Carly Pearce, Lee Brice - I Hope You’re Happy Now (Official Music Video)

  • Published on Nov 20, 2019
  • Music video by Carly Pearce, Lee Brice performing I Hope You’re Happy Now. © 2019 Big Machine Label Group, LLC
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  • Thomas Rutz
    Thomas Rutz 3 hours ago

    Excellent country duo song! Great harmony!

  • John Eason
    John Eason 9 hours ago

    Carly is a heartbreaker!

  • Daycee Caughill
    Daycee Caughill 11 hours ago

    Her best song yet and LEE BRICE???? ALWAYS HELL YES TO LEE BRICE

  • Chantal Orosco
    Chantal Orosco 13 hours ago

    I love this song. Their voices just sound so amazing together. Lee Bryce has such a soulful sound in this song, and who hasn't been here?!

  • chris hickman
    chris hickman 16 hours ago


  • Samantha Smith
    Samantha Smith 16 hours ago

    I listen to this song at least twice a day I love it so much!

  • Addisyn Pearce
    Addisyn Pearce 19 hours ago

    i love this song but it's so sad because when my mom dyed and this song told me to keep going and to never give up on
    my whole life!

  • Tanner Weber
    Tanner Weber Day ago

    I want a part 2 to the video tho

  • Dalal Dia
    Dalal Dia Day ago

    احببكممم موتتت❤️❤️❤️😔😔

  • Justin Vanvalkenburg

    Sounds like at song form 80 90

  • Harsh Jamuar
    Harsh Jamuar 2 days ago

    This video reminds me of We don't talk anymore's video😆

  • Nightmullet 69
    Nightmullet 69 3 days ago

    I think Carly should have done this one on her own

  • Cassidy Lockard
    Cassidy Lockard 3 days ago

    Wow so beautiful

  • Devin Crosby
    Devin Crosby 3 days ago

    Great Track 👍👌😁

  • Carl Steward
    Carl Steward 3 days ago

    She has the best singing voice

  • Imli k Imchen
    Imli k Imchen 3 days ago

    Sad sad song 😢💔

  • postcaptain57
    postcaptain57 4 days ago

    The guy sounds like Marty Raybon. But the rest of it is formula N.Y. city "country" contrived for 7th grade reading level divorced house wives. Stink, Stank, Stunk

  • thaomee lao
    thaomee lao 4 days ago

    I hope u r happy if one day u come across this
    --shoua lee

  • Facundo Garnica
    Facundo Garnica 4 days ago

    Un sonido muy parecido a lo que hacia Kim Richey en los 90s, hermosa canción, digna de los viejos sonidos country, I'M FROM ARGENTINA :)

  • Cornelius Charles
    Cornelius Charles 4 days ago

    Such a beautiful song! This is what distinguishes country music from any other genre. It speaks to your heart and soul

  • mizzthink belle
    mizzthink belle 4 days ago +1

    So.... Are we happy now?? 🤷‍♀️

  • Carolynlee Eaton
    Carolynlee Eaton 4 days ago

    Love ❤️

  • Chris Atan
    Chris Atan 4 days ago

    Love this

  • Jacob Swift
    Jacob Swift 4 days ago

    Lee brice’s vocals are ridiculous

  • Fort Todd
    Fort Todd 5 days ago

    Ive been living a country song life for a while but damn this one hits pretty hard....but ive learned if you play it backwards its not so bad 😄 haha

  • alvin moss
    alvin moss 5 days ago

    Absolutely love this song...even if im at work when this song comes on my radio station i stop and turn it up extra loud

  • Shades Merasty
    Shades Merasty 5 days ago +1

    It a good song and someone broke my heart and I hope he is happy now

  • Tyler Yeaman
    Tyler Yeaman 5 days ago

    This shit's proper sad wtf

  • Myrtie Benton
    Myrtie Benton 5 days ago

    just heard this song on radio last night , love the rthymm and lyrics alike lots of meaning to this

  • Catherine Harris
    Catherine Harris 5 days ago +1

    I just love this song! The first time I heard it I was driving down the road n I was really paying attention to the words and I could relate to the song!

  • William McGoon Jr
    William McGoon Jr 5 days ago

    Just the one that got away, right!

  • David T.
    David T. 6 days ago

    Carly needed some help from Lee Brice, to get a good song, because she's not that good on her own.

  • Juan Mora
    Juan Mora 6 days ago

    This video looks like a "We don't talk anymore" by charlie puth. In other way, the song sound great!

  • ChevyLuv
    ChevyLuv 6 days ago

    I hope you happy now, because if your happy then I’m happy for you!

  • Kellie A
    Kellie A 6 days ago

    I love her voice. She's truly country. The music, lyrics and instruments are real country. All other artists take note.

  • Levi Springer
    Levi Springer 6 days ago

    I hope your happy now that you found some one else, after you ha been cheating for some time..
    after I gave you everything you ever needed, and wanted. the food on the table when you couldn't get none for your damn self,
    the clothing when you didn't have money to get new clothing, the roof over your head when it was raining and snowing
    and had no where else to go other than a damn homeless shelter, and all you could do was wait for the shelter doors to open
    at night when you were so damn cold. you had everything! everything I gave you was from me working my damn ass off
    just to help you get to where you needed to be in life. and we started dating, than you do this shit to me, hope your happy now, Sherry

  • Vincent Chase
    Vincent Chase 6 days ago

    Love this song

  • Idid
    Idid 6 days ago

    I just love duets & these 2 sound great together. This song made me look it up to see who Lee Brice is and found i already know & Like 4 of his songs, but this song, he shines...

  • DEmersonJMFM
    DEmersonJMFM 7 days ago

    This is the kind of country I enjoy most. It really stuck out the first time I heard it on the radio, but I'm only just now finding the video. Perfect.

  • Maribel Garcia
    Maribel Garcia 7 days ago

    Wasted my time I had twins and I adore them little angels it didn't work out and I hope he's happy now , life goes on ladies! ❤💕💞

  • Elizabeth Amrien
    Elizabeth Amrien 7 days ago

    Ouch ...

  • B H
    B H 7 days ago

    I love love love the beat of this song 😍

  • jktowman
    jktowman 7 days ago

    Hard to move one when you made a promise to never be with another........ya apparently that was a on sided statement.

  • subwaysurfer
    subwaysurfer 7 days ago

    Dont get me wrong it’s a great song but damn... the highway plays this every 5 min...

  • Cyndi Stefani
    Cyndi Stefani 7 days ago

    Ohhhhhh my heart 💔

  • MeowTown
    MeowTown 7 days ago

    Sometimes a perfect song comes out at the perfect moment in your life...😥 I was suddenly dumped by my fiance on the day of our wedding.

  • Prince Lewis The Great

    This hits hard 💔

  • Beth Clark
    Beth Clark 8 days ago

    Lee Brice makes this song even more amazing. I love his part and you can hear his heart in it. He's so talented..

  • Gage Schoonover
    Gage Schoonover 8 days ago

    This song awoke part of me that I’ve never seen before. I didn’t know I could see life this way until I heard this song. I truly thank these two artists for coming together and making this song. It’s more deep than meets the eye.

  • Isaiah Dgaf8
    Isaiah Dgaf8 8 days ago

    A part of me will always miss you but” I hope Your Happy Now :) -to my ex

  • Andrew Brown
    Andrew Brown 8 days ago

    Man... I always loved this song, but man it's the writers opened a chapter of my life and put it to music. This music video is almost scene for scene, my story.

  • Tyler Combs
    Tyler Combs 8 days ago

    Super underrated song

  • Sonic Playz
    Sonic Playz 8 days ago

    Imagine If Carley Hit 1,000,000 Subs
    I Would Be So Happy

  • HeadShotSongs
    HeadShotSongs 8 days ago

    Is it just me or do a lot of these country songs all sound alike?

  • Courtney Punter
    Courtney Punter 9 days ago

    I hope the person is happy now that hurt me years ago and I wished I can turn back time and take back all the things that were said between us. But that aren't going to change anytime soon due being as stubborn as each other and Yes I think about them in this song but that only memories of Childhood and people need to stop their he said she said stuff because I'm happy being me now. I hope you are happy now because I'm moving on being me and I know deep down you don't hate me but anyways I hope you're happy now

  • Jared Anthony
    Jared Anthony 9 days ago

    I see kenny n dolly these 2 should keep the duets coming....their voices are so good together

  • Stephenie Nilsen
    Stephenie Nilsen 9 days ago +2

    Carly is so underrated, it's such a shame.

  • Sorcha Sulliavn
    Sorcha Sulliavn 9 days ago

    i love her voice

  • Ed Romz
    Ed Romz 9 days ago

    This is a great song. The actors are excellent. It’s so relevant and pure.

  • Kenny King
    Kenny King 10 days ago

    Would have been fitting to have the guy leaving the bar with the blonde that bought him the drink, danced with him, and gave him her number. Yeah, I say what most people are thinking.