Jeff Bezos Talks Amazon, Blue Origin, Family, And Wealth


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  • largraf
    largraf 15 hours ago

    Bezos is planning on being President of the One World Government.

  • Mason Macdonald
    Mason Macdonald Day ago

    got aaall nervius when asked abut guilty pleasure lol

  • Brian Ross
    Brian Ross 3 days ago

    For Blanca laborers

  • John Poole
    John Poole 3 days ago

    Capitalism is dead because there are not enough Jeff Bezos. We should all hope that he is a closet Progressive.

  • RzVids
    RzVids 4 days ago

    Wow 17? Waaaay to early average age is 30

  • Terry Tyler
    Terry Tyler 6 days ago +1

    Why can I not get into the system?

  • Lauren Lin
    Lauren Lin 6 days ago

    20:52 - please ask jeff bezo's one of his "at least one of two critics", that ur green screen stand-in
    image doesn't work. At least make it believable. Like a cityscape with dark bg that blends in better with your sleeves (navy/dark) instead of bright colored flowers that stand out so obviously against your
    and your guests' sleeves. (wouldn't say this if it were 2015 or earlier due to old people logic, but saw video
    published in 2018, and not by regular youtuber pirating old videos, video has BI logo and published by PI in 2018. . --_____--

  • vliegendehollander
    vliegendehollander 8 days ago

    Are we just gonna ignore he's wearing brown shoes with a black suit?

  • Scott Lee
    Scott Lee 9 days ago

    I found a water proof wireless charger
    , that must be fake, isn't it?

  • Mark Maxwell
    Mark Maxwell 10 days ago

    Here is to Texas
    Suprising that so many tech companies and people that come from Texas are so successful.

  • Vendee Swartz
    Vendee Swartz 10 days ago

    How can anyone NOT like Jeff?

  • Jessica Oh!
    Jessica Oh! 11 days ago +1

    He looks like a reptile

  • Arnab Roy
    Arnab Roy 12 days ago

    Can someone please tell Jeff that his Blue Origin rocket is too round at the top. Needs to be more pointy.

  • phpinternational org
    phpinternational org 12 days ago

    Give. Love. Namaste. Please meet my inspiration. The Co-founder and President of @t

  • Oscar Hayden (Perdition Bound)

    This guy’s gonna be a success one day.

    BUYSELLTRADE 12 days ago

    The Scum bag owes me over 40k pocket change to him life altering to us. Pay up Jeff.

    BUYSELLTRADE 12 days ago +7

    Jeff talks family.. 8 months later divorce

    • Nikola Rajkovic
      Nikola Rajkovic 10 days ago

      Jeff talks short term charity...he donated the smallest amount of money of all the richest top 10 and is the only one who didn't announce giving his wealth away when he is dying

  • Abel Duliep
    Abel Duliep 13 days ago

    Existing and living are not the same . Vanity of vanities, meaningless to have all that money and lack empathy towards those who are the means to your riches
    “Vanity of vanities, says the Preacher, vanity of vanities! All is vanity. What does man gain by all the toil at which he toils under the sun? A generation goes, and a generation comes, but the earth remains forever.”
    ‭‭Ecclesiastes‬ ‭1:2-4‬ ‭ESV‬‬
    “The end of the matter; all has been heard. Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man. For God will bring every deed into judgment, with every secret thing, whether good or evil.”
    ‭‭Ecclesiastes‬ ‭12:13-14‬ ‭ESV‬‬

  • Paul Lorenzini
    Paul Lorenzini 13 days ago

    Humans are always improving things.......Really?

    • ms parker
      ms parker 11 days ago

      Paul Lorenzini I eye brow raised to that one also

  • Paul Lorenzini
    Paul Lorenzini 13 days ago +1

    Bezos still wearing a wedding

  • Verne Fits
    Verne Fits 21 day ago +1

    Lauren is an awesome girl. congrats Jeff

  • asddf asdqwe
    asddf asdqwe 23 days ago +1

    Jeff Bezos made nearly 9 million dollars during the duration of this interview

  • Trevor Sechrist
    Trevor Sechrist 24 days ago

    I own this shit town.

  • Jay Maheta
    Jay Maheta 24 days ago

    Refers to the rest of us as humans...hmmm..alien vibes?

  • verronica2
    verronica2 26 days ago

    Dude has great energy...shame he was SUCH dog to his wife and family

  • TrypillianArt
    TrypillianArt 26 days ago

    Wow it almost makes me believe he is a human

  • W3Tuts
    W3Tuts 28 days ago

    his answers are so indirect

  • ISLAM is Satan's masterpiece - est satanique

    If only i can be as rich as him...

  • Δωροθέα Βασιλογιώργη

    Thank you Jeff.

  • Starlight
    Starlight Month ago

    My dad used to say ‘ if you’ve got a thousand pounds in the bank you can look anyone in the face!’ Bless Him! Loved amazon!

  • Sly K
    Sly K Month ago

    His wealth is on a lower-tier scale. Sure he is wealthy by normal standards, but by global domination standards he wouldn't even be invited to attend a Harper-Scale meeting.

  • zezeison
    zezeison Month ago

    We need that no jumper Jeff bezos interview

    ROBLOX PrOdUcTiOnS Month ago


  • OdogExpo
    OdogExpo Month ago

    This interview, in my opinion, demonstrates that Bezos is simply an entrepeneur, he's well spoken and he doesn't come across as crass or condescending whatsoever. He runs things from the top town and so his profit margins made him rich. That being said...he's probably learning a thing or two having had to scale his company globally due to demand and all of the things he mentioned about being under the detectives lamp are gonna come down on him hard...his company will succeed because he will adapt. Not trying to undermine the claims of poor worker conditions but the spotlight's only on him because of his size, as he said. There are infinitely worse worker conditions on the planet Earth than fuckin Amazon so everyone pump your breaks and lobby against some worse things. Doesn't excuse anything, but expand your critisisms. (wow tricky word to spell i think i botched it). Because of his vision we have consumer convenience and delivery service investors are making a killing. mail was always a service right? it's just logical societal evolution he just go there first. Stop hating and accept the arrow of time. But! also support your local brick and mortar. im a hyprocrit kill me in the face

  • gosu gosu
    gosu gosu Month ago

    when the richest man in the world looks like the monopoly guy, I don't know what that's called

  • shema kamuzinzi david

    I think jeff he deserve what he had!!!! even in his speech he look like genius

  • Ben Peterson
    Ben Peterson Month ago +3

    Both of these guys look like Bond villains.
    Also: the Washington Post is a joke.

  • Robert Bryant
    Robert Bryant Month ago

    This guy has done the amazing, but the company uses people and abuses them. They lie to their interns of which I was one. I was nominated intern of the year. I have a plaque to prove it. They lied to me and told me if I answered phones for a while they would move me into a position of management and training. I lost 13 months of time when I could have been gaining training in my field of study in an actual intern position. I had great metrics and attendance, but my boss was a pathological liar. He called my personal phone and cursed me out with f-bombs, and sounded drunk. He worked from home so this could have been true, although I can't swear to that. But the lies, deception, and abuse honestly happened to me and my co-workers! Life is very short and then we move on very quickly. I hope him crushing people and affecting their lives negatively, was worth all the wealth. Enjoy it, it won't last long. Karma favored you, did you respect it?

  • Jaidan Craig
    Jaidan Craig Month ago

    Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are from the future.

  • I got 5 on it
    I got 5 on it Month ago

    Him putting a billion dollars a year into space exploration has to give Neil deGrasse Tyson a hard on😂

  • tslim12
    tslim12 Month ago

    You forgot to consider the conditions on other planets . They are not as pleasant of the earth. If the earth condition changes you would not be alive to think. U need 1000 yrs to able to fight atmospheric conditions whether on the earth or other planets. We cant even prevent or cure cancer that was discovered 500 BC

  • Marco Polo
    Marco Polo Month ago +1

    Jeff Bezos is so hot!!! Now that he is getting divorced I would marry HIM, not his money!!! Who cares about money with such a hot man!!! I also love his voice. Love from Montevideo, Uruguay, South America

  • Crazy Phantom_4_Pilot
    Crazy Phantom_4_Pilot Month ago +2

    I'm honored to live less than 40 miles from the richest man in the world

    • ms parker
      ms parker 11 days ago

      Crazy Phantom_4_Pilot why? Are you the second richest man in the world or something?

  • Anna Logan Riversby, Online Arbitrage

    How does he cope with fatherhood and his responsibilities as a dad and husband with being the richest person in the world?

  • Charles Johnson
    Charles Johnson Month ago +1

    He's a sociopath that pays slave wages to temps in their sweatshop.

  • Oledm
    Oledm Month ago +1

    Unburnt Freddie Kruger

  • Mony Fony
    Mony Fony Month ago

    What a pleasant human being.

  • Rei Lea
    Rei Lea Month ago

    I thick Bezos should pay for the Border Wall. He can afford it.

  • Ata Salim
    Ata Salim Month ago

    The host is terrible. Pompous attitude with no element of respect to his interviewee.

  • Kate K
    Kate K Month ago

    Agree 100%. The things you never did or said...

  • Timothy
    Timothy Month ago

    This man approves every attack on President Trump through his Washington Post. Are you really going to order from Amazon?

  • Whole Food Plant-Based Man

    Blue Origin = Axiom

  • Whole Food Plant-Based Man

    Well, Amazon can't take my pirated books away. Those are mine!

  • k
    k Month ago +2

    Very horrible this man

  • Craig Chattoe
    Craig Chattoe Month ago +1

    his movement and facial expressions remind me of watching sophia the AI robot. So thats what 50 years in front looks like.

  • Ticky Tocky
    Ticky Tocky Month ago

    Pulitzer Prize is meaningless, they gave it to obutthole.

  • Ticky Tocky
    Ticky Tocky Month ago

    that guy wants to blow bezos

  • ellie-mae lux
    ellie-mae lux Month ago

    Can i have a loan plz😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂omg

  • 77moessa
    77moessa Month ago

    yep i knew it. he's an E.T................

  • JuXuS1
    JuXuS1 Month ago

    did you film this with a phone?

  • Jeffrey Richardson
    Jeffrey Richardson Month ago

    Good for him!

  • Steve Sole
    Steve Sole Month ago

    He looks like a Bond villain and giving AWAY FREE SMART SPEAKERS (LOLz) Microphones he means !! Trading standards?

  • Steve Sole
    Steve Sole Month ago

  • ken Krak
    ken Krak 2 months ago


  • Erik S
    Erik S 2 months ago

    Jeff Bezos is a mixed bag for me, on the one hand I completely support his vision for the future, but on the other...
    He's worth $150 billion at the time of this writing. Amazon also has 613,300 employees at the time of this writing. He could give up $1 billion of his wealth and give every single employee a $1630 bonus, and then after he does that, he could give every single one of his 613,300 employees a check for $65,220, more than 2 years salary at his new $15 an hour wage, and STILL be the richest man in the world... the the pantheon of eccentric Tech Billionaires, Musk > Bezos > Zuckerberg

  • Mario Lisa
    Mario Lisa 2 months ago

    Props to Jeff for his achievements but how much money does one man need? Maybe now he could pay some taxes in the countries whose high streets he is killing instead of having his head office in some tax-haven country.
    He could pay his warehouse workers and delivery drivers nicely but he would rather have the money sitting on some computer screen doing nothing to help anyone...

  • snelso80
    snelso80 2 months ago

    This guy is a future thinker. He is betting against the planet. Interesting.

  • G Rad
    G Rad 2 months ago

    richest man in the world and a 10 dollar mic

  • Jimbo Jones
    Jimbo Jones 2 months ago

    He makes 1827363727282637372727727272727272727373737377373737337 dollars a second

  • Sarah Arroyo
    Sarah Arroyo 2 months ago


  • Sarah Arroyo
    Sarah Arroyo 2 months ago


  • Tammy B.
    Tammy B. 2 months ago

    Interesting, I was born in 64 also to a 17 yr old momma, I had my parents grandparents and great grandparents all taking care of me …. lots of love for a good start!

  • account
    account 2 months ago

    Isn't it weird that people who have it all, still want more. Their basic needs aren't being satisfied.

  • BR549
    BR549 2 months ago

    Jeff Bezos: The world's Welfare Queen.

  • Mark Dierking
    Mark Dierking 2 months ago

    bezos is a criminal

  • Leo Stark
    Leo Stark 2 months ago

    44:35 this is a key point. This man is great, he's got a much larger vision for the good of the whole human race than Bill Gates for example. Jeff is an example when the guy decides for himself as what to do with so much money. Blue origin could turn out be the advancement platform for the whole Earth.

  • Mustafain ul Haque
    Mustafain ul Haque 2 months ago

    This guy... I just found out who he was, started watching this video, and ended up finishing it. The whole 48 mins. Incredibly captivating.

  • 8bitnitwit
    8bitnitwit 2 months ago

    He has the voice of someone who would be down to smoke a bowl and play some ultimate frisbee

  • Peace
    Peace 2 months ago

    he just seems evil to me

  • wullie gotfingered
    wullie gotfingered 2 months ago +1

    South park

    IGROFAG 2 months ago


  • David Williams
    David Williams 2 months ago

    Do something useful with your money, wanting ore humans, just means more wars, animals killed, where we should be looking to decrease the worlds population and making life more harmonious with nature.

  • Computer Curry
    Computer Curry 2 months ago

    Seems like a genuinely nice guy.

  • David Brawner
    David Brawner 2 months ago

    I make the decisions here

  • Maioio
    Maioio 2 months ago

    the Amazon effect: capitalism devouring itself

  • Storm Silvawalker
    Storm Silvawalker 2 months ago

    I get the feeling that if SpaceX went public he would buy it and mix his company into it rather than kill it.

  • RecklessTheory
    RecklessTheory 2 months ago

    He never answered the wage question he just said they were innovative and expected to be criticized. It tells me he has no idea what his employees should be paid but until enough people complain to the point he sees it as right. the goal is not an employee owned structure with incentives but an autonomous profit generating business thats discards good employees for his and his boards bottom line. I get automation but by the practice the engineers will be paid minimum wage to fix these machines and keep them running and he goes from 500,000 employees to 100,000 at shit pay for astronomical work as a whole. he talks about innovation which is fine but the way he discusses it is essential rip off of innovators for it's own beneft. It seems like hes doesn't understand it but rather focuses on success more than anything while ignoring fundamental things

  • Joe Brunner
    Joe Brunner 2 months ago

    "A Trillion People in the Solar System" that's a ton of streets that need shitting on Mr. Bezos.

  • 12FU
    12FU 2 months ago

    Allowing authoritarian governments to influence elections? Who ALLOWED that? Sounds like a smart guy but even he is subject to his emotions.

  • Karen Wallace
    Karen Wallace 2 months ago

    I don't get all these smart entrepreneurial people putting so much money into outer space. Here's a great idea, put some of those "winnings" into your employees and lift them up with you. I love his success but I think Amazon would reach a new found height if it became the company of choice, one that people can see clearly cares about its employees. It has a great opportunity to set a precedence in doing so, something that is so needed in American companies today.

  • Blueberry
    Blueberry 2 months ago

    Creeeepy - people should not be allowed to steal that much wealth lol

  • ikem smith
    ikem smith 2 months ago

    "I can fix prolapsed cattle" is the most distressing thing I've heard all day.

  • Pavee Gypsy
    Pavee Gypsy 2 months ago

    Good business- terrible terrible ethics. Awful.

  • Andrei Sokolov
    Andrei Sokolov 2 months ago +1

    Mr Bezos sounds so super similar to Mr Bill Gates. His speaking style, voice, pitch and even accent matches Mr Gates’.

  • xXEnigma88
    xXEnigma88 2 months ago

    Wait a second..if both jeff bezos and Elon musk really deaply care the most about space travel and the future of humanity why don't they work together instead of competing? I mean Jeff's wealth could really benefit Elon's plans and expeditions..or something similar..

  • Leif Bennett
    Leif Bennett 2 months ago

    amazon fascist. Its called amazon because there real goal is to destroy the rain amazon rain forest with shipping oversized boxes their A.I. chooses. Complete fascism, corporate slavery, I am not your slave bezos, I worked at your DENVER 3 facility. How can we get rid of these fascist beings destroying our planet????

  • Yakobash
    Yakobash 2 months ago

    this is what real monsters look like...

  • Hoa Bui My
    Hoa Bui My 2 months ago

    the screen background is really incredible. it seems to be alive.

  • R.B.
    R.B. 2 months ago

    Where is Big M0ney Salvia's comment?