What Nobody Realized About The Other Tribes In Marvel's Black Panther

  • Published on Dec 26, 2018
  • Could Shuri and M’Baku Work Together in Avengers: Endgame?
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    Black Panther introduced Marvel fans to the world of Wakanda, which provided a major update to the MCU compendium. Naturally, the bulk of the film focused on the tribe of the Black Panther himself, T’Challa, but there were five other Wakandan tribes and, today, we’re going to talk about them. We all know the Jabari Tribe, led by M’Baku, shunned technology, but there’s a surprisingly good reason for this and we have to wonder if Shuri survived the snap, and might call upon these allies for help during Avengers: Endgame. We’ll also talk about the real life inspiration for some of the memorable characters you probably spotted in Wakanda.
    Do you think Shuri survived the snap at the end of Avengers: Infinity War? Could you see her and the other tribes members joining forces during Endgame? Share your prediction with us in the comment section, then click subscribe for more from CBR.
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  • blueraccoon 10
    blueraccoon 10 23 days ago +653


    • sekou diawara
      sekou diawara 12 days ago

      I'm from Africa bra so thank you

    • nosfarratu
      nosfarratu 13 days ago +1

      +Kriss Legrand NO ONE. THOUGHT. WAKANDA. WAS. REAL!!!! The people saying they want to go to Wakanda were fucking joking!! Can you just let people live?!?!? Can people have some shit to enjoy without assholes like you trying to rain on their parade!!! People like you would ruin a wet dream!!

    • Kriss Legrand
      Kriss Legrand 16 days ago

      WAKANDA DOESNT EXIST. HELL DUMB STUPID PEOPLE GOT BRAINWASHED AND THINK WAKANDA IS SOMEWHERE OUT THERE. Bunch of idiots.... I hate this movie as an African because it doesn't help in any African. I will prefer a movie that shows the realities of Africa and how to fight it... European imperialism helping and maintaining corrupted government, no respect for human rights, the Chinese invasion of Africa. Many black Americans want to return to Africa just after watching this movie. How can the human be so stupid? The freedom of living you have in the US, you want to quit it to come and live in an invaded Africa and be subject to imperialist laws? Where your human rights is violated on an hourly basis? God help ignorants to open their eyes

    • Aries Thezodiac
      Aries Thezodiac 17 days ago


    • Westley J.S Johnson wjsjallday
  • Marquise Smith
    Marquise Smith 13 hours ago

    Ok it's not real but the ppl that watched it is and just know that killmonger flows through all of us to sum it up It's just a matter of time

  • Percy Carry
    Percy Carry 5 days ago

    Not bad

  • Self Elevation
    Self Elevation 6 days ago

    I can't watch this bullshit!.. this dudes voice (narrator) is stupid annoying!.. don't use that dude again!.. please! I can't even get into this shit!..

  • Agyeiwaa's Morning Ride Ghana First

    Why do you keep saying Wakanda is not a real place, well is Asgurd a real place? Looks like you want to shine light on the fact that wakanda is not a real place. Well we all know, dont steal the relevance of the existence of Wakanda in our hearts.

  • blessed jaravani
    blessed jaravani 7 days ago

    This movies is closely based on Lesotho cause Lesotho is a country in secret

  • naw nope
    naw nope 7 days ago

    bullshit about her being the smartest person in the mcu lol

  • Wesley Hlabisa
    Wesley Hlabisa 8 days ago

    I knew Asgard wasr real 💀

  • pretty selected
    pretty selected 9 days ago

    The way foreigners pronounce our stuff kills me 😂😂😂 cute and true for South African facts 💗

    LAYERS OF SLD 10 days ago


  • Jerry Shi
    Jerry Shi 10 days ago

    7:18 for yall pervs lol

  • MrPunch09
    MrPunch09 10 days ago

    If they were real you'd never know.

  • Peter Molina
    Peter Molina 10 days ago

    Is it just me or does cbr sometimes say some left sh*t to get views. Or speaks on things they clear have no idea about because how often do they pronounce a name or word completely wrong.

  • TR808
    TR808 10 days ago +3

    The Other Tribes are......FAKE just like Wakanda..But what's real...Blackmen Hate Eachother

  • Charles Douglas
    Charles Douglas 11 days ago

    What "Nobody" realized...... except for the millions of people who listened about the inspirations for the Black Panther movie back in February. C'Mon Man!
    Good video for being accurate and correlating the proper names of the tribes to the specific inspirations drawn on by the Black Panther research team, but poor video for assuming:
    1. we need to be reminded Wakanda isn't a real place, and
    2. we didn't listen to ANY of the basic behind-the-scenes videos about Black Panther because almost literally every cast and crew interview mentioned these inspirations.

  • Raveil .A
    Raveil .A 11 days ago

    Wakanda Forever 👌🏿

  • Raveil .A
    Raveil .A 11 days ago

    Iron man isn’t real ether

  • Nondumiso Ndhlovu
    Nondumiso Ndhlovu 11 days ago

    Lesotho is not a part of South Africa... it's a country on its own, just enclosed by South Africa

  • Tré Thigpen
    Tré Thigpen 11 days ago

    i sure hope Shuri survived

  • Rick Logan
    Rick Logan 11 days ago

    CBR wanted to point out that Wakanda fashions are modeled on real world examples. I'm sure, if they wanted to make a similar point about Asgard, they could premise by qualifying that this isn't really a location in deep space.

  • Gas Man
    Gas Man 12 days ago

    Every single comment is complaining about you saying Wakanda is not real they need to stfu and just watch the video

  • Bernard Fields
    Bernard Fields 12 days ago

    I wish wakanda was real

  • Corbyn Petersen
    Corbyn Petersen 12 days ago

    It's Lesotho, pronounced LE-SU-TU, not LE-SO-TO......smh

  • kirby march barcena
    kirby march barcena 12 days ago

    Never thought the sets were so complex.

  • bLu
    bLu 12 days ago

    It's funny how it's a white man explaining African culture ............

  • Dimitri Reche
    Dimitri Reche 12 days ago

    Aye fuck you..... Keep saying wakanda isn't a real place......... 💔

  • voetbal12
    voetbal12 12 days ago

    Africa is garbage unless run by Whites.

  • Cameron D
    Cameron D 12 days ago

    Nippels at 7:20 lol

  • wiz ard
    wiz ard 12 days ago

    They are white

  • Kylie Padila
    Kylie Padila 12 days ago

    I love all these african culture being shown

  • 리리Leigh lee
    리리Leigh lee 12 days ago

    This person is pronouncing the cultures incorrectly

  • 리리Leigh lee
    리리Leigh lee 12 days ago

    Halala ke mo Sotho I knew it was like my culture it looked so are most of the the cultures there

  • sekou diawara
    sekou diawara 12 days ago

    Yayyyyyy you saved mine for last

  • D Dub
    D Dub 12 days ago

    Not sure if mentioning Wakanda isn't a real place several times is your way of making sure people know that, in your opinion, black people cannot be that technologically inclined or not but it is suspect. Anyway, I wish I could talk as fast as you. Well narrated even though editing out the obvious should be done for obvious reasons.

  • Prince Hans
    Prince Hans 12 days ago +2

    Gotham isn't real

  • Prince Hans
    Prince Hans 12 days ago +1

    Some people thought Wakanda was a real place

  • Stevon Chiles
    Stevon Chiles 12 days ago

    Hell get his own technical suit

  • Grimmm 258
    Grimmm 258 13 days ago

    Theory, all the xmen are in Wakanda and that's why we've never seen them

  • Jordan Baker
    Jordan Baker 13 days ago


  • Stormtrooper 123_ZZ
    Stormtrooper 123_ZZ 13 days ago

    Wakanda is a real place take Botswana w and a starts the wa Kenya k and a Niger with the n then Nigeria has the a at the end and wakanda has its on own d for doramalase sorry I don't know how to spell the group that okoyes in

  • jravage77
    jravage77 13 days ago +1

    Scott Lang could be a skrull.

  • Jessica Williams
    Jessica Williams 13 days ago

    They'll all be back!

  • Gary Washington
    Gary Washington 13 days ago

    comments are getting sensitive about this " Wakanda's not real" thing.
    He said that to frame the intro dialog of the video. The structure of the video is this "Wakanda isnt real but here are its real life inspirations". Its a basic script writing technique but some are offended smh

  • Mo Dibs
    Mo Dibs 13 days ago

    Nice but u butchered so many pronounciations.... um from Lesotho by the way

  • Bryan Moinde
    Bryan Moinde 13 days ago

    🤔So you're telling hakuna watu umeona hapo wanakaa Maasai...usijifanye mjuaji, uliza uambiwe kaka😂😂😂

  • Brii Alix Coleman
    Brii Alix Coleman 13 days ago

    In the beginning there were alot of people that thought Wakanda was real. Theres videos about it, Jimmy Kimmel did a segment on it. It's whatever though, not everyone knows everything, not everyone read all the marvel comics, and some aren't good at geography blah. I heard some folks have a discussion about where Aladdin lived. Which is also a fictional place in the middle east but in the original story he was in China.

  • lapommedetter
    lapommedetter 13 days ago

    No one gonna talk bout how the leader of the jabari tribe back handed some random person 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • JellyJam
    JellyJam 13 days ago

    WTF, shuri is not nearly as smart as iron man or bruce banner. She can only make those technologies because of her resources. Bear in mind tony stark made an arc reactor in a CAVE!

  • Moussa Coulibaly
    Moussa Coulibaly 13 days ago

    Thank you for educating people about Wakanda because it is sad that some people actually think it's real.

  • wrath is mysin
    wrath is mysin 13 days ago

    i wouldnt go as far as to say nobody realized but ok and also how does anyone know if wakanda isnt rl in marvel no one new about it for yrs maybe its not exactly the same but think about it how long did it take ppl to find out about area 51 and 52 and ppl still dk whats up with the bermuda triangle so whos to say wakanda isnt real but called something different and most likely aint in africa theres also some places on earth nobody can go to either because of law or because it isnt possible and most ppl dk why im just saying who knows 😕😁

  • That Guy
    That Guy 13 days ago

    how can you talk with one of those moth rings

  • gillianne celestine
    gillianne celestine 13 days ago

    Did they intentionally put Lupita among the water tribe or was it a coincidence? Either way I'm glad my people are represented. Luo tribe forever ayye!!

  • Taz Rich
    Taz Rich 13 days ago

    The only problem we this is..... I can believe this is real

  • Jyestha Ramsuroop
    Jyestha Ramsuroop 13 days ago

    The pronunciation of the African words is pretty tragic

  • Mariane Rodriguez
    Mariane Rodriguez 13 days ago

    Actually wakanda might be real under a different name. Many people do have powers from the rituals they follow. Like the ritual of being burried before gaining power. It is done in most African countries by the initiated. It depends on what you are ready to do to get what you what you want. It also depends on your spiritual strength.

  • Charles Ndung'u
    Charles Ndung'u 14 days ago

    Man's got a great voice!! I enjoyed this more than I wanted to.

  • Huseina Lami
    Huseina Lami 14 days ago

    click this plz 👇

  • Adam Kuryanowicz
    Adam Kuryanowicz 14 days ago

    scott lang isnt at the avengers HQ in the endgame trailer, Cap asks, "is this an old message?" and it *was* because at the top left corner of the shot of antman speaking to the camera, it says *ARCHIVES* and a date/numbers that are hard to read but it definitely says archives so its old

  • Soultrain 440
    Soultrain 440 14 days ago

    That's IT. My wife is getting a Lip Disk. I insist.
    Dont worry I have given her many neck rings and pearl necklaces, I know what I'm doing

  • iHOOPseventy7
    iHOOPseventy7 14 days ago +1

    Shuri will take the black panther mantle

  • Kyla Kinnear
    Kyla Kinnear 14 days ago

    Lesotho is not a "mountainous region" of South Africa but a self contained country within South Africa.

  • UcantHide4eveR's Gaming Channel

    No need to remind us it isn't a real place we know this. Its like you keep reminding us Asgard isnt a real space out in space or that shield isnt a real goverment agency.

  • Ed Towel
    Ed Towel 14 days ago

    Thank you for this video. Very educational.

  • CapnKrunk123
    CapnKrunk123 14 days ago

    There is a difference between being the most intelligent and having access to more advanced technology and information. That's like the difference between someone already having taken calculus and someone with the ability to learn it but without a book to learn from. In regard to Shuri being clearly the most intelligent MCU character. She could totally be, but what Tony has done with less advanced technology is crazy impressive.

  • Kymbra Johnson
    Kymbra Johnson 14 days ago

    Wuaconda Illinois.

  • maurice zanders
    maurice zanders 14 days ago

    The movie while being cool is but a little parody of the True Story. The Wakanda means heavenly from the word Wakan . And it is Based on Ethiopia originally and . And All the Tribes are Related... Pr didn’t you know... At least you got the various peoples right to some degree...

  • Irale Osman
    Irale Osman 14 days ago

    lesotho is not a region of south africa but an independent country

  • Wolff Bro
    Wolff Bro 14 days ago

    After reading all the comments I can safely say Wakanda isn't a real place. Because that's all the comments are. How about the fact that M'Baku is the man for keeping his people's beliefs strong and keeping their tribe afloat for all those years? There's other stuff to comment on.

  • Efffy Zombie
    Efffy Zombie 14 days ago

    😂 man the way you pronounced all those African tribes was all wrong and even lesotho , but I'll forgive you.

  • Cbev1994
    Cbev1994 14 days ago

    A video about a movie drenched in African culture constantly interrupted by the whitest ads....

  • Michael Xavier
    Michael Xavier 14 days ago

    If there was no Caucasian invasion, the possibility would of been endless.

  • fun Harry
    fun Harry 14 days ago

    A real wakanda is coming, only that it won't be called wakanda. You guys have no idea what our plans are. And daily we watch it birth. By the way one of your country is going......... , YOU WON'T SEE IT COMING 😉

  • Sandy Lyn
    Sandy Lyn 14 days ago

    Its really offensive now dude keep mentioning wakanda isn't real. Dude GTFOH

  • Okami Amadeus
    Okami Amadeus 14 days ago

    I don't hear Asgad, Motropolis or Gotham isn't real every few minutes in this video or any of his other videos.
    He's coming off a bit wrong.

    DARIUS DANIEL 14 days ago

    Welllllllllllllllll, Since they feel the NEED to point out WAKANDA isn't real, here's a list of other FICTIONAL places!!!1. Hogwarts2. The Star Wars Universe3. Asgard4. Krypton

  • Lander
    Lander 15 days ago

    at one point i actually believed wakanda was a real place...

    • elvis odeny
      elvis odeny 13 days ago

      true ancient Nubia and kemet the Nile civilization all Africans lived as one

  • Tinashe Kavumbura
    Tinashe Kavumbura 15 days ago

    6:20 Correction, Lesotho is not a region of South Africa but a country in its own right. It just so happens it is uniquely and entirely surrounded by South Africa but it is its own country.

  • Wanda Dowdy
    Wanda Dowdy 15 days ago

    It just shows how SOME AA really do dream of a life away from demonic systematic racism, and it angers them! We are aware that it's a fictional place but it seems that EVERYTIME AA unite on ANYTHING it has to be explained away! WP are STUPID for Comicon! Spend thousands preparing for it.If you feel the need to jump in and NAMECALL AN A.A., then YOU have a problem!!! You COULD just smile and say , Hey let black folks have a little fun and dream a little! But nooooo, lol, you Have to jump in and STRAIGHTEN THEM OUT REAL QUICK!!!! SICK

  • trippy taoist
    trippy taoist 15 days ago

    Undabeelee! Oh man!

  • trippy taoist
    trippy taoist 15 days ago

    Wahaaaaa! LASODO!

    BIG KOLE 15 days ago

    I love angela bassett

  • Mashie Mphahlele Miss Eagle 2018 Finalist Limpopo

    Lesotho is not part of South Africa, it is an independent country that is surrounded by South Africa. This video would have been even nicer if the narrator had taken time to at least earn the pronunciation of all these tribes. It's like the sound of nails on a chalkboard hearing all theses beautiful tribe names being spoken like this. They actually sound like made up tribe names trying to substitute the original and authentic names

  • Ethan Mashili
    Ethan Mashili 15 days ago

    Isnt it obvious that wakanda isnt real

  • johnw91498
    johnw91498 15 days ago

    Yeah, but who cares???

  • E K Daufin
    E K Daufin 15 days ago

    Love this but yo, Wakanda is real. WAKANDA FOREVER! 🙅🏽‍♀️

  • Animefan350
    Animefan350 15 days ago

    Sis...people know Wakanda isn't real. Have this energy for Hogwarts and anything Game of Thrones related LMAO.

  • David McNealy
    David McNealy 15 days ago +1

    R.I.P. #YoungBucso the inventor of #whatorthose 0:00 - 0:08

  • Jack David
    Jack David 15 days ago

    25 million years ago

  • Anh D. Duong
    Anh D. Duong 15 days ago

    How do you know if Wakanda is not a real place? XD

  • petercox9
    petercox9 15 days ago

    what's next. atlantis isn't real? once you say krypton is not real, i will be opening a vein.

  • Shanna Bananas
    Shanna Bananas 15 days ago

    Shuri & M'Baku.... I can totally see them together.

  • TR808
    TR808 15 days ago +2

    HOE TEPs Are Triggered

  • Blu Moon
    Blu Moon 15 days ago

    All of Wakanda is real to us Blacks and little white cherrin alike. That's what made Black Panther the #1 movie in the world for 2018 hands down. Wakanda Forever. Show him who you Arrrrre!!!! Vicious

  • DevTech Plus
    DevTech Plus 15 days ago

    Best of the best trailer 2019 tvclip.biz/video/0o5G5vfkcnM/video.html

  • micah Kiker
    micah Kiker 15 days ago

    I took my my love to see The Black Panther oy she is Nigerian she saw black Americans in African clothing and said they were posers as she is from the mother land cant take her anywhere lol.

  • Adam Geise
    Adam Geise 15 days ago

    This has nothing to do with the title. They aren't vegetarian. They get their strength from eating the white ape.

  • Mohith Malipat
    Mohith Malipat 15 days ago

    BGM! 👌

  • Dumm Myth
    Dumm Myth 15 days ago

    Think I just saw some wakandan nipples and I’m happy about that lol.

  • novabus boy
    novabus boy 15 days ago


  • kong cha
    kong cha 15 days ago

    Am I the only one who caught them asking "If we think Umbaku survived the snap" when in the video itself they showed him?