10 things I wish I knew before high school


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    Oof Oof 3 days ago

    Advice from a sophomore: don’t be your self bc your screwed if you do

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    Kendall Spitzner 4 days ago

    She looks like Jeanine amapola

  • Drew
    Drew 6 days ago

    freshmen if you have stairs please use your legs and go down the stairs thank you

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    I'm starting high school at February ;-;

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    Axel Morelos 9 days ago

    You’re so fine

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    I told people that I watch anime and lets gets say that everyone is irrelevant to me

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  • Jess M
    Jess M 9 days ago

    what grade does everyone consider a freshman? I'm not sure what the hell I am sksksk

  • Nick Marron
    Nick Marron 9 days ago

    Y the fuck did I watch this I'm a fucking Junior

  • Future Priest Patrick
    Future Priest Patrick 10 days ago

    One thing I remember hating were the super over dramatic people, there was this girl who tripped on the sidewalk and “sprained her ankle” apparently it wasn’t bad enough to get a cast, splint or anything like that but it was bad enough for her to mention it all the time and be on crutches for a whole month even tho she only used them when people were looking. I also remember freshmen year she was born in France, sophomore she was born in Canada and junior year she was born in Switzerland. And before u ask no she didn’t have a mental problem. She was just over dramatic.

  • Bryn Urie
    Bryn Urie 10 days ago

    Class of ‘23 anyone??

  • Grace LovesPuppies
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    3:54 I watched this part like 100 times!!!😂lmao😂😂 oh and thank you so much for this video!😊❤

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    Class of 2023 where ya at??💯💋💗✨

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    Class of 2019 where you at?

  • Sami Abbas
    Sami Abbas 14 days ago

    Why am i watching this, I'm finishing High School.

  • [Insert pop culture reference]

    I wish I would've known that all the edgy things I did were unoriginal and not groundbreaking emo and edgelord are all the same

  • Ki Ki!
    Ki Ki! 15 days ago

    this really helps! thanks!

  • Osayuki Richardson
    Osayuki Richardson 16 days ago

    So im 8th grade I had the oppurtunity to start highschool with 4 credits but since im bad at science and math i will only start with 2. Is 2 credits good enough for college

    • Future Priest Patrick
      Future Priest Patrick 10 days ago

      Osayuki Richardson u can’t graduate if u only have 2 credits. Just take science classes when u get to Highschool.

  • ThatOneKid
    ThatOneKid 18 days ago

    I don't even miss highschool it's probably the worse part of my life tbh.The only good thing was JROTC.Its all political now all the teachers do is try meeting standards that are absolute bs.Its not fun anymore.Add in this generations shenanigans it sucks.

  • David Betancourt
    David Betancourt 20 days ago

    I wish I did my homework because they sent me to a continuation high school and it fucking sucked. Plus their was no hot girls lol I needed that and I was the Athletic boy and no sports in that prison lmao 🤣 Please do your homework.

  • ...I’m Not Telling You

    Exactly seven!

  • Stalwart Shinobi
    Stalwart Shinobi 24 days ago

    You will always regret not knowing what you do when your much older! Dont let anything else worry you

  • DiamondAminaaa
    DiamondAminaaa 25 days ago

    I’m a middle schooler (8th) and students are getting chances to go to Rome, Italy, and my dumb self is like nope you’re not smart enough.

    • Future Priest Patrick
      Future Priest Patrick 10 days ago

      DiamondAminaaa my friend if you are smart enough to be in 8th grade you are smart enough to do anything. They say the average 12 year old knows about the same amount as a mid 1700 professor. So what if some people get their butts powdered by rich parents caring for their whims? Someday we all will grow up and I can tell that u will be farther ahead because u know heart knowledge over head knowledge. Have a great night

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    Class of 2023?

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    She's hot

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    Nobody cares.

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    Katey Mcdougall 29 days ago

    Lmao my school DEADASS played this at freshman assembly 💀😂

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    Starting high school next year....

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    D W J Month ago

    Class of 2024

  • Chy RaeRae
    Chy RaeRae Month ago

    When im 16 im dropping out 3 more years 😬

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    *Tbh all the girls fake so..Can't stop that.*

  • Fake lob
    Fake lob Month ago

    lol in my school you're not allowed to skip a day unless the doctor gives you like a paper written on it that you were sick and it should be signed

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    Next year i am freshman but i wanna search up survival tips earlier cause middle school is already talking about highschool

  • Alanna Garrett
    Alanna Garrett Month ago

    great vid, what software do u use for editing your vids???

  • Emma
    Emma Month ago

    #2.. re talking to people in your class.. wtf do people not do that!?!?! I knew all of my year and could have a conversation with anyone!!!?

  • Richard  Trumbo
    Richard Trumbo Month ago

    So since you are going to college I have one college question for you? Are you ready? Ok How many children do you want to have? This is important for a college girl. Why you ask, you can’t rely on bagging a successful dude. Love is a fickle thing and you may fall for a under-achiever, yes that shit happens. You are out there looking after number one and damn if you don’t fall in love with a number two.💩
    So how many kids do you want plays a roll in how successful you have to be. No shit, it sucks but what are ya gonna do?

  • Becky Johnson
    Becky Johnson Month ago

    This was played at my school during an assembly 😂

  • ElianasDailyLife
    ElianasDailyLife Month ago

    Gonna be A freshman next year starting to watch a lot of college and high school videos😂😂 Not even trying to I just am😂💕🌸

  • Kyla W
    Kyla W Month ago

    The 12% part had me crying 😂😂😭

  • Kaya Robinson
    Kaya Robinson Month ago

    I just wanna get highschool over with and go too college. All my friends graduated last year and I'm just donee. Highschool is so fake

  • 〔 breezeblocks 〕
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    did she mention that mention that ur mental health is more important than ur grades

  • Taylor Nicole
    Taylor Nicole Month ago

    They showed this video to us freshman at an assembly on our first week!

  • Katey Mcdougall
    Katey Mcdougall Month ago +2

    My high school deadass played this at the freshman assembly 😂

    • Chant P
      Chant P 18 days ago

      What the heck lollll

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    so my school showed this in class everyone died laughing XD

  • Vile is Evil
    Vile is Evil Month ago

    I'm honestly low key excited to someday help my future kid rock their grade school days. I have so much wisdom to share.

    • Vile is Evil
      Vile is Evil 10 days ago

      +Future Priest Patrick very valid point.

    • Future Priest Patrick
      Future Priest Patrick 10 days ago

      Vile is Evil yeah just wait until u have a teenage who doesn’t want to listen to u. Can lead a horse to water but can’t make it drink

  • Vile is Evil
    Vile is Evil Month ago

    Just a freshman in college only watching to reminisce the struggles of starting high school, don't mind me.

  • Curve D
    Curve D Month ago

    everyone’s expected to take AP classes at my school 💀

  • Nikki Maroukis
    Nikki Maroukis Month ago

    what do you use to edit your videos?

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  • Evi Kaczmarek
    Evi Kaczmarek Month ago

    It’s a good video it’s just English high is that crappy that none of these would be any use cos we don’t get to choose our classes until the third year and we don’t get to choose the level of the subject it’s acc messed up if the teacher thinks ur dumb or doesn’t like u u go to the bottom sets if they r acc in love with u or ur just naturally talented in everything u go to top sets in pe we even have sets like wtf self esteem is non existent in British schools I swear😒🤦🏼‍♀️I’m in the second year btw and I’ve been moved down in everything like wtf just cos I’m shit at maths 😒

  • Faith
    Faith Month ago

    I just had my first day as a freshman today and it was ok. I found classes and everything fine. But i want to make friends with sophmores but most of their grade is pretty mean and arent friendly. So i'm scared to talk to them and since I'm a freshman they probably won't want to talk with me. I also feel like I'm in peoples way when i am in no way in the way of anyone I just feel weird.

    • Future Priest Patrick
      Future Priest Patrick 10 days ago

      Faith what they used to do at my school was the seniors after first period would be each assigned a freshman. They would write their name with a sharpie on the freshman’s forehead and carry the freshman’s books to all his classes for him. Being a freshman is tough. Don’t try to make LOTS of friends, try to make one. Then another. Then another. It’s like if your trying to pick up a room, it’s easier to pick up the things individually than it is to hold everything in your hands.

  • Hans Arano
    Hans Arano Month ago

    I'm watching this before my first day I'm so scared.

  • Grey
    Grey Month ago +1

    I’m waking into high school in a few hours

  • Brook J
    Brook J Month ago +1

    This is perfect ,my first day of high school is in the morning

  • cookies77814
    cookies77814 Month ago

    Some advice: IF YOU ARE STRUGGLING WITH MENTAL HEATLH, GET HELP. Lmao my depressed mentally ill ass went through HS thinking “nah it’s fine, I can deal with it myself” guess what? I couldn’t. I ended up not speaking to anyone because I was mortified of social interaction and I got really suicidal. And all that makes your grades drop A LOT. So yeah, do yourself a favour because if you’re mentally ill, none of this high school advice will help you because mental illness can become such a huge obstacle. You need to get help ❤️❤️❤️

  • Nicole 8
    Nicole 8 Month ago

    I'm a freshman yayy

    BadAt DRAWING Month ago

    Bruh, why are so many people worried about emailing their teachers? I'm in middle school and I have no problem emailing my teachers...

    probably cause I'm clueless during class, lol.

    No but seriously, my teachers are great! :D

  • Bébé Dragon
    Bébé Dragon Month ago

    Thanks so much for the advice! It’s really relevant. I like how you speak of experience, it makes everything more real.
    Actually it was my first day at high school today, and I was pretty nervous so this feels very encouraging to me.

  • Katie Bug
    Katie Bug Month ago

    i love the way you say exactly

  • Rainbow Hoshi
    Rainbow Hoshi Month ago

    Thank you! I am English, which means I would actually be in elementary school in America, but this should probably help for when I go to high school in a few days 😄

  • Olivia Stuck
    Olivia Stuck Month ago +1

    Me : going to high school this year
    Also me: clicks this vid

  • Samantha DeGroot
    Samantha DeGroot Month ago

    i'm going into high school in lieterally i think less than a week. i'm binging "how to survive high school" videos in absolute panic and fear XD SUMMER WENT BY TOO FAST!!! DOOMSDAY IS APROACHING!!! help me plz ;-;

  • Kim Fonda
    Kim Fonda Month ago +1

    Next year I’m going to go to high school I’m so nervous just because it’s my first year going to classes.

    • Salty Wavez
      Salty Wavez Month ago

      if your going next year chill out enjoy middle school

  • ghosties
    ghosties Month ago +1

    class of 2021 :-)

  • lauren m
    lauren m Month ago

    When I’m nervous I have to talk

  • lauren m
    lauren m Month ago

    Ahaha a week before school 😰

  • Tanya Leilany
    Tanya Leilany Month ago

    My first day is on Thursday does anyone has tips for highschool

  • BeautifullyGoldenAG
    BeautifullyGoldenAG Month ago +1

    All I need to know is that its nothing like High School Musical

  • Shana Tyeisha
    Shana Tyeisha Month ago +1

    Just finish high school,Well y'all called it High School,Where I live we called it Secondary School,I live in the Caribbean😅

  • call me zeke
    call me zeke Month ago

    am a freshman and honestly first day was boring

  • whisperingfriend92
    whisperingfriend92 Month ago

    AAAAAAAAH you look like another youtuber but I can’t remember the name oooof

  • Sophie leishman
    Sophie leishman Month ago

    1:42 nothing yup 😐😐😐😭😭😭

  • Idk 123
    Idk 123 Month ago

    Ugh hopefully i survive i mean my middle school years were actually really great compared to others (not saying i liked my middle school years but i had friends made good choices had good grades).i have to take all pre ap classes this year though sooo i will probably die and last year i did get good grades in science but only because my science teacher helped my class out alot but if i took pre ap last year i probably would have failed. Also when someone is giving a speech or giving directions i have a REALLY hard time paying attention like during this vid i stopped paying attention too its not on purpose though it just happens

  • Merra Gohar
    Merra Gohar Month ago

    School in 4 days woo-oho!!!!!🙃

  • Aura Bean
    Aura Bean Month ago

    0:7 that girl totaly looks like me with a round face and less frekles the same hair and i think even the same eye color!

  • Ben Fleishman
    Ben Fleishman Month ago

    Make sure to dab on em haters

  • genesis torres
    genesis torres Month ago

    I missed 97 days

  • Lena Beana
    Lena Beana Month ago

    I really needed this advice!

  • The BFFs
    The BFFs Month ago +1

    Im about to start high school lol

  • Kayla !
    Kayla ! Month ago

    Anyone got tips on taking notes without writing everythinggg down AND not failing exams because I’m bad at taking notes and have a terrible memory! ;))))) greattt 😂😂

  • shooketh
    shooketh Month ago +1

    I’m gonna be a freshman and I’m honestly so nervous about making new friends and if people will like me or not omg I’m a wreck lol

  • who tf is maddie
    who tf is maddie 2 months ago +1

    I'm going to be a freshmen on September 4th. i have no idea what highschool is gonna be like. like what do I need??? i know it's different for every school but no one is helping me out with basic needs for like¿?¿??¿¿???¿¿? anything?¿¿??¿?¿

    • Salty Wavez
      Salty Wavez Month ago

      +who tf is maddie wait so you start tmrw right

    • who tf is maddie
      who tf is maddie Month ago

      Salty Wavez yeah it was a couple days ago, the orientation

    • Salty Wavez
      Salty Wavez Month ago

      does your school do a grade 9 day

    • Salty Wavez
      Salty Wavez Month ago

      same dude

    • ghosties
      ghosties Month ago +1

      who tf is maddie im going to be in tenth grade in twelve hours and I’m horrified :-)))) I have anxiety over what I need for school too

  • glitchy
    glitchy 2 months ago

    Yeah my high school is being dumb and making us wear clear backpacks

  • Merry S
    Merry S 2 months ago

    I’m homeschooled so why am I watching this? Because I wanted to say that even though I’m homeschooled I’m still stressed. I haven’t gotten anything done. Help.

  • Stef Coll
    Stef Coll 2 months ago +1

    I'm going to highschool this year, and this was so helpful.

  • Clos MasMas
    Clos MasMas 2 months ago

    Your high school experience sounds exactly like what mine was like so far, but in a sophomore.

  • The Malay-American Guy
    The Malay-American Guy 2 months ago

    I wish i studied more, hung out with more people, and went to more parties

  • NikkiCarolDani
    NikkiCarolDani 2 months ago

    i love the way you edited this! we just uploaded a similar video if you want to check it out :)

  • Michelle i
    Michelle i 2 months ago

    I start high school tomorrow, kill me

  • Avery Thomas
    Avery Thomas 2 months ago

    I'm afraid of fire and chemistry was awful. I had a panic attack because of that class like every 2 weeks

  • Idk
    Idk 2 months ago

    Ima be a freshman tomorrow I’m so nervous

  • Sarah O
    Sarah O 2 months ago

    Why do people act like Highschool is such a frustrating and scary time damn just get thru 4 fucking years why y’all so dumb

  • StanceNation
    StanceNation 2 months ago

    Class of 2018

  • iiMooseii
    iiMooseii 2 months ago

    I always come back to this video because of 3:43 - 3:58

  • Neptune Ow
    Neptune Ow 2 months ago

    Freshmen this year taking French 1. After you take French 2 you can go on a trip to Paris. I’m excited for that

  • Angel Dawn
    Angel Dawn 2 months ago

    Just found your TVclip and can I just say I love u lol. You speak so clearly and I really enjoyed listening to what you had to say. I’m starting my freshman year and I am utterly terrified.

  • Kate K
    Kate K 2 months ago

    any incoming freshman wanna make a group chat on instagram so we can all get thru it together and give each other advice? :))