Americans & Thai People Swap Snacks

  • Published on Mar 23, 2019
  • "Squid?!"
    Special thanks to the Thai Student Association at UCLA

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    Thailand Flag. Seamless Looping Animation. 4K High Definition Video
    pop_jop/Getty Images
    Seamless USA Flag waving in wind detailed fabric texture. American Flag Waving
    Taigashots/Getty Images
    Thai Student Association at UCLA
    Rachel Forrest
    Nawaphan "Cartoon" Watanasirisuk
    Sarocha "Mook" Thongpracum
    Petey Plastic

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  • Joe Banerjee
    Joe Banerjee 19 hours ago

    @2:53.. Anybody care for some Lee Moan please?? 😁

  • Marquise DeShaw-Injustice

    I absolutely love mook' voice so sweet almost therapeutic

  • (Katherine) Katherine Wong

    The Thai girl is sooo correct I live in Thailand and I have a friend that has so much snacks in her bag I call it a fridge

  • Dark Shibe
    Dark Shibe 6 days ago

    Mook is adorableee💞💞

  • Gift and my friend Trakoonworapanya

    I dont like the girl in black shirt and white jacket and the boy who is in pink jacket

  • annexsunriseshimmer
    annexsunriseshimmer 11 days ago

    The guy reminds of a girl I went to high school with. Let's say she was not very nice learning about ppl from different cultures. I now find her super annoying and uncultured. Smh.

  • Tristan & Nixon
    Tristan & Nixon 13 days ago

    I’m the best of all these. I’m Filipino. Thai. Lao. And America

  • Casie Bluez3
    Casie Bluez3 18 days ago +1

    As someone who is from both Thailand and America, it was a satisfying video to watch-

  • Mike H
    Mike H 20 days ago

    I agree with all the comments about the guy with the pink jacket. I don’t know if buzzfeed will take them into account buuut if they do I ask to please make sure the employees are respectful when doing things involving other countries and cultures because it does come across very rude and off putting when they are. I love this idea though! It’s a great opportunity to learn and understand another culture and in many ways connect. Why use people who will talk poorly?

  • Oscar Song
    Oscar Song 20 days ago

    "It tastes like the seasoning on cajun fries" my dude are u stooopid

  • ivandri love
    ivandri love 21 day ago

    Okay but why is everyone saying that the guy with pink jacket is rude and annoying? I really don't see that

  • จักรพรรณ นามโตคร


    ITZ_BERRYツ 23 days ago

    Any thai comments

  • Luuxyy
    Luuxyy 23 days ago

    American & Vietnamese Swap Snacks next pls :3

  • Jorie Clark
    Jorie Clark 23 days ago


  • Santiago Reveco Lepe Reborn

    Who's here because of Anne Boonchuy from Amphibia?

  • •Honey Boba•
    •Honey Boba• 24 days ago +1


    • •Honey Boba•
      •Honey Boba• 24 days ago

      Also I was quite offended about the guy with the pink because the squid sticks are pretty great

  • Turtle Who loves watermelon

    That’s guys didn’t annoy me

  • Hanaan Abbasi
    Hanaan Abbasi 28 days ago

    That mexican girl is a snacc

  • vanida songvilay
    vanida songvilay Month ago

    Why is squid so surprising to people? Lol it’s good

  • Kasidee Aliyah
    Kasidee Aliyah Month ago +1

    😂 I love Mook she is so cute lol I don’t know why 😂 😂 😆

  • cryptic
    cryptic Month ago

    @peteyplastic i see you brooo!!!

  • Potato Tomato
    Potato Tomato Month ago

    “I lived in New York where they have the best food.”
    Everywhere else in the US: *laughs*

  • Emma Springstead
    Emma Springstead Month ago

    I love me some Thai snacks 🇹🇭 🇩🇪 the snacks are my childhood and I love them a bit more than American snacks. Thai snacks bring back soooo many memories ❤.

  • Alexandra Kate
    Alexandra Kate Month ago

    My mom loves to snack and she's thai😊

  • Mr. Ching Chong Chang


  • Rere Isme
    Rere Isme Month ago

    love the videos

  • milkyay
    milkyay Month ago

    I am Thai and french... so i kinda ate spicy squird 😂😂😂 i was like 🥵🥵🥵

  • Fluff Dj
    Fluff Dj Month ago

    “Remember to keep comments respectful” 😐 bullying in the comments.

  • Kira Martin
    Kira Martin Month ago

    I’m Thai :D

  • Sailor Mxxoon
    Sailor Mxxoon Month ago


  • Bing Chen
    Bing Chen Month ago

    For a person living in the States for 5 months, her English is very good.

  • slimeybears
    slimeybears Month ago

    i’m THAI

  • hedahennig
    hedahennig Month ago

    the guys voice is so annoying oh my GOD

  • Courtney T
    Courtney T Month ago +2

    No, petey wasnt open minded. But he was honest
    But i absolutely adore mook! What a sweetheart and bless her, i have much respect for her open mindedness as well as her ability to describe food better than most when english isnt even her main language.

  • KillShot Kev
    KillShot Kev Month ago

    You mean Cajun 🧐

  • Jade Isabella
    Jade Isabella Month ago +1

    The guy was just picking faults at everything which I found annoying

  • Viking Wolf
    Viking Wolf Month ago +1

    Ohhh i love biff jerky and Lays BBQ chips.

  • Charles Steier
    Charles Steier 2 months ago

    the only word to describe the dude with the pink jacket is... ew

  • Nla Daylight
    Nla Daylight 2 months ago

    I am Thai but... The thing is... Don't be mad at me

    I don't like Thai food

  • Adam West
    Adam West 2 months ago

    The guy makes me uncomfortable

  • Josephine
    Josephine 2 months ago

    You guys are so rude to the guy, he’s just being honest ffs

  • Melissa Yeasley
    Melissa Yeasley 2 months ago

    What Number does it finish on if you have an emergency call that number

  • Gstar Awesome
    Gstar Awesome 2 months ago

    Did maya fall in makeup ??

  • H4rv3ym1Ik
    H4rv3ym1Ik 2 months ago

    Dunno why all the parrots are cawing about boring and rude when it just sounds like a person reacting to new food on camera. Either these birbs didn't even watch the video, or they just don't like him because he doesn't have boobs, doesn't look like chris hemsworth, and does not talk like OMG ASDQDDF@%^#$.

    JANEMARY VONGDARA 2 months ago

    I want that Bento squid!! They're so good!! 😋🌶️🌶️🦑

  • rachel milutin
    rachel milutin 2 months ago

    I like the spicy squid

  • camas77721
    camas77721 2 months ago

    Cartoon? Is that a traditional name? Maya is a cutie pie.

  • Yuliy
    Yuliy 2 months ago

    I thought this guy was Detox 😂🤷🏻‍♂️

  • xXPinky FoxyXx
    xXPinky FoxyXx 2 months ago

    I'm a Thai-american and I have been to Thailand so many times that most American snacks are in Thailand

  • Tican Sever
    Tican Sever 2 months ago

    Everyone was shook about thai names like 'cartoon' but originial and cute tho
    Edit: the video is 9:11 long, HELLO 911?!?!??@

  • Shinobi Donutz JT
    Shinobi Donutz JT 2 months ago

    Cartoon, omg that’s an awesome name!

  • Rebecca Mendes
    Rebecca Mendes 2 months ago

    i feel mean but i don’t like the guys energy AT ALL and he just found things to complain about. he’s too picky for something like this

  • seniac you fool
    seniac you fool 2 months ago +2


  • David Anthony
    David Anthony 2 months ago


  • FearedZulu
    FearedZulu 2 months ago

    I will snack dis all the tim

  • Op Po
    Op Po 2 months ago

    I'm Cambodian but I eat Thai snacks.

  • Gacha Rose
    Gacha Rose 2 months ago

    I’ve tried all those Thai snacks but not the American one 😅

  • goblinbimbo
    goblinbimbo 2 months ago

    the americans are low key rude

  • Janistar Mcgee
    Janistar Mcgee 2 months ago

    I'm sorry the dude annoyed me so much. Hello fellow Thai people 😊