KFC Blocks Our Video

  • Published on Apr 20, 2019
  • Copyright is out of control and the big companies need to be held liable #kfc #kfd
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  • h3h3Productions
    h3h3Productions  4 months ago +6969

    Please enjoy our podcast that Colonel D-bag removed:

    • Mikey K. O.
      Mikey K. O. 3 days ago

      h3h3Productions D-bag colonel sanders looks like markiplier when he hits 80

    • AmphibiousTurtle
      AmphibiousTurtle 2 months ago

      h3h3Productions I fully agree I watch a lot of TVclip and this is a common theme not just TVclip but the company’s need too fix the system so people like me can watch in peace without copyright up the creators ass

    • KFC
      KFC 2 months ago +1

      I don't appreciate this

    • Simse The Bepis lover
      Simse The Bepis lover 3 months ago


    • TheCityGuy
      TheCityGuy 3 months ago

      Kentucky Fried Dicks

  • Trey Ayy
    Trey Ayy 5 hours ago

    Kill For Copyrights

  • Mo
    Mo 11 hours ago

    "I'm supposed to be pastovered but I'm *pissed off* "

  • Thick boi Walsh
    Thick boi Walsh 3 days ago

    Project KFUD KF ultra douchebag

  • Mangomart13
    Mangomart13 3 days ago +1

    Who eats kfc lol

  • Doggo
    Doggo 4 days ago

    I couldn’t take Ethan seriously with that hat.

  • Scarlet G. Cortes
    Scarlet G. Cortes 4 days ago

    Umg is such a joke today.

  • Agah
    Agah 4 days ago

    we don't have kfc here in italy...

  • Tucker 89
    Tucker 89 5 days ago

    KFC blocked my colon

  • Berk Karşı
    Berk Karşı 5 days ago

    7:14 I missed Ethan's coughs 😂 I hope he does it more

  • Samuel Schumacher
    Samuel Schumacher 5 days ago

    i couldn't hear a world he said cause of that Bob Ross painting.

  • DanHarkless ﴾Halloween videos, YTPs, & more﴿

    Ethan: "I'M PULLING MY ADS!"
    Actually, TVclip should really implement the ability for creators to block certain advertisers from showing ads on their monetized videos - turnabout is fair play!

  • Dharshan Lakha
    Dharshan Lakha 6 days ago

    Kidney nutz

  • Aliya Ilyasova
    Aliya Ilyasova 6 days ago

    got KFC ad before this video lol wth

  • Blisterybrush86 Yo momma

    Screw kfc.

  • Zarin Goodson
    Zarin Goodson 7 days ago +1


  • Drunkefox
    Drunkefox 7 days ago

    used to love kfc, ima have to think twice everytime im hungry now, maybe ill go to wendys


    That Bob Ross pic fuks my head!


    That sweater is everything!

  • Zander Schoonbrood
    Zander Schoonbrood 9 days ago

    I want that shirt ethan

  • Luke de Shnuke
    Luke de Shnuke 9 days ago

    Does anyone know where to get the sweater Ethan is wearing?

  • aceysaid10percent
    aceysaid10percent 10 days ago

    Found a feather last time, never again.

  • dennismaryanski
    dennismaryanski 10 days ago

    It genuinely took me a minute to notice his menorah hat

  • Dr.Félixou !
    Dr.Félixou ! 12 days ago +2

    Hey hey there,gotta bucket of chicken wanna do it

  • Jan H
    Jan H 12 days ago

    classic h3 video

  • Nathan Schultz
    Nathan Schultz 13 days ago +2

    Me: watches this video
    TVclip: gives me a kfc add on the next video I watch
    Me: wtf

  • William Russell
    William Russell 13 days ago

    Done! No more KFC peeps

  • Kelsey Barton
    Kelsey Barton 14 days ago


  • Hydrophoria
    Hydrophoria 14 days ago

    I thought ur dad was kfc

  • Risky Whiskey
    Risky Whiskey 15 days ago



  • Gas mask Lad
    Gas mask Lad 18 days ago


  • Christopher Robles Serrano

    Date released: April 20th Nice

  • petpillow
    petpillow 19 days ago


    I TRIGGER PEOPLE 20 days ago +1

    6:13 When you see someone you can't stand

  • Ratsquid
    Ratsquid 21 day ago

    Been boycotting kfc for years, shareholders are members of extremist groups so your chicken money funds terrorism

  • Star Farts
    Star Farts 24 days ago

    Maybe if KFC sold acai bowls instead of gross ass chicken I'd actually eat there

  • Bees
    Bees 24 days ago

    Where the fuck did you get your hat i need one

  • hey that's pretty good

    Popeyes Is a million times better

  • TheRaive
    TheRaive 25 days ago

    Ultra more Like Shitra Im I Right

  • Joshua Charnes
    Joshua Charnes 25 days ago


  • what me!?
    what me!? 25 days ago

    KfDs NutZ

  • DarkMegatronius
    DarkMegatronius 25 days ago

    KFC needs to bring back the f***ing restaurant to whitewater

  • Liam_Love_Donuts
    Liam_Love_Donuts 27 days ago +1

    You shuld make a new account and claming you own videos and then you will just get all the ad money

    1000 IQ 🔥💯💯🔥

  • thương Nguyễn hoài

    Co ai nguoi viet ko cho 1❤️

  • Ryan Ranger
    Ryan Ranger 29 days ago

    This guy always had a face that bugged me, then I find out he has minor Tourette’s. So I’m thinking it’s entirely plausible I’m seeing something I dislike in myself....

  • Noah Gay
    Noah Gay 29 days ago

    Popeyes better anyway 😂

  • Sneaker X3
    Sneaker X3 29 days ago


  • slapypenguins101
    slapypenguins101 Month ago

    KFC doesnt sell chicken nuggets, they sell some shit low quality chicken tho.

  • steve greiver
    steve greiver Month ago

    my grandma said she met corenol sanders or something i didnt hear the whole story but she had talked to him, and she was good friends with him it was a long time ago tho i wish i could heard it again

  • shshsh shshsh
    shshsh shshsh Month ago

    I'm an angry commenter if anyone would like to argue

  • xSilas
    xSilas Month ago

    This is why Popeyes is better

  • Chris Conaway
    Chris Conaway Month ago

    Bro, that's so obviously Marshmello. He has a distinct style that no other DJ matches. Go watch the set. He's wearing the full Marshmello outfit aside from the helmet. They didn't even really try to hide that it was Marshmello. Come on guys. It was probably Marshmello that had Ultra claim it. Naive morons lol

  • STONEDay
    STONEDay Month ago

    KFC polishes turds and tries to sell them as truffles.

  • STONEDay
    STONEDay Month ago

    Why am I just seeing this? Oh, you posted it on 4:20.

  • Wheres theovenmit
    Wheres theovenmit Month ago +1

    When your dad is so mad he runs out of breath while he yells. Ily dad

  • VortX Official
    VortX Official Month ago +1

    KFC didn’t block it, Ultra Music Festival TV did

  • MrTwisted
    MrTwisted Month ago

    You forgot to mention their shady marketing practices (that most businesses are following now-a-days): As their prices have gone up, their portions, customer service, and cleanliness have dropped considerably over the last decade.
    Last time I bought food there (which was more than 5 yrs ago), it was one of their 'meals' that showed a picture of a nice looking full plate of food: couple nice pieces of chicken with mashed taters n gravy , some slaw, and a couple biscuits on the side (in the pic the chicken made up half the plate and the 2 sides the other)... and what I got was almost half a plate of what looked like a mess of food slapped onto the plate that looked disgusting: Two withered pieces of falling apart chicken with no meat, a couple bites of rubbery taters n gravy, a bite of warm slaw, and two cold (but still fluffy) biscuits 'on' the plate (I guess to make it look like more?). After yelling at them for their terrible quality control I was offered another piece of broken chicken with still no meat on it (which she personally picked as their best piece), so I then complained of their poor customer service. I swear, it's almost like the chicken had the meat ripped off of it before it was battered, abused, and fried. Yes, because every piece had a broken bone or few, like it was stepped on, in more ways than one. I have not eaten there since.
    Luckily I can get my Fried Chicken Fix from the deli of my grocery store... for a lot less, and it's much better.

  • Mitch Alexander
    Mitch Alexander Month ago

    WHY have I JUST found this channel?!

  • Jake X
    Jake X Month ago

    It’s better this mass animal abusing company gets less attention honestly.

  • Smokey Joe
    Smokey Joe Month ago

    Chill out. It's just a prank, bro.