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    REACT  7 months ago +123

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    • Thang Kimi
      Thang Kimi 7 months ago +1

      react to tnt boy *hello*

    • Robin Beekley
      Robin Beekley 7 months ago

      REACT try Native American fry bread and stew

    • Anonymous Watcher
      Anonymous Watcher 7 months ago

      REACT Please react to Morisette Amon..... her cover of Rise Up, her single that is Akin ka na lang.... and her in the Asia Music Festival please!!!

    • DanTheMan1985ful
      DanTheMan1985ful 7 months ago

      Why don't you give them the Weird Bacon Products while you're at it.

    • Marilyn Diaz
      Marilyn Diaz 7 months ago

      REACT please react to Nate Ruess and his band fun

  • Caleb Gersbach
    Caleb Gersbach 7 months ago +1

    This kid knows his stuff

  • Itsbowlington icecreamtown!

    love it channel

  • Lea Jones
    Lea Jones 7 months ago +1

    Omg these kids reactions are hilarious.

  • Anthony Scungio
    Anthony Scungio 7 months ago +3

    I want Dominicks shirt

  • Lillian Holland
    Lillian Holland 7 months ago

    Anita’s looks like Sunny from Life Hack for Kids

  • Dayana Flores
    Dayana Flores 7 months ago +3

    I like pickles.

  • Icy cube
    Icy cube 7 months ago +1

    pickle popcorn I tried that once

  • Justin Shot
    Justin Shot 7 months ago +6

    I like ostriches

  • Jenny VanderPas
    Jenny VanderPas 7 months ago +3

    Pickles are my favorite food! I wish their was a Sonic near me but they all closed down years ago.

  • Prooved GD
    Prooved GD 7 months ago +1


  • Mkayitzjayde
    Mkayitzjayde 7 months ago +1

    eat up lol 😂

  • Chloe Mcauliffe
    Chloe Mcauliffe 7 months ago +29

    Dominick out here leading an anti pickle revolution 😂🔥

  • Ενέα Ντραγκόι
    Ενέα Ντραγκόι 7 months ago +2

    Why are you torturing kids???(jk)😄😅😂😘😍

  • kimberly mancio
    kimberly mancio 7 months ago +3

    i want the kids to react to kpop

    • Justin Shot
      Justin Shot 7 months ago +1


  • Jamierose Barry
    Jamierose Barry 7 months ago +2

    Disrespectful I love pickles so you better like them they are great you hear meeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You better like.

    • Justin Shot
      Justin Shot 7 months ago +1

      Jamierose Barry pickles are evil

  • cry. dolan
    cry. dolan 7 months ago +3

    I love pickles so I'm very curious what those items taste like! 😂

  • Cancel Ok
    Cancel Ok 7 months ago +2


  • Cancel Ok
    Cancel Ok 7 months ago +2

    I like puckles

  • KiwiLuvPie MSM
    KiwiLuvPie MSM 7 months ago +1

    I got hungry watching this... I’m wierd ok.

  • Mladen Perkovic
    Mladen Perkovic 7 months ago +1

    Kids react to Bosnia food

  • Miss Youtube Lover
    Miss Youtube Lover 7 months ago +1

    4:44 shots fired

  • Besitos Nanii
    Besitos Nanii 7 months ago

    EATING VIDEO ON DUCK EGG ( Balut I think it’s called ?)

  • Rikard Weimann
    Rikard Weimann 7 months ago

    plz do south african biltong

    • Rikard Weimann
      Rikard Weimann 7 months ago

      yup beef jerky is discusting biltong is delicious

    • Sam Paltiel
      Sam Paltiel 7 months ago

      Rikard Weimann biltong is really good

  • maisy
    maisy 7 months ago +4

    Please do a teens react to Billie Eilish!

    RARASATI 7 months ago +3

    Go try Indonesian foods tho. Xx

  • yah squad
    yah squad 7 months ago +1

    u should do kids or teens react to the band “why don’t we”

  • Dan Black
    Dan Black 7 months ago

    This may be the most disgusting FBE video I've ever seen.

    RED THUNDER116 7 months ago

    Pickle aren't sour

    • Icy cube
      Icy cube 7 months ago

      some are sour the one in the blue jar is sour but the one in the bag is kind of spicy

    • Secret Agent Marina
      Secret Agent Marina 7 months ago

      Dill pickles are sour, but I guess sweet pickles may not be.

    • CRY Exo
      CRY Exo 7 months ago

      RED THUNDER116 well they are you must been wondering of something else

  • Rane Foster
    Rane Foster 7 months ago

    React to Billie Eilish!!!

  • 22jna
    22jna 7 months ago +3

    Jordan is my new fav kid! 😎

  • Deon Barnett
    Deon Barnett 7 months ago +1

    2:15 I’m eating popcorn right now great...

  • Two-Face
    Two-Face 7 months ago +4

    I don’t feel like the taste of a pickle would go well with the texture of the popcorn but that’s just me

  • Eddie Ellegood
    Eddie Ellegood 7 months ago +3


  • Eddie Ellegood
    Eddie Ellegood 7 months ago +2


  • Thegamingvlogger xx
    Thegamingvlogger xx 7 months ago

    after watching this I will never eat pickles again

  • Turkey Hunter
    Turkey Hunter 7 months ago +1


  • ardibinery yanuard
    ardibinery yanuard 7 months ago +1

    Kids eat indomie

  • Vito Mampuk
    Vito Mampuk 7 months ago +1

    indomie please

  • Labes Life
    Labes Life 7 months ago

    I was eating pickles

  • Cheekie Mae
    Cheekie Mae 7 months ago +4

    So no one gonna call those pickle freeze pops PICKLE SICLES?!

  • Ethan Ross
    Ethan Ross 7 months ago +2

    "Tastes like FROZEN SALT WATER"

  • Mister_SlothHD
    Mister_SlothHD 7 months ago +1

    kids eat indomie

  • Meredith Emmons
    Meredith Emmons 7 months ago +1

    Jordan is so cute

  • The Omar’s Channel
    The Omar’s Channel 7 months ago +1

    Kids react to Somebody Toucha My Spaghet Memes!

    • Marvelous Art
      Marvelous Art 7 months ago +1

      The Omar’s Channel YASSSSS😀😀

  • Eddie Ellegood
    Eddie Ellegood 7 months ago +2


  • Droosk
    Droosk 7 months ago

    Thank you for this list of amazing pickle juice products. I look forward to enjoying some of them :)

  • MewMoo Kitty
    MewMoo Kitty 7 months ago +2

    Kid react to animation memes!

  • Cyril Moore
    Cyril Moore 7 months ago +1

    Favorite episode

  • Vito Mampuk
    Vito Mampuk 7 months ago +2

    kids react to indomie

  • Naked Catman
    Naked Catman 7 months ago

    Kids react to Archenemy

  • Hala Halawani
    Hala Halawani 7 months ago +1

    Try Saudi Arabian food

  • dlarge6502
    dlarge6502 7 months ago +3

    I had to look up what was meant by pickle lol. In the UK we usually refer to them as pickled gherkins. But we do refer to something else as "pickle", which is a sandwich filling usually accompanied by cheese. Gherkin chunks are in there along with other veg. If someone was to make a fizzy drink with the flavour of branstons pickle I too would find that a bit weird. Although, it worked well as a flavour for crisps.

  • Eduard Nemes
    Eduard Nemes 7 months ago +5

    Pickles aren't sour

    • Icy cube
      Icy cube 7 months ago

      some are but most are spicy and just juicy

  • Gael Hamersley
    Gael Hamersley 7 months ago +34

    I drink pickle juice out of the jar. then i eat the pickles.💀⛄️

    • Icy cube
      Icy cube 7 months ago

      after I drank the juice 😵

    • Daizhiaaa
      Daizhiaaa 7 months ago +7

      bhadbhabie4747 MSP I eat the pickles first when there done I drink the juice from the jar and it’s good😋💀

  • Southernblonde1310
    Southernblonde1310 7 months ago +2

    Me, an adult who uses pickle juice as a Vodka chaser: I will buy all of these products, my good man.

  • My opinions Matter.
    My opinions Matter. 7 months ago +5

    I was not expecting that at 4:47 lmao

  • Mikael Ramirez
    Mikael Ramirez 7 months ago +7

    Anita! She is so awesome!!!

  • TheNotSoRelavant_ Effect
    TheNotSoRelavant_ Effect 7 months ago +4

    6:20 lel

  • TheNotSoRelavant_ Effect
    TheNotSoRelavant_ Effect 7 months ago +3

    0:45 is she talking about cumshots?

  • Mukhriz Faisal
    Mukhriz Faisal 7 months ago +6

    Dominick hairs are cooler than my life

  • c i n d y
    c i n d y 7 months ago +4

    Dammit Jurassic World is great c,:

  • Hope The#1Queenfan
    Hope The#1Queenfan 7 months ago +264

    I love pickle juice like if u like pickle juice

  • Ghost Ninja Shoutout
    Ghost Ninja Shoutout 7 months ago


  • Senpai Hates Me
    Senpai Hates Me 7 months ago +4

    "Gross" pickle foods? You guys are crazy, pickle-flavored anything is delicious

  • Enoch Ye
    Enoch Ye 7 months ago

    do nepal food

  • OpFireScape
    OpFireScape 7 months ago

    Kids vs African food

  • Fatima AlJanahi
    Fatima AlJanahi 7 months ago +7

    jordyn is the cutest little bean ever

  • Cherish Cheeks
    Cherish Cheeks 7 months ago +2

    I don't really like pickles

  • Shenoa Ya33ie3.0
    Shenoa Ya33ie3.0 7 months ago +1

    You should let them try a Piccadilly

  • Candace Nelson
    Candace Nelson 7 months ago

    React to Amy Winehouse music please!!!

  • Ash V
    Ash V 7 months ago +1

    Jordan my boyyy

  • Alyssa Gabrielle
    Alyssa Gabrielle 7 months ago +3

    Jordyn, Tida, and Jordan are my new favorites

  • Joshua Maher
    Joshua Maher 7 months ago +3

    4:45 SAVAGE

  • joseph gamble
    joseph gamble 7 months ago +3

    im pickle rick!!

  • Penny Lane
    Penny Lane 7 months ago +4

    5:22 so cute 😁

  • David Lee Powell
    David Lee Powell 7 months ago +1

    Elder to please

  • David Lee Powell
    David Lee Powell 7 months ago +1

    sounds great 😂

  • painiscupcake
    painiscupcake 7 months ago

    do kids react to (Mr.Pickle)

  • Mini Panini
    Mini Panini 7 months ago +3

    I've been seeing a lot of pickle videos lately,is pickle the next hype food?

  • Life with Sydney
    Life with Sydney 7 months ago +4

    Do kids react to granny!

  • Machamptrainer4
    Machamptrainer4 7 months ago +1


  • Allen Kristoffer Catacutan

    React to Jollibee foods

  • Ahmad Sarchil
    Ahmad Sarchil 7 months ago +2

    Do kid vs Iraq food

  • Randa Hanna
    Randa Hanna 7 months ago +2

    Does anyone else think Tida looks like Alisha Boe from 13 reasons why

  • aaliyah boykins
    aaliyah boykins 7 months ago +6

    dominik was SO over it lmao

  • Mahbuba Akthar
    Mahbuba Akthar 7 months ago +3

    Do teens react to why don't we

  • Ezekiel Swayne
    Ezekiel Swayne 7 months ago +2

    Is it weird if had most of these

  • Flip Nation
    Flip Nation 7 months ago +7

    Kids vs windex

  • Nightbot
    Nightbot 7 months ago +3


  • GachaDude .06
    GachaDude .06 7 months ago +26


  • Sketchup _
    Sketchup _ 7 months ago +8

    The entire series summarized:
    *eat it you coward*

  • CyborgManatee73
    CyborgManatee73 7 months ago +4

    That Anita Girl is wierd. Wouldn't want my kids to hang out with her, she special and not In a good way

    • Zerah Nicholson
      Zerah Nicholson 7 months ago

      Let’s hope your children don’t grow up to be a judgemental and hurtful person like you. Keep your comments to yourself and leave the child alone 🙄✌🏻

      CΛSS II ΛSMR 7 months ago

      Lmao that was so random. All she literally did was try food and she’s weird? She did nothing out of the ordinary but give her opinions.

    • Leslie Lorane
      Leslie Lorane 7 months ago +16

      So you wouldn't want your kids to hang out with her because she's different? What a great person you are.... Not. Hope you don't end up raising bullies.

    • crystalclare1000
      crystalclare1000 7 months ago +5

      Really? I love her. She's quirky and awesome and always open to new stuff, whether it's food or music. She has an amazing spirit of adventure!

    • Ornstein_Wants_Memes
      Ornstein_Wants_Memes 7 months ago


  • Jaleel Bradley
    Jaleel Bradley 7 months ago +1

    they so extra 😂

  • FPS Russia
    FPS Russia 7 months ago +3

    4:40 lol

  • Kathy Erffmeyer
    Kathy Erffmeyer 7 months ago +1

    Thanks for the the video

  • Zoë Pigott
    Zoë Pigott 7 months ago +5

    I love pickles and the juice it’s good

  • Thang Kimi
    Thang Kimi 7 months ago +1

    Kid react to tnt boy *flashlight*

  • Number One
    Number One 7 months ago +2

    I saw the sonic pickle shake on a billboard and wondered how it tasted........thanks for the thoughts on it