UNBELIEVABLE and UNEXPECTED Auditions from The X Factor Greece 2019 | X Factor Global

  • Published on Oct 9, 2019
  • The X Factor Greece has brought some serious talent this year. Including auditions of Adele covers to Drake covers, the 2019 contestants SHOCKED the judges with their UNBELIEVABLE auditions. Let us know your favourite audition in the comments below
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Comments • 53

  • Sophie LoveBubble
    Sophie LoveBubble 11 hours ago


  • Ami23 4ever
    Ami23 4ever Day ago

    Pleeeaaaase upload Zoe Michelle bakiri

  • MegaTobins696
    MegaTobins696 9 days ago

    1,5 and 6 were the best ones

  • Wonderlandian
    Wonderlandian 9 days ago +6

    First girl wow, what a stunner in every aspect

    Edit: She is 16 years old!

  • MzClementine
    MzClementine 16 days ago

    First girl can’t touch Carly Rose’s voice... I really wish she had won. This girl doesn’t have it. Bleh... nope!

    ANIMESH KALITA 24 days ago +1

    Love this

    AZANDAE X 27 days ago

    Major difference from the X factor U.S.A. Really lacking soul.

  • Laramie Underwood
    Laramie Underwood 28 days ago

    Who's all from North America?

  • Off The Grid Investigations

    1:40 minutes in I love her she should be a pop star love

  • r r
    r r Month ago +5

    First contestant - a shame they don't credit her name.

    • Maria Kar
      Maria Kar Month ago +1

      Her name is Irini Pericleous

  • Benji Games
    Benji Games Month ago

    Am I early?

  • elizabeth crawford
    elizabeth crawford Month ago +1

    First one was excellent, the rest were just average..I've heard pub singers just as good..

  • Dark flower girl
    Dark flower girl Month ago

    any one from Nepal ?

  • b80
    b80 Month ago

    Dudeskys moves at the end were..umm.....his voice was ok.

  • Vice 19XX
    Vice 19XX Month ago +1

    What was so unexpected from the second girl?

  • Mata Man
    Mata Man Month ago


  • Vinze Greg Santos
    Vinze Greg Santos Month ago

    Hey, guys. Can u help me how to audition for X Factor UK 2020? 😩

  • Itz Furious
    Itz Furious Month ago

    Obi (the guy with the Cornrows) is such a great talented guy and a great personality.. I loved his audition but unfortunately, he didn't make it to the live show..

  • B E C
    B E C Month ago

    Can someone please name the judges?

    • Itz Furious
      Itz Furious Month ago +1

      Michael Tsaousopoulos , Chris Mastoras, Melina Aslanidou, George Theofanous (Their names in English)

  • Eleonora S
    Eleonora S Month ago +2

    Far better quality than the italian one. I've enjoyed listening. Good job

    BAOT FC Month ago +1


  • Savvina M.
    Savvina M. Month ago +2


  • sierra Sargeant
    sierra Sargeant Month ago +1

    She is awesome

  • Nandago Flavia flavius


  • Βασιλικη Αρβανιτη

    Anyone from Greece??🇬🇷

    • Laramie Underwood
      Laramie Underwood 28 days ago

      I'm from America

    • Laramie Underwood
      Laramie Underwood 28 days ago


    • Itz Furious
      Itz Furious Month ago

      Κακως που διωξανε obi και Μαρια.. Κριμα! Αξιζαν και οι 2 να περασουν! Τωρα για τους αλλους δεν ξερω.

  • David Parkinson
    David Parkinson Month ago +1

    I'm not in to these singers much

  • David Parkinson
    David Parkinson Month ago

    What are them judges on lol on the second singer lol

  • Spirit Rin
    Spirit Rin Month ago +1

    133 LIKE

  • Sidelya Aksoy
    Sidelya Aksoy Month ago

    Yay I'm Early

  • Unique_007
    Unique_007 Month ago +7

    She is a Champion
    And, the world is gonna take her name
    Such a heart of fame
    *She is my dear Love* 😘
    I'm a forever true fan no matter even when u grow old.
    I support you from heart 💓

  • Ola Ric
    Ola Ric Month ago +2

    Hey im doing some yt covers i was hoping for someone to check them out and leave a thought ty

  • Beth Ramos
    Beth Ramos Month ago +9

    she's perfect!

  • Fernanda Dias
    Fernanda Dias Month ago +4


  • Rock Squad
    Rock Squad Month ago +1


  • Jaiden Pocoyo
    Jaiden Pocoyo Month ago +7

    Wow there singing is beautiful clap 👏 people love you guys 💖

  • Linda Rimawii
    Linda Rimawii Month ago +2

    Wow...So nice.....Bravo bravo

  • marctan81
    marctan81 Month ago +7

    Wow they are truly talented. 😮😮😮

  • Jake .o
    Jake .o Month ago +3

    I have never been this early

  • zinE
    zinE Month ago


  • Zahar 2006
    Zahar 2006 Month ago

    Earllyyyy!! ❤️💗

  • Carla Pop
    Carla Pop Month ago +1

    Wow thats deep man

  • nena CasBas
    nena CasBas Month ago +16

    OMG have never been this early lol 😎
    First contestant is the full package.. Beautiful face beautiful body and over board talented 😍👌

  • ZeeJ Unicorn
    ZeeJ Unicorn Month ago +4

    Loveeeee this show