Kalaripayattu Leg Stretching Exercises-Meipayattu-Kalaripayattu training

  • Buddha Kalari, an academy of Kalaripayattu and centre for Marma has the distinction of keeping alive the great legacy of martial arts handed down for generations since 1924. This pioneering institution was the first traditional school in Kerala to offer training Kalaripayattu in the Southern style. During the last nine
    decades it has pioneered many schools of thoughts and practices and has guided the evolution of the tradition of Kalaripayattu.
    Wearing Katcha or loin cloth and smearing his body with oil, the student after prostrating before the deities and the Gurukkal begins his initial training with Meithari system, which forms the foundation for the entire repertoire of Kalaripayattu training. Every conceivable form of stretching, turning and twisting of the body is mastered by practicing this. The body control exercise include swinging of the legs along with different methods of leaps and jumps. Concentration, agility, confidence, reflex action, physical and mental power are the result of Meithari.
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