Boeing 777X First Taxi Test

  • Published on Jun 24, 2019
  • Our first #777X flight test airplane made its runway debut! Recently, our teams performed a series of low-speed taxi tests, marking the first time this plane moved on its own power. This is one of many tests before the 777X takes to the skies later this year.
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Comments • 682

  • SeanTheSheep YT
    SeanTheSheep YT 5 days ago

    Too bad its now having engine issues and the cargo door exploded...

  • Yaseen Khan
    Yaseen Khan 5 days ago

    Boeing had shown in its video of introducing the 777X where the engines had chevrons. In the actual aircraft, there are no chevrons. Why?

  • The Manchurian Candidate

    Glorious beast.

  • Simulated Gamer
    Simulated Gamer 9 days ago

    I aint going on a plane with exploding doors

  • Monoplayz
    Monoplayz 9 days ago

    Wait so Boing does plane spotting of their own planes?

  • Dantram GB
    Dantram GB 12 days ago

    All is not well at Boeing, 3 out 3 major issues on 3 new aircraft type/certification is beyond incompetent. For a company that am sure uses the Six Sigma approach in production, the rate of failure should raise alarm bells from all stakeholders. Unfortunately, Boeing cannot be counted as a genuine stakeholders in this case because it seems like the company is only interested after the dollar without regard for human life or safety. Unfortunately, the fault does not lie with Boeing but with managers who have taken over engineering and development decisions away from their talented pool of engineers for profit. The evidence is out there, the battery problems and subsequent fires and grounding of the 787, the MCAS issue currently grounding the 73MAX and the static load test failure on the 77X. All is not well in but I doubt they are having sleepless nights in Seattle.

  • Aramis Karis
    Aramis Karis 13 days ago

    Airbus 👍

    DOLAN RAMS 13 days ago +2

    I hope Garuda Order This Airplane

    ALTARAF YAHYA 13 days ago


    LG THANGER 17 days ago

    i see the B29 XD

  • Hittrewweuy Z
    Hittrewweuy Z 18 days ago

    Is this plane flawed like the 737 ? I will never get on a Boeing aircraft ,Boeing only cares about making money

  • Carsac1 Egekwu
    Carsac1 Egekwu 18 days ago

    I will so fly this plane

  • Julia Winkler
    Julia Winkler 22 days ago

    Boeing is good Airbus is better only the a350 is so good by Boeing is in all Time not Not so good and Boeing has 2018 7 crashes und Airbus 2

  • Jaszmaster
    Jaszmaster 23 days ago +1

    So much excitement just for it to be delayed even longer

  • Glowbeamshine
    Glowbeamshine 29 days ago +1

    After the revolutionary insanely successful (dear to my heart) Boeing 777-300ER, I hope the 777-8X and 9X do even better and take the world of twin wide-bodies to an even higher level. Once the sales take off (pun intended), how soon until certain others start adopting folding wingtips? I'll be watching (and flying)!

  • Ivan Machado
    Ivan Machado Month ago

    Protect yourself! A330 neo fans are coming!

  • paul Parker
    paul Parker Month ago

    Those wingtips will probably fall off in flight !!! Safety first Aye Boeing!!!!!

  • Yaseen Khan
    Yaseen Khan Month ago

    Where are the chevrons on the engines??

  • Sanchez Ramirez
    Sanchez Ramirez Month ago

    Why didnt they change nose shape to be similiar to the 787?

    • SP64
      SP64 20 days ago

      Well it's supposed to be similar to the 777 so it wouldn't make sense if they changed the nose to that of another plane

  • Cold North
    Cold North Month ago

    Beautiful bird

  • RTG The Best
    RTG The Best Month ago +1


    • Phoenix
      Phoenix 12 days ago

      Btw WOW air is gonna be back

    • Phoenix
      Phoenix 12 days ago

      You back it’s been 3 weeks after you reply

    • RTG The Best
      RTG The Best 12 days ago

      Phoenix LoL I don’t play fort in your nuts
      I play Minecraft not like you judging people by game ill play what I like

    • Phoenix
      Phoenix 12 days ago

      My bad

    • ElectroLightGD
      ElectroLightGD 12 days ago

      @Phoenix yeah it wasn't meant towards you

  • Jimmy Kim
    Jimmy Kim Month ago

    Hats off to humans who makes such incredible machines

  • The King
    The King Month ago

    That’s just beautiful

  • Kurt Number1
    Kurt Number1 Month ago

    The 777X was unable to takeoff until 2020 due to engine issues.

  • Cedric De Gala
    Cedric De Gala Month ago

    Looks nice, I wanna be able to ride one in the future, but I have one pressing question. Why are the engine nacelle not chevroned?

  • DarkerMS
    DarkerMS Month ago

    This plane is the backbone of commercial flying. EVERYONE flies the 777. Time for the old bird to get some shiny new parts!

  • Sekou Cisse
    Sekou Cisse Month ago

    777× nice looking aircraft

  • Ali
    Ali Month ago

    boeing's livery is so beautiful

    EARL LACANDAZO Month ago

    0:44 philippine airlines in the background

  • Average Alien
    Average Alien Month ago

    One question, is this still using the old GE90s? I don't see no GEX engines

    • Average Alien
      Average Alien Month ago

      riot yeah that's strange

    • riot
      riot Month ago

      Average Alien yeah these are the new engines. Wondering why the chevrons aren’t there? Me too.

  • robsab20
    robsab20 Month ago

    Ok, but I would never step foot onto an Amerika-built aircraft

    • SP64
      SP64 19 days ago

      Funny how you say that yet the 777 has one of the best safety records

    • riot
      riot Month ago +1

      robsab20 you probably already have lol

  • Shahid Khan
    Shahid Khan Month ago

    Another crash news coming soon from booeing

  • Roadkill's Music Entertainment

    *Boeing: *Releases New Airplane Model*
    *Airbus: Nothing Can Beat My AIRBUS BELUGAXL*
    *Passengers: either Both Of Them Are Beautiful!*

    • Simon numan
      Simon numan Month ago +3

      Roadkill's Nightcore nah I don’t care how they look. I just want something safe, i don’t care who made it. I want to get back to my beloved family and hold them tight. That’s all I care about when I see an aircraft.

  • jenty 3
    jenty 3 Month ago

    Boeing need to study on the losing narrow body airplane market.Boeing should re invent narrow body airplane through 797 which should take the technicalities of 787&777x at a optimum cost for airlines.I believe u will consider boeing fans views for the new programme

  • HNT
    HNT Month ago

    🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾What a beast!!🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  • Nicholas Gidaro
    Nicholas Gidaro Month ago

    Does this one crash too?

  • Jebediah Kerman
    Jebediah Kerman Month ago

    Dam Those Engines are Huge

  • breh breh
    breh breh Month ago

    The next twin-engine Flagship. 😎

  • GiorgioDoesAnything


  • Simple Aviation
    Simple Aviation Month ago

    I don’t like Boeing but I like 777

  • Arrafi Rahman
    Arrafi Rahman Month ago +1

    Boeng 777X
    In tail section: It's 9
    Can I know why?

    • Hughes Enterprises
      Hughes Enterprises Month ago +2

      777x is the new generation of 777 with carbon fiber wings. This is a 777-9, eventually there will be a 777-8 with the same wings and shorter fuselage for ultra long haul flights.

  • planeT
    planeT Month ago

    B777X. Boeing: first taxi test | Ramy RC: A lot of flights, tests, first tail accident.

  • Markilox Gamer
    Markilox Gamer Month ago

    I have a feeling, a 737 MAX feeling...

  • Asiphyn
    Asiphyn Month ago

    Weird *flex* but ok

  • Pilot Ready
    Pilot Ready Month ago

    I can’t wait to fly that beauty in a few years!

  • hamad5885
    hamad5885 Month ago

    I would go to the city of Seattle and I will trespass inside boeing field and kiss the 777x

    • Hughes Enterprises
      Hughes Enterprises Month ago

      You’d be in the wrong city. 777x is built here at Paine Field in Everett.

  • Jaszmaster
    Jaszmaster Month ago +1

    When will it fly?

  • _bitchlmao _
    _bitchlmao _ Month ago

    hopefully on its first flight it won't do a 737 max descent xD

  • magicalbunny31
    magicalbunny31 Month ago +21

    _fyi people who have been blinded by the media and whatnot_
    the 777x *doesn't* have mcas
    boeing has done their best to make this safe for us
    please don't scold them just because of the 737max
    think back to the dc-10 era
    okaii am out

    • Quoc anh Vu Pham
      Quoc anh Vu Pham 9 days ago

      Ironically, Boeing 777x cargo door exploded during testing

    • BestDucky RBLX
      BestDucky RBLX Month ago +1

      im sorry but you speak about the issue like if it was a simple mistake. as much as I am fascinated by Boeing´s marvels of engineering, the MCAS issue was a dissappointing mistake that never should have happened.

    • magicalbunny31
      magicalbunny31 Month ago

      @Bernie Sanders
      id believe when the 737max would go back into service, it'd be one of the most safest aircraft in aviation
      i mean, to progress, you gotta make mistakes

    • BS MM TT7
      BS MM TT7 Month ago

      Bernie Sanders same, i love the 737 MAX & the DC-10 too

    • Bernie Sanders
      Bernie Sanders Month ago

      magicalbunny31 is a furry ;3 the 737 max will still be safe in my opinion. Horrible tragedy. I will happily fly on the max again.

    PAN-PAN Month ago

    I honestly think this aircraft is going to be an absolute flop. Nothing like it's predecessor. With Boeing's current track record, I'm almost certain they've cut corners again...

  • Eyeofthetiger
    Eyeofthetiger Month ago

    Does this thing has the dreaded MCAS system??!

    • magicalbunny31
      magicalbunny31 Month ago

      the 777x won't even have mcas what you on about

  • Mustafa Bayraktar
    Mustafa Bayraktar Month ago

    For Lufthansa 😍 😍

  • sam gohar
    sam gohar Month ago

    Hey Boeing when can we see the 777x in the sky for the first time?

    • Boeing
      Boeing  Month ago

      We plan for the 777X to take to the skies for the first time in early 2020.

  • Peter Pham
    Peter Pham 2 months ago

    those engines are THEIICCCCC

  • Eyob I.
    Eyob I. 2 months ago +2

    boeing made the deadly 737 max when it prioritized profit over safety. How can their 777x be trusted????

  • Muzi Ngwenya
    Muzi Ngwenya 2 months ago

    Finally something positive from Boeing after months of silence

  • Cayden Benson
    Cayden Benson 2 months ago

    who is the launch customer of the 777x

  • Is that a Chicken!?
    Is that a Chicken!? 2 months ago +5

    i hope this plane won’t 737 max. 🤭

  • Jack Lehman
    Jack Lehman 2 months ago

    Will there be 777-10X ?

  • FlightFilms
    FlightFilms 2 months ago +1

    I wish PW and RR also supplied power for these awesome planes. Same with A350, I wish GE and PW also powered the A350.