92 year-old Roosi gets to drive a Tesla Model X: "I'll take it!"

  • Published on Nov 3, 2017
  • 92 year old Roosi from Tallinn, Estonia is probably the oldest actively driving lady in the country. Until now, she has only driven soviet era cars in her life, her current car is 43 years old Moskvich.
    She is so awesome in her driving skills and general attitude, so we decided to take her for a ride in a Tesla Model X - something from the future compared to her Moskvich.
    Made by Geenius Meedia
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  • Carlos Malave
    Carlos Malave 8 days ago

    The owner of the Model X should've let the old lady "check the oil" under the hood of the X.

  • Vanessa TheTumbler
    Vanessa TheTumbler 8 days ago

    I sat in a Tesla model X the other day, pretty snazzy

  • Balagure #69
    Balagure #69 9 days ago

    Ну я бы на самом деле задумался, выбирая между красным Москвичем и Теслой.

  • Tennotv_live
    Tennotv_live 9 days ago

    She is Estonian? How amazing to see strong women from your own country! :)
    Great way to move around in Tesla vehicles in Toronto Canada -> www.tennolimo.com
    Electric is the way of the future!

    SUNSHINE 10 days ago

    Super - duper ! I would buy this one! Very Nice !

  • Diego
    Diego 11 days ago

    I liked the fake taxi video style x

  • Sam C
    Sam C 11 days ago

    She is 92 and she has never driven an automatic???? Wow that’s amazing. I wish I went my whole life driving manual because I love driving stick

  • James Williams
    James Williams 12 days ago

    Back then everything was manual.

  • አምላክ ፍቅር ነው

    You're brave to let Roosi drive it! I've never driven one, but I've been a passenger in a couple of different tesla models - a ton of fun! Nothing smoother than that acceleration!

  • Rick Feng
    Rick Feng 14 days ago

    Uhm are you guys in Finnland or Estonia? sorry I really couldn't tell the difference~

  • Felixkeeg
    Felixkeeg 17 days ago

    She looks like 65

  • Jesper Danielsson
    Jesper Danielsson 18 days ago

    No hate on tesla as EV fans will think
    But its not the most technologically advanced car by any means what so ever

  • ArabianCamels
    ArabianCamels 18 days ago

    So is this a documentary of an old Estonian woman illegally driving a Tesla?

  • InkDropFalls
    InkDropFalls 20 days ago

    the cars will be flying soon she says ...and driver smile says it alll ...Like yea we been promised those when we were kids, still waiting for those ..
    Flying cars was the biggest dream breaker for kids born in 70s and on

  • WeedMIC
    WeedMIC 22 days ago

    That is not russian

  • Who Zaskin
    Who Zaskin 22 days ago

    Real cars have 3 pedals. Anything else is nothing more than a necessary utility box.

  • The Boosted Life
    The Boosted Life 22 days ago

    Did any one else notice the curbed wheels

  • SigmaTV
    SigmaTV 22 days ago

    "Just like my Mosktvish"
    Soviet cars are better than a Tesla.

  • NICK smith
    NICK smith 23 days ago

    Please don't drive on the road. JUST DIE

  • Blaze Clarke
    Blaze Clarke 23 days ago

    Technically the Tesla isn't an automatic. It doesn't have any gears to change.

  • Blue Wizz
    Blue Wizz 23 days ago

    So you motherfucker wanna make the granma trade her BEAUTIFUL red classic Moskwich for your electric piece of crap... Hm.

  • yvonne squadrilli
    yvonne squadrilli 24 days ago

    i am 77 an wish to have a tesla car

  • yvonne squadrilli
    yvonne squadrilli 24 days ago

    she is wonderful

  • Mxlan
    Mxlan 25 days ago

    I'm floored by the state her old car is kept in. The engine bay looks so clean.

  • DerecMathew O
    DerecMathew O Month ago

    Rip to the motorcyclist she killed making this video

  • Terminator Baby
    Terminator Baby Month ago

    Grandma thinks on future

  • Ukraine James
    Ukraine James Month ago

    Feels good man

    VITKO MUSIC Month ago

    I realised its braliuka from Estonia after seeing post soviet Era baltic buildings ;)

  • Abraham Lincoln
    Abraham Lincoln Month ago

    Good man Allah bles you you are nice person to old people.

  • nobody
    nobody Month ago

    i can only hope i get to drive some space car when i m 92

  • Tomasz Kasperczyk
    Tomasz Kasperczyk Month ago +1

    Musk should change the marketing strategy and include the "it's just like your Moskvitsh" phrase ;D

  • Pienimusta
    Pienimusta Month ago +1

    Would rather take 30 year old soviet car than a Tesla.
    Tesla will fall into pieces after a week as they already do, that soviet car is running another +50 years and you can repair it with duct tape.

  • Normund
    Normund Month ago +1

    ''I'm going to buy this'' Good luck with that, maybe you'll afford it when your license expires

  • Tech help portal
    Tech help portal Month ago

    What are the speaking

  • John K
    John K Month ago +1

    The seat is too far back and too low - she can barely see the road

  • Bracelet Guy
    Bracelet Guy Month ago

    Take her license

  • catman88
    catman88 Month ago +1

    She looks so happy! That's awesome that you did that for her. She seems like a really nice woman.

  • Gh0styPlayZ
    Gh0styPlayZ Month ago

    it should not be allowed for her to own a driving license anymore

  • - Kachinski
    - Kachinski 2 months ago

    "this is smartphone on wheels!"

  • thicc
    thicc 2 months ago

    1.3 mil views, 1.8k subs

  • Lo']['uZ
    Lo']['uZ 2 months ago

    Ill be staying clear of that fuckin city.

  • Barry Weaver
    Barry Weaver 2 months ago +1

    What a beautiful woman

  • searchoverload8
    searchoverload8 2 months ago +1

    I'll take her old car!

  • TK
    TK 2 months ago

    such an amazing person

  • TK
    TK 2 months ago

    minu töö maa täälä vide valve

  • MeAdrian
    MeAdrian 2 months ago

    She’s in amazing shape and spirit for a 92 year old! God bless her. ❤️

  • MrZillas
    MrZillas 2 months ago

    She has never driven automatic. She cannot see the mirror. She does not know how to use the indicator. She is 92 years old. She knows only 40 hp. Now give her a 700hp electric car.

  • un11verse11
    un11verse11 2 months ago

    Love this lady..I hope shes well

  • mopo     ucco
    mopo ucco 2 months ago

    kuulostaa pikkase suomelt:D
    niiku sen kuuluuki

  • Double G Gaming
    Double G Gaming 2 months ago

    She probably dated Nikola Tesla

  • ap4709pk
    ap4709pk 2 months ago

    God bless her, she drives a stick shift.

  • Johannes
    Johannes 2 months ago

    How the fuck do you pass your driving test when you don't check your side mirrors. What a public endangerment.

  • vince furchill
    vince furchill 2 months ago

    Old people should not drive it sounds like u are teaching a 13 yr old how to drive unsuccessfully. This video is too cringey

  • Nick Drake
    Nick Drake 2 months ago

    Her teeth look pretty clean for a 92 year old and she has too much makup around her eyes lol. 92 naaaaaaa?

  • Jeff Morse
    Jeff Morse 2 months ago

    I'm 58. I know that in 25 or 30 years self driving cars will be perfected. Look how far they've come just in the last five years. Hopefully it'll help me stay independent.

  • Minnesota Wild fan
    Minnesota Wild fan 2 months ago

    Well have fun paying insurance for it lol

  • The Child From Venus
    The Child From Venus 2 months ago

    In America a 92 year-old can't drive!!!

  • Games, Simulatoren and More

    i think she thought hee is doing advertising :D i will buy it, ok i will take it, ok I buy it , stop now :D :D

  • Level 99
    Level 99 3 months ago

    now tell her about all the electrical problems the model X has

  • J. L
    J. L 3 months ago

    Wow I never realised that Estonian language had so many finnish words.

    ALWAYZN2U 3 months ago

    👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍YOU GO GRANNY....... I LOVE THIS !!!!!

    GETREAL! 3 months ago

    This idiot fuck head should have adjust the car sit first do the poor old lady can sit comfortable, what an idiot

  • Mike Hydropneumatic
    Mike Hydropneumatic 3 months ago

    Great video,
    Very cool she took the Tesla for a drive.
    Drove a Model X100D once and I know what kind of rocket it can be!
    I hope Roosi enjoys this video in good health.
    Greetings from The Netherlands.

  • I Love Prophet Muhammad

    Great Grandma

  • Ryan Stewart
    Ryan Stewart 3 months ago

    92 year-young*

  • mocha chiller
    mocha chiller 3 months ago

    She’s so cute, I want to adopt her

  • Zan Yarborough
    Zan Yarborough 3 months ago

    That was so cool watching an older person drive a modern car for the first time. She did great, without an accident. I look forward to automated cars driving people around who can't drive due to a physical handicap or something? They could get around without much help from other people or wait for someone to help them etc. I hope, car automation improve and becomes the norm soon.

  • Max Jefferison
    Max Jefferison 3 months ago

    5:04 I thought they crashed for a second

  • Mohamed Abdouni
    Mohamed Abdouni 3 months ago

    Awesome video!

  • Lil Swagga
    Lil Swagga 3 months ago

    am i trippin or does she have beard?

  • Chevifier
    Chevifier 3 months ago

    Why the hell did he tell her to floor the brake pedal? Im confused lmfao

  • Ramensnail Productions
    Ramensnail Productions 3 months ago

    Does babushka drive a Lada?

  • Edgar Heredia
    Edgar Heredia 3 months ago

    60 years driving and she's 92?? She didn't drive untill she was 32 wtf.

  • Maxim Maximov
    Maxim Maximov 3 months ago

    Москвич, легендарная советская машина!

  • Anna Sullivan
    Anna Sullivan 3 months ago

    she’s so cute I love her

  • James Bond
    James Bond 3 months ago

    I need that Moscvich!!!

  • Sander Võsu
    Sander Võsu 3 months ago

    ooh Estonians!

  • Cripsy
    Cripsy 3 months ago

    She is cool

  • yscb1
    yscb1 3 months ago

    you couldn't raise the seat for her?

  • Lovejazz01
    Lovejazz01 3 months ago

    She’s so young looking for a 92 year old, I’m glad she got to drive a car of the future in her lifetime!

    ALPER COSKUNER 3 months ago

    "just like my moskvitsh, what is the difference?"
    in fact she didn't get impress enough they expected, the attitude she has is very normal cos she look is looking at the point according to her needs. this is what most of us cant do in (so-called) modern world.

  • mattbod
    mattbod 3 months ago

    She’s lovely bless her.

  • Momo Fighter
    Momo Fighter 3 months ago +2

    Old People shouldn't drive!!

  • Unboxing Sve
    Unboxing Sve 3 months ago

    I don`t think so she will take it when you tell her the price of that overpriced EV

  • Flames
    Flames 3 months ago +1

    I’m glad she at least got to use the most technological car way ahead of her time. I hope this is me before my death

  • geniegogo
    geniegogo 3 months ago

    seat height adjustment, steering wheel adjustment, mirrors adjustment. Make sure she can reach the brake pedal easily and she would have enjoyed the test drive much better. You're supposed to show her how to adjust those, I'm sure they were all power adjusted except the rear view mirror. Why are you exploiting a 92 year old woman?

  • Kris Zalameda
    Kris Zalameda 3 months ago

    The camera getting pushed back seemed like she actually hit something lol.. Cute lady :)

  • Flax
    Flax 3 months ago

    She says I will buy this one. I don't think she realise it cost around 100.000 dollars

  • Dodge Challenger
    Dodge Challenger 3 months ago

    Drives like her soviet era car, Ebone Mulet needs to step his game up

  • Tom lovelace
    Tom lovelace 3 months ago


  • Isabelle Laanemaa-Paskov


  • Isabelle Laanemaa-Paskov

    Omg I no that language omg I’m shook

  • iannickCZ
    iannickCZ 4 months ago

    I think we won't fly "with cars" at least 100 years.

  • Love God
    Love God 4 months ago

    Give gramma the x u scum..
    That girl was amazing

  • PloxyGames
    PloxyGames 4 months ago

    she is from finland

    • J. L
      J. L 3 months ago

      Lol no she is estonian.

  • cerise ps4
    cerise ps4 4 months ago

    Génial la mamie tesla .
    Respect ♡

  • Твойй Хозяинн

    Великолепное видео!дай ей бог долгих лет в уме и здравии!

  • Esaie Rodrigues
    Esaie Rodrigues 4 months ago

    I love her

  • Thomas Smith
    Thomas Smith 4 months ago

    cool old russian granny!!

  • This is Patrick !
    This is Patrick ! 4 months ago

    Is she speaking finland?