What Nobody Realized About The Other Tribes In Marvel's Black Panther

  • Published on Dec 26, 2018
  • Could Shuri and M’Baku Work Together in Avengers: Endgame?
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    Black Panther introduced Marvel fans to the world of Wakanda, which provided a major update to the MCU compendium. Naturally, the bulk of the film focused on the tribe of the Black Panther himself, T’Challa, but there were five other Wakandan tribes and, today, we’re going to talk about them. We all know the Jabari Tribe, led by M’Baku, shunned technology, but there’s a surprisingly good reason for this and we have to wonder if Shuri survived the snap, and might call upon these allies for help during Avengers: Endgame. We’ll also talk about the real life inspiration for some of the memorable characters you probably spotted in Wakanda.
    Do you think Shuri survived the snap at the end of Avengers: Infinity War? Could you see her and the other tribes members joining forces during Endgame? Share your prediction with us in the comment section, then click subscribe for more from CBR.
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  • blueraccoon 10
    blueraccoon 10 2 months ago +832


    • Ice Sickle
      Ice Sickle 4 hours ago

      +Kriss Legrand this is a lie! It's not 1908 dude. I know more than a few ppl who moved back to Africa because they said it was way more free than America. So stop with the propaganda!

      BLUE FIRE NATSU 17 days ago

      Thanos made it wakanda for never

    • Ramone DeCurta
      Ramone DeCurta 20 days ago

      Ghostt Ronde : According yo the idiot above, its “Chicacago.” 😆

    • Ramone DeCurta
      Ramone DeCurta 20 days ago

      Kriss Legrand : Yeah, and the new America, the one Trump promised would be great “again” (whatever the f*ck that means), doesn’t exist either. You need to be worried about THAT!
      Oh, That’s right. You ARE worried about it. You’re scared out of your white skin, because this will be a brown country in 25 years or so, and there is NOTHING you can do to stop it!
      Payback will be a fat b*tch with an attitude, foul body odor and stank breath!

    • Ramone DeCurta
      Ramone DeCurta 20 days ago

      blueraccoon 10 : 🙅🏾‍♂️

  • Bongiwe Landu
    Bongiwe Landu 19 hours ago

    He should really learn to pronounce words properly its a form of respect. Not finishing this vid I'm done

  • Ashley J Nevado
    Ashley J Nevado Day ago

    Point of Correction LESOTHO IS NOT A REGION OF SOUTH AFRICA,,, Lesotho is its own Country not a region of SOUTH AFRICA

  • jsamc
    jsamc 2 days ago

    Gosh I mss that Jack Kirby artistry.

  • Southside Inc
    Southside Inc 3 days ago

    Wait you mean Wakanda is not real ?? ........... ok thanks for clearing that up ! ! !

  • Marvel Disneyfan
    Marvel Disneyfan 3 days ago +2

    "Wakanda is *not* a real place."
    *NAW!* Whaaaat?
    Does... does this mean Asgard isn't real either? Or Sakaar? Or Muspelheim? Or Vanaheim? Or Titan? Or Voromir? Or Atlantis? Or Stark Tower? Or- I think my point is made.

  • Frederick Willis
    Frederick Willis 3 days ago

    You notice this racist dont like wakanda marvel universe is not real

  • William Hendrix
    William Hendrix 3 days ago

    The reason this guy says sorry is there is ignorant people i herd say it exist lol

  • P Star
    P Star 3 days ago

    Wakanda is a real place in the USA.

  • Inc Tune
    Inc Tune 4 days ago

    Casanova should’ve played M’Baku, would’ve been sick 😂

  • Impec don
    Impec don 4 days ago

    They had to kill the Panther smh

  • vivian alison
    vivian alison 5 days ago

    wakanda might not be real...but cmon..its africa bts. the world just doesnt know it yet...if u know u know

  • ruben tate
    ruben tate 5 days ago

    This narrator is an asshole and a hater, We don't give a damn if it ain't real place! Wakanda fo eva bitch!!

  • Alex Deuce
    Alex Deuce 5 days ago

    Queen mother is in charge to handle Mbaku..

  • jermaine hill
    jermaine hill 6 days ago

    why is he so buff in the thumnail??

  • Mand1R19ma
    Mand1R19ma 6 days ago

    Wakanda is not real true but don't you know that marvel universe is also not real? So what's the point? Lols

  • Ali Dangou
    Ali Dangou 7 days ago

    are you trying to Wakanda isn't a real, no really

  • robera berhanu
    robera berhanu 7 days ago

    all the time they say wakanada is not real but i exits in Ethiopia the only country that does not under slave was Ethiopia their so many things to prove it

  • Foggy Hippo
    Foggy Hippo 7 days ago

    Shuri sure as hell is not the smartest character in the MCU. She may have technological prowess but is not as smart as Tony, knowhere near. Also as we can see in black panther she has no skill outside of tech, ecsspecially strategic skill in combat.
    So stop with the Shuri outsmarted Tony and Banner once therefore shes smarter shit. Bruce has seven PHD’s all of which are surrounding physics or gamma so what would he know about vision, also he has 7 freaking PHD’s how many does Shuri have, and Tony was kind of busy and under stress from dealing with an angry titan so his mind wasn’t clear, as well as him building a suit out of scrap in a cave and creating a new element far our ways all Shuri has done. Also look at there tech which is better an iron man suit or the black panther suit, easily the iron man suit so Shuri has nothing on Tony. Just because Shuri came up with one idea (that ended up being to slow) that Tony, who had other bigger problems, and Bruce who doesn’t study robotics doesn’t make her smarter then them.
    P.S Vision has access to all the internet so he would also surpass Shuri in the intellect department.

  • King Rivers
    King Rivers 7 days ago

    Please stop saying sorry when you say wakanda is not real. We know this. Black people know this.

  • Dominique Ko
    Dominique Ko 9 days ago

    M'Baku becomes The Black Panther and marries Shuri.

  • ziahman 101
    ziahman 101 10 days ago

    0:25 i hope he isn’t serious, cuz it’s kinda sad if he thinks Wakanda isn’t real

  • Hīrô Nåkâmūrã
    Hīrô Nåkâmūrã 12 days ago

    Come to Africa, you'll find places better than Wakanda. Do your research before drawing conclusions. I live in Africa and I have a far better life than 70% of people living in America or Europe.

  • Carletta Goodrich Mann

    CD-R filming Ethiopia 🇪🇹 and Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 collaborated on the quest for amazon Queens 👸. OLd and New moral consciousness are disciples . a pledge to safety. sanctioned formulas for defensive systems. THe spin backwards will showcase individual tribes and the making of BLACK PANTHERS. EACH ONE A FEATURED FILM. A trillion dollar production . facilitating new narratives for advance technology's and wealth. LOve stories that enhance our species. HUMANS

  • Nala Dragneel
    Nala Dragneel 13 days ago

    @2:14 Hanuman? Like the Hindu god?

  • Mz Missy
    Mz Missy 13 days ago

    My man survived... Sorry bp.. Wakanda forever!...( my man in dude who lives in the cave... YOU DONT SPEAK HERE!)

  • Jenamo Molathwa
    Jenamo Molathwa 13 days ago

    Lesotho is not a region of South Africa but rather a country on its own, please do your research diligently

  • Mattie Damulira Damlira


  • Mattie Damulira Damlira

    Wakanda is real

  • Reginald Dowling
    Reginald Dowling 14 days ago

    Just stupid skin pigment challenged boys who can't take the sun ⛅ think places like middle Earth (Lord of the rings) is real and make whole languages for fantasy lands in books but no one tells them there not real 😂 to the narrator and host of this video you're funny and pathetic

  • Reginald Dowling
    Reginald Dowling 14 days ago

    What the hell is you apologizing for about a fantasy please what's the reasoning behind that Atlantis middle Earth or Camelot aren't real either sorry 🤔 you sound retarded my bad mentally challenged

  • Patricia Susan
    Patricia Susan 14 days ago

    wakanda is real because its africa,you just saw everything in the movie being real ecxept for the technology part,but really africans are very clever in their wisdom more than anyone else,so stop saying wakanda isnt real cause its AFRIKA YES WWITH A K NOT A C.

  • James Mounts
    James Mounts 14 days ago

    Anyone BLACK OR WHITE who feels the need to involve race in a comic book movie where the characters were invented by two old Jewish white dudes, is clearly a fucking racist. All the shit about ppl never say Asgard isn't real and why do ppl say wakandas fake and bla bla bla...it's a fucking 100% fictional movie with 100% fictional characters. He'll some of them r literally purple and yellow and red and green. Race is not part of any of this....UNTIL racist pieces of shit feel the need to bring up potentially somewhat similar things from our real world and try to apply them to movies and in turn use the mainstream media and attention the movie gets to further your arguments. It's disgusting i mean if black I'd be disgusted to see " my people" always acting so weak and ensuring that we are always vixtims....I'm not white either, in mixed and have grown up in the fuckin hope so miss me with the bullshit. This is another way to blame the white man or to shine light on the black man neither of which needs to be done if we as people all loved each other and cared about one another the same way we do to our own "kind". U treat ppl the way u wanna be treated, that doesn't come with an asterisk saying except for ppl that are a different color than you. It's a fake movie where literally EVERYTHING is fake. If ur feelings get hurt or ur too fuckin hateful to enjoy the movie without killing it for the rest of the world just stay ur bitch ass at home and rent it when it comes out so I can yell at ur tv and throw a fit alone or around the ppl who chose to be around ur hateful ass....racism is alive and well, thanks to racist. Good job guys smmfh

  • CeddieCed
    CeddieCed 14 days ago

    Maybe the whole continent of Africa is Wakanda, it has resources like no other... in the African diaspora, some of the greatest Africans where
    Involuntarily taken from there, judging from their blood line playing a major part in shaping and molding the whole western continents... Food for thought🤔

  • CeddieCed
    CeddieCed 14 days ago

    And some people really hate on this movie (far right wing) but it’s more that just a marvel movie, it’s well researched..

  • Don’t Worry
    Don’t Worry 14 days ago

    But metropolis/Gotham are normal city’s nothing is special about them but the people lol
    Wakanda is a Special Place Special resources n Only a few special people...

  • Hakim Chaara
    Hakim Chaara 15 days ago +1

    Like Asgard is real , why overstate wakanda as non existent?

  • Aryaman Verma
    Aryaman Verma 15 days ago

    Isnt Hanuman a hindu god ?

  • Dannetta Thomas
    Dannetta Thomas 15 days ago

    Haven't we been depicted enough in real life, so what if WAKANDA isn't real, we get something and yall take it away. Even in entertainment.

  • chimpakawanzelu
    chimpakawanzelu 15 days ago

    Lesotho isn't a mountainous region of South Africa... it's its own damn country. mkay bye!

  • Bah Humbug.
    Bah Humbug. 15 days ago

    You think there your friends..but then there Tru color shining threw

  • Roary McGillivary
    Roary McGillivary 16 days ago

    Shuri has survived, she is Angry and takes the mantel of Black Panther to Lead Wakanda, She will take on a mission to bring back T'challa, Because she believes he is still alive some where. While on this mission she rescuses Tony Stark, Whom we've seen in a trailer is dictating his last words. They will end up locating Thanos. This is my take on what will happen. WAKANDA IS REAL whether anyone wishes to believe it or not, it is real in the Hearts and minds of all Children of Africa. Wakanda Forever !

  • Lance Graves
    Lance Graves 16 days ago

    Caucasians are some lying bitches the real Wakanda is america which is known as the Original ancient egypt , and vibranium is irodium that landed in haiti years ago I can't stand they ass

  • Michael Shikongo
    Michael Shikongo 16 days ago

    I'm a Namibian everything you said about Himba its all true most of our tribes are still living the same we strongly believe in our cultures. we won't change anytime soon and the color is not just for ovahimba Aawambo also use the same color and Aawambo tribe is the biggest tribe in Namibia

  • Immersed Gamers
    Immersed Gamers 17 days ago

    This video is a little allover the place. You talk about one tribe. Then ant man and wasp. Then black panthers sister then go back to the tribes.

  • Samuel Bowers
    Samuel Bowers 18 days ago

    Somehow. As I have gotten older. I find it impossible to suspend my disbelief. An advanced African nation right in the heart of backwards regressive Africa. Nope. Sorry. Can't buy it. Can't suspend disbelief.

  • Sam 94
    Sam 94 18 days ago +2

    "worship the gorilla God hanuman"
    You want to actually look up who and what lord hanuman is? What you said was incredibly stupid. Even in the marvel universe lord hanuman isn't a gorilla.

    CAOSWOLFIII 18 days ago

    Wakanda isn't real if you are upset that they keep saying that tell the flat earth people the earth isn't flat see where that gets you, one of the reasons I believe guy says it over n over is for the reason that it could be a place that exists and asgard which could exist they dismiss for the simple reason that Norse gods live there so it cant possibly exist because Norse gods aren't real.

  • Anthony Bertuzzi
    Anthony Bertuzzi 18 days ago

    Meh thats unfair to call Suri the smartest she had knowledge of tech from the vibranium that no one eles in the world had

  • Abera Birhanu
    Abera Birhanu 19 days ago

    Nice Review ...but u don't have to say " Sorry, it's not a real place" because its a REAL place .even if there is no fancy technology and development like western there is a county which is not colonized and has its own unique culture ,language and hero's .this country called Ethiopia .we do also have so much greater story's to tell ...keep waiting world ! WAKANDA FOREVER!

  • Kuro_Hitokiri
    Kuro_Hitokiri 19 days ago

    Shuri is NOT smarter than Stark or Banner. Seriously, she is not in the top 10 most intelligent characters in Marvel and this is a list that Banner tops.

  • Rush27
    Rush27 19 days ago

    Yeah, I was surprised to find out that people really believed Wakanda is real.

  • Craig Mosia
    Craig Mosia 19 days ago

    It is not pronounced I-see-foh, it is pronounced Ee-see-poh! that is Isipho, Zulu word for gift.

  • Lamont Morrison
    Lamont Morrison 19 days ago

    She will show that she too was a black Panther as in the comics

  • BuyinZa
    BuyinZa 19 days ago +1

    What "NOBODY" realised? honestly you lot need to sit back and chill

  • duane willis
    duane willis 20 days ago

    2:25 - The Principle of Sankofa. Nice.

  • Ramone DeCurta
    Ramone DeCurta 20 days ago

    🙅🏾‍♂️BP is the greatest superhero franchise, but Killmonger is my hero!

  • Ray Charles
    Ray Charles 20 days ago

    Why tf did you spend half this video talking about shuri?
    No one gives a fuck about her yet.
    Every real comic reader knows she becomes a panther for a short while.

    Get to the point bro..fucking hate clickbaiters.

  • Tony Marks
    Tony Marks 20 days ago

    Excellent Research!!!!! super informative...

  • Aniket Mohanty`
    Aniket Mohanty` 20 days ago

    they messed up in censorship at 1 part but im not going to say where ;-;

  • Diggy22
    Diggy22 20 days ago

    And this is why Black Panther won the Oscars for best costume design and best set design 🍺

  • B H The AbOriginal
    B H The AbOriginal 20 days ago

    Why do white people always have to involve themselves with black people, we cant have nothing

  • B H The AbOriginal
    B H The AbOriginal 20 days ago +1

    Africa was the richest continent until guys like Mesa Musa went around the world stunting.

  • Go CPNG
    Go CPNG 20 days ago


  • King Yela
    King Yela 20 days ago

    and now they finna make movies after them too...

  • Nkosinathi Ntuli
    Nkosinathi Ntuli 20 days ago

    isipho "e-c-poh" means gift

  • shivendra singh
    shivendra singh 21 day ago

    Private sexy video 18+

  • King Beef
    King Beef 21 day ago

    Wacanda is not a real place? No! really!

  • Bob Wehadababyitsaboy

    This movie was average at best. What made it suck was all the hype about it. World's richest country, world's most technologically advanced, one of the world's smartest people is the sister of the king.....grow up. Can you cater a little more to African Americans? You can bet that when Jamie Foxx stars in the next version of Spawn, it's going to smoke this movie. You can make a movie with a black super hero without making it some kind of wet dream.

    • Bob Wehadababyitsaboy
      Bob Wehadababyitsaboy 20 days ago

      +mike askme Did they keep saying that Black Panther wasn't real or did they say Wakanda isn't real? Maybe you should have some balanced logic. Something tells me you think you are smart who likes to display his intellect online. You failed.

    • mike askme
      mike askme 20 days ago

      @Bob Wahadababyyitsaboy and yet Thor was perfectly normal and not some wet dream in your eyes. Something tells me you are just a troll and just likes seeing himself online.

  • 24K Photography
    24K Photography 22 days ago

    Shuri will save the day!!

  • Ghost Cat
    Ghost Cat 22 days ago

    We know Wakanda isn't real you don't have to say it over and over, nor apologize. No one is going to apologize that Gotham, The Daily Planet or, hush my mouth, Oa doesn't exist. sheesh. and yes I know those are DC references...

  • precious biose
    precious biose 22 days ago

    At the end of the movie we see Tchalla wear a cloth ascribed to Igbo tribe in Nigeria called Isiagu

  • Zandraj
    Zandraj 22 days ago

    Abundant thanks for this wealth of information.

  • Sherlock
    Sherlock 22 days ago

    Black child, remember wakanda is real and if you srudy hard and make something of yourself you will one day be invited to wakanda 🙅

  • EastSide Chris
    EastSide Chris 22 days ago

    They Actually Came Together Unlike These Niggas

  • Nthaby Seng
    Nthaby Seng 23 days ago +2

    Wakanda is real for us Lesotho, Namibia, Nigeria Ethopia etc a real and all in Africa... sorry for you

  • Nthaby Seng
    Nthaby Seng 23 days ago +2

    Lesotho is not in South Africa! It is a separate country to South Africa

  • Jack Burton
    Jack Burton 23 days ago

    I heard some people say Black Panther is racist. They said having the disc in the guy's lip was making fun of African culture and showing them as primitive. People can't just watch a good movie without finding something to cry about these days.

  • Paul T Sjordal
    Paul T Sjordal 23 days ago

    Wild hypothesis: Shuri crafted some kind of super-clever technological protection for herself from The Snap, but can't get back out of whatever it is, and that's why she's missing.

  • Paul T Sjordal
    Paul T Sjordal 23 days ago

    You know what's great about the MCU? Many of their characters are actually better than the source material. M'Baku is one such example. I love this take on the character! Killmonger was an even bigger improvement over the original comic book version: he's like someone combined the best parts of Magneto and Batman.

  • rodney adams
    rodney adams 23 days ago

    imbacku what name is could leader for short time.... but hard convince people give vibrant when had attach like that. some fellow people may want to have vibranum knife feel more safe from alliens.

    • rodney adams
      rodney adams 23 days ago

      think surie going look for others land dead thing got going on if see no there she leave chance save everyone snaped. really wondering if war rhinos survived were take by safe too.

  • Reney Boss
    Reney Boss 23 days ago


  • Reney Boss
    Reney Boss 23 days ago

    How much times you gotta repeat that it’s not a real place what the fuck

  • mysterymediacorp
    mysterymediacorp 23 days ago


  • Beauty Mamaehis
    Beauty Mamaehis 24 days ago

    Why did tichala varnish????isn't he a human?

  • Beauty Mamaehis
    Beauty Mamaehis 24 days ago

    Tichala needs to come back

  • sarahcloe tembo
    sarahcloe tembo 24 days ago

    Lesotho is a country, it's not a region in South Africa

  • white wolf
    white wolf 25 days ago

    There making shittt up now Al of a sudden there is a bunch of black super heroes LOL!!! some kind of black movement .iread comics when I was a kid and don't remember any🤔😂

    • mike askme
      mike askme 20 days ago

      @white wolf and all of sudden there were white super heroes, i bet you are not upset about that are you?

    • Eric202
      Eric202 21 day ago +1

      white wolf How old r u?

    • white wolf
      white wolf 23 days ago

      Eric202 like I said jackass, when I was young, not you😲

    • Eric202
      Eric202 23 days ago +1

      white wolf Stan Lee introduced the black panther hero in 1966, fool.

  • Gail Jackson-Chapman
    Gail Jackson-Chapman 25 days ago

    Thank you for all the information on Black Panther wardrobe

  • Thanduxolo Nelisiwe
    Thanduxolo Nelisiwe 26 days ago

    Ibambe🗣. Ibambe🗣. Ibambe🗣. Wakanda Forever👊. Phambili 👉

    GФGЄTД 26 days ago

    Dat stock bout fresh clean

  • BeAsA Roze
    BeAsA Roze 26 days ago

    🐱 T'Challa!

  • botezatu andrei
    botezatu andrei 26 days ago

    Hanuman is related to India, not Africa (doesn`t matter which country in Africa) and I`ve never heared about him as being the gorilla god; monkey yes, gorilla never. "Decimation" is a word that comes from latin and it means to cut one tenth out of something (or 10%) which isn`t that much and it reffers to the taxes the roman citizens had to pay. Every time I hear about "the decimation" in every MCU video it blows my mind ... how easy americans can be entertained with false information.

    • botezatu andrei
      botezatu andrei 16 days ago

      +mike askme yes, i did. which is not that hars, you just open a fucking book. but how should know that, since you don`t know what a fucking book is. fucking noob

    • botezatu andrei
      botezatu andrei 19 days ago

      +mike askme what in gods name has fantasy got to do with you not knowing what a word means? I love fantasy, I prefer comics to The Godfather, but how did you came to the conclusion that changing a words meaning means fantasy? can you please explain that? have you even read what I wrote? what ..... just forget it, long live the NWO , stupid people have the right to die

    • mike askme
      mike askme 20 days ago

      @botezatu andrei and by you making that comments i can assume you have studied every ancient spiritually system, right? Once again a no nothing ignorant fool who cant take a moment out his self important world and just enjoy a little fantasy.

  • MattskyKO
    MattskyKO 26 days ago

    I'm pretty sure that in canon the Jabari tribe uses vibranium infused wood for their weapons, where the rest of wakanda uses the metal and the heart shaped herb, the Jabari simply use a different resource that was altered by the meteor.

  • JB 400years
    JB 400years 26 days ago

    There should have been way more bare breasts

  • Gr8one
    Gr8one 27 days ago

    Wont be subscribing

  • Gr8one
    Gr8one 27 days ago

    Why do you keep saying "Wakanda isn't a real place. Sorry!". Who keeps asking you if its real? Its almost as if it bothers you.

  • calisouthqueen
    calisouthqueen 27 days ago

    the lip disc is also used in some tribes in South America.

  • Arnold hemmons
    Arnold hemmons 27 days ago

    Black folks not liking you reminding us wakanda not a real place 😂😂

  • Thereal GodessIsis
    Thereal GodessIsis 27 days ago

    "The lip plates are something everyone associates with Africa." Really? Is everyone that ignorant and that stupid?