Jeff Bezos Talks Amazon, Blue Origin, Family, And Wealth

  • Published on May 5, 2018
  • Mathias Döpfner, the CEO of Business Insider's parent company, Axel Springer, recently sat down with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to talk about the early days of creating Amazon, what he's learned since then, how he funds his rocket company, Blue Origin, and what it's like when the president of the United States is your biggest critic.
    The sit-down interview happened in Berlin, where Bezos received the Axel Springer Award 2018.
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  • TheTribute2stars
    TheTribute2stars Hour ago

    This idiot is constantly interrupting at the wrong time. Let Jeff speak and shut it

  • lydia yuna
    lydia yuna 14 hours ago

    he looks like a nice guy, I wanna marry this guy only for true love.

  • Abdulla Haji
    Abdulla Haji Day ago

    I’m in love with him

  • Makrand Palkar
    Makrand Palkar Day ago +1

    Jeff is a copy🐈
    Guy is so jealous of Elon Musk!!

  • Isaiah Bains
    Isaiah Bains Day ago

    It’s crazy to think that this guy could literally buy every single person who watched this video a two story house and a car of the current year and still be insanely rich like WOW

  • Pankaj Doharey
    Pankaj Doharey 2 days ago

    Man he is smart.

  • Huang Trader
    Huang Trader 2 days ago

    Mantap video ny y 😁

  • naisi
    naisi 2 days ago

    Funny at his statement 47:00 stating that he'd get quotes wrong - he also got the title of the article about Amazon from the WSJ in 1999 wrong. It wasn't Amazon.Toast but Amazon.Bomb.

  • Ahmad Suleman
    Ahmad Suleman 2 days ago

    Don't watch. Who wants to listen to rich douchbag flex for 50 minutes.

  • David
    David 3 days ago

    24:50 Praising the work of The Washington Post for being so independent? did he forgot that he own it?

  • Татьяна Ром

    Bezos wants to control all world commerce

  • Татьяна Ром

    Bezos wants to control all world commerce

  • Татьяна Ром

    Bezos=monopoly CIA

  • Deborah Jean Marie Boyd

    Great Interview. Jeff is just getting started. We have seen what he is done with sales on the Internet but as he develops our Cloud System he will be starting to develop the Universe. I am already in Arlington and I have been wandering when my missing link for Peace on Earth by 2027. Jeff will enable me to show people how fast people can go from broke to wealth without hurting anyone.
    Love & Peace, Deborah

  • Jennifer Bond
    Jennifer Bond 5 days ago

    Jeff bezos needs to focus more on helping his injured employees than stupid things. His employees literally break their backs for his company and then get tossed when they're broken.

  • sara s
    sara s 6 days ago +5

    The german host isn't acting professionally.

  • Adrian M
    Adrian M 6 days ago

    Nice to see a German doing such a nice open minded interview.

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 6 days ago

    This guy will never make it

  • fd fd
    fd fd 6 days ago

    If he can treat his customers well, he should be able to treat his workers the same

    • Alium Motors
      Alium Motors 5 days ago

      guess you didnt listen through the entire interview

  • Joe speick
    Joe speick 6 days ago

    He's just a lying scumbag just like the rest of them so-called super rich

  • Herman Staro
    Herman Staro 7 days ago

    26:20 the German stays quiet. We follow the leader hahahah

  • Po 66
    Po 66 7 days ago

    minimum wage slave master grinning away

  • Ranger
    Ranger 8 days ago

    One thing that Democrats and Republicans can agree on is that Jeff Bezos is a piece of shit.

  • Owl
    Owl 9 days ago +1

    he is a very smart guy...

  • Hari Nair
    Hari Nair 10 days ago

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  • Fletcher Ladd
    Fletcher Ladd 10 days ago

    Jeff - “I cant believe we pumped our stock up so much, by illegally selling books, by screwing up the copyright acts”

  • Aishath Suha
    Aishath Suha 10 days ago

    Fish , Dolphine , Shark. Do you know fish breath in water likes human being dehydration, Exercise

  • César Portugal
    César Portugal 12 days ago +1

    i dislike this guy so much , he created a monster that sell what others make, he did not do any product, he is the middle man, he intermediate and he kill many business , like the book-shops , because he can bye much more and have a better price and then sell to the public much chip then the bookstore in the street. so he closed many stores in every city and that´s why he is the richest man in the world.
    but he don´t pay any taxes and each year he put more robots doing the work of a person , making even more money with less workers, paying less money for the same work
    he is helping nobody , the business he have only help himself.

  • Corina Todor
    Corina Todor 12 days ago

    Amazon creative imagine the book education people .Good bless !

  • amanda jones
    amanda jones 13 days ago

    its so true wise words

  • egitovellez
    egitovellez 14 days ago

    At 38 minutes, how amazing is that? Science fiction is now a tangible plan, it is just a matter of time...

  • AKNetworkEdit
    AKNetworkEdit 15 days ago +3

    Good luck with Blue Origin and your new extremely powerful rockets.

  • Lucas Millen
    Lucas Millen 15 days ago +1

    I just watched this a second time. This time I learned something very valuable about homelessness. Completely changed the way I think about it. This interviewer then proceeds to again reference money. Doesn’t even comment back to what he is saying. Waste of bezos’ time

  • sveti sweet
    sveti sweet 16 days ago


  • Alias less
    Alias less 17 days ago +1

    Very good at telling people what they want to hear.

  • Gautam kumar
    Gautam kumar 18 days ago

    The amazon tick item home but green. images why hill to villge any for tick home look itam happy life his injey poss itam amazon

  • Oskar Huledal
    Oskar Huledal 18 days ago

    I disagree on his argument and fear about reaching stasis if we do not leave earth. It's ridiculous, we know our civilization will continue to grow regardless of energy output. There are more dimensions to growth than energy consumption. We will reach some kind of singularity long before this energy crisis he mentions, having unlimited capabilities in acquiring knowledge. Visions on space exploration are great though, but let's be reasonable.

  • Michael S
    Michael S 18 days ago

    Somewhere Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer are laughing. “Bald idiot, we give our money away.” Lol

  • Aaron Szeto
    Aaron Szeto 18 days ago +3

    He was so smart to admit a problem from the past, and then use it as a tactic to distract and cover up how his treatment to his workers now is basically a non issue.

  • 44 annetta hunte.
    44 annetta hunte. 19 days ago


  • Oliver Pyide
    Oliver Pyide 19 days ago

    So he made 6,980,400 million dollars during this wole interview.

  • Brenda Sher
    Brenda Sher 19 days ago

    Evil bezos

  • Vouxz
    Vouxz 19 days ago +5

    Fun fact: he mathematically can end world hunger

    • Vouxz
      Vouxz 17 days ago +3

      Som Guy a happier planet

    • Som Guy
      Som Guy 17 days ago +1

      What happens the day after that

  • ben mcdonald
    ben mcdonald 20 days ago


    YOUR MIND YOUR WORLD 20 days ago

    very interesting

  • CA Films
    CA Films 20 days ago

    #shiniest head

  • Chris Kelsey
    Chris Kelsey 21 day ago +6

    No offense to the interviewer but I wish he would let Jeff talk, he kept interrupting

  • Philip Martin
    Philip Martin 21 day ago +1

    Guy seems like he's all talk. He'll never make a dime.

  • Marshall Eastwood
    Marshall Eastwood 22 days ago +5

    Ask if he plays Hit man

  • Atv Boy
    Atv Boy 22 days ago +2

    His accent doesn’t match his picture.

  • JP Landscaping
    JP Landscaping 22 days ago

    his bald hair creeps me out, he jerked off way to much and lost his hair...guy may be a billionaire but hes a creep somehow from ejaculating to he send everything in cardboard boxes, I get a box inside of a box...I live in the country there is no recycle just one trash can

  • Gabby DTWF
    Gabby DTWF 23 days ago

    u won't believe it but Jeff Bezos when he was younger he was poor and he worked at MCDonald to make money and he was born when his mother was 17 or 18 years olde ;)))))

  • Maritza Martinez
    Maritza Martinez 23 days ago


  • Lucas Millen
    Lucas Millen 23 days ago +13

    This man was giving us a free education on energy and space and the interviewer interrupts him to ask about Alexa.......

    • Arvind .k
      Arvind .k 7 days ago +1

      Imagine how the audience would have felt at that point of Time? Gutted.

  • Jack lim
    Jack lim 24 days ago

    Greedy fk

  • K J
    K J 25 days ago

    Wealth Psychosis

  • Sam Ballinger
    Sam Ballinger 26 days ago +1

    Elon Musk > Jeff Bezos

  • Daniella Rose
    Daniella Rose 26 days ago +1


  • just1certifiable
    just1certifiable 26 days ago

    It's unfortunate that he chooses to bite the hands that feed him by collecting data to target, track and profile people, not only for suggesting future sales, but for the SWS (sentient world simulation) or apprehension by the authorities. If someone scams Amazon or one of the sellers THEN go after that person, but to join forces with big G and gather intel, like what books you buy, what sites you visit, if it's for the purpose of tagging potential future dissidents, I think goes over the line.
    They say wealth brings power, but it also seems to bring a lot of paranoia.

  • Caine
    Caine 27 days ago +5

    he owns some of business insider and the washington post just so u know

  • Lorna Nunez
    Lorna Nunez 27 days ago

    So your the tipe of person who really don't care about people feelings.. Or you think money can buy life?

  • Lorna Nunez
    Lorna Nunez 27 days ago

    How about people. When you think about making money. Did you think about the thousand of hands that would help you to get your RICHES. people need to be treated well and be respected. Thay are not robots. What more do you Need Blood ?

  • jdfarr45
    jdfarr45 28 days ago

    bezos is a lying jew, like most so-called jews, and that is why he has become rich, as he has the money people and other powerful jews (merchants) supporting him.

  • IA IK
    IA IK 28 days ago

    Nothing more than a greedy mofo.

  • Martín Z
    Martín Z 28 days ago +1

    Jeff: "you should never underestimate customers"
    Idiot interviewer: "people are getting hungry"

  • Samuel Giday
    Samuel Giday 29 days ago +6

    44:24 Jeff Bezos' laugh

  • Nijazi Bilalli
    Nijazi Bilalli 29 days ago

    Does Jeff have life insurance?because i want to sign it iff he has one

  • Eddie Gee
    Eddie Gee 29 days ago +1

    Jeff Bezos is a despicable human being..He never donates to charity any significant amount... Unlike his wonderful ex wife who just pledged to give half of her fortune to charity.. Eat shit and die Jeff

  • Matthias Wagger
    Matthias Wagger 29 days ago


  • Ryan Watterson
    Ryan Watterson 29 days ago +1

    ok i nominate Jeff Bezos as president after Trump; i do not care which party or Independent whatever hes right man for the job; one term for starts also diplomatic immunity but i do not think he needs it; new white house please ill help you with the design work; lets vegas the original you can live wherever during construction.

  • Merlin the cat }
    Merlin the cat } Month ago +1

    I'm the brokest person in the world } 😞

  • Tortuga
    Tortuga Month ago

    We need strong unions and to break up Amazon. Violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act.

  • Dominique Carpentier

    Bonjour. Je vous pardonne et j'accepte votre pardon. JE Nous aime. Merci

  • Vapornotsmoke
    Vapornotsmoke Month ago

    Please do me a favor and pause it on slowest playback speed at 4:49 😂😂😂😂

    • Vapornotsmoke
      Vapornotsmoke 29 days ago

      Nathan E23 You must be fun at parties.

  • Dirty Dan
    Dirty Dan Month ago +19

    I remember when amazon just sold books

  • scotty kirk
    scotty kirk Month ago +3

    Jeff Bezos is an alliance to one world government agenda.... period...... end of discussion.

  • David Salazar
    David Salazar Month ago

    28:58 Jeff Bezos accused Russia of tempering with our United States election and Mathias Dopfner missed it hahaha

  • David Salazar
    David Salazar Month ago

    come on man, y'all way behind with these questions just read his book first

  • Dennis Calafati
    Dennis Calafati Month ago

    rich people are sons of satan devils merchants

  • dominique sergent
    dominique sergent Month ago

    Anyone else here after the South Park episode 😅🤔

  • dominique sergent
    dominique sergent Month ago

    Anyone else here after the South Park episode 😅🤔

  • Elias Osman
    Elias Osman Month ago

    I like how bezos answers confrontational questions by being empathetic and understanding, but shifts the reasoning for the confrontation and doesn't answer the question directly. His well prepared 👏

  • PHB Frandsen
    PHB Frandsen Month ago

    Jeff Bezos, $131bn. ...
    Bill Gates, $96.5bn. ...
    Warren Buffet, $82.5bn. ...
    Bernard Arnault, $76bn. ...
    Carlos Slim Helu, $64bn. ...
    Amancio Ortega, $62.7bn. ...
    Larry Ellison, $58bn. ...
    Mark Zuckerberg, $62.3bn
    If these 8 people redistributed SOME of their wealth, they would end world hunger. Today!

  • Alex P
    Alex P Month ago

    Jeff is my hero

  • trugangsta4real
    trugangsta4real Month ago +1

    pay taxes, bro. This country needs a lot of work

  • True Orient
    True Orient Month ago

    The host is shit.

  • alexalex939
    alexalex939 Month ago

    what's up with the neck spasms?

  • Jean Seb Astienback

    The german interviewer did not look bezos straight in the eyes... Shifty eyes! Why?

  • Hii John Reyez
    Hii John Reyez Month ago

    Johnny sins

  • Elisabeth LittleStar

    Jeff bezos will one day kick out the noob ass poops from all the online games. 💐🌹1⃣

  • AmidrahSaihan
    AmidrahSaihan Month ago

    He is a multi bil business man. But looks like a normal looking intelligent ordinary human being who is talking about his bread and butter. He did not loose his identity as a human. I am so happy to hear this. It is made my day ;-)

    • Zeke Dallas
      Zeke Dallas Month ago

      The way you speak and act tells if you have wealth. What would him being rich look like?

  • Beautiful Australia

    Go ahead buy America

  • Danielle Bourgade
    Danielle Bourgade Month ago

    Stupid man !!!!!!!!!!!

  • cactus54z Fortnite
    cactus54z Fortnite Month ago

    Jeff Bezos made 11,594,000 dollars in this film.

  • Lalchhandama Ngente

    Sir, Can you let me buy Yamaha Mt15 ? I very very admire long time ago Yamaha Mt15 ..I don't have the money for buying Yamaha Mt15...Are you agree please??

  • Wellness Consultant
    Wellness Consultant Month ago +12

    Do you think he buy stuff from Amazon?

    • Dada Dodo
      Dada Dodo 19 days ago

      Do you think you just copy pasted someones original comment?

    • NeoXPro
      NeoXPro Month ago

      I thought that too lol

    • Vladimir Horowitz
      Vladimir Horowitz Month ago +2

      I was thinking about this the other day. I don't think he buys anything. My guess is he has a guy or an assistant or someone who he just shoots off the item number to via text or email and then it arrives at his house within a half hour or something. Or maybe he just snaps a photo of an item on the website and sends it to a bot and the bot tells somebody that Bezos wants something and he wants it now. Although I wouldn't be surprised if he orders stuff once in a while just for quality assurances purposes and to get the customer experience.

  • Nick H
    Nick H Month ago

    The interviewer asked him some tough questions.
    Its hard for me to list customers as any companies greatest asset over its own emoloyees.

  • Anderson Cooper
    Anderson Cooper Month ago

    This guy is evil

  • Prashant Kumar
    Prashant Kumar Month ago +11

    "It's harder to be kind than clever"

    • Royal Youth
      Royal Youth 3 days ago

      Prashant Kumar what does that mean

  • MAKUK64
    MAKUK64 Month ago

    Amazon made an $11.2bn profit in 2018 but paid no federal tax Company is not paying any taxes for the second year in a row, due to various unspecified ‘tax credits’ and executive stock options. think before you click and buy it leads to empty shopping centres unemployment for shop workers and massive wealth for a few lucky people. not to mention poor and dangerous working conditions for workers around the world