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  • Blue Fighter
    Blue Fighter 2 months ago


  • ShaneStanley109
    ShaneStanley109 2 months ago

    Where's all the hair joke's at lol

    FULL COURT PLAYS 4 months ago

    who is watching in 2018

    GAUTHAM Pai 6 months ago


  • Thegammer290 Jk
    Thegammer290 Jk 7 months ago

    I'm youtuber suscribe

  • gwape gaming
    gwape gaming 9 months ago


  • W.J.H Gaming
    W.J.H Gaming 9 months ago

    Awesome Setup Ail

    HELLZGATE61 10 months ago

    and now ali has 10mill subs

  • Brionny Fr
    Brionny Fr Year ago

    ur hair 😂❤️💕💕

  • Nathan and Ivan 210

    you have a R8

  • Amir Hamssa
    Amir Hamssa Year ago

    How do you play games on pc please help

    • zFives
      zFives Year ago

      Have a good pc thats how

  • Dozy
    Dozy Year ago


  • S W A G L O R D
    S W A G L O R D Year ago

    Does anyone know what desk he used?

  • Jack and Cameron's misadventures In GT Sport

    you can drill through the desk and use a Ikea sigma rack to start off with

  • Jack and Cameron's misadventures In GT Sport

    it is not that hot. go to India and that is hot

  • Cj Evans
    Cj Evans Year ago

    i want those desk. Where can I get them?

  • G EPIC13
    G EPIC13 Year ago

    I wish I had a setup like you

  • Ryan Muragin
    Ryan Muragin Year ago


  • Tony
    Tony Year ago

    The old days

  • leed fifth by I fled dicls ilove

    So now I'm a baby...

  • boy blockgamer
    boy blockgamer Year ago +1

    whatch tech source

  • JayForeiign
    JayForeiign Year ago +2

    when your like you didnt even buy this youtube did xd

  • Nasir4lyf
    Nasir4lyf Year ago +1

    I have the same mouse mat :)

  • Deon Clark
    Deon Clark Year ago +1

    Do ou have a link for the long desks?

  • Navi
    Navi Year ago +1

    Ali what happend to ur ps3

  • Jamieboy712
    Jamieboy712 Year ago +1

    Ali I hate to say it mate but that's not a screwdriver it's a drill XD

  • DueLHgaming
    DueLHgaming Year ago +2

    getting close to 10M ALI

  • Gabe Johnson
    Gabe Johnson Year ago +1

    on my mind

  • ThatDude Drew
    ThatDude Drew Year ago +1

    I watched this and it inspired me to make my new ultimate setup thanks man its awesome

  • Dev & Sam
    Dev & Sam Year ago +1

    did anyone laugh when he said bowling instead of pitching ?

  • Commander Cody
    Commander Cody Year ago +1

    nice cable management

  • RaGe insane
    RaGe insane Year ago +1

    Lg monitors are the best

  • kane madison
    kane madison Year ago +1

    what does he use for gaming consoles or pc

    ZEXITY Year ago +15

    Who's watching in 2017 👍

  • lexxy boy
    lexxy boy Year ago +1

    hang on if u used a HDMI splitter for 3 of the consoles then what about the 4th one??
    and why have u got an Xbox 360 man??

    EPIC GAMER Year ago +1

    We're can u get the tables from

  • lexxy boy
    lexxy boy Year ago +1

    i just watched ur tour of new flat video. Nice improvement!

  • Adeel Khan
    Adeel Khan Year ago +1

    iam your bid fan u r awesome

  • Fourth Reich
    Fourth Reich Year ago

    Guess what?

  • Jake Quickdex
    Jake Quickdex Year ago +1

    hard work huh

  • Flipping Out
    Flipping Out Year ago

    The challenges of a receding hairline

  • Mrshx
    Mrshx Year ago

    Hey Ali
    I was just wondering what Monitor you use with your console and what it is called because I'm looking at getting
    one for my PS4
    I'm just looking for a good one
    Oh and I love you vids keep up the good work bro 😎

  • RaZe Zeus
    RaZe Zeus Year ago

    maybe one person...

  • RaZe Zeus
    RaZe Zeus Year ago

    who's watching in 1999??

    • RaZe Zeus
      RaZe Zeus Year ago

      kevin myles yeah I only came to his new videos

  • Mohammed Hamza
    Mohammed Hamza Year ago

    guys could anybody please tell me the keyboard name i need that for my setup????????

  • Raptor MX
    Raptor MX Year ago


  • Chase Belonga
    Chase Belonga Year ago

    It's not a screwdriver it's a drill

  • BooMJazz
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  • BAT MAN]
    BAT MAN] 2 years ago

    he has the same PC as me

  • MaKoGaMeR 2017
    MaKoGaMeR 2017 2 years ago

    I think you should get one of those black plastic tubes you put the wires in.

  • MaKoGaMeR 2017
    MaKoGaMeR 2017 2 years ago

    I don't know if I'm the only one but when I play on a big flat screen it's like everything is so sluggish.

  • LegitGamer697
    LegitGamer697 2 years ago

    Feels weird that this why almost 2 years old

  • Meryl Dimicatio
    Meryl Dimicatio 2 years ago

    Hey great setup. Hit me up for some game play.

  • Owen Davies
    Owen Davies 2 years ago +1

    What's the intro song?

    • Owen Davies
      Owen Davies 2 years ago

      DatVlogger no, it's on my mind thx anyway

  • ProfessorXander
    ProfessorXander 2 years ago +2

    Intro song?

  • anonymouse o.m.a.r
    anonymouse o.m.a.r 2 years ago

    did he really start with "focus" 😕😀😂

  • yeremy
    yeremy 2 years ago

    my tv dosent have a input delay

  • Legz Smith
    Legz Smith 2 years ago


  • niamh allison
    niamh allison 2 years ago

    i subbed

  • blank invasion
    blank invasion 2 years ago

    suh duh

  • sindige101
    sindige101 2 years ago

    what do you do about the noise that the playstation 4 make when your recording?

  • jake
    jake 2 years ago

    not to hate, ( i love ur channel) but when it comes to tools, he has no idea what he is talking about

  • JDoactive
    JDoactive 2 years ago

    Almost 10 million

  • Matthew Sinclair
    Matthew Sinclair 2 years ago

    It was a drill

  • Poeson
    Poeson 2 years ago +2

    You look like Zedd

  • Ruthless Venom
    Ruthless Venom 2 years ago


    THE RANDOM GAMER TV 2 years ago


  • NPixel89
    NPixel89 2 years ago

    I'm new to the whole gaming headset thing, I have a ps4 and a xbox one, If I buy the Turtle Beach Elite 800x will it work with the ps4? If so how??

  • Jay Sproule
    Jay Sproule 2 years ago

    I can tell the future you have a girlfriend and you get a Audi r8 and couple months later you move into a big house and get a cute dog eevee

  • MakhsUH
    MakhsUH 2 years ago

    filre den to exeis kanei wraio prepei kapw na kripseis ta kalodia den fenete wraio :)

  • Tryhard pink
    Tryhard pink 2 years ago

    the gameing setup is the best your the
    best and you are awsome

  • random griffith
    random griffith 2 years ago +1


  • Michael Michael Motorcycle

    what's a rooter?

  • Hatsu Haksu
    Hatsu Haksu 2 years ago +4

    This is my dream!

  • NAVAJYOTH friends
    NAVAJYOTH friends 2 years ago

    you copied my channel logo man

  • Matthew Tech channel
    Matthew Tech channel 2 years ago

    Cable clips /cable ties Velcro straps and cable management covers

  • Batmanislazzz 2256
    Batmanislazzz 2256 2 years ago

    What pc is that

  • siddharth bhardwaj
    siddharth bhardwaj 2 years ago

    he is a badass cod player

  • Deadpoolicious
    Deadpoolicious 2 years ago

    Jesus you need to dust

  • Seer King
    Seer King 2 years ago

    What a Rooter? do you mean Router? PRONOUNCED ROW-TER

  • Rizwan Mushrafi
    Rizwan Mushrafi 2 years ago +1

    Now You Have This Many 8,513,465

  • ZC
    ZC 2 years ago

    Can you use Sony Vegas on MAC? Does anyone recommend using Final Cut over Sony Vegas? Which is the better program?

    • JBL
      JBL 2 years ago

      not promoting but just watch 1 of my vids. no subbing or likes ... they edited with FCPx

    • JBL
      JBL 2 years ago

      final cut anyday

    • ItsTCK
      ItsTCK 2 years ago +1

      sony vegas

  • SuperRudeDog
    SuperRudeDog 2 years ago

    Im tired of this jerk.. showing everyone how great his life is...

  • x Rtis
    x Rtis 2 years ago +1

    Yo Ali-A get a piece of printing paper and write all your systems on it with a dark sharpie pen, cut them out neatly with scissor in little straight strips.
    (With scotch tape) tape the strips accordingly to each cord to better coordinate/identify your wires to your electronic system. I prefer taping the strips to the end of each wires going into the power supply or hdmi hub, that way you can quickly identify which electronic system needs be unplug.

  • Eleane Eras
    Eleane Eras 2 years ago +1

    Sort out the cables and rap duct ape around them to make it neater

  • TSG Vortex
    TSG Vortex 2 years ago


    The d is out 4 harambe

    • Gilbert Ruffo
      Gilbert Ruffo 2 years ago

      look down, then look at your crotch, notice anything? You have no dick

  • MCoop
    MCoop 2 years ago +2

    "Main rutur" lmao

  • MadMojo
    MadMojo 2 years ago +1

    Which Sony Vegas do you use?

  • Matej Reacts
    Matej Reacts 2 years ago +1

    i dont have three monitors not 1 i sit on my laptop i dont have any ps xbox or other games no ps 1 2 3 4 no xbox 360 xbox 1 no microphone no volum thing no videos with me playing and worst of all no camera $$$xxx

    • FGemZ
      FGemZ 2 years ago

      Work Out True That

    • Work Out
      Work Out 2 years ago +1

      snake gamer do u think anyone cares u lil shit be grateful u have a laptop and internet people are starving and ur bitching bout only having a laptop gtfo

    • Tilt Thrive
      Tilt Thrive 2 years ago

      Cool Story

  • آبو_ لآرين
    آبو_ لآرين 2 years ago

    وين العرب لايك

  • TT TV
    TT TV 2 years ago

    How did you make your logo?

  • CamDoesGaming
    CamDoesGaming 2 years ago

    The thumbnail looks like he is swearing

  • Zack Skills
    Zack Skills 2 years ago

    The drill is very bad Ali

  • Kukumaka Returns
    Kukumaka Returns 2 years ago

    YO YO YO cool!

  • CTheOnlyJ
    CTheOnlyJ 2 years ago

    Why didn't he make his pc?

  • ZachVids Football
    ZachVids Football 2 years ago

    The consoles on top of each other is a terrible idea they will crash or blow up due to overheating on the fan system.Just a tip

  • I love MichealPlayz!!!

    Nice vid Ali !!!!

  • Aquatic-Casual
    Aquatic-Casual 2 years ago

    ur audio was fucked on my pc

  • Osvaldo Velasquez
    Osvaldo Velasquez 2 years ago

    can I have a control?