Logan's Failed Apology and Facebook's Hypocrisy

  • Published on Jan 6, 2018
  • Yes, the title rhymes. And yes, I know I'm a few days late on this. I filmed this on Wednesday and then debated whether or not I was going to post it. As you can see, I did. I tried not to just repeat everything that has been said already and rather focus on the bigger picture, and where we should go from here. Just wanted to throw my opinion into the burning pile of trash currently filling up this once beloved website.
    I'm glad to see that Logan seems to be taking my advice and getting off the grid. No one wants to see him right now, and this wasn't the kind of thing where you can just make one apology video and then move on as if nothing ever happened. Something definitely happened.
    The second half of this video is about some weird facebook crap I came across the other day. If you're interested in that but tired of the Pauls (I understand), skip to 5:50.
    If you're not interested in either of those things, then why did you click on this video? Both of those things were in the title. What did you expect?
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    Btw, it's funny to watch my progression through the last few minutes of this video, where my growing hunger begins degrading my brain and I start stuttering more and more and only finish about half of my sentences. It's actually a pretty fascinating case study on food deprivation, if you ask me.
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  • Giraffe Girl
    Giraffe Girl 17 hours ago

    When you said mid-roll add, I got an add..... :/

  • Giddylevi
    Giddylevi Day ago

    When you’re watching these videos and you should be sleeping: help, let me go. Stop kidnapping me!

  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 days ago

    The fact that you get an ad as soon as drew says "midroll ad" is perfect

  • Grace Koralewski
    Grace Koralewski 2 days ago

    Drew: you'll get a midway add
    Add: did someone call?

  • Grace Koralewski
    Grace Koralewski 2 days ago

    I'm greg

  • mEmE 2000
    mEmE 2000 2 days ago

    Hippo Chrissy
    Elephant Chrissy

  • Dasani Loaf
    Dasani Loaf 3 days ago +1

    I clicked on it and was looking at it and I get sometimes I'll get a midroll ad. *ad plays* ..
    Hmmmm hhmm ok drew

  • Sophie H
    Sophie H 3 days ago +1


  • glawktawk
    glawktawk 4 days ago

    Im watching this a year later and I didn’t know that Logan Paul and Jake Paul were two different people before I just seen this video . Crazy...

  • Ben Perry
    Ben Perry 4 days ago

    I'm a stinky lil Greg

  • Maybe Not
    Maybe Not 7 days ago

    aNd I gEt a miDrOLL aD
    me: gets an ad
    goddammit drew

  • Lalala123
    Lalala123 8 days ago

    Wow as soon as you said “mid roll ad” this TVclip video went to the ad

  • Bryson Grover
    Bryson Grover 8 days ago

    lol when he said mid roll ad I got an ad

  • Gacha Gwern
    Gacha Gwern 9 days ago

    Is it supposed to be funny that I got a mid roll ad right after he said that “if I’m lucky I might get a midroll ad”

  • Bryn DeFoe
    Bryn DeFoe 12 days ago

    I watched one of your vids and now all of my recomended are of you😂😂. Im not complaing i mean i subed

  • RompyStompy 523
    RompyStompy 523 12 days ago +1

    *gets video copyrighted for using Facebook*

  • Imma Kaylie
    Imma Kaylie 12 days ago +1

    Wait.... drew... same person.. jacket... *THE LANDLORD?!?!?*

  • Mr Claw
    Mr Claw 12 days ago

    True friendship goals when drew said Danny has the fastest growing channel on youtube and then said don't look that up. Idk 'bout you but I think that is sweet

  • Emma Bug122
    Emma Bug122 13 days ago

    6:55 *ad pops up on my screen*

  • mel waz here
    mel waz here 13 days ago

    right after he said mid roll ad, I got an ad lmfaoo

  • Emma Cat
    Emma Cat 13 days ago

    I got a mid role ad right after he said midrole ad

  • Ava The Amazing
    Ava The Amazing 13 days ago

    Drew: and ill get a midroll ad-

    *ad plays*

  • pixeloid 360
    pixeloid 360 13 days ago

    I'm living for that strand of hair wiggling across his forehead

  • Ashley Latchford
    Ashley Latchford 14 days ago

    This man woke

  • Zippydog237
    Zippydog237 15 days ago +2

    Did anyone else get a midroll ad when he mentioned it?!?!

  • who’s got the holy water?

    _logan pail_

  • frankishbarr
    frankishbarr 16 days ago +1

    I like that I got an ad as soon as you mentioned it

  • Aleeshah Sohail
    Aleeshah Sohail 16 days ago

    He is speaking straight FACTS

  • 111 111
    111 111 17 days ago

    when i read the title i thought it said hypo(crispy)

  • prinsmarsvin
    prinsmarsvin 18 days ago

    I hated Facebook from the very beginning and very deliberately never even made a profile. I've felt very validated the past couple of years and I think I need help to stop it from going to my head. Please help.
    Sincerely, the only free thinker on the internet

  • Aidan TheToaster
    Aidan TheToaster 22 days ago +3

    As someone who fought and won a battle with suicide, I will say with near 100% sincerity (for lack of a better term) that logan paul is a disgusting human being and it offends me personally to see him with such a massive fan base

  • Leila O'Meara
    Leila O'Meara 22 days ago


  • Meat Man
    Meat Man 23 days ago

    What did he do? I’m getting mad at him for like no reason I know he fucked up huge but idk what happened can someone explain

    • Meat Man
      Meat Man 23 days ago

      Matilda Åstrand thats is so disgusting he is so just UGH they both annoy me so much even when they breath

    • Matilda Åstrand
      Matilda Åstrand 23 days ago

      Meat Man He filmen a body in the Japanese suicide forest and laughed about it. Him laughing is not the main reason people are mad though. It’s the fact that it never clicked for him that it was wrong to upload the video. (I’m bad at explaining so I hope you understand)

  • Rhonda Yutzy
    Rhonda Yutzy 24 days ago

    Nothing makes me happier than ad jokes right before my midway ad. 😂😂
    Well played

  • Jedna Fuksa
    Jedna Fuksa 24 days ago

    a ad- *add plays* handjsbwhjwsnsks

  • The Greenest Boy
    The Greenest Boy 24 days ago

    idk if this was done on purpose but at around 7:00 when he said "Midroll ad" i got an ad XD

  • Kinsey Peace
    Kinsey Peace 25 days ago +1

    and YoU SOmETiMes EvEN gEt MidRoLl AdD **midroll add starts playing.**

  • Kinsey Peace
    Kinsey Peace 25 days ago +1

    my name is greg and i am a little stinker

  • kelly maganini
    kelly maganini 25 days ago

    Right after he said “mid roll ad” I got a mid roll ad.

  • Goo Fy
    Goo Fy 27 days ago +1

    The fact that he went to a place that he pointed out at the beginning of the video was known for suicide but then wants to act surprised that he saw that. He knows exactly what he went in there to do and he did it.

  • Yeet Master
    Yeet Master 27 days ago

    Did anyone else get a midroll ad right as he said midroll ad at 7:00

  • NotAnAndriod LastName
    NotAnAndriod LastName 28 days ago +1

    Drew: Take a break.
    Me: have a Kitkat.

  • Groovy Groove
    Groovy Groove 29 days ago

    drew kinda snapped

  • bruh
    bruh 29 days ago

    “i’ll get a midroll add”
    *cue the midroll add*
    “-on a picture”

    perfect timing danny!

  • Lacey Nicole
    Lacey Nicole 29 days ago

    When he said the word “ad” I got an ad

  • Livy The Unicorn
    Livy The Unicorn 29 days ago

    Drew: If im lucky I’ll click on it and I’ll get a mid roll ad-

    me: that’s ironic

    • Amanda Bussey
      Amanda Bussey 28 days ago

      Livy The Unicorn, Drew gets to choose the timing on his ads. He did it on purpose for comedic effect. He’s hilarious

  • Lizzy Loves
    Lizzy Loves 29 days ago


  • Universe Cat
    Universe Cat Month ago +3

    Am I the only one who didn’t get a mid roll ad?

  • Jessica Shelby
    Jessica Shelby Month ago

    anyone else get a mid roll ad immediately after he says the word mid roll

  • Cecelia Vannorman
    Cecelia Vannorman Month ago +2

    6:52 as soon as he said that I got an ad I stg

  • Katelynn alexander
    Katelynn alexander Month ago

    The wisest man on TVclip

  • Reilly Schimmel
    Reilly Schimmel Month ago +6

    hmmm but did he take any of this GREAT advice? *n a h*

  • Eli Skaggs
    Eli Skaggs Month ago +3

    "sometimes im looking at it and i get a midroll ad-"
    *Ad plays*

  • B -
    B - Month ago

    “Sometimes, I’ll look at it, and get a midroll ad…” *GETS MIDROLL AD*😂

  • Sana Kyo
    Sana Kyo Month ago +1

    At 6:54, I got an add.

  • truly Greg
    truly Greg Month ago

    5:25 i thought he was going to say "remove yourself from the planet" 😂

  • daveli uwu
    daveli uwu Month ago +7

    Drew has to much power he said "sometimes I get a mid-role add"
    I instantly get a mid-role add
    Well played drew well played 😑😂

  • Lydia Politz
    Lydia Politz Month ago

    That mid role as was so well placed I can’t even be mad

  • Vanessa Lage
    Vanessa Lage Month ago

    HA. Thanks for the mid roll ads...

  • Nithin Danday
    Nithin Danday Month ago +1

    Logan seems to have listened this