DP/30: Young Adult, actor Charlize Theron

  • Published on Dec 6, 2011
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    Shot in New York, November 2011
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  • Christina Yates
    Christina Yates 14 days ago

    It was pretty obvious that the character Mavis was sad, lonely & miserable... she was overcompensating with her “fabulous life” in the city, her dog, her success and fancy labels, etc.

  • Cancan
    Cancan Month ago

    Charlize is amazing actress. I have watching Young adult over and over... until now

  • Лё Ликовна
    Лё Ликовна Month ago +2

    I feel like she is so different from all the celebrities. She looks so calm and wise . I like it !

  • Kevin Philip Quinn
    Kevin Philip Quinn 3 months ago

    OOOOOHH Naughty!!

  • Ryan Currul
    Ryan Currul 5 months ago +3

    she should try doing ASMR

  • Константин Галанцев

    Soft Porn of course it is convecne to that. Charlize Theron need to begin her cariers from some little bitm for example a soft porn.

  • Nigel Perry
    Nigel Perry 9 months ago

    And drop dead gorgeous

  • Nigel Perry
    Nigel Perry 9 months ago

    What a wonderfull human being and so down to earth amazing x

  • Michelle Regis
    Michelle Regis 10 months ago

    Charlize is gorgeous she appears to have good control of situations . The commentator needs lessons , his voice sounds annoying, i hate his shotgun questioning, he sounds mumble mouthed & annoying,.

  • Eehom Louis
    Eehom Louis Year ago +2

    Chalize is beautiful not just because her face,is her personality,her passion to her career ,and because of her unselfish,this is a great women.

  • Ian J Whyte
    Ian J Whyte Year ago

    Charlize you Rock

  • via talas laalala


  • Daniel Vargo
    Daniel Vargo Year ago +1

    she's VERY beautiful, but has a dark sense ABOUT her,, I can sense people with dark personality because I have the same and a fisherman can see a fisherman from afar,so to speak!😉

    MICHAEL TOWNSEND Year ago +3

    I love how much dedication and awareness this woman expresses for her art.

  • Ying Yang
    Ying Yang Year ago +3

    She has the saddest yet most beautiful eyes I have ever seen

  • Tunster
    Tunster Year ago

    She looks extremely like my ex girlfriend, damm..

  • Evasive Maneouvell

    It was always written in the stars:

  • bassendeanmotorcycle

    Charlize is so pretty it makes it difficult to stay focused on what she's saying. that must be a problem for her.

  • david rossi fernandez
    david rossi fernandez 2 years ago

    el sano sentido de la libertad se logra a travez del sentido del humor.

  • david rossi fernandez
    david rossi fernandez 2 years ago

    otros objetos de adoración son en el cristianismo el prójimo en el budismo culto del yo autodesarrollo.y en la literatura culto de la mujer culto del alma.

  • david rossi fernandez
    david rossi fernandez 2 years ago

    supongo que es cierto que los adoradores del sol ayourvedas,como, Henry Poncairé fué el primero en unirlos términos cuarta dimensión La ayourvedanta fue quien habló de la resurrección en la carne

  • Keith Witcher
    Keith Witcher 2 years ago

    I love Charlize Theron so much. I wish i could be her man. Charlize is so hot. I heard her say she has attention deficit disorder. I got attention deficit disorder too. I like Patrick Wilson who was in Young Adult movie. I did think the love scene that Charlize and Patton Oswalt had in Young Adult was phony in Patton's house bedroom. A hot woman would never have sex with a fat white man LOL. I bet that's the first time Patton had a movie scene kissing a hot woman who was half naked LOL.

  • mari kittycat
    mari kittycat 2 years ago +2


  • Tremaine Brown
    Tremaine Brown 2 years ago +5

    unintentional ASMR

  • brih Mendiola
    brih Mendiola 2 years ago +3

    If Charlize didn't have the talent that she has as an actor, I don't think I would find her attractive. Her beauty transcends skindeep qualities. With her looks and carriage, she could have been a supermodel but knowing her now we all know that it is not her. She tried that path and she too realized it's not her. I think her being discovered as an actor is not an accident. It is fate. Everything happens for a reason.

  • Meg Tanglao
    Meg Tanglao 2 years ago +5

    Gosh, Charlize is so beautiful!!!!!

  • Jason Chu
    Jason Chu 2 years ago +2

    She's stunning

  • Caleb McKnabb
    Caleb McKnabb 2 years ago +5

    GOD..... she is so beautiful!!!!

  • Freddie
    Freddie 2 years ago

    she has such a beautiful way of thinking, her voice is so soothing and her performance in this film was outstanding. She is a true testament to the statement that you can be beautiful AND talented.

  • 李建吾
    李建吾 2 years ago +1

    oh my god! i can't believe the world has such a perfect, gorgeous, intelligent, amazing women. she is godness!!! inside and outside. the word "godness" is creat for her. only her!!! she is on the different level of those normal model who just put so much makeup and untalented. she is a natural stunner.

    • 李建吾
      李建吾 2 years ago

      you can't campare her to other normal models, they are on the different level. every time i saw her i just can't believe how easily she became the most beautiful women on the planet.


    .. charlize theron con gripe....

  • Benim Ben
    Benim Ben 3 years ago

    she seems bad person

    • Kerry Leigh
      Kerry Leigh 3 years ago +5

      You cant write English, so dont assume she is a bad person, that stupidity.


    ... necesitan un director... "es la peor realizacion y montaje que he visto en mi vida"... charlize guapisima

  • Arthur Jackson
    Arthur Jackson 3 years ago +5

    She is SOOOOOO awesome...

  • sigepone4
    sigepone4 3 years ago +7

    David, this is by far one of my favorite sit-down interviews of yours. You should have Charlize on again to talk about Mad Max!

  • Witold Banasik
    Witold Banasik 4 years ago +3

    Voluptuous and witty lady with most turning me on voice I've ever heard... I wish I could dance with her... Argentine tango !!!!!

  • Andrei Niță
    Andrei Niță 4 years ago +18

    She is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! I bet she's the best good looking good actress at Hollywood right now :D

    • Keith Witcher
      Keith Witcher 2 years ago

      I agree. I wanna have sex with Charlize.

  • Dominant Raw1ne
    Dominant Raw1ne 4 years ago +1

    Therons face impressions are like...., I've been f*cking all night..... sleeping all day..... and I have a hangover...... and I'm tired of these boring lifeless interviews.... lol :-)

  • Dominant Raw1ne
    Dominant Raw1ne 4 years ago +3

    I wonder if someone's ashes are in that pot by the window???? lol :-), and Theron probably knows about it... and that's why she looks so uncomfortable here lol :-)

  • Dominant Raw1ne
    Dominant Raw1ne 4 years ago +5

    In the beginning, Theron has a look on her face like.... I'm tired of this sh*t....lol

  • ohdear671
    ohdear671 4 years ago +3

    What a good interview.

  • Jay E. Williams
    Jay E. Williams 4 years ago +9

    I am so in LOVE with her.

  • Literatura BDSM
    Literatura BDSM 4 years ago +13

    Maybe it's because I can't see his face, but that interviewer sounds like an asshole. Who the hell argues with an actress with so much experience about what other actors want and don't want? "What do you think?" "This" "No, no, it's this...yes, it's this" What a fucking asshole.

    • Sheep-man
      Sheep-man 3 years ago +1

      +Sado crazyness well, yeah, he is kinda a-hole, but his ego is what keeps the interviews balanced(most of talented people are a-holes, only human nature, talent creates ego), it suck when he interviews very polite people... well, as Charlize said we all like to act mean sometimes :D

  • Miss highter
    Miss highter 4 years ago +6

    HER FACE !!! So beautiful !

  • Milk n Honey
    Milk n Honey 4 years ago +5

    I came here to look at her, i didnt see the movie but she is beautiful

  • tranquil Nice
    tranquil Nice 5 years ago +6

    i think she's boring as fuck as a person. but in films she is incredible.
    it is as if she needs a character to have a character.
    maybe i'm just overwhelmed by her beauty i can't look beyond it.

    how about that for a piece of internet trolling.

    • Rosannasfriend
      Rosannasfriend 4 years ago +5

      what are they supposed to do in real life to be "interesting"? Jump on the backs of cars? They're regular human beings, talking about their roles in interviews. That's all their supposed to do.

    • Lucy Fer
      Lucy Fer 4 years ago +1

      +tranquil Nice well....that means she's a superb actress....I feel the same with Meryl Streep...she's kinda boring and uninterested as a person....but who can deny her excellence in acting!

    • Rosannasfriend
      Rosannasfriend 4 years ago

      Good job.

  • BlackStarNain BSN
    BlackStarNain BSN 5 years ago +37

    I can't look at her face and listen to her at the same time, it's almost impossible. Her face is beautiful.

    • Tunster
      Tunster Year ago

      Basically my ex girlfriend. Especially at 11:13 to 11:40

    • bh617
      bh617 2 years ago +2

      I was just going to say this EXACT thing

  • CamiloSanchez1979
    CamiloSanchez1979 5 years ago +47

    This woman is intimidating, goddamn, I can't imagine myself having coffee with her.

    • Keith Witcher
      Keith Witcher 2 years ago

      Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I agree.

    • Malik
      Malik 2 years ago +1

      CamiloSanchez1979 TRUE. she always sounds so sexy

    • Literatura BDSM
      Literatura BDSM 4 years ago +1

      +CamiloSanchez1979 I can imagine myself fucking her silly.

  • Nándor Kollár
    Nándor Kollár 5 years ago +1

    I refused to watch this movie for years simply because I took a look at the cover of the DVD box and I thought it's a Cameron Diaz movie. I thought it's In her shoes 2.0. I thought, there is Cameron with her short fried blonde hair, in her pajamas with a small annoying dog, I don't need this crap in my life.

  • coopi1481
    coopi1481 5 years ago +4

    Oh my goodness, she has such a f...ing beautiful face... gosh... .

  • Sacrificer64
    Sacrificer64 5 years ago

    I was going to say something profound, but well you just get that, awesome person.

  • JabaarTV
    JabaarTV 5 years ago

    I paid to go watch Young Adult you got great support Charlize!!!!!!

  • Tina Vann
    Tina Vann 6 years ago +19

    I love charlize.so does my hubby.n were both 60 plus.this girl rocks.

      ERIC CLARK 3 months ago

      I Love her too. She's awesome. I Love her spirit.

    • Morgan Olfursson
      Morgan Olfursson 9 months ago

      60 plus and using the words 60 plus, hubby and this girl rocks, is a bit alarming .
      One would hope that with age comes vocabulary .

  • Grace Charles
    Grace Charles 6 years ago +1

    This is the best interview I have ever seen! Ah!

  • perkyporkpie
    perkyporkpie 6 years ago +56

    What's always great about these interviews is that the subject doesn't feel they have to flirt and be cute-they can just talk and engage

    • QuirkyGirl10
      QuirkyGirl10 10 months ago

      Yes, it's nice to see actors talk intelligently and thoughtfully about their craft, instead of stupid one-liners in an attempt to make things interesting. Substance over style.

  • Georgia Robles
    Georgia Robles 6 years ago

    Mature adult.
    Charlize Theron,are u feminist?

  • Emma Jacobs
    Emma Jacobs 6 years ago

    crap actress

    • Mills J
      Mills J 2 years ago

      she's an oscar winner, a producer and philanthropist. yeah she's crap.

    • stanfemales only
      stanfemales only 2 years ago +2

      Emma Jacobs her Oscar says otherwise

  • The Concise Statement
    The Concise Statement 6 years ago +1

    She has a spikiness and a cynicism to her that makes her really attractive.

    ALBERTO TESTA 6 years ago

    wonderful woman !

  • sigepone4
    sigepone4 6 years ago