Jack Harlow - WALK IN THE PARK [Official Video]

  • Published on Dec 4, 2019
  • Jack Harlow - Walk in the Park [Official Video]
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  • 420 Gassin
    420 Gassin 3 hours ago


  • Melli Fields
    Melli Fields 5 hours ago

    Why y’all sleeping on jack Harlow bruh

  • Primal
    Primal 5 hours ago

    have you ever idk swung a bat before?

  • Erik Ruiz Felix
    Erik Ruiz Felix 15 hours ago

    This beat go hard

  • Solomon Atye Rho
    Solomon Atye Rho 16 hours ago

    This shit hard💯

  • Axe Deodorant
    Axe Deodorant 17 hours ago


  • MinnesotaBud
    MinnesotaBud 19 hours ago

    No thanks, hoodie Allen all over again but worse

  • Mayzie Cammarata
    Mayzie Cammarata 21 hour ago

    All your beats are fire

  • Michael Linnett
    Michael Linnett 22 hours ago

    Ybn cordae should definitely be on this remix

  • gavin cor
    gavin cor 23 hours ago

    cringey af

  • Plenty
    Plenty 23 hours ago

    Lowkey lit 💘

  • Niles Boehm
    Niles Boehm Day ago

    First time watching this dude. Young Bryson Tiller?

  • rzongler
    rzongler Day ago


  • Samtheman
    Samtheman Day ago

    You fye on god bruh I care what nobody say this shit hard 🚫🧢💯📈💸

  • therealmegore
    therealmegore Day ago

    Beat, Sickening...

  • Reece Rothfuss
    Reece Rothfuss Day ago

    Quite possibly the worst swing I’ve ever seen

  • Cristofer Gonzalez


  • Bit Coin
    Bit Coin Day ago

    I need a jack ft lil dicky banger shit would go hard

  • Riley Petrando
    Riley Petrando Day ago

    Jacks so straight edge he’s gotta brag about speeding tickets

  • Young khalifa
    Young khalifa Day ago

    underated asf!💯🔥

  • Devin Harrison
    Devin Harrison Day ago

    So when he says bumping the first blueprint does he mean the real one by krs one or Jay z copy shit?

  • Ihavenoname420 69

    straight 🔥

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson 2 days ago

    Every video, no features, justs BARS!!! 👀🎶🔊🤔 HE DA TRUTH!!!

  • Rob VanGundy
    Rob VanGundy 2 days ago

    I remeber watching your swayy interview for that point been a wrap!

  • Bandith
    Bandith 2 days ago +1

    Jack: I've been playing base ball since I was 7

    Also Jack: 2:28 That Swing...

  • BayAreaNative
    BayAreaNative 2 days ago


  • Da Barber Aiden
    Da Barber Aiden 2 days ago

    He like a new malkamore

  • salcity1
    salcity1 2 days ago

    Who shordy in the dugout

  • Nathan Reyes
    Nathan Reyes 2 days ago

    Say jack what up saw u at the Rolex shop at North star want to get together make a song see what u think maybe hop on beat and drop summ🔥

  • Mighty Mic
    Mighty Mic 2 days ago

    Gosh this is soo bad

  • Legion Judge
    Legion Judge 2 days ago

    Culture vultures must die

  • Type To Search
    Type To Search 2 days ago

    Came from whats poppin

  • iRRichiee
    iRRichiee 2 days ago

    This man needs to fix his hair

  • Paradise 4 Nerd's
    Paradise 4 Nerd's 3 days ago

    Bad technique with that swing.

  • Broward Blocks
    Broward Blocks 3 days ago +1

    She got good hands and a all state ass! Lmaoooo boy got some heater bars

  • Mytho Man
    Mytho Man 3 days ago +2

    What's that girl's insta plz ?

  • Baby C
    Baby C 3 days ago +1

    Jack finna revolutionize bro I’m telling you

  • Tony Ramos
    Tony Ramos 3 days ago +1

    who is this man??? this mf go hard gah damnn

  • Tate Nyams
    Tate Nyams 3 days ago +1

    Best Harlow song

  • SossaGold
    SossaGold 3 days ago +4

    I have a really good feeling about 2020

    • SossaGold
      SossaGold 9 hours ago +1

      J. L lmao bad stuff happens every year maybe God just putting us through it in the beginning of the year so the rest is fire 🔥

    • J. L
      J. L 15 hours ago +2

      SossaGold how u gon say that after all that has happened already

  • Bryan Howard
    Bryan Howard 3 days ago


    ETHAN BIGGS 3 days ago

    This slaps with just piano fr fr look it up

    ETHAN BIGGS 3 days ago

    This slaps with just piano fr fr look it up

  • Fabian Martinez
    Fabian Martinez 3 days ago +1

    Finally Something New I Like Bangers But Its Koo 2 Switch It Up Jack Harlow Up Next

  • Matthew Castillo
    Matthew Castillo 3 days ago +24

    Came here after lyrical lemonade, boy got that cold flow

  • Testies Edits
    Testies Edits 3 days ago

    baseball is for boys not girls they dont play together

  • Peyton Beasley
    Peyton Beasley 3 days ago

    You play ball like a girl

  • jayson otto
    jayson otto 3 days ago

    this so goood

  • Wei Thugget
    Wei Thugget 4 days ago

    this guy will be famous

  • urjs
    urjs 4 days ago

    Your average American dream scene

    JLITPRODUCTIONS 4 days ago

    mad bars

  • Adoree Asia
    Adoree Asia 4 days ago

    Cole Bennet sent me

  • Quasiem Edmondson
    Quasiem Edmondson 4 days ago

    Ain't shit to me, it's a walk in the park
    Y'all too smart, can't talk from the heart
    I got sauce and it's off of the charts, oof (And it's off of the charts)
    No aux in the car
    Ridin' 'round bumpin' that first Blueprint on disk
    I ain't tryna hear what the info is (Nah)
    I been tryna move on the impulsive
    Tip, do you wanna dip?
    I can tell you ain't having that much fun (Nah)
    Three years in with your ex-boyfriend
    Y'all tied that knot but it's back undone, oh yeah
    I'm tryna stack one ton (Uh)
    You ain't gotta ask where that come from (Oof)
    I ain't never rocked no Pacsun
    I was off the pack at the mall St. Matt
    I skipped class, no hallway pass (Ayy)
    I'm team cap', you was always last
    She got good hands and a Allstate ass
    I got good kids and they all came fast (Ayy)
    I ain't gotta say it, you can come to the Ville
    Just ask who's hot, they gon' all say "Jack" (Jack)
    Tell me stay down but I always have
    When I come around, man, they always ask
    How does it feel? (How does it? uh, oof)
    Ain't shit to me, it's a walk in the park (Oof)
    Y'all too smart, can't talk from the heart
    I got sauce and it's off of the charts
    Started my night with the light
    When I got to the club, I was off of the dark
    And I'm on the wave like a dolphin or shark (Shark)
    Y'all two shots, they was off of the mark (They was off of the, oof)
    Keep it raw from the start
    That's what she want from me, okay, cool (Cool)
    My chick love me and she don't make rules
    She ain't gotta ask if I'm gon' stay true (Ooh)
    One-take-Jack, I ain't gon' take two (Two)
    Urban got tabs and I'm gon' take two
    I was in the KY doin' eight-five on the
    Six-five, dash when I saw a state troop' (Oof)
    Y'all can't do what we do (Oof)
    Everybody tryna come do it, reboot
    Y'all ain't have faith from the shit back then
    But I ain't even trip 'cause I knew it'd be cool, like "Woo"
    Ain't shit to me, it's a walk in the park (Park)
    Y'all too smart, can't talk from the heart
    I got sauce and it's off of the charts (Oof)
    I've been tryna catch myself off guard
    I fuck with you if you get that part
    Worser-than-me's never hit that hard
    Worser-than-me's never got too far (Too far)
    I can tell y'all boys not too smart (Nah)
    Ain't shit sweet but the Azucar, ayy
    This shit goin' too far
    I'm timeless, y'all be gone tommorow
    Oof, had to wait for the dark
    Now you tryna pull up, get on two bars
    Uh, you can stay to the side, uh
    You don't really want no part to this
    Fifteen deep and we hard to miss
    Name somebody comin' hard as this (Yeah)
    My nuts hang like ornaments
    I'm not ready to begin love yet
    I just want somebody I can argue with (Yeah)
    Want somebody that's hard to get
    That's just life, that's part of it
    That's part of it (That's part of it)
    That's just life, that's part of it
    I said "Pardon me" (Yeah)
    I got ice all in my arteries, like DeeLo
    Long time hero

  • Dethunderful
    Dethunderful 4 days ago

    This sound the Casey veggies - she in my car, from 6 years ago😂😂😂

    • DE$CHAIN
      DE$CHAIN 3 days ago

      beat got the same chords thats bout it tho lmao

  • Mason Gustafson
    Mason Gustafson 5 days ago

    This the dude who replaced uzi at generation now LMAOOOOOOOOOOO

  • King J
    King J 5 days ago

    There is a reason he was at the bottom of the lineup 😂😂

  • Tristan H
    Tristan H 5 days ago +6

    “aint shit sweet but the azucar” jesus

    • Tylee Shaw
      Tylee Shaw 21 hour ago

      Lord Chifero it literally means sugar so any Spanish person will get that line .

    • Debia Pol
      Debia Pol 2 days ago

      What the fuck?

    • Lord Chifero
      Lord Chifero 3 days ago

      Only latinos will get this line 👏

  • 10,000 Subcribers With No Video

    Am I the only that thinks he remind me of drake?

  • Vibe
    Vibe 5 days ago +2

    imagine carti rappin to this beat like the old times? imagine

    GAARYSS 5 days ago

    Whats poppin here?