Back to School: Expectations vs Reality


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  • JianHao Tan
    JianHao Tan  17 days ago +3320

    If you guys want the ClassT1T5 wristbands and notebook, you can get it at

  • LavaGirl Play Z
    LavaGirl Play Z 57 minutes ago

    Lord what happened to Denise man?,

  • Enrique Bassi
    Enrique Bassi Hour ago

    your pregnant *ass* **The teacher with a surprise face :O** Kicks denise of school LOL

  • Onvi Noodles
    Onvi Noodles Hour ago

    I'm dead at 10:39

  • Lena Artin
    Lena Artin 2 hours ago

    Thank u next 2:44

  • Alison Abuan
    Alison Abuan 2 hours ago

    The way they said tagalog on 4:00 was quite hilarious

  • Destiny Gamer
    Destiny Gamer 2 hours ago

    Lel love the vid👍🏼❤️😂

  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah 2 hours ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Annu Yadav
    Annu Yadav 3 hours ago

    Mr.Jian hao ....hindi ???? Do you like India ????

  • Limpan 0011
    Limpan 0011 4 hours ago

    Class TIT5? Really? XD

  • The anonymous dragon 08

    I hate Hindi.

  • Amazing Arnab 167
    Amazing Arnab 167 4 hours ago

    Hindi ?!

  • Vaishnavi pawar
    Vaishnavi pawar 4 hours ago

    wait...what hindi you know hindi i am from india???

  • Khalifa Ahmad
    Khalifa Ahmad 4 hours ago

    0:33 don’t you feel like his bag is open

  • Sullinder Kaur
    Sullinder Kaur 5 hours ago

    OMG u have Hindi

  • Nganba C
    Nganba C 5 hours ago

    He what

  • Pisoth Neav
    Pisoth Neav 6 hours ago

    Dam Denise roast the teacher real good

  • masliza saidon
    masliza saidon 6 hours ago

    7:25 from blackpink song
    "Hit's you with that ddu du du du"

  • Genevieve Robi Roson
    Genevieve Robi Roson 6 hours ago

    Tagalog wow our language is awesome wahahah

  • emaN ygnirC
    emaN ygnirC 7 hours ago

    4:04 noice you're learning Filipinos xd

  • Superior X
    Superior X 7 hours ago

    Jianhao love ur vids

    • Superior X
      Superior X 7 hours ago

      Denis: u stuff them up ur pregnant 🤰 ass my old geography primary school teacher was kinda like dat and I wanted 2 say dat but instead I would say 2 him: u old man 👴 stuff them up ur fat ass

  • BMW Official
    BMW Official 7 hours ago

    i dont remember there was a homework/essay in the winter event

  • keshly kash
    keshly kash 7 hours ago

    4:04 Tagalog?? I's that Filipino languages or..... I don't know but yep I'm pilipino

  • Rasha Sherin
    Rasha Sherin 8 hours ago

    Can anyone tell who is featuring as jianhaotan's mother???

  • Laura Louis
    Laura Louis 8 hours ago

    I want old Denise

  • Nana Firah
    Nana Firah 8 hours ago

    Who say the thank you next book

  • Indigo Thoms
    Indigo Thoms 8 hours ago +1

    I felt so sorry for the new girl that got kicked and I hate the other new girl who said she was going to be the girls best friend forever 😔😕

  • KeloYT
    KeloYT 9 hours ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • afaq imran
    afaq imran 9 hours ago

    U guys know Hindi?

  • Aryan Gurwara
    Aryan Gurwara 9 hours ago

    who else thinks that ridhwan is annoying?

  • Biyan Silalahi
    Biyan Silalahi 9 hours ago


  • jahnvi princess
    jahnvi princess 9 hours ago

    Hey you have the subject Hindi in your country's schools

  • CJ Campos
    CJ Campos 9 hours ago

    Lol I'm in philippines

  • Renz Muyco
    Renz Muyco 9 hours ago


  • GALI Master of water
    GALI Master of water 10 hours ago

    Denise show some respect for the homework

  • Andrei's Vlogs
    Andrei's Vlogs 10 hours ago


  • • Slim3slimeyy •
    • Slim3slimeyy • 10 hours ago

    Next video should have the girl at 6:21 gets together with Vince

  • Awp Abuser Of CS:GO
    Awp Abuser Of CS:GO 10 hours ago +3


  • News On
    News On 10 hours ago

    Tagalog is a philippines language so Jian Hao is speaking in tagalog to?

  • Aimee Rose Mercader
    Aimee Rose Mercader 11 hours ago +1

    0:43 thats me

  • Lazy YT
    Lazy YT 11 hours ago

    B00-B5.... Nice
    Btw do they speak other language there??

  • Grace Noelle
    Grace Noelle 11 hours ago

    Vincent is sooooo cute😭💖💖💖

  • John Dominic Indico
    John Dominic Indico 11 hours ago

    Thailand loves phillipines yey

  • RandomGuyYT
    RandomGuyYT 12 hours ago

    2:43 I think it is a easter egg the Thank u next(it is a song) if you don't know it sounds like bacon eggs

  • Juliana and Clara Arriola

    You know that thus 2019 people want the new styff not because it is expectation vs reality does not mean you have to make the reality the past things that teachers did to students

  • Daphne_ Playz
    Daphne_ Playz 13 hours ago +1

    Can you guys make bloopers? I would appreciate it!

  • 3355111youtube 101HH
    3355111youtube 101HH 14 hours ago

    I bought a notebook

  • //Haxard Slayer// Slayer术

    5:14 bruh that voice crack,sounds like a party hat or something like that

  • Anime W33B
    Anime W33B 15 hours ago

    4:05 that’s not how you say Tagalog.
    It’s ta-ga-loog

  • aayat Adeeba
    aayat Adeeba 15 hours ago

    Do Singaporeans have to learn Hindi?

  • REAL NicklePickle25
    REAL NicklePickle25 16 hours ago +1

    10:53 when reality sinks in

  • Cheerio channel Plays
    Cheerio channel Plays 17 hours ago +1

    My 2 best friends are leaving my school to day so my expectation is going back to school with my best friends but the reality is that I will be lonely and that it will be the worst year of my life

  • Sunshine Shimmer
    Sunshine Shimmer 19 hours ago

    Is it just me or does T1T5 Stan for Tits ?

  • 小星星
    小星星 19 hours ago

    He just liked his own comment T^T how surprising

  • Elise Tillman
    Elise Tillman 20 hours ago

    Heyo who noticed thank u next when meeting new students?♥️♥️♥️💕💕💕😂😂😂

  • Unknown Myth
    Unknown Myth 20 hours ago

    cool you have friends i dont i get calles psycho

  • jay x
    jay x 20 hours ago

    besttttt partttt starts from here 😂😂😂🔥
    by the way i’m from DUBAI and i feel happy when i heard it in the video 😁

  • Doggy Lion
    Doggy Lion 20 hours ago

    I wonder what is funny when your mom told you to hug her and to tell her that you love her...
    Because on the background at 1:31 they are laughing just because Sylvia told Jian Hao to...
    Just because he's a big boy already? (NO OFFENSE - I'M YOUR BIG FAN)

  • 75puppy
    75puppy 23 hours ago

    I was real shook when Denise changed

  • B C
    B C Day ago

    What is reses (dont know how to spell it)

  • Nataliya Zakhar'yash

    5:53 *THOSE POLITICAL SHITS ARE GOING TO PAY! (expect the boy,cuz hes kinda nice)*

  • - Dark - Darth -

    So there is class T1T5 and B00B5. I made a new one call BR345T which means Breast.

  • Rukayat Ololade Bakare

    The mom just wanna embarrass the son

  • Alex Denorte Pinoy Rules

    P3N15 @-@

  • Ridho Addurrunnafis



  • Katherine Espanol

    Um Ri.. who's driving

  • Trisha Valdez
    Trisha Valdez Day ago

    10:16 BARS😂😂😂

  • Trisha Valdez
    Trisha Valdez Day ago

    4:05 that accent tho..😂😂
    Filipino fan here😂😂

  • Riyona Bordoloi
    Riyona Bordoloi Day ago

    The last one was SOOOOOO savage lol

  • Rudra Pratap Bhanjdev

    subject hindi

  • Ayden Playz
    Ayden Playz Day ago

    in fact i live in dubai

  • David Prekpalaj
    David Prekpalaj Day ago

    T1T5 means tits

  • John Angelo Regencia

    Tagalog? Filipinos! Comment Down Below!

  • Samzkie Berbes
    Samzkie Berbes Day ago +1

    Class boobs and class tits lol

  • anonymous one
    anonymous one Day ago

    how do you guys have Hindi????? 3:45

  • Nathan Gabriel Manalo

    Do you really need to do the spiderman thing


    Reality of parents is the worst mean mom

  • Chef nana
    Chef nana Day ago

    iM lowKey laughing on how they pronounce tagalog sjskjsakjja HELLO FROM THE PH UwU

  • Mystery 991
    Mystery 991 Day ago +1

    You learn Hindi????????

  • Shafia Azarine
    Shafia Azarine Day ago

    denise change so much

  • Vania danrelle Mansing

    What happend to denise's talent and skill?

  • Kiathegody 2
    Kiathegody 2 Day ago


  • RoseApple1018
    RoseApple1018 Day ago

    10:39 I can't believe Denise told Madam Soot Beng to stuff the worksheets on her pregnant @##! Omg!

  • New Train For MTR

    B00b5 is b0p??

  • abhi Gurung
    abhi Gurung Day ago

    Have you stopped playing games guys

  • Althea Bardon
    Althea Bardon Day ago

    Tagalog owwwieee philipinesssss

  • phsyco kid
    phsyco kid Day ago

    Tagalog????.Proud to filipino now

  • Phanthom Knight
    Phanthom Knight Day ago

    who is excited for school this year. i know i am now. this just makes it even more exciting thanks jianhao tan. i love you

  • Kisses Dat Dog
    Kisses Dat Dog Day ago

    Hey yo im a filipino hahaha just sayin

  • LISA Blackpink
    LISA Blackpink Day ago

    Ummm........Hindi in Singaporean school? I am confused

  • Taqi Darhubi
    Taqi Darhubi Day ago

    I love ❤️ school 🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • Sneh Singh
    Sneh Singh Day ago

    Do you also study hindi. Are you kidding??? 😵😵

  • Excuse meh
    Excuse meh Day ago +1

    if that was me I was going to say “ah do u now where ur mom for call her to say Ur bully a girl like me well bye bye “and the moms come and get the leader bully girl pull her hair at the car and they go home LMAO IF THIS WAS REAL I WAS GOING TO LAUGH SO HARD

  • Adly Fiezan
    Adly Fiezan Day ago

    Why good thing i need to relax because i had an acident

  • Nyi Nyi Kyaw
    Nyi Nyi Kyaw Day ago

    My mommy always like that 😂
    Such funny bunches
    Thz for making this video 😍

  • Raspberry Rose
    Raspberry Rose Day ago +1

    Madam Soot Beng: So I want you to finish page 1-69 and write a 1-
    Denise: NO!
    *GeT OffEnDed PrEgnat HuNK OF PooP*

  • Plebby Legend
    Plebby Legend Day ago

    2:44 THANK U, NEXT cool

  • Shivvu
    Shivvu Day ago

    High schoolers are gen z, not millennials ^^

  • Maribel's World
    Maribel's World Day ago

    i like howw best friends dont get classes together but this year i got the extact same classes as my best friends

  • Karimah Ahmad
    Karimah Ahmad Day ago

    I can't stop laughing