92 year-old Roosi gets to drive a Tesla Model X: "I'll take it!"

  • Published on Nov 3, 2017
  • 92 year old Roosi from Tallinn, Estonia is probably the oldest actively driving lady in the country. Until now, she has only driven soviet era cars in her life, her current car is 43 years old Moskvich.
    She is so awesome in her driving skills and general attitude, so we decided to take her for a ride in a Tesla Model X - something from the future compared to her Moskvich.
    Made by Geenius Meedia
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  • Debrian *
    Debrian * Hour ago

    I’m sorry but she should not be driving at that age. Imagine her reflexes if something happened in front of her. She would not react in time. I’m sorry but anyone over 80-85 should not be driving

  • AgentJustE
    AgentJustE 9 hours ago

    If she would take this Tesla, I would take her driving license

  • Pookie c:
    Pookie c: 10 hours ago

    1:59 Stop it! SHE deserves better

  • Liam Holford
    Liam Holford Day ago

    ya gonna have it back in a couple years

  • Kwitz King
    Kwitz King 2 days ago

    She was alive since slavery....

  • Daniele Regoli
    Daniele Regoli 2 days ago

    Anyone thinking the red Moskvitch is actually cooler than the Tesla?.. :-)

  • StealthyMonk
    StealthyMonk 4 days ago

    Roosi has a fine head of _hair_

  • Selur91
    Selur91 4 days ago

    The seat is so badly positioned that it's dangerous, I don't doubt that this women can drive, but I totally doubt that she will be able to drive well when half of its view it's totally obscured.

  • Rullvard
    Rullvard 4 days ago +1

    I don't know why, but

    I just love old people!

  • Alphan Urus
    Alphan Urus 4 days ago

    ITS CUTE no its NoT

  • Ultimate dab gaming And more

    5:04 when you realize it’s Sunday at 11:00PM

  • Old Hollywood- NBC Mr. Hahn

    Very good video... I'm 96 and drive a few times a week. 2018 Chevy Spark. I do wear glasses when driving.. From Los Angeles California USA 🇺🇸
    Thank you
    Mr. Hahn

  • Spalding1250
    Spalding1250 5 days ago

    Thank you Roosi, very cool!

  • sidehatch69 -
    sidehatch69 - 6 days ago

    That rusian car is auwsome

  • Eric Kamov
    Eric Kamov 7 days ago

    Roosi's _definitely_ my kind'a gal!!! - So happy for her to get to try out the 'future' in this Tesla! (I reckon Elon has watched this!😉) - Sooo good of that younger guy to do this for the remarkable ol' lady! Tons of kudos!🤟⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

  • YodaVon .VaderWalker

    She is a cutie. Glad they did not engage the ludicrous speed

  • smileandlaughs
    smileandlaughs 9 days ago

    She'll die of shock when she see the price of that Tesla.

  • Teresa Navarro
    Teresa Navarro 9 days ago


  • Eduardo Jardim
    Eduardo Jardim 9 days ago

    She is So Cute, If I were Rich I would give one to her... I miss ma Gramma...

  • panolias pave
    panolias pave 9 days ago

    As a Finn I love the Estonian language. There is so many things I recognize but it still sounds so distant. I imagine that this is what it feels like when you understand a little Finland but then go to Rauma and listen to their dialect.

  • Daniel Blaney
    Daniel Blaney 9 days ago

    The build quality is about the same as an old Soviet car as well.

  • Peter XYZ
    Peter XYZ 9 days ago

    There’s life in her eyes!!!!! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼. She ain’t old, she’s just getting started!

  • Asher Lopez Sioson
    Asher Lopez Sioson 11 days ago

    This is a Geenius idea

  • Cim
    Cim 11 days ago

    I'm sure Tesla loves to hear their car feels like 1950s Pobeda. That's probably what they were going for when designing it. :P

  • Kenneth Witte
    Kenneth Witte 11 days ago

    I dont think she understood what handsfree is, probably tought you were trying to be funny

  • Lazengogh
    Lazengogh 13 days ago

    She's not impressed. Just acting. She has seen how slow prop planes turned into mach 2 planes, seen people going to the moon. And you are trying to impress her with a car that has ipad attached to it. :) SHE lived thru the actual time of progress and technological leaps.

  • Tankrit Kiddo
    Tankrit Kiddo 15 days ago

    she's a sweetheart 🤗🤗🤗

  • pohmakas33
    pohmakas33 16 days ago

    Well, lets hope she makes it to 2020, so she can test drive the Roadster and drag race it...

  • 2k_Snip3r
    2k_Snip3r 17 days ago

    She checks her oil!

  • katdrake21
    katdrake21 18 days ago

    Ah, the old taking on the new like a champ, well-done ma'am.

  • GamingWithNick1029
    GamingWithNick1029 18 days ago +1

    Guy: "Press on the accelerator, HARD"
    Woman: **questions life by facial expression after pedal went down**

  • myles Kawasaki kx85
    myles Kawasaki kx85 18 days ago

    You should get get one

  • Oscar_FML
    Oscar_FML 19 days ago

    What not eating gmos does to you

  • bimmersavvy
    bimmersavvy 20 days ago

    Nordic stamina - 40 years of experience driving soviet “tanks”. I’m sure she still can kick ass in Tesla, once she is comfy with ludicrous mode...
    Good bless!

  • Gangster Banana
    Gangster Banana 20 days ago

    She looks like logan paul

  • Petrol Key Planet
    Petrol Key Planet 20 days ago +1

    She have driven Manual for 60 years and someone offers her an automatic

  • sebastian rosanthan
    sebastian rosanthan 20 days ago


  • Shpetim H4veri
    Shpetim H4veri 21 day ago

    3:42 risky ☝️🧐

  • Hailey Mew
    Hailey Mew 21 day ago

    *leaves the blinker on*, yup lol

  • redblöck
    redblöck 21 day ago

    In 43 years the Tesla will be long gone

  • CommanderTaco
    CommanderTaco 21 day ago

    The older car is still better

  • Hassan Khan
    Hassan Khan 22 days ago

    That's the worst looking model x ever

  • ilyn Payne
    ilyn Payne 22 days ago

    Hahah grandma does know her way around cars

  • Ajoo 129
    Ajoo 129 22 days ago +1

    At least she didn't filled it with gas like an US girl

  • tihzho
    tihzho 22 days ago

    If you see the back end of a Tesla poking out of a Walgreens, well you know who was driving.

  • Clorax Bleach
    Clorax Bleach 23 days ago

    Why does the beginning of the video remind me of bangcouchx on pornhub?

  • Can i get 50 million subs by doing nothing? U know

    5:04, this is the most akward/cringe moment I ever saw on the internet

  • bigfreak1990
    bigfreak1990 23 days ago

    She has to look left and right with her head not eyes, very dangerous...

  • Verus
    Verus 23 days ago

    wtf kik her ass out the car to daneros!

  • editingparadise -
    editingparadise - 23 days ago

    She gon boujee

  • 10,000 Subscribers without video

    Mate: yeah you can push that for the mirrors.
    Grandma: Ok
    Mate: nooo thats revers........
    Car: fuck

  • CaptainKitty
    CaptainKitty 23 days ago

    Old people..

  • Catalin Duciuc
    Catalin Duciuc 23 days ago +1

    The Tesla is driving her

  • Jura's bank
    Jura's bank 23 days ago

    *our car

  • Elmmrj
    Elmmrj 23 days ago

    92 years old bitch driving , that's negligent , they have killed a lot of children's , fucking old pigs .

  • Prateek Pathak
    Prateek Pathak 23 days ago

    Her seat is not set right!

  • Melody//Gacha
    Melody//Gacha 23 days ago +1

    This is risk taking because you have to stop driving at the age 75 or less because when you get that old, your body becomes weaker and it gets harder to drive.

  • The BJ
    The BJ 23 days ago

    Sooo... Tesla X is like Moskvich? That's a bad introduction for their new super modern car.

  • Miro Sukunimi
    Miro Sukunimi 24 days ago

    This is funny to listen you speaking bcs im from Finland!

  • Julius Caesar Playz
    Julius Caesar Playz 24 days ago


  • LonelyDarkness
    LonelyDarkness 24 days ago +1

    now, she can rest in pease

  • Kyle Maes
    Kyle Maes 24 days ago

    Technologically advanced? Mmm ive been in all the teslas and i would say far from advanced. I am much more impressed with an Alpina B7 which costs only a bit more.
    However it is a great car

  • Redline Reggie
    Redline Reggie 24 days ago

    Ludicrous mode?

  • cristofer arro
    cristofer arro 24 days ago

    who is estonian?

  • Morgy Bellissima
    Morgy Bellissima 24 days ago +1

    Fantastic woman

  • MarioLoco03
    MarioLoco03 24 days ago

    damn I want to know what her diet consisted of. She is doing great for 92.

  • Nelson Ahlvik
    Nelson Ahlvik 24 days ago

    She is finnish!!!

  • Orbit Corkra
    Orbit Corkra 24 days ago

    God Bless Her. I'm happy that she got to feel what the future is like.

  • Solar Mass
    Solar Mass 24 days ago

    This sounds so dumb cuz I'm finnish

  • MrKassu
    MrKassu 24 days ago


  • si Spring
    si Spring 24 days ago

    92 and in such a good shape - respect.

  • Yeah baby Yeah
    Yeah baby Yeah 24 days ago

    92 years of age and smile like a kid :)

  • effyleven
    effyleven 24 days ago

    Nice lady! ☺ 92 years young!

  • Stop Teoriom Spiskowym

    the face of Tesla

  • Rayan Agarm
    Rayan Agarm 24 days ago

    Clean und hood mosavich

  • Steve Dhi
    Steve Dhi 24 days ago

    wonderful woman

  • Zhou Zay
    Zhou Zay 25 days ago

    DO THE DANCe mODE111

  • Amjees 147
    Amjees 147 25 days ago

    Mina Kaa Oskan Eesti Keelt

  • rad
    rad 25 days ago

    LOL she couldnt care less....

  • Eksuttaja
    Eksuttaja 25 days ago

    Speak finland?

  • Kaspar Ahtiainen
    Kaspar Ahtiainen 25 days ago

    Shes Estonian

  • a guy
    a guy 25 days ago

    I was expecting to Valentino Rossi in disguise scaring someone in the tesla lol

  • Robert
    Robert 25 days ago

    It's a count down till this old hag kills someone

  • Random Slavic Guy
    Random Slavic Guy 25 days ago

    I love soviet engineerings

  • Will B
    Will B 25 days ago

    1:05 ok that's a bit too bold of a statement

  • alex derpy racc
    alex derpy racc 26 days ago

    Would be cool if some day this car would correct human errors when driving like it will turn off the blinkers automatically after you switched lanes and lane correction so it steers itself back to the center of the lane when you swirl out a bit

  • Ameenk Chanel
    Ameenk Chanel 26 days ago

    Boooom crashes boom crazyrussianhacker booom

  • Sean M
    Sean M 27 days ago

    2018: There will be flying cars in the future

    Read More

  • MrWhoevr
    MrWhoevr 27 days ago

    We should all chip in and get her a used Mazda Miata convertible. I bet she’d like to drive around with the top down.

  • Ilias Ifantis
    Ilias Ifantis 27 days ago

    thers a killer on the road!

  • Alex Dorman
    Alex Dorman 27 days ago

    Man, she looks and sounds 80 not 92. Killer genes!

  • Aaron Bays
    Aaron Bays 27 days ago

    I'm still a "young'n" at age 34, but man age has always been a number for me. You are only as old as you feel, act, and live your life. Age is more of a mindset than anything IMO. I've known people who are 80 years+ old who live a much more active and healthy life than working men in their 50's.
    Also kind of crazy that there are people in this world still daily driving 30+ year old Soviet cars with designs that date back to the 1950's/60's, even then they weren't considered cutting edge when the design was new.

  • Matias Laitinen
    Matias Laitinen 28 days ago

    ookko nää virolainen

  • The Hylander
    The Hylander 28 days ago

    Her hair isn't even grey, she's nowhere near ready to die.

  • Sharad Upadhyay
    Sharad Upadhyay 29 days ago

    You should have increased the seat height before giving the car to her. And also told her to not correct the steering, as she would do in cars with older suspension setup.

  • Joseph Wallace
    Joseph Wallace 29 days ago

    Just like moskvitc lol too funny.

  • Tobin Tibu
    Tobin Tibu 29 days ago

    Better keep Kyle the Cougar Champ far away

  • gunmetal
    gunmetal Month ago

    'It's just like my Moskvitch'
    Suuuuure it is

  • Three Big F's Fake News, Fake Food,Fake World

    Her old car she could take care of things herself but a computer car breaks down ? Going to coast money