Top Interceptions of Week 7 | Big Ten Football


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  • Longshot 009
    Longshot 009 3 months ago

    I love that the Cop that slaps Lavert Hill five after the touchdown. Go Blue!

  • Alex Policht
    Alex Policht 3 months ago +2

    Go Blue but Maryland with 5 int is pretty impressive doesnt matter against who

  • Matthewjh0518
    Matthewjh0518 3 months ago +2

    Michigan had the best interceptions and sacks hehehe

    • Matthewjh0518
      Matthewjh0518 3 months ago

      +osubucknut100 I didn't say it was a top 10 list

    • osubucknut100
      osubucknut100 3 months ago

      You realize they aren’t in order right? It’s not a top ten list lmao