How Rock Candy Is Made

  • Published on Feb 4, 2018
  • The candy at Sticky starts as melted sugar and turns into something beautiful. Watch the magic behind their candy making.
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Comments • 2 535

  • Eligijus San
    Eligijus San 10 hours ago

    0:03 this is how make The durex

  • vindicator05
    vindicator05 Day ago

    Rotten teeth and Diabetes coming in 21...20...19...18...17...

  • winters
    winters Day ago

    They used to sell this in Brisbane Australia near a burger shack in south bank and honestly I loved it.
    But now I’ve immigrated to UK and I feel depressed

  • Concerts Concerts
    Concerts Concerts 3 days ago

    It looks chewy but it ain’t chewy lmao.

  • Mr.Normal Guy
    Mr.Normal Guy 4 days ago +1

    0:37 This is *shwoogah*

  • BlackTea
    BlackTea 4 days ago

    0:22 When you opened Pringles in class

  • steve gamer
    steve gamer 5 days ago

    0:23 this is the last candy in the world 😂😂

  • Angxlic Glåcii :3
    Angxlic Glåcii :3 7 days ago

    0/10 no rocks included

  • Kamsteric
    Kamsteric 8 days ago

    i thought they were talking about the rock candy on a stick that looks kinda like crystals

  • Isaac's reviews and more

    0:29 RELAX DUDE

  • KKnowas
    KKnowas 9 days ago


  • wa zapp
    wa zapp 9 days ago

    *Stupid kids*

  • UwU whats this?
    UwU whats this? 10 days ago

    If you look in the top left, it says lick your phone

  • SolutionExpert
    SolutionExpert 11 days ago +1

    0:23 african people

  • PhAnToM_99 0
    PhAnToM_99 0 11 days ago

    Literally the whole comment section is full of 0:22

  • Muhammad Rafa Khazalif


  • RT-GT311
    RT-GT311 11 days ago

    Wait so your saying rock candy isn't from rock? *My existence doesn't exist*

  • Crook Boss
    Crook Boss 12 days ago +1

    98% of people taking about 0:22
    000000000000000000000000000000.1% my comment
    9.1% random

  • Bakugou Katsuki
    Bakugou Katsuki 15 days ago

    *so this is how that messy haired idiot got his quirk....*

  • Amazing Guest
    Amazing Guest 15 days ago

    oh yes i went past there for a skool project

  • it brooklyn here!!
    it brooklyn here!! 15 days ago

    0:22 Ok guys only take only one piec...

  • StinTynn
    StinTynn 15 days ago +1

    0:22 Just me that gets so angry by the way they tryna get that candy, am like "CHILL, and eat it like a normal human being!"

  • Joe Scripilliti
    Joe Scripilliti 15 days ago

    That family has to chill out

  • MisceryYT
    MisceryYT 15 days ago

    well shame i already got my vacation, whyy did i not go here?!?!

  • Themudget Xb
    Themudget Xb 16 days ago

    I love Australia

  • Giero Almendral
    Giero Almendral 16 days ago

    This was my fav candy

  • Nathan YT
    Nathan YT 16 days ago

    0:22 MGA BURAOT😂😂

  • Emphasis Feast
    Emphasis Feast 17 days ago

    omg, they cooked *suga*

  • GamerWood888
    GamerWood888 17 days ago

    *0:22** When i got drugs*

  • radical child 21
    radical child 21 17 days ago

    i went there lol

  • Georgia Glennie
    Georgia Glennie 18 days ago

    I went there, some of there candy is good, but some tastes like chemicals. 6/10 would recommend. (we did go when it first opened some its probably changed).

  • Savage Hippie
    Savage Hippie 18 days ago

    Again this is a skill that needs to be paired at least 22 an hour

  • Kiranjeevi Creations
    Kiranjeevi Creations 18 days ago

    The starting bit was very satisfying

  • Anthony Nerantzoulis
    Anthony Nerantzoulis 18 days ago

    0:22 when Australian kids see kangaroo shit for the first time

  • Harris Ashraff Shamshuddin

    0:22 wtf, even my friends aren’t that barbaric

  • OZ Raptor
    OZ Raptor 18 days ago

    If been there
    They are really good

  • Minty Sugar
    Minty Sugar 18 days ago +2

    "We play with candy all day"
    Me: Isnt that bad?

  • Roasting Potatoes
    Roasting Potatoes 18 days ago

    Everyone: all of this nonsense
    Me: *Puts rock and candy together*

    Boom! Done, rock candy

  • Kios 365 Official
    Kios 365 Official 18 days ago

    Gần giống kẹo kéo nước tôi

  • Joe Brotzel
    Joe Brotzel 18 days ago

    0:22 you giving away free pencils in class

  • Nathan Rodriguez
    Nathan Rodriguez 18 days ago


    ONIMARU 18 days ago

    99% about 0:22

  • I am not a dog
    I am not a dog 18 days ago

    Oh shit, the people at the start is *psychic.*

  • CartoonUniverse
    CartoonUniverse 18 days ago

    only r o c k s

  • Matthew Skelley
    Matthew Skelley 18 days ago

    Why did the thumbnail look like chopped up pencils

  • Dis One
    Dis One 18 days ago

    I wanna know why when he was popping the sweet it looked like a condom ?
    Ok I need to stop !.

  • Hasoni Mustafa
    Hasoni Mustafa 18 days ago

    Diabetes land

  • Ryan Zhou
    Ryan Zhou 18 days ago

    Why did I think they were made from ground up rocks

  • Sonic
    Sonic 18 days ago

    This is really popular anywhere on the seaside in England, just go to Skegness, Mablethorpe etc. and you'll see at least 10 rock shops there.

  • KingElisey
    KingElisey 19 days ago

    00:36 wow didnt know

  • Chief
    Chief 19 days ago +1

    The girl with the glasses made me suicidal

  • Kellyrawpie
    Kellyrawpie 19 days ago

    No this is actually fake this is not how are Rock candy made they use ACTUAL rocks to do it.

  • Hyper_PL
    Hyper_PL 19 days ago

    0:29 holy shit... this guy is OP

  • Oscar Warncke
    Oscar Warncke 19 days ago

    I come from a School in Denmark every Christmas we make these on our own

  • Kloroxx
    Kloroxx 19 days ago

    That one woman that stays because their food insider is recording

  • Ankai Zhang
    Ankai Zhang 19 days ago

    Look at the top left of the screen

    *L I C K Y O U R P H O N E*

  • Yeslea Ash
    Yeslea Ash 19 days ago +2

    David king: this is sugar.

  • Melrose 732
    Melrose 732 19 days ago

    I’m so glad this shop is in my country (Malaysia)

  • R e a c h iOS
    R e a c h iOS 19 days ago

    0:22 kids these days😏😏

  • Sxdais 9
    Sxdais 9 19 days ago

    0:22 when you are excited to get diabetes