Back to School: Expectations vs Reality

  • Published on Jan 6, 2019
  • It’s the start of the year and it’s time to go back to school. Is school as how you expected it to be so far?
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  • JianHao Tan
    JianHao Tan  2 months ago +4682

    If you guys want the ClassT1T5 wristbands and notebook, you can get it at

  • Gacha_ Kati!
    Gacha_ Kati! 47 minutes ago

    10:16 student roasts the teacher

  • Noice Mun
    Noice Mun 2 hours ago

    Were is the real Denise?!🙁

  • Excited Gamer
    Excited Gamer 4 hours ago

    6:35 when she flicks her hair , dandruff came out

  • TSR.KHALID entertainer

    2:44 thank u next what 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Hashtag No name
    Hashtag No name 5 hours ago

    Time to flex some of that *GUCCI*

  • Terrific_ Tricia
    Terrific_ Tricia 5 hours ago

    The part when Dan came out and started talking gave me chills....But it was funny at the same time😂

  • Musicpilot 2345
    Musicpilot 2345 5 hours ago


  • Official Epic Jayden
    Official Epic Jayden 6 hours ago +1

    This way too funny

  • tree tree
    tree tree 7 hours ago

    Hey! I am Debbie Wilson...i live in you study hindi?

  • Mland Vlog
    Mland Vlog 7 hours ago

    Well, that girl is taking a Tagalog subject... I can speak Tagalog because I'm a Filipino. By the way, hello po sa mga pilipino dyan!

  • MAYAN CRAZzZZY jungshook

    I wish my teacher was a Kpop fan 7:25 DUU DU DUU DU

  • Meera Pandey
    Meera Pandey 7 hours ago

    Do you people learn Hindi in school!?

  • Ken Zipagan
    Ken Zipagan 8 hours ago

    why she say tagaloh

  • Lalrampari Varte Parteii

    Dennis hahah...😂😂

  • juzaudrey33
    juzaudrey33 10 hours ago

    I have a crash on vince

  • Cj_is cool
    Cj_is cool 10 hours ago

    Its my language

  • Cj_is cool
    Cj_is cool 10 hours ago

    What the hell i wrong with tagalog

  • Manoj Mishra
    Manoj Mishra 10 hours ago

    The fuck

  • origame ayush
    origame ayush 10 hours ago


  • Squishy Mochi B5S
    Squishy Mochi B5S 10 hours ago

    Denise speaks tagalog

    GAMER SQUAD 11 hours ago


    GAMER SQUAD 11 hours ago

    Who else notices the thank u next notebook

  • rain gaming axn
    rain gaming axn 11 hours ago +1

    Lets Netflix And Chill

  • Gatcha Girl
    Gatcha Girl 12 hours ago

    Do you guys have tiktok

  • Ultimate Gamer
    Ultimate Gamer 13 hours ago


  • Shaon Ghosh
    Shaon Ghosh 13 hours ago

    I want the old Denise back

  • IPad StefiMamiPapiKoko
    IPad StefiMamiPapiKoko 15 hours ago

    Madam sot beng is so mean

  • msjhenna08
    msjhenna08 15 hours ago

    class B00-B5 looks like BOOBS.Is it a girls only class?

  • Kheara Cxyrish Villanueva

    Who is tagalog here? 🙋

  • 911 time
    911 time 17 hours ago

    I'm actually Filipino

  • lolski games
    lolski games 18 hours ago

    youtube:yes,you did

  • Dwyane Padua
    Dwyane Padua 18 hours ago


  • Cpisnothere 123
    Cpisnothere 123 18 hours ago +3


  • Well- Killer
    Well- Killer 18 hours ago +1

    My fav class TITS 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Leon Dong
    Leon Dong 19 hours ago

    10:16-10:40 DAMN Denise, did you just say “ Oh hell no” and “ Stuff them up your pregnant ass”?

  • Maggie Cheng
    Maggie Cheng 19 hours ago +1

    I want the old Denise back :(

  • S A B_ Yoongi
    S A B_ Yoongi 20 hours ago

    Did they say Tagalog I'm a Filipino I love ur channel 👍👍👍

  • Gacha Sophia
    Gacha Sophia 22 hours ago

    *”Stuff then up your pregnat ass!”*
    Oh damn

  • rhian and peachy millamina and for peachy perlas

    Ohhh yeah there's so pretty

  • Ventus
    Ventus 23 hours ago

    Parents one is my mom

  • satya sri
    satya sri Day ago

    Denise cam back

  • Silly da oof king

    Just noticed T1T5 spells tits...

  • Anandhu A.B
    Anandhu A.B Day ago

    And you stuff then up your *pRegNaNtASs*
    Denise be like
    Top ten anime plot twists

  • Rick Koh
    Rick Koh Day ago

    Wait..did anyone else realise that they did not blur out the car plate no.?...?..

    CERTIFIED Gamer Day ago

    I want the class t1t5 merch but no money...why?????????

  • Scrubscribes
    Scrubscribes Day ago

    Dat nom though XD #coolmom

  • AKR Cotton Candy Girl

    Helll naaa to the naaaa naaa naaaaa

  • KENG Jenna
    KENG Jenna Day ago +1

    I miss the OLD Denise😭😭😭😭

  • Donna Cozens
    Donna Cozens Day ago

    B00B5 = BOOBS

  • RainbowSparkles 1201

    Tagalog? That's My Languange!!!

  • Pua Choonsen
    Pua Choonsen Day ago

    Jiang hao are u a real chines

  • Ainur Huda
    Ainur Huda Day ago

    Poor Denise xD

  • SabrikGamingPQZ
    SabrikGamingPQZ Day ago

    8:50 I LOVE YOU HAO TAN!!!!

  • Tenuun O
    Tenuun O Day ago +1

    hit you with that ddu du ddu du
    Love it
    Next maybe jasmine or vincent can go single
    Im going solo lo lo lo lo

  • Deanikka Phoebe Lopez

    Syvilia : Mommy's old Cannot here... (Few minutes later) Kevin: Hello auntie.. Syvilia : HELLO! who are you Calling auntie? Who is an auntie Are you blind? What class are you from Im not an auntie yet! Im not blind.. Xd

  • I love bts So much ;-;

    I love Sylvia ❤

  • AnimeIeminA Playz

    Get These Jokes
    PE=N1S Joke
    B00BE Joke
    T1T5 Joke

  • Kavitha Mahesh
    Kavitha Mahesh Day ago

    Wah banana is better than your channel

  • mr. mason dude
    mr. mason dude Day ago

    What a good video

  • Mukta Beniwal
    Mukta Beniwal Day ago

    are u know hindi

  • Iel Rose watanabe

    You’re taking tAgAl0G?

  • Skı MasK
    Skı MasK Day ago

    1:26 You copied spider man into the spider verse scene where miles dad embaresses his son

  • -Angell -
    -Angell - Day ago

    10:16 lol Denise

  • Lovelyn1979 JASSLEE2043

    Learning tagalog

  • Juliana Andrea Ronquillo Arejola

    team tagalog! its not hard!

  • Mikz Manoban Padz

    7:26 Blinkeu here

  • Mikz Manoban Padz

    4:05 ahaha that Tagalog was cute
    Love from PH😘

  • Isaac Smith
    Isaac Smith Day ago

    Gucci gang Gucci gang he’s is in Gucci gang

  • Mikz Manoban Padz

    When there's class T1T5 theres class B00-b5 Im from PH btwww

  • Christian Holmes

    On the frist day i had no homework my Dad and mom did

  • Maharlika Tube
    Maharlika Tube Day ago +1

    Tagalog? Part of my country
    Jianhao love philippines right

  • Clarita Ferrer
    Clarita Ferrer Day ago

    I think that boo bees means boobies that’s why the are like godckwodwjcjwogjw

  • Angelica Medrano


  • Romeo Ramos
    Romeo Ramos Day ago

    T1T5 means tits B00B5

  • Paige Peidton
    Paige Peidton Day ago +1


  • Paige Peidton
    Paige Peidton Day ago +1

    School until 755 am

  • Scarlett
    Scarlett Day ago

    0:44 me when I have to wake up for school

  • mayward is PAGIBIG

    U speak tagalog :O

  • Everinne
    Everinne Day ago

    Ha, my mom pulled the "You don't love me anymore" so I just shouted in Tamil. I told her that if she does this again, I really won't. My parents are near toxic half the time. Especially around friends.

  • Megan026825
    Megan026825 Day ago

    I only just realised why it’s called ‘T1T5’ 😂😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  • ii Frenchies
    ii Frenchies Day ago

    9:32 she has a point, not saying that I would go *cOuGh cOuGh*

  • Sky Puppies
    Sky Puppies Day ago

    Denise:stuff them up your #@$

  • Liz Cabrera
    Liz Cabrera Day ago

    Ohhhhhhh denise is a savage

  • Kiki PlayzGames
    Kiki PlayzGames Day ago

    Is it just me or is it Class TITS to most people

  • Cool kid
    Cool kid 2 days ago

    She brings her thank u next book to school?

  • •Çrÿštåł Fėvër•

    What. Are. These. Names.
    T1T5 = TITS
    P3=N15 = (I don’t want to say it)
    B00-B5 = BOOBS

  • Rosa Adve
    Rosa Adve 2 days ago +2

    Who's your favorite in class T1T5? Comment below!
    (Mine are Jasmine and Denise, though the old Denise is better)

  • 》ŠpêědêrŽ Štûdîoš《

    Your hair on profile picture and in vid looks so b00tiful!

  • Abi
    Abi 2 days ago

    Are you from Sinipore

  • Aya KHYJS
    Aya KHYJS 2 days ago

    Vicky looks so much like aoa seolhyun

  • Sherien Gaber
    Sherien Gaber 2 days ago

    O vgq Peppa Pig Peppa Pig Toddlers x

  • Ayanna Abera
    Ayanna Abera 2 days ago

    They speak Tagalog?!? If anyone does not know what that is its filipino

  • Ela IshStar
    Ela IshStar 2 days ago

    *The Thank U Next burn book tho

  • zeina aruri
    zeina aruri 2 days ago

    i live in dubai

  • randy Madriaga
    randy Madriaga 2 days ago

    Haohao my name is Denise to
    You don't know my full name is Alyssa Denise that is true

  • Gold GamerZ
    Gold GamerZ 2 days ago

    it was like the movie Spiderman-Into the Spider-Verse

  • Renato Basbas
    Renato Basbas 2 days ago

    What there is tagalog in phillipines tagalog grabe

  •  2 days ago +1

    The mom is a MOOD 😂

  • Zainab Yusoff
    Zainab Yusoff 2 days ago

    T1T5=Tits B00B5=Boobs