Jeff Bezos Talks Amazon, Blue Origin, Family, And Wealth


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  • oba tochukwu
    oba tochukwu 18 hours ago

    11:43-12:30 Remember that Barbara. Somewhere in History

  • mvac mvac
    mvac mvac Day ago

    Why did they sit the presenter in a child's chair?

  • Wise Flys
    Wise Flys Day ago

    Is Jeff bezos a nice billionaire or evil billionaire?

  • 2 Guys Store
    2 Guys Store Day ago

    Why do I import my products from China, to sell on Amazon? because here in the United States the companies do not sell to small companies, they ask you first the name of the company to give you some information about their products, then tell you that you can not buy their products, you have to buy them 1 million annually, in China they do not ask you if you are big or small company, they do not give to F *** and they fit your budget, I tried to buy my products here in the United States and it was impossible for me, that is why I buy in China!!!!!!!!!!!!! in CHINA they sell quality products if you want to sell "QUALITY" that they tell me about the big brands of electronic products like APPLE? Do not keep saying we do not want to buy the products made here in the USA !!! they do not sell them to us (I'm not Target or Walmart)
    trump speaks BS, all its products are made in CHINA !!!

  • EyesInTheDark1
    EyesInTheDark1 Day ago

    Oh yeah Bezos, he's the guy that after he became the richest man in the world finally decided he could pay his people $15 bucks an hour. No bathroom breaks or stock options anymore though.

  • fttx
    fttx Day ago

    32:50 You can explain things to people, but you can't understand things to people

  • William Taylor
    William Taylor 3 days ago

    I often dream of going back to the days before Walmart and Amazon, when specialty stores were plentiful. The character of so many small towns has been gradually stripped away. Book and record stores were a great place to hang out and meet people. The price of progress often seems too high. Whether this "progress" is a net good is highly debatable.

  • Vaibhav Patel
    Vaibhav Patel 4 days ago

    Jeff bezoz look like villain with one eye smaller than other .

  • Liz Aldrich
    Liz Aldrich 6 days ago

    Impressive interview

  • Phil Lazar
    Phil Lazar 7 days ago

    To put his money visual
    Imagine bags of 1 Million Dollars in a room
    He has 147.000 bags of Million Dollars in his room

  • Martha Ashworth
    Martha Ashworth 7 days ago


  • Vincent Doyle
    Vincent Doyle 8 days ago

    Theres an arab prince somewhere laughing at this

  • kruff39
    kruff39 8 days ago

    This guy has more money than Bill Gates!

  • Frankyokay
    Frankyokay 8 days ago

    Rich Jeff bezos..!!! Amazon leader.

  • Ilona Benedek
    Ilona Benedek 9 days ago


  • D Albrecht
    D Albrecht 10 days ago

    Obviously a reptilian...

  • Keir Ferguson
    Keir Ferguson 10 days ago

    Share the wealth - pay your staff a decent living wage - it’s so off putting!

  • Joy Dot
    Joy Dot 11 days ago

    another extraordinary successful child of a single mother. funny that...

  • Jack Green
    Jack Green 11 days ago

    No intelligent person respects you, Jeff. You acknowledge that luck put you in your position, and yet you give only a small fraction of your wealth to charity. How dare you speak about the world's problems as though you care? Just be honest and say: "I care more about the excessive security that my wealth brings me than I do about people living in poverty. I am a disgusting human being."

  • Pati
    Pati 11 days ago

    LOL now amazon is worth 2000 times barnes and noble.

  • Barry Douglas Butler
    Barry Douglas Butler 12 days ago

    Bezos created the flowchart for his idea called Amazon on a Dell laptop in his wife’s truck while she was draining him across the United States to the California coast. She is. Very smart. He ‘wrote’ these grand ideas called Amazon without the aid of the internet, stopping every few hours, so that he could recharge the laptop battery. He created his idea for this bookstore on PowerPoint . This is fact.

  • Gigadenza
    Gigadenza 16 days ago

    Yul Brynner + Telly Savalas = Jeff Bezos!

  • Fawn Woods
    Fawn Woods 16 days ago

    It was a hot summer day three years ago. It would have been painful to go from store to store looking for a fan. I found 2 on Amazon $13.00 each. I emailed my friend. Gave him the numbers of the fan. He ordered 3 for himself, without ever having to step into the heat. Thank God for shopping online by Amazon. Shopping from store to store is a painful process

  • Jeff Adams
    Jeff Adams 16 days ago +1

    I greatly appreciate the fact that he acknowledges "being lucky" and having moments in life which had nothing to do with him, it just happened and he saw the opportunity. I see some of these founders act as if they deserved everything and act like they are superior because of that "luck." Cheers, Jeff.

  • Mickiii P
    Mickiii P 17 days ago

    This guy is a reptile

  • Peter Theis
    Peter Theis 17 days ago

    Bezos' wealth is impressive, but who he is as a person, no...

  • Kalp Das
    Kalp Das 19 days ago

    I will be the NEXT JEFF BEZOS !

    MINDisLIFE 20 days ago

    buffett is a much nicer and modest person and role model

  • Goodnight Sweet Prince ϯϫϯ

    The way he handles the criticism only works in gentlemen circles.

  • Big Worm
    Big Worm 21 day ago

    He gets haters in droves😂

  • Aqib Ejaz
    Aqib Ejaz 21 day ago

    Haha, so Jeff Bezos in his mind is all about improving things. You schmuck, at least give you employees a proper bathroom break before you bu llshit about improving things. Such a sociopath.

  • Agentxphile
    Agentxphile 21 day ago

    I love your ideas regarding space Jeff. Keep it up.

  • Velikanska Glava
    Velikanska Glava 21 day ago

    his father is not cuban, his mother left his real father when he was little

  • The Lyrics King
    The Lyrics King 21 day ago +1

    Too much love from Nepal ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • hector Sanchez
    hector Sanchez 22 days ago

    I don’t like this guy

  • john jackson
    john jackson 22 days ago

    He just took a shit on bill gates 95 billion vs 165 billion, I think he could be the first sole trillionare person in 20 years or so

  • Julian Jackson
    Julian Jackson 22 days ago

    Bald crazy eye Bezos needs corrective surgery on that crazy spy eye of his and he should put all those billions towards stitching hair into that crystal ball head of his. He's the ultimate example of a greedy scumbag. Before all you Bezos ballhuggers say that Amazon is entry level and they deserve entry level pay think of this, Costco and Chick-fil a are entry level positions and they pay their employees a living wage and compensate them far better, they don't penalize employees for walking or wanting to go to the bathroom and sure as hell don't frisk their employees. They make far less than Amazon but damn sure have a happier workforce. If they can pay a living wage so can Bald Bezos

  • D. A.
    D. A. 26 days ago +1

    Peeing in bottles to make production time or be fired. Modern day slavery.

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 27 days ago

    1:46 How nicely he switched the context. A true Aristotlian

  • Ronald San Pedro
    Ronald San Pedro 28 days ago

    i now understand why amazon is so successful. Mr. Bazos is very humble and grounded. he is always striving to serve his customers better.

  • Shrappnells
    Shrappnells 29 days ago

    Beff Jezos wants to donate to charity

  • MrWalker
    MrWalker Month ago +2

    These multi- billionaires are helping humanity progress into outer space. Maybe this is part of our evolution, allowing individuals to get super rich which then leads to funding technological advance!

  • dave green
    dave green Month ago

    Break this piece of shit company up now! the owner is a piece of human excrement, he is an enemy of the people!

  • ABINY Turbo 4x4
    ABINY Turbo 4x4 Month ago

    Jeff Bezos please contact me if you read this. I will change Amazon to be a giant. This is not a joke.

  • Benoit Demers
    Benoit Demers Month ago

    when i drop start a fond in my honnor can by a good idea an who know can go over a its a win/win ha...ha...

  • Benoit Demers
    Benoit Demers Month ago

    $$$$$ its not what come in first for my,better value then that i go let a fortune on table if i dont repair who can!!

  • Benoit Demers
    Benoit Demers Month ago

    i dont ave intention to drain all your bucket to this big error im not a bad man but they just comming me i ave something to tell like a ordinary person they are on the first floor i listen Mrs Bezos an i thing we ave a lot to talk couple similitude beetween her idea an mine if i i ave to wait take this level ,i know, you know,an every know its not my respo nsability wath happen i dont push this bad thing ,for you ,but if im to your side i need some answer to why my economie are a promess i give your very lucky dont take a bad guy !...........Benoit

    • Benoit Demers
      Benoit Demers Month ago

      i go stop this gived to me the time for see wath are good ore not windows i go closed i go put other place to

  • Ziomek Atomek
    Ziomek Atomek Month ago

    Jeff is such a cool guy ! Love his attitude and humor !

  • Sidtube10
    Sidtube10 Month ago +1

    Okay, Bezos, so early on your grandfather taught you that, 'It is harder to be kind than to be clever'. Sounds great! And so what happened to that lesson? Is it still as hard, with all your success and wealth?

  • HH James
    HH James Month ago

    He got into producing his own original content porn. I closed my account

  • drdecker1
    drdecker1 Month ago

    Here's an individual who cannot even run a good company (Amazon). I had a lot of packages sent to me and I spent a lot of time on the internet trying to sort out messes within that company. I have now begun to pay a little more and get better service. Why ? Because when you spend a lot of your time on the phone trying to fix his problems, it is not only costly financially. It becomes a big cost and a complete waste of time doing business there.
    Who is he to even to criticize anyone when he cannot even get his own act together. He cannot even run a company smoothly and yet he wants to offer the world advice. Jeff spend more time focussing on your own internal problems before you criticize others. Remember Al Capone looked successful to some others as well. What a hypocrite ! Jeff never forget the other large retailers who neglected the most important part, the customer who eventually had to close down their doors because they thought they were smarter as well. The customer is the one who keeps your doors open. They can also shut them down very fast.

  • Slick Rick
    Slick Rick Month ago

    The richest man in the world... I sometimes drive for amazon flex and it's as if I'm working for free because these scumbags don't compensate drivers properly.

  • Truth Will Set You Free

    He pays employees shit

  • summitus
    summitus Month ago +1

    "It fills me with gratitude and optimism to be part of a species so bent on self-improvement."
    "It fills me with gratitude and optimism to be part of a species so bent on Greed."
    There ya go Jeff, fixed that ststment you made .. ;)

  • Patrick van Aanholt


  • Matt
    Matt Month ago

    Now I know money can't buy good looks

  • SkyFive
    SkyFive Month ago

    Bezos.."Popeye" as I like to call him is a tyrant, plain and simple.

  • chris corona
    chris corona Month ago

    Jeff Bozo 🤡

  • Giraffa Camelopardalis

    I really like this bald AI humanoid model.

  • John Sailors
    John Sailors Month ago

    This man is a psychopath and treats his workers like shit. Boycott this business!

  • John Becker
    John Becker Month ago

    And thus you have Amazon's seller-fulled performance metrics that keep getting harder on sellers everyday. Love ya Jeff.

  • Ankur Debbarma
    Ankur Debbarma Month ago

    Jeff's unique way of laughing is accountable to most of the investors.

  • andyr0ck
    andyr0ck Month ago

    I've noticed he never talks tax...

  • Jawad Sabra
    Jawad Sabra Month ago

    There are many more ways we can improve our ability to preserve earth and make it better, I'm still in favour of space travel but still think we're better off improving life on earth right now!

  • Kids Toys Cars Toys

    Jeff Is a robot.

  • Remzi Gümüşkılıç

    1 milyon dolar versene bize Jeff Amcaaaa

  • James Kirk
    James Kirk Month ago

    Take Blue Origin to orbit
    and please, please
    never come back. 💩

  • SIngh
    SIngh Month ago

    I think jeff knows hes not the richest. He knows enough wealthy people that we havent heard of that live in the middle east. Dot dot dot

  • Robert Anthony Daem

    I understand Musk's methods, and principles. I have the ideas. I just need the funds, and time is always waning not waxing. He is not the only one who read the books and took the finals without taking the classes. In the 90"s I was the first to manufacture and sell over 1 million gallons of purified water to the public in a position of public trust. I just need the funds. My contact is my first name and my last name at gmail.

  • cheese
    cheese Month ago

    is this the guy from whiplashed?

  • Mary Halverson
    Mary Halverson Month ago

    This vainglorious braggart is the unwitting epitome of ill-gained wealth.

  • Unspoken UK
    Unspoken UK Month ago +1

    How can anyone down thumb a self made millionaire, that started selling books in his garage #TeamBezos

  • Concepcion Wiesner
    Concepcion Wiesner Month ago

    Jeff Bezos: CEO Amazon

  • Filemon Go
    Filemon Go Month ago

    He should be the president of the USA

  • hieu Cu
    hieu Cu Month ago

    His net worth is 160 billion usd doesn't mean he has 160 billion in his bank account, most of that number is based on his value of Amazon ownership. If he sells all his shares yea perhaps he will actually have that much in cash, but the tricky thing is that basically means he will be leaving Amazon, which likely will plummet company value. The good thing being the CEO of Amazon he rarely pays out of his pocket as his company pays for many of his expense.

  • Shabaz Qureshi
    Shabaz Qureshi Month ago

    At least I am rich in hair

  • Bao Trinh
    Bao Trinh Month ago +1

    All amazon gotta do is pay the government some $$

  • Live My Ass Off
    Live My Ass Off Month ago

    what happens when you become the richest man in the world?? does Bill and Warren text you with, "well done, lets us buy you a smoothie" ...??

  • Beatrice Pierre
    Beatrice Pierre Month ago


  • roopam Rana
    roopam Rana Month ago


  • Mark Kalaw
    Mark Kalaw Month ago

    He became the richest person in the world from seller's fees, not much on prime memberships. So matter what, sellers are protected by Amazon. For instance, I've placed negative feedback to seller due to horrible service, then the seller reached out to Amazon requesting feedback removal and they did just like that. Same thing with product reviews. I've posted honest review based on my opinion of the products. Again, seller reached out Amazon and deleted. It was Nald H. from feedback dept. and Jess O from same dept.

  • 김여사
    김여사 Month ago

    These 2 supposed men are NOT real biological males BUT secret Masonic FTM transgender "TRANSman Lady" CEOs originally born girls with female DNAs in their generational transgender families and turned to be FAKE men by Testosterone and other freemasonic transgendering techs & stuffs just like other global secret tranny elites. M. Dopfner and J. Bezos have definitely typical female skulls, feminine oval faces, short necks, scarce Adam's apples, and other ftm's traits. All realms of human world are secret trannies' battle ground for their earthly delights, desires, i.e. money, power, fame, etc. Cheers, Secret Tranny World !

  • flightisallright
    flightisallright Month ago

    The successful Kim Jong-un.

  • CAX117
    CAX117 Month ago

    Bernie 2020. Stop Bezos act.

  • Hamed Adefuwa
    Hamed Adefuwa Month ago

    The people complaining about Amazon working conditions and typing up mad comments on their Iphones. Ever consider the poor chinese people building the phone/laptop your currently using, get off your high horse.

  • akhil katpally
    akhil katpally Month ago

    i somehow feel he looks less human

  • Cam Mac
    Cam Mac Month ago

    What if we got to Space and we found out the military has been secretly traveling throughout space with secret anti-gravity technology for the last 50 years. It would be a good thing commercial space travel is putting the pressure on them

  • Seneca Brown
    Seneca Brown Month ago

    “Jeff Bezos is worth about $168 billion. Since the beginning of this year his wealth has increased by about $216 million every single day. Meanwhile Mr. Bezos continues to pay thousands of his Amazon employees wages that are so low that they must rely on food stamps, Medicaid or subsidized housing in order to survive. [These are] programs that are financed by the middle class of this country. According to a recent report from New Food Economy, one out of three Amazon workers in Arizona and 2400 in Pennsylvania and Ohio need food stamps in order to feed their families. According to a November 2016 study by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, warehouse workers at Amazon are paid 9% less than the industry average for comparable work nationally, 18% less than average in Seattle, 19% less than average in Atlanta and 22% less than average in Kenosha Wisconsin.”
    - Independent Senator Bernie Sanders, Wed., September 5, 2018,
    “The man who has millions will want everything he can lay his hands on and then raise his voice against the poor devil who wants ten cents more a day.”
    - Samuel Gompers,
    "The paradise of the rich is made out of the hell of the poor." - Victor Hugo,

  • Preslav Dzhegalov
    Preslav Dzhegalov Month ago

    11mil per

  • ChilloutLoungeMusic
    ChilloutLoungeMusic Month ago +1

    Unfortunately, Jeff Bezos supports white genocide in South Africa - this is clear by how the Washington Post & Businessinsider, his mouthpieces, are fighting against Trump's recognition of it. All Jeff cares about, is getting into South Africa to fight Alibaba: if this means keeping quiet about the mass murder of white farmers - or even LYING about it in the press, the he is totally cool with it. As much as he is prepared to stand up for Israel - so should he do for a small European minority who are trapped in Africa. WHAT democracy is there if people like Jeff fight against the facts with all his might and power?

  • Jack Ski
    Jack Ski Month ago

    Your Amazon employees are really really happy for you Mr. Zebos, thank you for taking care of them.

  • Michael Leuff
    Michael Leuff Month ago

    24:03 that's because Steve Jobs died and Amazon no longer has to compete against the greatest CEO in Silicon Valley history, that's why Amazon grew so fast since 2011

  • Iván Pineda
    Iván Pineda Month ago

    Mathias Döpfner is a great interviewer and Jeff Bezos is a great person to ask questions and expect to receive clear responses.
    From all they said, I will emphasize the energy consumption in our planet. We are using more devices and we will need more energy to sustain them. Thus, I think that exploring new forms of energy, and manage the existing ones, is an amazing task that Jeff Bezos has taken. I wish him all the luck of the world!

  • Parasmunt
    Parasmunt Month ago

    Amazon should be boycotted.
    Consumerism must be inhibited.

  • thisisroth
    thisisroth Month ago

    I don’t care what anyone tells me this guy is not human just take a look at his head

  • Laziz Ait Mokhtar
    Laziz Ait Mokhtar Month ago

    A Genius!

  • LightDweller
    LightDweller Month ago +46

    I hope he doesn’t inspire others to adopt his work ethic for employees.
    In northern England Amazon have been investigated for their inhumane work ethic.
    Amazon monitor every move their employees make, employees get 3 strikes then they’re out. They monitor the speed that they move, toilet breaks, if they fall unwell etc. They get one strike if they take too many toilet breaks, another strike if warehouse staff move too slow (walking instead of running down the isles), a strike if they chat with a colleague. They are called in and fired on the spot.
    The depot itself has warehouse staff walking 27 miles per day... they get half hour for lunch and by the time they walk the whole length to the canteen and are searched to make sure they’ve not stolen anything, they have five mins before they must return.
    This man found a loophole in the law to avoid giving staff perks... they just fire them before 13 weeks (even if they’ve done nothing wrong), then re-employing them to avoid giving them a contact.
    I can see how this man has vision and enterprise etc and why people look to him... but actions speak for themselves; everywhere else people are accountable for any lack of morality. In an age of corporations becoming more conscious of empowering their workforce... this man’s operating a power hungry globalised monopoly that defies human rights.

    • Kleopatra
      Kleopatra 20 days ago

      @Bao Trinh Bao Trinh It is NOT voluntary. They forced to work like this because they need money. They have no choice. "Voluntary" What a joke ! The conditions are totally inhumane they treat their workers like robots. "If they don't like it they can quit" It is not that easy, life is rough so money is very hard to get and their financial situation is unstable. If they quit, it will have a negative effect on their lives so no. He is not "Helping them out" What a joke. It is not "Helping" It is the system that is built like that They pay them because they have to it is clearly not "Helping" lol, plus they aren't even well paid. The corporation even cheat to not pay their workers, they despise them...Talk about "Helping" lol.

    • kulturfreund66
      kulturfreund66 Month ago +1

      Amazon Germany (aswell as Google, Apple, Facebook etc.) has a tax rate of merely 0.005%.
      - That means of every million of profit Bezos pays just lousy 50 Euro to the treasury.
      What an honourable Sir.


      +Bao Trinh Are you really this stupid?

    • LightDweller
      LightDweller Month ago +4

      Bao Trinh Yes I’m all woman 😉 Thanks for having the grace to apologise, made me chuckle.
      I appreciate what you say and agree that it’s relative. I’m not saying billionaires and wealthy businesses are “obliged” to give back and provide... but conversely don’t exploit others (employees) either, especially when your profit margins don’t require you to! Employment is also a commodity traded for an agreed price, except that employees have little bargaining power when they are desperate to feed their families. At least treat them fairly. That’s not even in the realm of obligation, that’s just being reasonable.
      I work with desperate/vulnerable people as a psychotherapist; trying to reach people who can’t afford the help; so guess I do have a nurturing spirit; and that colours my view a little. I’m not an activist by any measure, but sometimes I feel strongly about something (though I rarely voice it as I have done here).
      I just believe in a better world, and if you’re in a position to help create that, then to me that is a greater legacy to leave behind. But that’s just me! 😉.
      It all comes down to what we value, so everyone will differ... there’s little argument to be had in that respect!

    • Bao Trinh
      Bao Trinh Month ago +2

      Oh you're a girl... ok sorry for the harsh words.. nurturing and caring for people is a good thing but i can tell from your comments that you think billionaires take and take thats why they are so rich. business don't take. People simply don't understand. They trade something of value that you agreed you would pay a price for that exact ideal goes towards the work it self.. workers should compare their pay to the work/benefits/conditions if not then they can easily work somewhere else that pays less or go back to not having a job before amazon got there. And nobody deserves anything, working conditions / pay acceptance differ from region to region. Theres communities with people that work all day in the sun just to feed their families and don't complain.. now imagine if amazon moved businesses to these areas how much do you think amazon needs to pay for them to agree to work.. close to nothing to them, but to the people, they were given an opportunity to make more than they had previously and they dont complain. People who dont use their brains jump on band wagons to attack amazon complain for them bc big corporations ArE sO sCaRy

  • S Cin
    S Cin Month ago

    Really like Bezos. Amazing person, and his wealth has nothing to do with his greatness. Get over it people.

  • Lulu Del
    Lulu Del Month ago

    Jeff...I would like my 17 dollars back..Many years ago, I ordered an ant farm on Amazon and was charged twice and called and called and they would NOT fix it or refund one of the 17 dollar charges..I ended up paying 34 dollars on a 17 dollar ant farm.. Was never going to use Amazon again, but of course have used it a lot..I still want my 17 dollars back..I wonder how many people this happened to in the early days of Amazon

  • M Tung
    M Tung Month ago

    fun fact, the owner of a luxury brand selling bags and belts are worth 70% as much as this guy. (Bernand Arnault, LV) Just to show, just because we entered the age of technology and internet, traditional industries will still be there for a very long time and upstanding as well.