Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Cookery Course - Episode 9 - Real Fast Food

  • Published on Apr 8, 2016
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    Recipes: Chicken stir fry with rice noodles 01:45, Noodle soup with poached eggs & spring onions 06:49, Stir-fried pork noodles 08:00, Noodles with chili, ginger & lemongrass 09:15, smokey pork sliders with BBQ sauce 16:00.
    Cooking Tips: jointing a chicken 10:46, preventing skewers from burning 12:29, no-fuss marinating 12:41, lime & lemon juice for marinade 12:52, lemon juice for cooking rice 13:04.
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  • Yum!Yum! Food Network
    Yum!Yum! Food Network  2 years ago +96

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    • Frank Boogaard
      Frank Boogaard 23 days ago

      Yeah, he teaches no one, his chefs do. He has zero stars. His chefs have those stars.

    • ewan
      ewan 3 months ago

      cheeky bastard here with the affiliate links, go fuck yourself

    • Ursula Do
      Ursula Do 10 months ago

      Gordan rasmse brussels sprouts

    • David Richardson
      David Richardson Year ago +4

      So you're telling me when he went to the other countries in Asia, they used bland a** chicken breast. Yeah right. Come on Gordon.

  • Aqil Azhad
    Aqil Azhad Day ago

    Pergh masak char kuey teow bhai gordon😂

  • PowerOfThePick
    PowerOfThePick 3 days ago +1

    Take a rolling pin and flatten out the chicken, what this does is sort of...flatten out the chicken

    KATIELOVEHU TV 5 days ago

    r u making love to r food chef remsey , cause i tried r tutorials yammie.

  • Faith Scarborough
    Faith Scarborough 6 days ago

    5:23 he cracked his eggs on the side of the bowl instead of a flat surface and I'm triggered

  • Dana Tennison
    Dana Tennison 6 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay is F-NG awesome!

  • Plantern 45
    Plantern 45 8 days ago

    Am I the only Asian that HASNT tried fresh noodles?!!!

  • Shin Abe Velez
    Shin Abe Velez 8 days ago +2

    You can tell how much he loves food when he twiddles his fingers in his face and hunches his shoulders over whenever he describes the food

  • B N
    B N 9 days ago

    Pretty fast, simple, delicious, mission complete

  • Apocalypse Meow
    Apocalypse Meow 10 days ago

    Oh yea I forgot we all have cafe lime leaves in the pantry that’s a kitchen staple right there.

  • cherry pelareja
    cherry pelareja 10 days ago

    And i love your kitchen 😍

  • Jaime Erives
    Jaime Erives 11 days ago

    That "taco" at the end was a punch in the nuts

  • Macarona
    Macarona 13 days ago +2

    The times when gordon ramsay had to introduce himself...

  • Bryan Ouellet
    Bryan Ouellet 18 days ago

    Metal on non stick

  • Jan M Carmody
    Jan M Carmody 18 days ago

    My pans do not work like his do. They stick, they peel (if they're 'non-stick) and you can't use metal stirrers with them. Why?

    • Jan M Carmody
      Jan M Carmody 18 days ago

      Ok, having read the comments I am now edified on the difference between his pans and mine.

  • Frank Boogaard
    Frank Boogaard 23 days ago

    you are shitting me, right. Szechuan is lemmony? Another proof he is just a hack who has no idea

  • Florence Maria
    Florence Maria 29 days ago

    What if i do not like the taste of vinegar or tamarind (south Indian) in any off my food??? I'm not allergic to it, but have an aversion towards these... not even pickles... Can it be replaced with lemon (for vinegar) and raw mango ( for tamarind) instead..??? I will eat that food but with less appetite...

    • Florence Maria
      Florence Maria 29 days ago

      O i forgot!! Same with wine, sour grapes (except seedless green sweet grapes) and yeast... what is the replacement??? I can get clumsy (sleepy and lazy) and sometimes catch cold/constipation (depends on severity it causes in blood stream) with wine and yeast products... again, can have but with a few consequences as mentioned above...

  • Miyuki Teishi みゆちゃん

    Take a rolling pin and roll it over the chicken.. what it does is... sort of flattens it...

  • Steven Zhu
    Steven Zhu 29 days ago

    When you only have an electric stove, fast is simply impossible. Fuck Americans.

  • Kayley Cherry
    Kayley Cherry Month ago


    LIFE 4 KICKS Month ago

    Am I weird because when he said soy sauce in that was really cool

  • petebtw
    petebtw Month ago

    okay okay. these burgers are amazing. BUT my grandma still has the coolest way of making burgers. she THROWS, yes literally throws the pattys into the pan. it's always amazing to watch

  • Ruth Anino
    Ruth Anino Month ago

    I just made a slider. It took me 2 hrs to make. How did u make it in 5 minutes Gordon?

  • Brooks Smith
    Brooks Smith Month ago

    I would never eat one thing from this bitches restaurant. The way he treats and talks to ppl is fucked.

  • Sonny Earp
    Sonny Earp Month ago +1

    That chicken is drier that a camels ass in a desert storm!!! That lamb is so raw it still has wool!!! LOL

  • Shpongled
    Shpongled Month ago

    22:53 the perfect taco ...

  • Janet Meissner
    Janet Meissner Month ago

    Thx, this looks easy and good! Thank you!

  • Karina Jakobsen
    Karina Jakobsen Month ago

    *Watches this channel, goes to McD after...." :P

  • sha broussard
    sha broussard Month ago

    Biggest golf ball I ever seen lol.

  • matthew stapon
    matthew stapon Month ago

    What pan is he using whiskin the egg n not scratching the crap out of the pan???

  • Clint Eastwood
    Clint Eastwood Month ago

    That was a lot of garlic....I thought he didn't like that much garlic??...

  • Pattana Xapilak
    Pattana Xapilak Month ago

    Looks dry as fuck mate!!!

  • Vale Sauce
    Vale Sauce Month ago +1

    I wonder if Ramsay has any vegetarian recipes.

  • gme213la
    gme213la Month ago

    watching mr Ramsey i feel like i can open a restaurant then i remember that i am broke and i cook me a meal for me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Pablo Z
    Pablo Z Month ago

    What does he have? He can't stop moving.

  • Jimmy Puckett
    Jimmy Puckett Month ago

    What if you did like a carbonara sauce with the egg? Obviously not authentic but it might be a nice fusion dish.

  • Chuck Rubino
    Chuck Rubino Month ago +3

    Watching this at 1oclock in the morning.......why do I torture myself?!?!?😋😋😭😭

  • SliPsHoTiFc
    SliPsHoTiFc Month ago +8

    Gordon Ramsey: one chicken breast serves 2-3 people easily

    ME: nope

  • Kriptonickushman
    Kriptonickushman Month ago

    No one is gonna talk about Gordon using metal on a non stick? OK

  • ZhongCan Chen
    ZhongCan Chen Month ago


  • OsamaBinGlockin
    OsamaBinGlockin Month ago

    I love Ramsay but 12:25 he forgot the oysters

  • Dev Das
    Dev Das Month ago

    Where the onions and chillies.??

  • SANDY Moore
    SANDY Moore Month ago

    Wish this was captioned...l'm deaf

  • TheMarinemom02
    TheMarinemom02 Month ago

    Is it just me or did everyone have to rewind 10 times because he’s so darned handsome! . Wow, that was great.

  • dazzleglam95
    dazzleglam95 Month ago +1

    OMG GORDON DRAWS LITTLE O’s OVER HIS I’s TOO!!!! I’m shooketh 😂😭

  • reitzjdv
    reitzjdv Month ago

    Easy recipes? Fuck off Gordon.

  • Zeinab Akram
    Zeinab Akram Month ago +2

    if I took one spoon of capsicum every time gordon says: *nice and crispy* I'd have a peptic ulcer in only one hour

    MK ULTRA Month ago

    Asian cooking rule #1.._.._.Never use olive oil in stir fry.

  • M J
    M J Month ago +1

    Being a thousand percent Asian and all... first recipe, heat the oil, crisp and golden the garlic first. We use MSG too. LMAO! We’re all still alive, MSG won’t kill ya.

  • Eytan G
    Eytan G Month ago +10

    This guy's pretty good at cooking, he should become a chef

  • hena hamid
    hena hamid Month ago

    Rice noodles and chicken recipe excellent yummy 😋 thanks for sharing

  • Suren Kumar
    Suren Kumar Month ago +1

    Gordon Ramsay you're interested and fantastic cook...chef you are great I'm a great fan of you ...love you sir

  • CrazyHarleyChick
    CrazyHarleyChick Month ago

    Touch of Olive Oil=Gallon

  • bryan adam
    bryan adam Month ago

    How did he make this sound like a porn?

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

    Just made the first one, chcicken stir fry with rice noodless.. Fucking easy and really good! Cant mess that one up!

  • WalyB01
    WalyB01 Month ago

    Sorry healthy? Minced pork with noodles and olive oil? Oh a bit of spring union. Thougth very good food.

  • Ruwini Fonseka
    Ruwini Fonseka Month ago

    my idol 👍

  • kim94503
    kim94503 Month ago

    Damn he's sexy as hell.

  • Jaime Ramirez
    Jaime Ramirez Month ago

    No lo conozco el chef pero en mi sueño que tuve y platiqué con el pero no tuve que sacar foto en la vida Real pero me dio gusto platicar con el. Yo también soy un chef. Pero al rango de el no🤔🥘🔪🥢🥄