10 things I wish I knew before high school

  • Published on Jul 17, 2018
  • Since I'm a graduated gal, I thought to share some high school advice on freshman year, things I wish I knew, and generally how to survive. These tips involve both classes and your social life, so get ready for some lit times (lol sorry).
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    How old are you? - 17
    What grade are you in? - I guess college freshie now lol
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    Disclaimer: This is just what worked for me, everyone goes through something different. Sorry if this video is generic, I found these to be helpful when I was starting high school too. Not sponsored.
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  • sunn kissed.
    sunn kissed. 8 hours ago

    If I see another freshie doing a fuckin fortnite dance in the Hallway i will hit them with a damn book

  • I'm not even a part of this fandom lmao

    High school is a wild ride

  • atiq quazi
    atiq quazi 13 hours ago +1

    I'm gonna be a freshman after summer break....who else ?

  • Kendal Brianna
    Kendal Brianna Day ago

    my dad is a counselor at my high school so i can kind of get a say when i have certain classes 🤑

  • Ava Lopez
    Ava Lopez Day ago

    Are you Emma chainberlans sister or sum?

  • Dre. . .
    Dre. . . Day ago

    intro song?

  • Velocitize EDM
    Velocitize EDM Day ago

    Class of 2023💪

  • Janet
    Janet Day ago

    My school is pretty ghetto so.......

  • After all this time? Always

    I low key learn more about freshman year from the comment section than the actually video 🤣

    MYROONIK Day ago

    i have the same amour pillow haha

  • Diddynye
    Diddynye 2 days ago

    Class of 2023 GC?

  • Ash
    Ash 3 days ago

    class 2024??

  • 사랑이PeachyTae
    사랑이PeachyTae 3 days ago +1


  • TaeInTheMoon
    TaeInTheMoon 5 days ago

    Rn im gonna enter high-school, in 2 months, so... im like, really shy, like REALLY SHY i cant talk with ppl just like that, i blush af, and i kind of think that i have ansiedad (idk how to say it in english), i dont even like to eat in public, i feel so shy. So when i enter high-school, i wanna be the cool girl, but focus on my stuff, i wanna have friends that are good to me, not the mf kind of friends. Uhhh... thanks god that i have already 1 friend in the high-school that im going, she is way more old that me, but she told me that she have a tiny group of friends that are nice, but im still a tiny shy, im my older brother is in that high-school already, he is popular af, and i dont wanna that the ppl look at me as the " sister of ********* " :((( idk if im ready, but im doing my best :')

  • Brianna _365
    Brianna _365 5 days ago +2

    I’m an incoming freshman and I love binging these types of videos 😂

  • Leilani Smith
    Leilani Smith 6 days ago

    Where my class of 2023 at??🤪

    • Yeetus The Fetus
      Yeetus The Fetus 5 days ago

      Leilani Smith meeee but i’m so scared bc everyone hates our grade

  • jillian hendrick
    jillian hendrick 7 days ago

    I feel ya on the advanced biology class. The only reason I suffered through that class is because my crush was in there. Big no no 😂

  • Abi Alston
    Abi Alston 7 days ago

    class of 2020? let’s get this senior szn

  • Lindie Throne
    Lindie Throne 7 days ago

    The last time she said she "missplaced somthing" she ate it soooooo..... Rip deploma

  • That2004Kid
    That2004Kid 7 days ago


  • Dancenasticgirl 812
    Dancenasticgirl 812 8 days ago


  • Ellie Nora
    Ellie Nora 9 days ago

    this is kind of hard for me considering im a kangaroo

  • lizzie
    lizzie 9 days ago +2

    i’ve never subbed to someone so fast lmao:) class of 2024🤪

  • Madison H
    Madison H 10 days ago +2

    This is useful because I'm going to be a freshman in a few months and I'm hella scared

  • Anime_god
    Anime_god 10 days ago

    I never did my homework in my freshman year

  • I’m Not happy with you, son

    Class of ‘24 here! Using eight grade as prep year. I haven’t done my homework in almost four years 😅

  • i l o v e f e e l i n g s

    class of 2023

  • Lucia S
    Lucia S 14 days ago

    you kinda look like a mixture between Camila Mendes and Cameron Dolan...

  • Lucia S
    Lucia S 14 days ago

    can i just say that you are GORGEOUS!! and you're so tan! like can that be me please?

  • Lucia S
    Lucia S 14 days ago

    i'm going into high school in August. i'm excited but also scared. i'm definitely gonna embarrass myself... a lot.

  • Olivia Wharry
    Olivia Wharry 15 days ago

    I need help!!!i skipped 3 years of school, from grade 6 to grade 9, now i am going onto 10 and i am soooo nervouse. I have never even been into a highschool. And i failed grade 6 math so i am basically screwed!!!!

  • Kawaii Galaxy120
    Kawaii Galaxy120 15 days ago +8

    “Actually talk to people in your classes”
    Me: *laughs*

  • PIX 6
    PIX 6 16 days ago

    Class of 2021 wya?

  • Lauren Schmidt
    Lauren Schmidt 16 days ago

    we literally watched this video in school today

  • Meghan Kovach
    Meghan Kovach 17 days ago

    I’ve been out of high school for two years, but besides missing school for being sick my parents would like me have one mental health day per quarter. I found that it helped a lot!!!

  • chris cameron
    chris cameron 18 days ago

    man what if they paid kids like 20 dollars per hour to go to high school...and you would get expelled for bullshit just like at any other job? that would probably curb things like bullying and drug use and an apathetic attitude toward studies...thoughts?

    • chris cameron
      chris cameron 14 days ago

      yeah but its about a real problem, the education system is just another tentacle of the same octopus and im sick of it :( @Xx DatAmezi Xx

    • Xx DatAmezi Xx
      Xx DatAmezi Xx 14 days ago

      chris cameron bruh its a hypothetical scenario

    • chris cameron
      chris cameron 14 days ago

      why should kids flip the bill because the shitty government still institutes income tax after WW2?@Juan Cena | THE CHAMP IS HERE

    • Juan Cena | THE CHAMP IS HERE
      Juan Cena | THE CHAMP IS HERE 14 days ago

      Yeah, great idea, charge adults up in the ass even more with taxes so you can get paid for not being an unproductive member of society, lol.

    • chris cameron
      chris cameron 17 days ago

      yeah man, and make it a good school that teaches people how to perform the job they will one day have.. not everyone is going to university....like shit good thing i built that shitty wooden car in shop class that really helped me in my career as a roofer...ive had numerous jobs in the past and never once have i encountered a router why didn't they teach kids how to use a skill saw or a chop saw or how to read a measuring tape? @Xx DatAmezi Xx

  • and i oop-
    and i oop- 19 days ago +2

    anyone starting in august?

    • and i oop-
      and i oop- 17 days ago

      Xx DatAmezi Xx // imma be a freshman💀

    • Xx DatAmezi Xx
      Xx DatAmezi Xx 17 days ago +1

      and i oop- starting upperclassmen

  • TheDimondBow// TLB
    TheDimondBow// TLB 20 days ago

    Cute *check*
    Personality *check*
    Smart *check*
    Only know her off youtube and she will never know me *double check*

  • Sana Chan
    Sana Chan 20 days ago

    I am shy. I mean REALLY shy. I’m really afraid to interact with people I don’t really know.. :(

  • Devan Taranto
    Devan Taranto 21 day ago

    Gonna be a freshman #scaredddd

    • Xx DatAmezi Xx
      Xx DatAmezi Xx 17 days ago

      Devan Taranto you’ll be fine... I was terrified

  • Arianna Heart
    Arianna Heart 24 days ago +2

    3:54 my science teacher does that 😂
    my social studies teacher does the opposite. He gave me a 3,000% on an extra credit assignment that I didn't do but obviously i didn't say anything.

  • Allie
    Allie 24 days ago +2

    • don’t shout out to your friend in the middle of the hallway
    • never block the hallways (if you’re going to walk slow don’t be in the middle)
    • take AP and duel enrollment classes (dual enrollment is good for over the summer)
    • online courses are your friend
    • never do the bare minimum (ex. take 4 years of math/science, and at least 3+ years of language) - colleges love this
    • do extra-curricular like sports and clubs to meet new people
    • take classes that relate to either your interests and potential future jobs
    • nobody cares what you wear and nobody notices/cares if you wear the same shirt or something twice
    • getting a B or missing a homework assignment isn’t the end of the world... in the grand scheme of things, it’s not a big deal
    • ask for extra credit or help in class if you are struggling
    • enjoy highschool, you only have 4 years. make some friends, talk to those people next to you, try new sports/clubs, go out with friends, live life.

  • Jasmine Hi
    Jasmine Hi 25 days ago +1

    Where's my class T1T5

  • numberonequeenie
    numberonequeenie 25 days ago +1

    I’m terrified for HS

    • Xx DatAmezi Xx
      Xx DatAmezi Xx 17 days ago

      numberonequeenie u should be. Just wait for the first day ur gonna be shitting urself

  • Lemon Drops
    Lemon Drops 26 days ago +6

    Today was my last day of middle school YEEEEEAY

  • Miss V Tay
    Miss V Tay 26 days ago +1

    Well in my country the educational system is different and elementary school ended when we where 11 to 12 years old. The middle school has 3 grades ( 1 : 12-13 years old, 2 : 13-14 years old and 3 : 14-15 years old ) so the freshman year in highschool in the USA is our last year in middle school...

  • Keira Devor
    Keira Devor 27 days ago +2

    I end school in 3 days and in already having anxiety about starting 9th grade.

    • Xx DatAmezi Xx
      Xx DatAmezi Xx 17 days ago

      Just don’t become a tweaker

    • yngbld
      yngbld 26 days ago

      Keira Devor same im on summer break rn ):

  • beatrice
    beatrice 28 days ago +1

    coming from an incoming freshman i apologize for the rest of my class that don’t have older siblings

  • K Meredyk
    K Meredyk 28 days ago

    Watching this at the end of my freshman year like 🤭
    Edit: so it turns out I did most of what was suggested 🎉

  • Farah Hassan
    Farah Hassan 28 days ago +6

    her sense of humor is so dry. AND I AM HERE FOR IT

  • Sabrina Boston
    Sabrina Boston 29 days ago +1

    I'm starting high school in about 2-3 months! Thanks!

  • Josie Rivera
    Josie Rivera Month ago +1

    Class of 2023!!

  • l a u r a
    l a u r a Month ago +3

    class of 2023 we out here 😬

  • Lil' meow meow
    Lil' meow meow Month ago

    *It's so weird because here in Europe students don't move to every class and at each class you don't have other classmates. Here we are groups of studens that last at least 4 years. And also the teacher moves to different rooms, not the students.*

  • i lish
    i lish Month ago +1

    wheres *class of 2023*

  • Natalie
    Natalie Month ago +3

    where’s my class of 2023 :)

  • ThatOneMotoKid
    ThatOneMotoKid Month ago

    I will be class of 2020

  • nun ya business
    nun ya business Month ago +2

    Should I take ASL or French next year in high school(freshman year)

  • VMinIsFuckingReal방탄소년단

    Class in 2019-2020...

  • Miranda Anguiano
    Miranda Anguiano Month ago +1

    😂 literally all middle schoolers “what’s biology “

  • Michelle Tr
    Michelle Tr Month ago +1

    I'm home schooled why am I watching this

  • Olivia T
    Olivia T Month ago +1

    Class of ‘24

  • Adam
    Adam Month ago +1

    Just bring AirPods on your first day. Then people will be like that’s what’s up

  • Meaghan Mac Donald
    Meaghan Mac Donald Month ago +1

    starting freshman year/ grade 9 after the summer, anyone have advice?

    • Xx DatAmezi Xx
      Xx DatAmezi Xx 17 days ago

      Meaghan Mac Donald
      (I’m gonna be a junior)
      -Play sports- great way to make friends
      -Freshman year counts
      -DONT become a tweaker
      Good luck!

  • deborah
    deborah Month ago +1

    ive gone to private school my whole life but next year i go to public hs any advice? #classof2023

    • Xx DatAmezi Xx
      Xx DatAmezi Xx 17 days ago +1

      deborah it’s gonna feel a lot bigger on ur first day but u will get used to it with time. I promise

  • SaLtY pOtAtO
    SaLtY pOtAtO Month ago +1

    Class of 2026? Anyone? No, just me. Ok.

    Edit: I changed 2025 to 2026 because I can't do math to save my life😂

    • SaLtY pOtAtO
      SaLtY pOtAtO 16 days ago

      @Xx DatAmezi Xx Wait I'm sorry I'm going to be class or. 2026 not 25. My bad😂

    • Xx DatAmezi Xx
      Xx DatAmezi Xx 17 days ago

      SaLtY pOtAtO I’ll be a college freshman when ur a high school freshman

  • MayT
    MayT Month ago

    You're the prettiest girl

  • Pixie Production
    Pixie Production Month ago

    When you love a certain sport but, you gain SO MUCH muscle from it and now you look sorta chubby :(

  • Lisa_Pizza
    Lisa_Pizza Month ago

    class of 20300 where are u

    • Lisa_Pizza
      Lisa_Pizza 11 days ago

      @Xx DatAmezi Xx omg major type i meant 2020 lol

    • Xx DatAmezi Xx
      Xx DatAmezi Xx 17 days ago

      Jesus 2030? Why r u watching this lol

    • Lisa_Pizza
      Lisa_Pizza Month ago

      omg i mean 2030 LMAO

  • DAiLY MaNGoeS
    DAiLY MaNGoeS Month ago

    Im going to high school in 2021

  • OOF it’z Emma 😜
    OOF it’z Emma 😜 Month ago +1

    This helps me be not so nervous for high school next year (2023)

  • Hamda Yusuf
    Hamda Yusuf Month ago +2

    you look so much like Hannah meloche omg ur stunning!

  • Rickia
    Rickia Month ago +1

    Class of 2023 just finished 8th grade and will be going to high school next year 😣

    • The Person
      The Person Month ago

      Rickia Same I’m really nervous because I’ve been at the same school my whole life and now I’m suddenly changing schools 😢

  • arden amarelo
    arden amarelo Month ago +1

    Anyone in the class of 2023?

  • Ski mask the pickle God

    Bro why am I studying for high school I have it in 2 months

  • Hemiiisphere
    Hemiiisphere Month ago

    class of 2020

  • Deima
    Deima Month ago

    Class of 2019 I’m scared

  • efficient man
    efficient man Month ago +1

    Where is my 2025 people at??

  • Sam
    Sam Month ago +1

    Two more weeks of eighth grade I’m nervous 😩 class of 2023 anyone?

    • The Person
      The Person Month ago

      Sam I’ve got one week of 8th grade left :(

  • 매디
    매디 Month ago

    We only get 5 days a semester to miss or we don't get the credit

  • Kai Langston
    Kai Langston Month ago

    Yuh boi has been gone from 8th grade for 54 days

  • elise imbody
    elise imbody Month ago

    2020 is the best class :)

  • Lamariont
    Lamariont Month ago +1

    I’m in 8th getting ready for 9th

  • Lexie Leonard
    Lexie Leonard Month ago +2

    You telling me that learning is better than good grades makes me feel better about my 65 in ela

  • Turkey Tan
    Turkey Tan Month ago +2

    my highschool starts at grade 8 (theres no middle schools)

  • Brianna Nicole
    Brianna Nicole Month ago +1

    Class of 2023 🎓

  • faduma jama
    faduma jama Month ago +1

    I'm in year 6 and thanks for the exams

  • maia
    maia Month ago

    class of 2023

  • Shay Shay
    Shay Shay Month ago +1

    Here’s a little advice: AP classes don’t matter on your college apps, if you don’t need the challenge don’t take em! It adds extra stress

  • Saba xoxo
    Saba xoxo Month ago

    heh who’s watching this when their going to start high school in 2020 UwU

  • lola anderson
    lola anderson Month ago

    i have the same amour pillow as you omg i’m like actually freaking out rn idk y.

  • Red Crush
    Red Crush Month ago

    Class of 2025?

  • Episode ccYT
    Episode ccYT Month ago

    I'm starting Secondary School (Aka Highschool) In 4 months Im gonna be a freshman and I'm nervous!

  • Suga with Kookies
    Suga with Kookies Month ago

    Class 2019

  • Julia Krawczyk
    Julia Krawczyk Month ago


  • Keanna Byers
    Keanna Byers Month ago

    Where’s my class of 2022 at?

  • SiimplyMonica :
    SiimplyMonica : Month ago +2

    class of 2023 is freaking out rn because they're about to be freshies. it's me. I'm class of 2023 :))))

  • Viper
    Viper 2 months ago

    Y'all freshman graduating in 2020 nobody will rememner 2021 class blah blahhhh

  • broadway lover
    broadway lover 2 months ago

    class of 2024?

  • RavenVlogs
    RavenVlogs 2 months ago

    For us, 25 absences is the limit... if you are absent like.. 27 times, you’ll be kicked out of school .-.