Star Wars Resistance: Why Fans Are Rejecting The Trailer

  • Published on Sep 4, 2018
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    John answers viewers questions about the new animated series, Star Wars Resistance.
    Gary writes, So I've seen a lot of TVclip vids about how badly the Resistance trailer is being received (currently 11k thumbs up to 94k thumbs down) compared to the Clone Wars trailer (currently 275k thumbs up to 9.2k thumbs down). Do you think this shows where Star Wars fans desires lay? That we would rather have a more serious animated show and will Disney pay any attention to the rating on TVclip or soldier on regardless? If they do might the series bomb?
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  • Cam Da Man!
    Cam Da Man! 6 months ago

    Since when did Poe dameron was in the first order era in his 20s wtf LETS DO A RECAP: The Galactic Republic, after anakin turned into Darth Vader The Galactic Empire was born, after the Deathstar 1 and 2 was destroyed, and Darth Vader died, the Galactic Empire was out of controlled until the First Order came, all we know is that. WHERE THE HECK WAS DAMERON WHEN THE FISRT ORDER WAS BORN, I DONT GET IT. Did the first order rain for 20 years after the empire??

  • Meme Machine
    Meme Machine 7 months ago +1

    I have no problem with a kids star wars show just don't make it cannon

  • TheSilentKnight
    TheSilentKnight 8 months ago

    Star Wars The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels are without a doubt the best animated Star Wars shows of them all. In third place is Star Wars The Freemaker Adventures.

  • kylee Tyler
    kylee Tyler 8 months ago

    You're all judging this show without even giving it a chance. I watched the first and second episode last night, it was great
    And btw, I'm 19

  • YouTube Surfer
    YouTube Surfer 8 months ago +1

    No Jedi. No Sith. No Force. The core of Star Wars is the battle between good force users vs evil force users - everything else centers around this. Star Wars fans want to see light saber battles. This looks boring.

  • Platypus Crafts bread and potatoes

    Disney should have not bought Star Wars. Star Wars is supposed to be a universal franchise, but clearly Disney dose not have the power of the force to do this.

  • anonymous
    anonymous 8 months ago

    Looks like 'Thunderbirds are go' anime style.

  • Death Proof
    Death Proof 8 months ago

    All star wars is for children........and adults who fell in love with star wars as children. Who expected a grownup star wars? Im confused........

  • Tired of Fools
    Tired of Fools 8 months ago

    So they killed off REBELS for this? SMH

  • Damien Hailey
    Damien Hailey 8 months ago

    This sounds like the whole Rebels backlash all over again.
    Which was all too similar to The Clone Wars(which I admittedly was guilty of).
    The fandom never learns.

  • Hartzilla2007
    Hartzilla2007 8 months ago

    Lets see, The Clone Wars comes out fans bitch and moan eventually love it, Rebels comes out fans bitch and moan eventually love it. Why are we caring this time?

  • Frank Bonura
    Frank Bonura 8 months ago

    You are 100% wrong, this backlash is all about the disaster which is Kathleen Kennedy's management of the franchise and the abomination which is "The Last Jedi". Wake up Disney, the public wants classic storytelling.

  • magellanthecat
    magellanthecat 8 months ago

    The /shouldn't/ pay attention to the fans? WTF!!!!!

  • magellanthecat
    magellanthecat 8 months ago

    Just because it's a kids show doesn't mean it has to be stupid crap.

  • Kamel G-Unit
    Kamel G-Unit 8 months ago

    I hope that parents will forbid their children to watch this.

  • Frank Lambert
    Frank Lambert 8 months ago

    OK...everyone is missing the BIG point here. Ruin Johnson turned off MANY adult Star Wars fans, who by the way, pass on their love of Star Wars to their children. Star Wars CANNOT and WILL not attract children on name alone anymore. That ship has sailed. Kids will simply NOT CARE. Because Disney has SPENT all the nostalgia credit and then Ruin Johnson went into debt on that nostalgia and turned off most fans who would have otherwise cuddled up to their younglings and tuned into the newest Star Wars show. One need only look at "Ewoks" and "Droids" to see that fans of Star Wars, while liking the levity of the cute Ewoks and the banter of R2-D2 and C-3PO, cannot rely on the "goofy" parts of Star Wars to perpetuate the series. This was one of Ruin Johnsons FATAL mistakes with TLJ. TOO GOOFY. But Alas...Disney has always been known for...GOOFY. Sigh...Tone deaf Disney, Tone Deaf Lucasfilm....

  • Nick Torres
    Nick Torres 8 months ago

    Shoot at this point just let Pixar have Star Wars. At least they can make decent stories that adults and children can enjoy without being cheesey.

  • Nick Torres
    Nick Torres 8 months ago

    We've needed a more serious toned Star Wars series for a while now. Not more of.... that😑

  • Ronald Frechette
    Ronald Frechette 8 months ago

    Dude Ewoks and Droids? Seriously? They killed the brand for a generation. Why would you do anything like either ever again?

  • Christopher Garrett
    Christopher Garrett 8 months ago

    It's just feel like it's repeating the same plot of rebels.

  • Caleb b
    Caleb b 8 months ago



  • Twilight Shooter
    Twilight Shooter 8 months ago

    "Jack Kirby style" art would of been more appealing to all ages.

  • Kim Yeonghan
    Kim Yeonghan 8 months ago

    One way to solve the hate: Give Filoni his cowboy hat back!

  • Mats Berglund
    Mats Berglund 8 months ago

    I agree almost 100% and I think that if even if Resistance becomes a kids show, I would still like it. But as you say, make it clear it is for kids. AND at the same time make another teen-show and put it right after Rebels to keep the continuity while making something worthwhile for 40+ as well.

  • Samuel Jackson
    Samuel Jackson 8 months ago

    Maybe its just a bad trailer.

  • Ryusuta
    Ryusuta 8 months ago

    So what you're saying is that Star Wars Resistance is okay since it subverted our expectations? Now, where have I heard that before...

  • madhatten00
    madhatten00 8 months ago

    it looks lazy and uninspired
    i rather they give us more ezra bridger
    and that was already pretty bad

  • Rob Schoeny
    Rob Schoeny 8 months ago

    Because post Disney content is total dog shit.

  • Henry Kater
    Henry Kater 9 months ago

    Spot on - every work, speech, movie, book, has an audience. This audience must be identified and communicated. Star Wars has always been a family show - trying to widen the audience to include everyone, old and young. Its a good strategy from a sales point of view - wider the audience the more money comes in. Their strategy right now is all over the place and chaotic.

  • Jep Jorgensson
    Jep Jorgensson 9 months ago

    Failure to give us a heads up was never the issue. The issue is that it looks like crap, not Star Wars. Simple as that. By the way, saying it is a kid show flies in the face of the fact that it airs at 10PM on Sunday (aka a school night).

  • Patrick Wells Valenti
    Patrick Wells Valenti 9 months ago

    I think the trailer aims specifically at kids, but the show itself could have a very different tone from the trailers.

  • アブレイジJOE
    アブレイジJOE 9 months ago

    Some people just care way too much honestly.

  • John Snow
    John Snow 9 months ago +5

    "Should Disney pay attention to dislikes? No."
    Yeah John, that is why you are part of a problem.

  • Standard meme channel anime fan machine

    Looks like shit

  • SgtHydra
    SgtHydra 9 months ago

    The real problem is everything they've told us about its plot. You can count the number of good racing cartoons on one fucking hand. It's always a bad sign, whether its 'for kids' or not.

  • KongWookiee Don
    KongWookiee Don 9 months ago +1

    Oh god, your all crying over a CARTOON, A FKKN CARTOON.

  • French Fry
    French Fry 9 months ago +1

    Not to mention the fact that it doesn't even look like Star Wars, it looks like some cheap knock off from that Iron man series that aired on nickolodian some years ago. If it had launched with any other name there would have been no outrage at all and simply viewed as another new addition to Disney's many kid shows, but they just had to make it Star Wars...

  • Minh Tri Nguyen Huu
    Minh Tri Nguyen Huu 9 months ago

    but most of the fan are die hard adults

  • Reeb
    Reeb 9 months ago

    One of the reasons why Im upset it that they told us that it was an anime inspired( of course some anime are bad, but most of the time it's it has great animation and good plot) but this is not even close to anime!

  • Brayden Aitkenhead
    Brayden Aitkenhead 9 months ago

    they lowered the bar severely with rebels you'd think they couldn't get worse but resistance exists.

  • Brayden Aitkenhead
    Brayden Aitkenhead 9 months ago

    aimed at kids doesn't excuse it being shit

  • Ashoka 13000
    Ashoka 13000 9 months ago

    I want Rebels back!!!!

    • Zylo
      Zylo 8 months ago

      "Please say sike.. "

  • kingbladerZed
    kingbladerZed 9 months ago

    they didn't even give out a little more concise plot summary premise.

  • isingsongsonvent
    isingsongsonvent 9 months ago

    Why would you like the trailer? You are like 40 years old and its a cartoon.

  • Doug Stephens
    Doug Stephens 9 months ago

    I think you nailed it exactly, man. We didn't know this was going to be aimed specifically at young children. There's nothing wrong with that, but Disney and lucasfilm should have been upfront from the beginning. I think they estimated that the older fans, that is, older than eight or nine years old, are happy and satisfied with the films, and that's obviously not true. So they really screwed themselves over doubly here. And as many other people have asked, if that's the truth, this is for younglings, why is it on at 10 at night? Baffling.

  • bloodrunsclear
    bloodrunsclear 9 months ago +2

    Ewoks had episodes written by Paul Dini. Now it makes Resistance look like The Teletubbies.

  • Peter Not Peter
    Peter Not Peter 9 months ago

    I don't like the animation. It looks too mediocre.

  • KhepriX
    KhepriX 9 months ago

    Not sure why people just hate it by the trailer alone.
    It doesn't look horrible like Thundercats Go, its fitting for the children it is aimed at.
    Besides, the plot of the show could change through the series anyways.
    Guess the worst enemas of Star Wars are its own fans.
    P.D. no typo in enemas

  • KongWookiee Don
    KongWookiee Don 9 months ago

    So, your all saying it's not a kids show coz it airs late night, well proofs in the pudding freinds, just look at the animation, listen to the dialogue, feel that vibe...10.00 pm on no, it's for kids...

  • Brain Storm
    Brain Storm 9 months ago

    Star Wars Fans:Lets Boycott everything

  • BIGhappyG33
    BIGhappyG33 9 months ago +1

    Most media outlets will claim it’s just Star Wars fans feeling “threatened”. Like how the new movies are masterpieces with no flaws, and we just can’t handle strong women and “minorities” in prominent roles. It has nothing to do with the plot holes, bad writing, goofy direction, or desecration of a once great and extensive canon...

  • caveman Versace
    caveman Versace 9 months ago

    The channel is 24/7 kids shows. However 10pm for a show to air its premier is just confusing. I think they made the show when they were thinking The Last Jedi was going to be a big success and made this show thinking it would be as successful. Only to have TLJ bomb and now they are just airing it and seeing what happens and if they could make some of the production costs back.

  • Tempest2103
    Tempest2103 9 months ago +2

    The Star Wars community in a nutshell over this:
    "Every piece of Star Wars media must be adult friendly or people will die
    ...or we can throw a hissy fit in the form of 94k dislikes on a video. That works too"
    Enough with the hate already. There are plenty of kids shows with great plot and character development (something im hesitant to say for the last few spin off movies) going on right now. Besides, the stupid show isnt even out yet. People thought Rebels was gonna be kids only. Look at how that show turned out.

    • JG14 Gerhard_Bar
      JG14 Gerhard_Bar 9 months ago

      Avatar the last ____ was great..plenty of episodes with character development..i do wish tho SWR had some more development for certain characters

  • jean-claude schwartz
    jean-claude schwartz 9 months ago

    Fans ruined it that's why. They're becoming internet Terrorists

  • Wizards - The Magical Concert

    Have do disagree with you, respectfully ! They should finally pay attention to what the fans want, and not Soldier on feeding us garbage shows like this ! Can't understand how you can be happy with the shit they keep on dishing us out to eat ! Not much good coming from KennedyFilm these days ! Dave Filoni should run the creative side at least then we get good Star Wars stuff !

  • Shahir Hameed
    Shahir Hameed 9 months ago

    Is expecting it would have made it better? Because that feels like the problem. We expect too much without consideing it what would it bring

  • Brenden Byrne
    Brenden Byrne 9 months ago

    1:36 Screw them kids! They weren't around back when Star Wars was Star Wars! If you want kids to see Star Wars, then show them Star Wars! Not whatever the hell this shit is...

    • JG14 Gerhard_Bar
      JG14 Gerhard_Bar 9 months ago

      Ohhhhh u mean in the 70s or the early 2000? Cause star wars has always been around in one way or another....clone wars 2003, clone wars 2008, rebels etc.

  • jhonatan westland
    jhonatan westland 9 months ago

    Maybe we write again Legends. Maybe Cannon absurt than many Legend tales.

  • hans reithofer
    hans reithofer 9 months ago +1

    A kids show at 10pm on Sunday. yup that makes sense

    • Hartzilla2007
      Hartzilla2007 8 months ago

      They streamed the first 3 episodes on the Disney site, they seem more interested in streaming views what with them getting into that.

  • RG2088
    RG2088 9 months ago

    Well one that was not really a trailer they showed it was more a teaser. Also it's always kiddy at first then gradually it gets darker.

  • Riot Breaker
    Riot Breaker 9 months ago

    I always wanted a Clone Wars but in the Galactic Civil War era, I mean, there are TONS of stories to tell that would perfectly fit into the philosophical tone, be careful what you wish for I guess.

  • Cody Cross
    Cody Cross 9 months ago

    rebels is a kide show

  • Nick fortyniner
    Nick fortyniner 9 months ago

    Looks garbage that's why

  • Orlando Outlaw
    Orlando Outlaw 9 months ago +2

    10pm on what? SUnday night? what kids gonna be up watching?

  • sherman lo
    sherman lo 9 months ago

    rebels aren’t adult friendly.

  • jmgmarcus
    jmgmarcus 9 months ago

    The new trilogy is a travesty. No one cares. The voice of the fans will be heard. Let them have fun making shit no one wants. I will resist the resistance.

  • William Parcell
    William Parcell 9 months ago

    Because TLJ was garbage and they're continuing the garbage with this cartoon.

  • Keeper of Eurobeat
    Keeper of Eurobeat 9 months ago +3

    What if the trailer is a red herring and Resistance is actually the darkest show Disney ever made?

  • Thicc ness
    Thicc ness 9 months ago

    A series called Star *WARS* should not be aimed at kids to begin with

  • 99legion
    99legion 9 months ago

    Because it's shit.

  • FunnyMaleRainbow
    FunnyMaleRainbow 9 months ago

    "Aimed at kids"...... 10pm on Sunday nights???

  • Dustin Vance
    Dustin Vance 9 months ago

    The animation is reminds me of iron man armored adventures. It's not terrible, but it's a very old style. I'm curious to see what they'll do with it since it looks like it'll take place in episode 7 era. No other star wars show has taken place after episode 6 so it has potential because it will do things that haven't been done before.

    • JG14 Gerhard_Bar
      JG14 Gerhard_Bar 9 months ago

      All i want is a SW show like SWR but with it from the pov entirely from the a group similar to scar squad or some elite imperial unit who joined for legitimately sound reasons, people seem to forget the empire largly worked with people who enlisted not conscripts.but nooo they r the "bad guys"

  • arthinugami
    arthinugami 9 months ago

    Or we are still Mad at the direction disney is taking starwars.

  • General Grievous
    General Grievous 9 months ago

    Disney? pay attention? fucking no gary. not even close. show where our desires lay? of fucking course. the fans have spoken after being blamed for everything under tatooines two suns. disney is fucked if they dont, but they can't admit defeat

  • Little Miss Herde Derp
    Little Miss Herde Derp 9 months ago

    As a perhaps unpopular opinion, let me submit this; in recent years, the Star Wars fandom has been absolutely unbelievably and inexcusably toxic. Much of the 'fandom' is targeting ANYTHING Star Wars related in the hopes that it bombs *just because* it is Disney behind it.
    The Force Awakens? It was a pretty good film. The Last Jedi? It had problems, but it was still ultimately good. Solo? Same. The fandom however acts like these things are absolute travesties to the Star Wars franchise. The level of toxicity they exhibit is nothing short of ridiculous and childish in and of itself. I say this as a Star Wars fan myself, have been my whole life; dress up in full costume to *every* Star Wars movie premiere.
    Disney is allowed to make a series targeted towards kids. Even if this series is not what *you* expected as fans, *you* as fans decided that it was going to be "insert thing you thought it was going to be here", Disney did not 'lead you to believe' anything - you lead you to believe that. Now the fandom wants to blame anyone but themselves in a knee-jerk reaction and basically wants to see Star Wars as a whole franchise burn *just because* Disney is behind it.
    But Star Wars fans, may I remind you that the MCU is owned by Disney as well? And is quite beloved. It has been for a while. And to begin with everyone had issues with Disney taking over Marvel as well. That fandom however was not quite so incredibly vocal and toxic in response whereas the Star Wars fandom honestly makes me not want to associate with fellow fans because I feel like these so called 'fans' just want to see Star Wars die out of spite.
    You are not entitled for every series or every bit of Star Wars media to be "adult friendly" and besides the fact, a cartoon aimed at kids *can be* adult friendly if you just give it a chance.
    Fact of the matter is, none of us actually know what this series is actually going to be like from the trailer. People were ripping on The Clone Wars when it first came out as well. People came to love that to the point that they literally saved it from death, what was that about? Or did we forget as a fandom? What about Rebels? People were ripping on that, too. But oh how easily they forget having been entitled toxic kids throwing a temper tantrum as soon as they figure out something is actually good.
    Now this may actually be garbage, but if it is not, then what?
    I just fail to see the point of these knee jerk and tantrum-esque reactions to these things. If you want to see Star Wars die, why not just walk away from the fandom? Why stick around and contribute to this overwhelming toxicity? Star Wars is something at least for me that I grew up with, it is something that represents fun and positivity. Besides all of the movies are basically the same movie redone in a slightly different way, the Original Trilogy, the Prequels, even the new movies. They are literally essentially all the same story formula just done with minor differences.
    For goodness sakes, people.. just have fun with it. Chill out and enjoy the ride. If you do not like the show, why does it even matter? Why do you have to throw a hissy fit?

    • bob Barrett
      bob Barrett 9 months ago

      Little Miss Herde Derp im sorry but I disagree with the writing being on the same level. Marvel has stories, Disney Star Wars, in my opinion, doesnt. I get the feeling that the story group has barely any knowledge of the stories and it shows. Episodes 7-9 were supposed to be the conclusion of the Skywalker saga... it has been nothing about that at all. Yes you can say Kylo is a Skywalker and who knows maybe Ray is too but the audience has zero idea because, in almost 5 hours of screen time,they haven’t told a story yet. Its almost like watching a made for tv reality show. Its seems like all shoot from the hip story telling. I do agree with what you say that you can nit pick the heck out of almost any movie. Escaping life for a couple hours and enjoying a film is fun. Thats why I enjoy Marvel. Its also why I dont enjoy Disney Star Wars. Its full of current politics in this world and they just aren’t fun anymore. I feel the magic has been replaced with social issues. I can watch the news if I want to see stories about that. I want the fun back. I want the escapism back. I want to enjoy it, not leave the theater scratching my head wondering if I liked it. Again, its just my opinion but I dislike the direction of Disney Star Wars. Maybe things will improve. Only time will tell. The fact that I dont like the current Star Wars doesn’t make me toxic. It just says Im not happy with it and I can choose where or not to see future films. Thanks for your insight. Its always good to see things from another persons point of view

    • Little Miss Herde Derp
      Little Miss Herde Derp 9 months ago

      Also in secondary consideration and going to more detail, the Marvel movies make sense? Really?
      Lets touch Civil War alone for this.
      Like Zemos whole plan in Civil War is friggin ridiculous and hinges on absolute impossibilities that would never work. The entire plan relies on Scarlet Witch messing up slightly and causing an explosion that takes out random civilians, of which Zemo had no clue was going to happen which triggered the Sokovian Accords. Zemo had no clue *any* of this would happen, but it is all a huge part of his plan.
      Never mind how little it makes sense for the Governments of the World to be turning against the heroes when up until now there have been repeated nearly apocalyptic scenarios that they could **definitely not handle** and required the heroes to get through alive. Without them the Sokovian situation would have been pretty much an extinction event, with Ultron being unstoppable even against the military forces of the World. It is only because of the Avengers that he was stopped. But sure, it makes sense to force them into the Sokovian Accords and essentially see them as 'dangerous outlaws', even though they saved **literally all of humanity** right?
      But back to Zemos plan.. somehow he knew that framing Bucky with the U.N bombing would put Steve and Tony at odds and that somehow Tony would figure out about the dead psychiatrists at the perfect time for the plot and learn about the Siberia location AND show up in time to end up in a fight with Bucky and Steve and.. well.. you get the idea?
      If you put *any* of the movies under intense scrutiny, the 'sense' they make unravels like a badly woven blanket with a loose thread.
      But the movies are still good, you know why?
      Because they are **not meant to be scrutinized like this**, they are for **entertainment**
      Just the same as the new Star Wars movies. People are just looking for excuses to hate on them and the current 'cool thing' to do is to hate them. The internet is a dang echo chamber in that way and because a ton of people decided to be toxic, the pack mentality of many is to go along with them and hate them too because hey.. gotta fit in someway, right?
      tbh it is all ridiculous.
      If you dislike the movies for whatever reasons on your own accord, that is fine. But you are trying to justify your hate of the movies with something that also does not make sense while claiming you dislike the movies for not making sense then telling me you like Marvel movies and how they have 'great writing' (they have about the same level as the Star Wars movies and possibly more plotholes) and like.. honestly its kind of a shaky response. Does not hold up.

    • bob Barrett
      bob Barrett 9 months ago

      Herde Derp I consider myself a huge fan of Marvel. I think the world of what they are doing. Its amazing stuff. Stories that are well written and how all of the stories intertwine with each other. Thats some incredibly well done stuff. I also consider myself a huge Star Wars fan. I always will be. I am not a fan of Disney Star Wars. Its the direct opposite of what’s happening at Marvel. Poor stories. Horrible writing. Nothing makes any sense. Where I get confused is how can you do such an awesome job at Marvel and do such a terrible job at Lucasfilm? I understand they are different companies but they are both Disney. I want Star Wars to be like Marvel. I want to feel like they can do no wrong, just like Marvel. What I do feel is that they cant do anything right. I dont think thats being toxic. I just am not happy with whats going on overall. I did really enjoy Rogue One but thats 1 out of 4 movies. Frustration is my best description of the fans feelings. I dont feel thats toxic. A lot of them arent happy with Star Wars either.

  • Shaggyd00 Kale
    Shaggyd00 Kale 9 months ago +2

    No this show is pretty much the state of Lucasfilm right now, arrogant, oblivious, easy, lazy and presumptuous. They just slapped BB8 and a star wars title on thinking that's all it takes to sell a star wars product. Well much like their rotting merchandise and dipping dvd sales I predict yet another humbling lesson if Lucasfilm was ever in the state to learn something.

    • bob Barrett
      bob Barrett 9 months ago

      Shaggyd00 Kale Awesome!!!! I really think that is the mentality at Lucasfilm. Im sorry but you cant slap a Star Wars sticker on a turd and expect everyone to think its gold...its still a turd

  • Superior Productions
    Superior Productions 9 months ago +8

    I have 1 word for you: 10:00 PM

    • Indomitus1973
      Indomitus1973 8 months ago

      Two words: On Demand
      You're literally on the internet right now, on a video streaming site. You should know what streaming is.

  • Zinkyeal
    Zinkyeal 9 months ago

    One problem man, its at 10 pm sunday night. Kids be going to bed for school, try again

  • Gray Scribe
    Gray Scribe 9 months ago

    Maybe, just maybe, the trailer should have given us anything about what it is about, given us some of the stakes.
    All I got was "A young guy will become a great pilot and he is also a spy". The first part has been done to death, and the secon part? Well, without knowing his mission we have no idea what the stakes are.
    In short, the trailer showed me nothing I want to buy. It's worse than being angry about it, I'm indifferent.

  • Lidiaprotex9151
    Lidiaprotex9151 9 months ago

    This is some pretty solid reasoning.

  • Rudy Valle
    Rudy Valle 9 months ago

    Welp, at least it has new ships unlike the last two movies.

  • Lucas Brockini
    Lucas Brockini 9 months ago

    I dont think its going to be worse than rebels... at least the art style is good.

  • JustaKoreanGuy
    JustaKoreanGuy 9 months ago

    I think Disney needs to stop being so secretive about Star Wars. Stop guarding it like Area 51.

  • This Rebel is Scum
    This Rebel is Scum 9 months ago

    The way I see it, is that the return of the Clone Wars is for people who didn't like the Last Jedi and Resistance is for those who did.

  • Stavros
    Stavros 9 months ago

    Dude, every show or movie Disney released up to this point has so few lightsaber battles or small little spacebattles that I am starting to ask if whoever is making these decisions is doing them to anger everyone or if he is just plain stupid.

  • PlainBagel
    PlainBagel 9 months ago

    A children's show at 10PM ?????? Not what you call an after school special

  • Robert Ricobaldi
    Robert Ricobaldi 9 months ago

    Disney has realize it has totally screwed up Star Wars for the older fans that know what Star Wars is all about. So it's targeting the kids with this crap, so eventually as they grow up, this will be the new Star Wars. Enjoyed the video, John.

  • Beth Butcher
    Beth Butcher 9 months ago

    I liked it alot, but then i like teens titans go and mlp so i don't expect anyone trust opinion! 😂

  • emond67
    emond67 9 months ago

    the animation looks horrible they should get the people who made fan made animated short "tie fighters" because it was the greatest star wars related video ive ever seen

  • snufflesdarkness
    snufflesdarkness 9 months ago

    If Galactic Republic is main government, who or what are they resisting? Shouldn't it be task force?

  • Kepano 808HI
    Kepano 808HI 9 months ago

    Disney doesn't have to tell you shit! Stop crying and go play with your toys

  • James Bungart
    James Bungart 9 months ago

    Does this guy not look like Dave Batista?

  • Brian Young
    Brian Young 9 months ago

    *PLOT TWIST* the bad guy will be white.

  • Blockhaj smash
    Blockhaj smash 9 months ago

    Rebels is not adult friendly. Its kiddy garbage. Resistance is rebels 2.0.

    • JG14 Gerhard_Bar
      JG14 Gerhard_Bar 9 months ago

      Last i checked CW(all 3 of em) rebels, Forces of destiny, resistance were made for kids which some adults just took a liking to mainly CW and SWR. Maybe some can come to liking resistence its lookin better then FOD at least..........

  • Matt Nice
    Matt Nice 9 months ago

    I kept hearing how kiddie this trailer was and I’m surprised, I didn’t see it that way at all. It reminded me of that Tron cartoon. I just watched Rebels season 1 and that was way more of a kids show than this looks like it’s going to be. People liked Rebels. I think it looks good. A lot better than Rebels when it started. I’m a Star Wars fan but I’ve come to the inescapable truth that a vast portion of my fellow fans are huge whiners. They seem to need everything tailor made to suit precisely their individual tastes. They seem incapable of realizing that SW has something for everyone which means that not everything they do is going to be for you.

  • maxgamingyt3
    maxgamingyt3 9 months ago


  • Stefan Eis
    Stefan Eis 9 months ago

    Funny thing: my niece is a kid (4y) and she said very clearly that this images (of Resistance) sucked. So, not even kids are likely to watch that show. At least the smart kids.

  • tripeboi
    tripeboi 9 months ago +2

    Warning the fans has nothing to do with it!
    This was Damage control:
    Clone Wars and Rebels was FOR kids, adults just happened to like it also.
    “All the fan boys are mad. Let’s appease the boys who grew up in the 80’. Make a show with 80’ animation, but a bit modern and worse at the same time. BUT the main characters will be boys. So story will not matter because it’s for the boys who hate Rey and all the pro feminist propaganda we put in the last movies.”
    That’s Disney’s thoughts on this show in a nutshell.

    • tripeboi
      tripeboi 9 months ago

      zachanikwano as long as it doesn’t show nudity, in America violence can be geared towards kids as long as there is no nudity. There are many documentaries on the subject. Check out “this film is not yet rated”.

    • zachanikwano
      zachanikwano 9 months ago +1

      Clone Wars was for kids/teens/young adults. Unless you wanna argue that the episodes where people were put in skimpy-slave outfits, brutally murdered, or committed suicide onscreen were "for kids."

  • NodarKikvadze
    NodarKikvadze 9 months ago

    The greatest of the Shills, shame this waste of human skin is still about 💀

  • ConnorJMiner
    ConnorJMiner 9 months ago

    also disney is more or less ignoring the older fanbase and just deciding to make bad kids shows for nothing but money. Sure CW s7 is out but that’s one season of a show that is mostly a gift from dave filoni. We want more GOOD star wars.