Top 10 Most Cringeworthy The Bachelorette Moments


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  • Shannon Luke
    Shannon Luke Day ago

    love Chad wow

  • urjeoireor4i3o434553

    would've been more awkward if the bachelorette found two of her contestants making out

  • Katie F
    Katie F 5 days ago

    Dying at this video bc Chad is #10 and I’ve been watching him on ex on the beach season 2 rn and he’s literally the best 😂😂

  • ponchocosmico
    ponchocosmico 9 days ago

    And in these examples kids you will see some sad & lonely good looking people....

    JEANNA RODRIGUEZ 11 days ago


  • Spyro Vapes
    Spyro Vapes 15 days ago

    Don’t do a roast if you can’t handle being roasted. Roasts are meant to make fun of you & diss on you. That was great & they did a great job at roasting, not their fault that people don’t understand roasts.

  • Lady Vee
    Lady Vee 15 days ago

    I feel so bad for Ashley and yet this is the first time seeing her.

  • Bieber Ninja
    Bieber Ninja 17 days ago

    why be angry at the show's producers or the men for having 2 bachelorettes? the 2 dumb women agreed to the concept and are the true enemies of feminism, also chris harrison is a spineless rat

  • Bieber Ninja
    Bieber Ninja 17 days ago

    if ali honestly wanted to have an serious conversation with justin she would have done it in private and not start out the conversation with an accusation

  • Ménage Reactions
    Ménage Reactions 17 days ago

    Big Draco is literally the God Father of Rap.

  • Titianna W
    Titianna W 18 days ago

    The rap video omfgggggg lmfaooooo

  • Alexa Hanson
    Alexa Hanson 18 days ago

    Kacey has Stitch’s voice...

  • okay
    okay 19 days ago

    This channel is the most cringe thing to happen

  • NK
    NK 19 days ago

    🤣 Never asked to be roasted. Never!

  • Blueberry Cake
    Blueberry Cake 22 days ago

    cringe, cringe… everywhere...

  • patrick weaver
    patrick weaver 23 days ago

    How is an all white rap racially insensitive?

  • Hashslingingslasher
    Hashslingingslasher 25 days ago +3

    Dont forget to report this video for racism, use this time stamp > 4:15

  • Pandoras policebox
    Pandoras policebox 25 days ago

    Can’t you just let us watch the video clips without voicing over all of it?? 🙄

  • Anne Grey
    Anne Grey 25 days ago

    Ohh, I wish you could meet my girlfriend
    My girlfriend who lives in Canada
    She couldn't be sweeter, I wish you could meet her
    My girlfriend who lives in Canada
    Her name is Alberta, she lives in Vancouver
    She cooks like my mother and sucks like a Hoover
    I e-mail her every single day just to make sure that everything's okay
    It's a pity she lives so far away in Canada
    Last week she was here but she had the flu
    Too bad 'cause I wanted to introduce her to you
    It's so sad there wasn't a thing that she could do
    But stay in bed with her legs up over her head, oh
    I wish you could meet my girlfriend
    But you can't because she is in Canada
    I love her, I miss her, I can't wait to kiss her
    So soon I'll be off to Alberta, I mean Vancouver
    Shit, her name is Alberta, she lives in Vancou
    She's my girlfriend, my wonderful girlfriend
    Yes, I have a girlfriend, who lives in Canada
    And I can't wait to eat her pussy again

  • I'd rather be outdoors

    Cringeworthy commentary with some of those "reasons."

  • Christopher Cruz
    Christopher Cruz Month ago

    Soulja Boy regrets everything he does.

  • Ashley Burstynski
    Ashley Burstynski Month ago


  • Celeste Jacquet
    Celeste Jacquet Month ago

    I crack up that people are questioning the Soulja Boy date being racially insensitive. 1. It was around the time when they no black contestants on the show 2. They were wearing gold chains, gold rings, and even fake grills, also wearing attire that “rappers” wear 3. The fact they thought that was okay to do, and go back to their normal selves later that night is cultural appropriation and racially insensitive

  • Leeanna Tweed
    Leeanna Tweed Month ago

    Nick is a doucher

  • Kristen Lynn
    Kristen Lynn Month ago

    This show is so stupid

  • Kelly Henderson
    Kelly Henderson Month ago

    Kasey was by far the weirdest bachelor nation contestant. Lol

  • Tzipporah Fulmer
    Tzipporah Fulmer Month ago

    i lost it when he started singing

  • Mylifeasamonkey Monkey

    I thought the thumbnail was Becca

  • Astro Matrix
    Astro Matrix Month ago

    Ok ok look, I know was roast was cringy but that rap vid seriously should have been numero uno 😂😭😩

  • Elizabeth Robertson
    Elizabeth Robertson Month ago +5

    Racially insensitive! So Rap has a colour now? piss off MsMojo.

  • Oh HaNi
    Oh HaNi Month ago

    Dramafever no longer exist 😭☹️

  • Single Mom RV Life
    Single Mom RV Life Month ago

    "Racially insensitive" figures.

  • Independence In Mind

    Damn I was enjoying the video until they forced I feminism and racism. Just another leftists trash piece smh 🤦‍♂️

  • Cr0ssmyheart96
    Cr0ssmyheart96 Month ago +2

    Maybe I don't get it because I am white... but how was the Soulja Boy rap racially insensitive just because the contestants were white? Soulja Boy didn't seem to mind. Not everything is about race🙄

    • Sam
      Sam 15 days ago

      Yes, you don't get it because you are white. You should have ended your sentence there.

    • Liam Alistarr
      Liam Alistarr 17 days ago +1

      +Celeste Jacquet Wouldnt that go more towards a rappers appropriation? Because there are white rappers too. Eminem, Nf, (Ivan B?)

    • Celeste Jacquet
      Celeste Jacquet Month ago

      Cr0ssmyheart96 it’s cultural appropriation when all the contestants are white trying to rap, wearing chains, gold rings and grills wearing attire that “rappers” wear 😒 it’s offensive

  • sarah kelly
    sarah kelly Month ago

    Demario & Take out the trash girl. He was 100%😎 set up. This girl was a mole used for added drama.

  • Kaitlyn Dodson
    Kaitlyn Dodson Month ago

    Ian and Kelsey would be great for eachother

  • Oma Rumunna
    Oma Rumunna Month ago

    I can't finish this. I cannot.

  • aspenrebel
    aspenrebel Month ago

    Nicest Ette .... Toss up between DeeDee and Ash H. Then Desiree.

  • aspenrebel
    aspenrebel Month ago

    6 of 14 Ettes still together with their #1 picks.

  • aspenrebel
    aspenrebel Month ago

    Info says Ali married now and has 2 kids. Did not know that.

  • aspenrebel
    aspenrebel Month ago

    I was saying, "That's not Kalon". That guy was a jerk (Kalon). Her true colors were revealed, eventhough she was sick and had a bit of laryngitis. Rachel is a lawyer, right? So she can tell guy is bs ing. Cuz Andi (Grumpy Face) was hot and horny that's why. Oh no! It's Kermie!!! Poor Ali. Ali's from the NW corner of Massachusetts, forget which town. What's wrong with Ash's chest, she's nice!! Yeah that "roast" did go bad, didn't it? But she picked the right guy!!!

  • aspenrebel
    aspenrebel Month ago

    at about 3:00 she didn't smack him? I mean, I can't stand her, but......................... What a jerk!!!

  • aspenrebel
    aspenrebel Month ago

    There definitely a lot of "cringeworthy" moments on the Ette and Bach.

  • Sarah Jones
    Sarah Jones Month ago +1

    Wow poor Ashley!! Those roasts were bad!!

  • Liam Alexander
    Liam Alexander Month ago +11

    Honestly what she did was just wrong. How can the relationship that felt "less right" get sex while the one with "more right." didn't? If the situations were reversed with her being the guy and him being the girl, then she would get some serious bashing.
    Guys have feelings too. Some girls take advantage of that.

  • Judith Trejo
    Judith Trejo Month ago

    I almost was so hopeful that Drama Fever was back, but this video came out in May 2018

  • Nathan Wilson
    Nathan Wilson Month ago

    Shoutout to small tittes all over the world. You are loved.

  • Nathan Wilson
    Nathan Wilson Month ago

    Some of us like small boobs

  • Sarah Wiers
    Sarah Wiers Month ago

    Thought it was genuinely funny till you said participating in a rap was “racially insensitive” 😂. Um ok...

  • Tammy Havnen
    Tammy Havnen Month ago +5

    How is a butched rap video ‘racially insensitive’?

  • Brandon Ninja
    Brandon Ninja Month ago +2

    #3 Nick had a good point but he's mocked for being right?

    • Liam Alistarr
      Liam Alistarr 17 days ago

      It was an innapropritate question to ask on live tv.

  • Koda & Lola
    Koda & Lola Month ago

    No joke, I honestly thought it said "this video is sponsored by toilet paper"

  • Straight White Male

    More proof women can't take a joke! Roasting isn't real talk its just for fun bitches

  • Straight White Male

    Soo white people can't sing rap now? wow what's next?

  • Lipstick Thesbian
    Lipstick Thesbian Month ago

    Take off the LOUDass sub bell it’s more grating than any moments you could combine together

  • karla  estupinan
    karla estupinan Month ago

    R.I.P DramaFever😭

  • itstimetoHaJiMa
    itstimetoHaJiMa Month ago

    RIP dramafever😫

  • FC_CT C
    FC_CT C Month ago

    it's a reeeeeheeeeally trashy show.

  • Taylor Johnson
    Taylor Johnson Month ago

    stop talking through the whole thing and you'll get more views :-)

  • Harper Rainflower-O'Sullivan

    I feel bad for Nick actually

  • Pink Sky
    Pink Sky Month ago

    Like Nick loved every girl he has ever slept with.... 🙄👍🏻That was totally a vindictive, slimeball move on his part.

  • 99miyah
    99miyah Month ago

    two bachelorettes? that's cringyyyy

  • Nataly Lopez
    Nataly Lopez Month ago

    DramaFever is dead!

  • Coconut ScienceGirl92

    The singing....when he started singing almost died...he’s so terrible

  • Rcker31BDrinkN
    Rcker31BDrinkN Month ago

    Never watch this or Bachelor but this was bad

  • A R
    A R Month ago

    White people rapping isn't racially insensitive. Just so you know.

  • Love Graham
    Love Graham Month ago

    Wow. That was extremely horrible. Wtf. That was like really bizarre. I mean damn. The guys must of hated her.. how cruel. Why were they even there. She should of quit. Honestly.

  • Danielle McCormick
    Danielle McCormick Month ago

    Deadass thought they were saying “White reasons” lmaooo

  • Holly Galvan
    Holly Galvan Month ago

    I forgot about Ian... ugh rude

  • Jeremy Keyes
    Jeremy Keyes Month ago

    “Ruined any hopes for a feminist message” YEAH ok who wrote this script

  • Trami Nguyen
    Trami Nguyen Month ago

    I love this bscheotte moments!

  • Ariel Feldman Bracke
    Ariel Feldman Bracke Month ago +5

    Racially insensitive? Are you kidding me?

  • Hannah Waldrop
    Hannah Waldrop Month ago

    Ian knew he was sinking, he wasn’t being noticed that way he thought he deserved, and did what all fuckboy narcissists do. They act like they’re better than you and never liked you to begin with and proceed to insult you. I think maybe he thought she was going to respond *positively* and start fawning over him. I hope he’s still single.

    • Hannah Waldrop
      Hannah Waldrop Month ago

      sarah kelly lol ok. Sure thing.

    • sarah kelly
      sarah kelly Month ago

      She is uneducated Bachelorette trash. He can do better.

  • Samantha Harrison
    Samantha Harrison Month ago +3

    I was kinda so glad that Nick asked that question tho 😂

  • Blaise Avey
    Blaise Avey Month ago

    how is someone able to roast someone their currently dating.

  • ArticleReader Randy

    justin made the right move bros

  • dwe edv
    dwe edv Month ago

    Why was the rap video racially insensitive?

  • G-Town 101
    G-Town 101 Month ago

    Nick calling out Andi 😂😂 Fucking hilarious..
    If someone is in love you, why bait them on further by giving them false hopes when you dont love them in return.. On top of that, why sleep with him and then dump him..??
    Did it not work out in the bedroom for you..??

    • sarah kelly
      sarah kelly Month ago

      Nick deserved an answer. She treated those guys like a dam buffet.

  • Monifah Lucas
    Monifah Lucas Month ago

    R.I.P drama fever. I miss thee😢💔

  • dan hemmerling
    dan hemmerling 2 months ago

    They are all that shallow. Every single person on every batchelorette/batchelor world wide. If they had any substance they wouldn't be there. I don't watch it but I get the gist.

    • sarah kelly
      sarah kelly Month ago

      Agree. Something is wrong in your life to be the lead and actually get engaged. The contestants are a little nuts but @ least they know they can say no if picked.

  • Jessica Sparks
    Jessica Sparks 2 months ago

    Racially insensitive?? Rap isnt just for black people. There are plenty of non-black rappers. Eminem is one of THE biggest, the best IMO, rappers in America and probably the world.
    Stop trying to make everything about race. Stop.

  • Evie Truchok
    Evie Truchok 2 months ago

    Say what you want about katlyn but Ian was completely pompous

  • Asolu Zuo
    Asolu Zuo 2 months ago +5

    I never liked Kaitlyn....I kind of liked what he said to her ...

  • Ricky Dhillon
    Ricky Dhillon 3 months ago

    I was wondering why Becca and Jean Blancs scene wasn't on here but then I saw the date lol

  • winnie sandhu
    winnie sandhu 3 months ago +2

    Your intro is way too long!

  • Olav Langli
    Olav Langli 3 months ago

    Ms mojo??? Is the other one called mr mojo?? There are always special things for women and then SHARED things for men.. That's how women want equality.. P.s roast is suppose to be mean you dumb pc mafia

  • TurboSync
    TurboSync 4 months ago

    4:54 Take me home

  • Jessica Lyngkhoi
    Jessica Lyngkhoi 4 months ago +1

    I wanted Britt to be the bachelorette so much..

  • Jessica Lyngkhoi
    Jessica Lyngkhoi 4 months ago +1

    i didn't like Kaitlyn much on the bachelorette

  • dino pup
    dino pup 4 months ago

    Hahaha racially insensitive = horrible rap + minus swag

  • Sujatha Ramakrishnan
    Sujatha Ramakrishnan 4 months ago

    Lol is this survivor or the bachelorette

  • Meg Dunn
    Meg Dunn 4 months ago +1

    Such a stupid show, tossing around people’s hearts

  • Laura Kusel
    Laura Kusel 4 months ago

    Emily was really annoying - i couldn’t watch her season

  • peedrin123
    peedrin123 4 months ago +1

    ally is cute

  • Lin 555
    Lin 555 4 months ago +2

    Some of these guys are clearly sociopaths. Also, how is white people in a rap video racially insensitive? White Americans are the largest consumers of rap music(being that 70% of America is white). I swear to "enlightened racially sensitive" people often come off as misinformed and racist themselves.
    Lastly, why would you out yourself in a position for the guys to say mean things to you.

    RMPG FAM 4 months ago

    To be honest, sex isn’t always about love, but when it’s a show where your supposed to be finding love, I think it sort of should be. I mean if she knew she wasn’t in love with him why make him think that by sleeping with him? Clearly he views that as important. Also sure it’s not the most appropriate thing to do, but I can’t understand his emotional state. I don’t see what is wrong with him asking that. If it’s wrong for a bachelor to have sex with the girls when he doesn’t love them, then shouldn’t it also be wrong for the bachelorette to have sex with the guys when she doesn’t love them?

  • Green Goddess
    Green Goddess 4 months ago

    Casey was def the most cringy. Ali's season was the best!

  • Coral Coralcation
    Coral Coralcation 5 months ago +2

    The one with the guy trying to escape in a cast hopping over bushes had me dying...!

  • Hey Huda
    Hey Huda 5 months ago

    Kasey singing 😂😂😂☠️☠️☠️

  • BulletproofKam
    BulletproofKam 5 months ago

    What? You were thankful Chad went home! He was the best thing in that series! Chad was so entertaining and why they brought him back in batch in paradise.

    • sarah kelly
      sarah kelly Month ago

      Chad was a little more mentally ill than the others on the show.