Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Cookery Course - Episode 9 - Real Fast Food

  • Published on Apr 8, 2016
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    Recipes: Chicken stir fry with rice noodles 01:45, Noodle soup with poached eggs & spring onions 06:49, Stir-fried pork noodles 08:00, Noodles with chili, ginger & lemongrass 09:15, smokey pork sliders with BBQ sauce 16:00.
    Cooking Tips: jointing a chicken 10:46, preventing skewers from burning 12:29, no-fuss marinating 12:41, lime & lemon juice for marinade 12:52, lemon juice for cooking rice 13:04.
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  • Yum!Yum! Food Network
    Yum!Yum! Food Network  2 years ago +78

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    • yeet
      yeet 11 days ago

      cheeky bastard here with the affiliate links, go fuck yourself

    • Ursula Do
      Ursula Do 8 months ago

      Gordan rasmse brussels sprouts

    • David Richardson
      David Richardson 10 months ago +4

      So you're telling me when he went to the other countries in Asia, they used bland a** chicken breast. Yeah right. Come on Gordon.

  • Lou Kang
    Lou Kang 11 hours ago

    Real fast food ......mmmmm 🤔 Gordon doesn’t have to worry about shopping for the ingredients and the most pain in the arse , washing the dishes

  • William David
    William David 16 hours ago

    After putting the chicken in the skillet with his hands, Gordon cross contaminated his salt and pepper shakers.

  • Draliseth
    Draliseth 2 days ago

    I love how these are simple and quick when you happen to have cooked egg noodles at the ready.
    Jussayin. That's like saying making home made pizza is quick and easy IF you happen to have a ball of dough ready to go.

  • Shagswag
    Shagswag 2 days ago

    Clearly, Gordon doesn't play golf.

  • Berne van Rooyen
    Berne van Rooyen 2 days ago

    How he handles food gives me some next level ASMR

  • Apples in Mono
    Apples in Mono 3 days ago

    17:17 "slight lil' bit o' urine"

  • T K
    T K 3 days ago

    WTF....metal utensils on non-stick pots!!! That is the first thing one learns at age 6. A big NO, No.

    • T K
      T K 3 days ago

      @Apples in Mono That's true to an extent, however, in time it will damage the finish. But when your rich it goes unnoticed, right.

    • Apples in Mono
      Apples in Mono 3 days ago

      It isn't a cheap or old Teflon pan. It's a modern hard anodized pan. Metal utensils won't damage it one bit

  • Apples in Mono
    Apples in Mono 3 days ago

    Seems like Ramsay must be one of those workaholic fathers who hardly ever spends time with his kids

  • Weeping Man
    Weeping Man 4 days ago

    You fucked them noodles and u know it u bastard.

  • Ray D
    Ray D 5 days ago

    Noodles In
    Bukkake Done

  • Campbell Cutler
    Campbell Cutler 6 days ago

    "They know how to make a great slider... it's almost like a way of having a burger on a much smaller miniature level"
    No, it's not ALMOST Like that, it's Exactly what that is a slider is literally a small burger. What the fuck are you talking about?

    "Because sliders are bite-sized burgers you don't want to make them to big"
    Yes because then it will be a fucking burger. Thanks, Captain fucking obvious.

  • jacoobie_ gaming
    jacoobie_ gaming 6 days ago +1

    Gordon Ramsey is the best chef in the world

  • Zahra Aliraqia
    Zahra Aliraqia 8 days ago

    Why does he fidget so much? 😫😫😫

  • Tracy KaPoni
    Tracy KaPoni 10 days ago

    That settles it....im investing in a wok

  • Here goes the beast
    Here goes the beast 11 days ago

    I've been working in kitchens since 6 years. I nearly had a heart attack when he puts the brocoli so close to the raw chicken.
    Edit; 3:32 if curious.

  • Thomas Skope
    Thomas Skope 11 days ago

    Would like to know why “Mr. Knowitall” cut his raw chicken before cutting the vegetables? I know he said wash the knife, but I would avoid cross contamination at all costs. The British are gross.

  • Salamansky
    Salamansky 11 days ago

    Luckily he didnt say Gordan Ramsey and said I... When someone is talking in third person you known somethings up

  • Memes Made Good
    Memes Made Good 11 days ago

    This would be perfect if he gave measurements for everything

  • p agy
    p agy 12 days ago

    I want his kitchen

  • Li Jinxing
    Li Jinxing 12 days ago

    I am very impressed with your cooking Mr Ramsay, you are British and you can cook Asian cuisine 😘😍, and so much delicious than any others, I love you and your channels 😍😘😊👍

  • Gilmara Leal
    Gilmara Leal 12 days ago

    The best!!!! 😀

  • Akkalux Maicami
    Akkalux Maicami 12 days ago

    Chicken fried rice noodles is a Delicious food in Thailand, you can see it everywhere in Thailand fast food restaurant.

  • DjGrimmace
    DjGrimmace 13 days ago

    You can tell he thoroughly enjoys cooking. Not even the making video part of it, but just the general product of his own creation. I enjoyed every minute of this video.

  • atipolo samar
    atipolo samar 13 days ago

    My God!! This man can cook simple but soo mouth watering food!! No wonder his one of the best chefs in the world!! And soo successful too!! God bless you more Gordon Ramsay!! 👏👏👏

  • Raymond Dallou
    Raymond Dallou 13 days ago


  • Mary Cooks Memorable Dishes

    Awwwe, your cooking techniques and methods are quite familiar....(:

  • Mary Cooks Memorable Dishes


  • hdtvcamera1
    hdtvcamera1 14 days ago

    Crispy garlic is bitter in my opinion

  • Thomas NorthCastle
    Thomas NorthCastle 14 days ago +1

    Tonight, I made the pork chop with peppers and basil. To say the least, it was a massive success!!!

  • Cean Rezzlier
    Cean Rezzlier 16 days ago +12

    Gordon Ramsey: Touch of olive oil
    *pours eight hundred thousand liters*

    • William Walsh
      William Walsh 2 days ago +1

      Dude s always heavy-handed, especially with salt.

  • Nebosvod gonzalez
    Nebosvod gonzalez 16 days ago

    Chocolate is Better then Sex Hahahah.
    Yeah Maybe with Someone who is Ugly and Boring Yeah Totally Chocolate Wins.
    But with a Hot Wild Girl I am Sorry Chocolate can't Compete.

  • Nessi 105
    Nessi 105 16 days ago

    i wonder if his crew gets to eat all tose meals after gordon cooked it

  • SimplySarah
    SimplySarah 16 days ago

    I’m not a huge fan of onion but those pork sliders he made look so fucking delicious I wanna try to make them

  • Kitchen Mambo
    Kitchen Mambo 17 days ago

    Great Stuff...

  • 吕欣键
    吕欣键 17 days ago

    he clearly understand nothing about Asian street food

  • decent genius
    decent genius 17 days ago

    LOOKS LIKE SLOP. jk I want moar

  • Gl0ck93 Glock93
    Gl0ck93 Glock93 17 days ago +1


  • Pax Britannica
    Pax Britannica 17 days ago +1

    “Young, tender Broccoli”

  • Grinder79 Aleixo
    Grinder79 Aleixo 18 days ago

    I didn't know how to cook jack sh$t!!
    I've been watching Ramsey for over 3 years I am a pro these days 💪

  • Atila Balint
    Atila Balint 18 days ago

    what the hell i thought he was only yelling, but this was sort of The Joy of Cooking with Gordon Ramsey

  • Victor S
    Victor S 18 days ago +6

    2:34 "we call this butterflying" more like pussying... Lol

  • Tommy Jones
    Tommy Jones 18 days ago

    Did anyone notice he didn't rinse his vegetables.

  • M T
    M T 19 days ago

    Wenn Ramsay so läuft wirkt er , als hätte er nen Stock im Arsch....

  • Ap_ Labs
    Ap_ Labs 19 days ago

    I want a cooking show with this version of Gordan Ramsey.

  • JAIRO †
    JAIRO † 20 days ago

    Anyone else cringe when he used the tongs on the wok? Lmao

    • Apples in Mono
      Apples in Mono 3 days ago

      It's hard anodized aluminum. No reason to cringe

  • Dylan Christy
    Dylan Christy 20 days ago

    Broccoli in koey teow? hell no..

  • Dixie Beckert
    Dixie Beckert 21 day ago


  • Joshua Cao
    Joshua Cao 22 days ago

    Lemon Zest Goes Very Well With Those... thats just random

  • L'l Omnifay
    L'l Omnifay 22 days ago

    Hmmmmm. I don't know about this one. It ain't much lookin' like Chinese food to my pre-programmed Chinese food-to-go eyes. It looks like scrambled egg breakfast with ........Never mind, they're not tapeworms.............Naaaaa! Oh, the best home-cooking Chinese food ingredients to have in your pantry is: Quality Oyster sauce, peanut butter, soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, corn flour, rice flour, sea weed wraps, good rice wine vinegar, hot black bean sauce and the various rice and other noodles they sell at most privately-owned Chinese stores, to start. Oh, yeah, and buy a top quality sesame seed oil. It is an incredible seasoning to add in even the tiniest amounts and the smell and flavor will floor you! So much more to say, sorry to go on.

    • L'l Omnifay
      L'l Omnifay 2 days ago

      @Apples in Mono I was kidding about "Chinese food" in the Western version. Of course not. But, I love Dim Sum-anything. Is that Chinese food? Or do I have to blend frogs, etc. ? Ya know, I can draw with chopsticks. No, Western Chinese food is a joke like western food in China.

    • Apples in Mono
      Apples in Mono 3 days ago

      "Chinese food-to-go"
      You mean like western chinese take-out? Cuz that ain't chinese food anyway

  • Tre Napier
    Tre Napier 22 days ago

    Hot water, brilliant. Salt, extraordinary.

  • DrummerJacob
    DrummerJacob 22 days ago

    Camera man needs to get a job as a carnival photographer or face painter.

  • Adzy82
    Adzy82 23 days ago

    I prefer it when he’s angry

  • Jesse Mendieta
    Jesse Mendieta 24 days ago

    Are rice noodles diabtic friendly.

  • MoreCrazyness
    MoreCrazyness 24 days ago

    Has anyone notice how big his biceps are?

  • V Ling
    V Ling 25 days ago

    omggg 12:10 I always mess up on this part of cutting down the chicken breast.

  • muckypots
    muckypots 25 days ago +1

    Just as well he gets his non-stick pans for nothing, scratching hell out of them with the metal tools like that.

    • Apples in Mono
      Apples in Mono 3 days ago

      Hard-anodized aliminum. Scratch-proof. Seems like a lot of people who own them don't even realize it

  • Desmora Aromsed
    Desmora Aromsed 25 days ago +1

    That "butterfly looked like pussy lips

  • Morpher Paulner
    Morpher Paulner 25 days ago

    I think he fucked it up haha

  • blue-chaos96 striker
    blue-chaos96 striker 27 days ago

    In my country lemon grass is called hierba luisa and the leaves are used to make an infusion is really nice. :9

  • Henry Mueller
    Henry Mueller 27 days ago

    Um he is not on his head so it a lie I guess🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  • Selma De Faria
    Selma De Faria 27 days ago

    I don't understand these olive oil comments. This is simply how you cook _well at least where I come from. It's a southern European thing. I see people commenting about this as if it's very odd, but in Portugal almost every dish starts with olive oil (drizzeled over some garlic, onions and a bay leaf). So British people didn't use olive oil to braise their base ingredients for flavour, before TV cooks? It is literally what gives food that element of flavour lol... so it doesn't taste like water. It's beyond puzzling to me that people should find Gordon's and Jamie's use of it excessive; this is simply how you cook in at least half of the European continent.

  • Cai Rubika
    Cai Rubika 28 days ago +1

    Say what you want, these recipes rock. So simple and awesome. This is what food is meant to be. Uncomplicated

  • jaduto lol
    jaduto lol 28 days ago

    that is asian definitely

  • Mr_Chiong
    Mr_Chiong 28 days ago +16

    Me: Its 1 AM, i have to wake up in 5 hours.
    TVclip recomendations:

    • Antonio Thompson
      Antonio Thompson 20 days ago +2

      I was just like this last night. It was 415am and I'm like " TVclip fucked me"

    • Cpt Rawabi
      Cpt Rawabi 25 days ago +1

      2:30AM here, have to wake up at 5

    • Christopher Villatoro
      Christopher Villatoro 25 days ago +1

      Change 1 AM to 3 AM and that's me right there

  • Futarou Kun
    Futarou Kun 28 days ago

    Why isnt he getting scared of the oil splatters? How xD

  • Ban
    Ban 29 days ago

    I wonder who cleans Gordons kitchen every day lol

  • Laurel Machak
    Laurel Machak Month ago

    The camera person really made use of that macro lens

  • Ashley Reyes
    Ashley Reyes Month ago

    I've never seen Gordon stand still

  • Miqayeel Bradley Low

    You are a great chef and drive so much inspiration to us but please stick to what you are good at.