to my samsung a5 2017 olded display

  • Violeta Maria Z
    Violeta Maria Z Year ago +1

    I have a Sony Xperia XA. At 2019 I will buy iphone.

  • NOT Solo
    NOT Solo Year ago

    I am getting my first phone which one should I buy the iPhone Xr or the iPhone 8

  • Fifi Comel
    Fifi Comel Year ago

    It’s not coral. It’s orange

  • Fifi Comel
    Fifi Comel Year ago

    Its not coral. Its orange

  • sdswan77
    sdswan77 Year ago

    give me the iPhone XS Max the red one I live at The Coachman White Plains

  • Meliza Johnson
    Meliza Johnson Year ago

    I prefer the Xs. I would spend the extra $ for the OLED display and surgical grade stainless steel bands.


    I have iphone xr

  • King NIkque
    King NIkque Year ago


  • Blocky_BoyMG TM
    Blocky_BoyMG TM Year ago

    I'm getting xs max cause it's a big boy lol

  • Luk Ather
    Luk Ather Year ago

    iPhone XR because of da affordable price and I’m upgrading from a iPhone 7 Plus

  • chinchorrero
    chinchorrero Year ago

    I returned the 10X max because price I am in Canada I paid over
    2,000 with the taxes
    I was not able to justify the price
    I did lover phone,
    I just order the X-R
    128 in red

  • Kuiper Comet
    Kuiper Comet Year ago

    right no i have the iphone 4s should i upgrade?

  • Tuck Er
    Tuck Er Year ago

    And again Apple buys their displays from Samsung and LG.

  • Avkay
    Avkay Year ago

    Isn’t it obvious...


  • symmetricalastic
    symmetricalastic Year ago

    I want the red red XR 64 I don’t I have 128 iPhone 7 and I’ve only used about 11 gbts

  • Anthony Lane
    Anthony Lane Year ago

    I turned on notifications and I subbed so can I have the iPhone please

  • atl3630
    atl3630 Year ago

    Apple should NOT have done yellow. They should have done GREEN.

  • Guzmani07
    Guzmani07 Year ago

    I have the iPhone 6, which of the two would be better: Xs or Xr?

  • Anty
    Anty Year ago

    wheres subtiltled i cant understand you

  • JustMeGot
    JustMeGot Year ago

    I will get Xs

  • Fahad Khan
    Fahad Khan Year ago

    Iphone xr will be my first iphone...probably

  • Nick Hansbauer
    Nick Hansbauer Year ago

    Great overview, thanks folks! - If I upgrade, I'm strongly leaning towards the XR. I don't mind the software only portrait mode, but I might end up missing 3D touch. (I use that feature a LOT.) Does anyone here have experience with the haptic touch? Also out of curiosity… How does the non-software portrait mode work, what are the technicalities behind that? Does one camera keep the image sharp whilst the other blurs everything and you see a composite of the two? Thanks in advance

  • Yugi Boi
    Yugi Boi Year ago

    I have the IPhone XS max, but I'm thinking about returning it though. Secondly if they would've made the green then I probably would be rocking the xr but they got black and red WTH they brought back four of the 5c colors except one

  • Randall Collins
    Randall Collins Year ago +1

    Yeah, that's the meaning of life - 1080p videos! 🙄
    Just admit it, you're an Apple hater. Give yourself some peace of mind and just say it. Seriously, do you lose sleep over this? 😂
    Oh, and I'm watching this on my iPad. Retina display. 264 ppi. That's less than what the XR will be. And I watch most things in 720p. Does that bug you?
    You Android fans are spec whores. I can't wait until the XR is compared other Android phones to see how it will be better overall.

      DB HIGHLIGHTS 11 months ago +1

      Randall Collins the xr is not better than most new Samsung’s devices, I’m not bias to Samsung I just have an xr and have compared to my friends note 9.

  • István Mező
    István Mező Year ago

    none of them

  • Hannah May
    Hannah May Year ago


  • Pankaj Lakhera
    Pankaj Lakhera Year ago

    Apt & Brief....Well Done..!! 👍🏻👍🏻

  • TyGuy Entertainment


  • JT Nerf
    JT Nerf Year ago

    The reason I want the iPhone XR over The XS is that they have similar tech but one of them $250 cheaper.

  • Justin Lee
    Justin Lee Year ago

    I want the iPhone xr cheaper than max bigger than xs & 50 more than 8 plus